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mE GUARDIAN. Sunday. October 28, 2012



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Tapping Into N4.4Bn South-west Livestock Value Chain bdkves thai: the ~ of the

negIca.lhtOlobaFarm tlement.l two,Osunsuleisrrpositloolng..t ltoUt In the South west gto1XlltliGtllOflt,lO becomt' a tNior pL!yet In the IMstock\'alue chain fn the (ountry last WPtk. thtSUle goYmlmenl TNdt a c!t.arsLUmlmlto lhal dka with the opming of the 0I0tJ.1 unit IWlch. whkh 15 ;In integral pan or the SJttt.Itmmt. Bylht ttnw iMmtl.rr prniKt, [l) be ma~ In • publiC-1JIiv;Ile p.utnnshlp(PW)forn\Jt. is in fun bIoom,aboul S5.000 new jobopmlnp would h~ b«n Sfldpped up bypeoplt in the SCIle.. SOlegoo.oemor, Riluf ~ilTl mginm'". m.1kts the poinl that ranch is In the pu~1t of sdf«liance In IOod pn:xluctlon.~.uton of economic buesand joboppommlties. Bul he

lJVoestock Resurch InstitUte (1lRI~ the r.lnch h.ucreattd .Ianlt.(lMstock) lntam!tklnallnstitutt iOt1topial huh. ~ n IMJUId be. nexus for iWO" I«rirulturr(rrrA~bolh In!Ncbn md bastdlndusuy: tfiieSlate mentln.~rtntnhlp Asmousemnomkc:onstlkratlon tMI that ~~OktI»(.ltller.mch. The ~ into the idN for lhe~ting up ~uch lnstitulewortrd out. p,tltner' orllle projKt 15 whal lhego'o'm1Or shJpto http ~Iopa fra~ ror desa1bedas'tht huge IlWrxet forcaltie lmpleml'ntingiHl innuvarlve pf'Oo In ~and othCf'VondJ.1 SUItes.' ml' that roruses on Br'd Chain TOmcM In thedlrtCtion of tSUIoblis.... ~t. Thtab;auoIr.linked bus~ I the ranch, It WilJ c~ that ness would indudt liInenJng.lntding (J nte sbughtm;about 6000 calUt .md IT\lrkrting.aMtlr's IOrwtuch hu~ tn its db;auoirs while the mt\Iin-- dmis of hKures fyyt bem ;l1~td I Ttw: statescomblrlr'd ronsm'iIlMty Meanwhile thtOiobl r.lnch l5about ~nlj ror anodltr 6,000 oU per the 7Uhectart"J In sil:t while plans art SOIkt popolatJon. With a ~11"'nl N4.4Bn per 10 be u~toesubllsh othm In .1nnum Ikd wtlle btd m.trkf't In the Edt(400 hr'ttarrs)and Ejigbo(I,OOO South~ looudlng Lagos. tile SGltt heaara). sea a hu InOIrkttthal muldbtlapped AccoRIh has for tht~mtof.1n agro-IooUSlJi. bten <Kqu"fred forthls ptIl'j)05r.nd the al hue. Ioatlon IMJUki !wve grazing rtSrro'tS ThIS~stnns from the Inter. .nd GIllie hub-Including lnOIrkn5and pl.1)'of ~arrh.1nd I~nt Ina feotd mills. Thtgruing ~will win-win SllUation for-lhe InttmaOOn.1I

IIJr"""OduIto l!.n:DlA'Suphill Lukor dlvtnlfvlng 1 'lithe rtVnlut bast tllAl has 6ten tird to petroleum look an upw.1rd tum as c.assav.a and its dtrMtiYes ue now 10 IT\lkt ~ tdming1o.

Nigeria Exports Cassava Bread, ure Calves Niche

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I.btled oU requirements ny is rrady dtmandtd (or- food dlspYyby rrgu~ mouth Is..'


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htip QCkle the rMJning fM ~ Glpadt)t tht ~nch will accommodate up the m1.lnl p;lS(ORIlst!md crop farmers 1010.000 CiItlkbdng f"n~ H the usuallyau.d.s.I RSUh of alile gr.u. SOl1m' ume IngOllbnru. Tolettht-dtitrnsoftht'<;l,lte~,J To.wesssimnolr~nessmodd Mnd Inlhepir.CooY.~s.Ud '1'he In clCtkJn.lht~;md his It<lm stilte gOllt'lllment will not own ,JnyGltlle wml toZamblOi lo~what sua:~' has Mt"mbersoftheOSlln 1'ubllCwili own the tq)Ulrdly~n made so as w tNkt the Glllleand i~0f5 whodedde lomvt';t final dedslonon 1M way lOgo. Onr' of In cattle faltmmg.GaYtrnment willlt.lW' the falloulj oflhevtsills thedlTil~ OUI SpoKe {osuch people ;I,nd dwrgta feot mml to g~ In )0 ZmlbYn Boran for lht we or its land I~ m~\I~ .qxdes. whiCh would be cros:sInd WIth OIl the ranch. 'Nt wtll be Imporung nuciPthe local C&udt to r.l~ new indigmous us herd of JO I\or;In GIllie in 0110 (ll spcdcS, ftm.lltsmd eight m.11e!). The 8refttlng Sptdftall)l the I~ produalon CmIR thai we.1rr buildfng on ~ sector In Higtrid ~t. notch h~ r.lllCh WIll be used to hou5.ethml. of ht with pte of the ranch bdng N:u)tdlng (0 thl' DirtCtor.(imera1 d t optned rarbuslntSS. The consultatIOn Office ofEronomlc~1opmtn1 an withthelruIIIlFll'e.uiyin2{lnl,J~ Partnershipwho.1JocoordlNItstht .1t.1 preflmll1.1ryltvel.a mlnlmumoflO progr.1mlm'. Dr. Ch.Jrlros Akmdljl per cenl eX the L.a~ InOIr1ceI thai lakes the c.udt r.lnm.lMJUkf gmerate ImIp up 6000 cattledaFl)l men! ~unltlros f~ mort tMn '>So It The tN~toflht ~fKh Is 000 l't'I)I)It.1Nhoarr tnttft5(td In CilIIl btIng handkd by. SouthAf'nc;ln rr",nn$- bllm~ feotd mill.1~ ~I.u expert In ronjunctlon with IITAand .b.1tlOlr .1ndcoidroomSotn'ices. . Facuhyof I\griculrurr.Obafeml The t«hniGIl dirrc:llon eX f.1rm ls hemg nle)",nd SOllth AwoIo'MlUnlvefslty..nd It hAs ISoo cal- JtlVtn by7..i1mbian t.ltsourad locall}\ AI thtmaxlmum }ifrkan (Jan Ootle foreign p,trUltf"i



ODU'ACClMA Urge CommitmentTo DevelopmentOfAgriculture

IMI the olrplied ,Jrrroprtaiffl Comml'ndlng tfJons of the Agrlcullure oon Alsa IMrr"s neotd for Ihe ~menl 10 Undoubtro(l~ 'Stdrlo.Jl C"iISS.lVoIlndd, 0lM0us1'4 whdt 5tArtrd AS the usu.l MlnlJll'r. Mn. otaniy;ln urgroa g~" 'TliEOdu"a Chdmbtrs of Commerce. intmduct modem fMming lechnology the br,Jnd rrom UTC bilker's stabJto govemmerll policy on paper Is now mml 10 FTliIkr the CasSil~ Bre.xJ fund .l lndustl')( MllleS.OO AgrIculturr has loattfilCl ,Jnd t'llcourage tlte ~un/ol Instituled by lhe prt'5ldl'nl last IUnt to assumes the conftctionery Industry u-arufonnlng IIltO olnOlher forl'ign reiler.lltodlts rtSOM lomsurt ttlt! onros.~ fldgshlp prodoct itS it ventures Into 6ch:angteamingponfoUo(orNlgerla I~ast the growing of cam~ suppa" mum of agrlculturt to Its prldl'of Site dlso st~~ the ~ fnr Ihl' (ft"-

mes. ready for lhe aport mOirk~

tM ECDWAS tnukt't whert con· surners .1Wi1lt dtllvef}t a first of hs kind UTC f'k f,.unaglng dirrctor.Ind chid bdm, Mrs. FofluO OIdnly;ln S.lF1d the bR.d Is 'good to go' fidVing beotn under the ctrtiflnOOn sroarchlighl of the Ndtionoll Agency of Food. Drug Mmlnislrltion .lind Control (NAF. [)f£~ millers and other Intemalional ~ for whkh II had P the nod 10 stt SOIll to grottr's shr.m wtthln .1nd ~ NflCl!'N's borders.

5r.Mfo,Ilbrandl50otonlvpncedCOffio pf'titively .1nd a ht.lth lint prodoct for those contending wtlh glUll'n Into&tr.Jnct and &11JC'OSC'i"t~ r.lle (from whut Rour),JIIs to be used to prosptct tlIpon opportUnities to support government oIIdvocacy In Afriain

countries. But Mrs.OIantyan.addt!d that though the product ft,Jd wide acapt.n« from the wte p.lnt!15 conduaed, thert bronsumtrchokt bt!twem c;u.

oU the! rounuy struggle! to !>rr,Ik freot produaklo dnd Impact Higman from her mOnD--prodUc1 tconom~ fallllr'rs. Shl' r'f1(UUl'iIgt'd corpor.tte blk· nowempklyingagriculturr In.1 pram. m to',JdopI thr' policy.1nd get cru~' cal 'II."f1SIe. "We h.wt appolnttd .Jgents for Ihl' produruinCotonolldndAccr.l:wtare wdlting to OnNune OUf MoU and p.!pc!r works before _ cornmen(e dl'lIveqtsheSOlid BuOyt'd by her btlit!f In tht AgriculturtTraruformatkm Agt'nd.1 of Ihl' President Iorulhln .dmlnlstn-l~;;~~ tlon, the urc chid r'XKUIM ~Itd th.t " wa;s .also encour.lged by the ~.Ikthroug.h" h:ad .1fier .Imost 100 rr!OiIs.whkhalsobroughtcamvaRour to ref\ed: In a r.lnge or u produru Indudmg Glkr'S, ~f ron and OIher long-ilre ~UCI:5 with clost! to {\I/O weeks shelf lift. On ~ profiLlbUl!y of thI! ve:nlurt, Mrs. ~n Qkl It w.!S quite under· stood lhat the bottom lint is good rtNrn-ot'HnYeStmml.ndlter'plnggt- s-al1nnL ..... _ ....................

,Ilion of a rtfinery in lite region. ~ need to(ftdll',J ~fi~ In IheSouth WrosI rrgion. Our governors tn tM rtgion ~houkt m.wre lhal the Ntgmdn NilI~lltirole\lm (orpor.HlOn JIlouId rrpalr alllhl' vand,Jlistd and dlsuo;ed I II p·ftis ::!ent.1ble Ih~1 _ don'l have a functlOllill reOnery In the fqtion. 70 per Ctnt of the petmll'um prudlKU ~ hem,; consumed by the rrgion.' H~ lhe commilleot on Oil ,Indg;H In themuncU S.lFld l'lToru art hting madetosmSIlISitlhe~mmt~ln the region 10 IllO\lnl prmurr on NNJI( 10 rrpair~nd..dlst plPtJlntat Mosiml Thecoundl ,lIsa u'lttd SIdles' gtMrllo ment t()lntenslfy arable crop proouc. llon.OO exprnstd (OfKem on nonfUncODnoilI rtverbasin .1uthoritiros. They toa~the)'OlJngnones. alsapbnntd tod~lopbothGl:'ih and SIlt said. 1115 not tusI ji~1 dISbursing mb!eaops. and creatt.agticultu~ monty to ~ but rung the fu~ d.aLllb.ast to bring IrMSIors to proc~ across to tM right pt'OpIt arid tnSlInng Ihe pn:xluce..

place in lile Soutll-Weq, Prt!sidt'ntl OQtII£OMA. Mrs. A.I.1b;a L.aw5oo. wnodoubiesas the lyalodeof E21»1and,.sa1d this dunng the c1l.J,mbtn'GmtnI Mt'tIing hr'ldd! the Ltbn .s.laml Sporu CompleX. AdallWlngb.1,I~n on Thur5da)l Noordlng to Mr, agnrultuR' which used to be the biKkboneof Nlgel1. s ec:onomyshould be gtYtII deselVt'd al1mtlon saoU 10 boOst food sulfK1mcy and In the ImefUI of the Tl.IIiorl s teOnomk RrOWLh.Ind dt'velopmmt. ShegMl"Agriculturelsolhigh~lgnlfi. Cilnct 10 us In theSouth-Wtst rrgJon of this country. 'Nt artworkin~ towards. msurinJt tliat ~Is no onget" vtsi-bIe In th1s region." Ltwson urged gow-mmmtio Int.fO. dOCC' modem fanning trchnology iIOoU


Odu'a ACCIMA urge commitment to development of agriculture