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Stakeholders list challenges of fish trawling business

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meratrd some of the c hal· ~ mllnallng i.gil.UlS( the SlJb.v.ctor and urgmg the Ftdef;J.1 GoYc-mme'flI to (om(' thteJ aid. i\aordulg to the ;tS.5Od.Iuon, tht (1liIIkng~ indude me !ugh (lJS( ot dIeSel wnKh (Olr Slituteuboul 80 ~r C(,1lI of Its OPu.uioo;al (OSU: $ei. plrilCy, lhr i.bsence of a cenlrahsed fi.dun8 u'rnunal, lhe val~ of the Expon Exp.lll!lon Grant (EEG~ wluch is SUPrmM 10 be i.IIlna1lli~ 10 operalors.. An euruUW!' member of Ihe .u5OCl.Juon, MI. John Ovt'ro, IObJ ltd. OlMr NTOo\ euruUY!:' dllnng an mtcraclIW!' session With joulT\,;lllsu In Lagos. sa.ld Uw.t Ihcs.c- problems wen- noc nt'Y!\ bul thai they were tBmg • dimension th.1II if nO(

addressed may gnl'vously h.irm operatlOfiS In the ~oc Ond~1 lorttample, hesubmllt~ that the sharp locre~ In price of IhecOS! of operiIung a trawler in the last two yt'ars Ius posed .. rTldfOr threat 10 the \/Iabilu:y of the sector. III' SilK! /ILO accounu IOf 80 per renl of produrtlon rosts a/ld that wh.;il Ihe mtmbers need 10 SlAy In bulimess lS for Ihe Federal Governmenl to Implemtm its dlrectlvt' urging tht Nigerta National Petroleum Corpor.llion (NNPC) 10 allow a direct AGO allocation to Lhe IOduslry. III Ime wILh pracurc:s mother filhu\g dimes. He explalOed that due 10 flOlr afforliabtluy of .!\GO, thai lhe number of fuhmg compimes h.u reduced drMoolly frOm,,~ seven years ago loa mere sewn currently. Acrording 10 him, -thts Is lbe only indusuy thaI Is mainly de~ndenl on AGO unlikr

OIher mdmtne5 and hence Ihe need fOI Ihf" Ftderal GOW!'mment to rome 10 OUI aId A lot oi compoanll'S h.ave lied down !helr vessels due 10 Ihe tughmst andean oolonger OIlford sending Ihe V5Sels on fishing VU)'olges" Enunciaung on Ihe problem of plrale alfacl3. he saK!1I contributed immensely 10 the huge finanoaJ losses. f'vt'Il M compet:l'Ilt hotnds aR mO'lllllg 10 othf'rsectOfS Ihey are wfe. -I'lld()' alLlO: lS Ollf' of lhe ballf'Softht fuhing iOOU5l1)L II has many ad\ltrst effects inrludlng loss of H\I'eS and propen~ huge oompensauon 10 the families of tiM' affeaed ullors., reduction In {Ishmg grounds, irft'piaceabll' damagl' 10 S('abomtiI$.S('U." In the ~nt, theR h.u been COflCfill <M'f a general locrea5I!'

::~~he ~O:e~ Ilvi~~'!sa si!:;

Iflcome~ hdvt not mcreased cOlmneruuratrlr thiS h.ll ereal~ fnrtlon In umbel 01 h01.lS('ho kis. Ilol"yond the prt ..... ure on househollh, there I ~ ,also roncern over the- ImpoKl of such pnre mcreasc:s m the larger t"(onamy, espeaallr glY!:'n foodstulh


agellli"fli Accordlllg 10 NTOA. Ihe probh~1l1 IS much mOR than the government and olher Nigerians st'Cm 10 acknowl· edge. The assooalion. armed wilh details of tht' operanons of the sector m OIhercilmes,as well as. whotlthe sector Is IIkdy 10 contnbulc to the economy when adequ.ately positioned, urge the kderal Govemment' upto II now Overn l.irneflts the fact that thert are no cenrralisOO fishing tetIDmals Silying thi~ IS adV.lfltagt'CIUS for the indusuy dueto i15C05t effeal\feness par·

IIcularlv again st Ihe· ground of poor mlrastntnuul deoNlopmenl He said Wllh central lu hlllg ternll/lals forexamplt,dll f.t(1 \Jill'S would be pmvld ~d 11 made dVolllablt rnakmg hwry actJvnies to be well cQ.{) ed ~The ;yjvantages 01 ~ (,n· Irallsed fishery lenninoll air rTldny; II means that fanhl es like dry-dockmg. cold ~tol~ and workshops are avallahle and.1I cheaper ral~ AGO SliP. ply would be rolmed out in orderly maIUlf'r and effecu-..:'Iy monilored.Opn-atol"§ haY!:' che advamolge of siandud co ld room facilities. i.1K! ac{ess to new Ideas, and lerhniqut'~ lhe NTOA presIdent drew allennon 10 what Ii rulTl:"mly happeillng at \hi: KlT 1. ~yillg thaI some. of the (Ompanies whose jtmes an' Iocaled Iht're are bemg forerd by oil ro mpa· nIt'S planmng to establish tank farms there. 8esK!rs. -~entl}t

Ihe Ige,an Ports Authority c.ame ~I w ,th a new Lanfi which • a 100 JM'r celli mCTe,He Wo· in Ihe f\Shmg mduslIY ,anone ~fford 10 p.i~ such r~ n wbere we an' domg busmtss. Wt.ue nOilhoil buoy an! as lho od or shipping comp.lnlt~ v1th ~"Illch Ihe NPA

dPe:r~ :d:a~~~~~t Goodluc '. !OIWIb.&n'S gOlll.'nlmf'nt ll. S 'flOIlSandrommmed 10 Imllr)V1ng thf' economic sectOI. g·lIng by thor men dlKi policIeS Ill' has enunciated. ~ want 11 uaored that tlus EEG ..wuld ht Ip uM'collneof mdusmal fish ng m our Cotmll)( It would tl ",bi.: our tnffiIben to make s,lsLalllablt margnu. keep f'trlplO}'f"t'S and con mbute I ) the economy; WlliU 'Io"r art' .slung for is prompc releakol the granl and also an upwar.l ~_ from the CUI rent JO PO!! (e(1I.gM'n the real IUCS III the eLooomy for now;" hesald

Swatch unveils new brands 8, T"'&O

'T1iE non·luxurious wrist· 1 walch brand Swalch h.u

un~iled a fresh rollcaion of colorful InYenLlVC for men. the new Gem I.1cquercd lecnon combLflI'S super-sleek and stylish-slick 100cquercd surf.aces ....'th a £abulousselec· tion of fashion forward colours. At the prcssconferc~ IH'kl at lkr:)d Shopnu~ where 1M followmg producu. Swatch, Nlke, leWIS and Binalone were franchi5f'd to give quality seMeC to Nigerians. The Brand Manager of Swalch. Mr. Manin Oslmt' says "SWillch is created 10 be as C')'N"alching as possible as It combmes super·sleek and SlyllSh·shck frame."


The Sww Whk>n brand gave Its d.!signen the dnve of mak· Ing use of tam:a.IWng colouD such as. pink. purple, indigo. bl~ orange, grren and yellow providing tis customen with an ideal wa.lch for ~l)' mod and oocasion. It COITICS III tht' IOIlowmg modrls; black lacquered: SUOB10l, pink lacquered: SUOp!oo. white lacquered: SlIOWloo. purplc lacquered: SUOVlOl, Indigo Ia.cquered: $UON10l,

orange lM:quercd.:

SUON1OO, blue grqr Iacq um:d: SUONI02, Gtft"ll lac· que.rN: St..J(X;IOl, Yellow ucquettd: SUO/IOU, ~ ~SlJORlOL

New gents lacquued haw complex clockwork, whkh Is visible .mel v.unlshed in Its be.autifu1 contr.lSling colours.

lrI'Agel5 NI2bapprovai for commerdal products (COM PRO) project 'T1-I ~

lmemalloll,d ImulULe lToptCal Agriculture (IITA) h.n recewed approvill of dbom S7 million (NI.l billion) from the lIlll & Melmda G.ue:s Foundallon for the nnplemf'fll,ilUon 01 th~ second pholse of the CommerCloll I'roouClS

1 01

( COMI>RO-II ~ IITA DIfI~,ctor

General, Nletanya Sangtnga slalt'd thaI the prolect, lagg!'d; "Imtllllfiona lsallonof qWlllY assllrance rn<"th..!llIsm.and dls~mmau o n of lOp quality commerCial products to lnU~"SC' (fOP YIelds and ImproVl!' lood security 01 smallhoJder fdnnen tn subSahann Ainu." the COMJ>RO. II prOjf"r1 .ainU 10 nUUluuon al~ quahty assurance med...rusms ,md f.aoillate the rapid dlsstmmauon of lOp quaUty commt'rnal products to IIlcreast YIelds and improvt' the food secuntyof smallholder farmers In tht region. Su\glnga aplamoo ttwl thc pl.ln ~ to raist' awareness amongWl"f twO million smallholder fanners on effectivt and profltolble commercial products by l0l6throughpubI/c·pnvalt p.lrtnershlp. or tht'st' houst'holdl., 420,000 WIIJ have lested 011 leasl one etfealve commercial prodUCI OInd al I"asl 50 ~r (I'filof these WIll hJ'ltaciopred the technology dod .u:hlevt' a IS·lO ~r cent YIeld Illcn'oue with S-Ubst.IflUoIl llIlpartS on food st'Cllmy and Incomf' ihe key f"Xp«1ed O1.IlCome of Ifw- proJ«1 IS tht tnsutu1I0naliSiltJOn of screening and ~ppruval o( (olllmcrClal prod uets: uys ,,",m Wamo r. sen-

ior prognmme ofilCf'r Wllh the BiU It Melinda Gates foundation. In Ihe last decade, rubSaharom Ainu has WlII\t:SSM econonur growth amK! populallon IncreolSCS and lising demand for food. Corueq~ntl~ IflVe:snnenU In 5011 fenthry have hecomr IIldtspms.Jble to maease olgrtrultural producllvity and aCCess to agnculrural inputs is noqwnd toachieYe Ihb gon Sui more haVing accm 10 inputs. quailly Mrurancr. of agl"lcuhural mputs Is of utmosllmponanre to protect U!DERAl. Ministry of Trade farmers. rttaJlf'n, wh~ lnvesonem has IMUguand Importers.. and 10 min- fated comnullee to reposition Imise heollth and environmen- expon processmg and Frtt tal hazards. Trade Zones In [he (OUIllry. For UlSUna, new biofertilisTIlecOirumllee, whidl memen, bio~ and cbemi- bl!'n; WI!n' drawn from Slake-cal agn>lnpun holve bttn holdm and remnl g~ commf'Triollistd, bUI these nM'flI ~ was inaugur.n· produru olre often insuffi. cil'lltly ev.aIWIIM for qUOllny and efficacy due 10 weak Mlnisler of Tr.:ade and nariona.l and rqIolldl rrgu1a- Investment. Olust"gun tory $)'5tttru. says Bemard Agilllga in Ahuja ~1Il1y. Yanlauwe, JITA's dirtClor for InaugulCltlng the Natural Resource Commillet. Onom poillted :gemenl and Celllral O1.It lhal Free Tr.tde 101lt.'51\01Y!' an Important pan to play in tht' succ~ss of the pl"I'SI!m admlnlstratlOIl phase of 'ite Commercial Transfonnalion ~enda as a l'rodlKU proJeO, also known vehicle,for ,00 crtatlon. forelgll as COM PRO l hd~ tdenufied direct mvesm"ll'lll a.nd wealth Ihree etiWlVe commcrClal CJl.\o1uon for Nlgt'rians. products out of Ihe over 100 Ill' said 1M porposes of Free products evaluated that lr;)de Zones. was to unlock tile f'/lhdnCe Y'~Jds by I!;-)O per Konomlr potennal of the cem. ThMot produrt:s Jlldude counny by uuhsmg Its comRhizobIum Ifloculanu ior parauve advantage in lemu of legumes. mycorrhiul inocu- locauon.uKl n'SOUrre5. lants for balWnas, and !iI't'd Onom saKI other pul"pO'§CS roaling of for IT\,;Ii~e. were to providt> enabling l'llVl-


Govtinaugurates committee on free tra e zone

r and


II~~ r:~ ~ockra~~

lonment for bustnesse~ to stan up.and be lOOn' produc· aod I·) bnng aboul transfer of new I«hnology and skills 10 Nigenans, who woO: in the compolmes in the zant'. lie sakJ tl1o1t In lKhef countries where fret and f'.1Ipon processing zones 110110'1' been successfuJhave used lIasa 1001 for lodUSlrtall5alion and high lewl of IIl\~ts into their countries. which hdve- conmbuted S/gnllk.antly 10 their Gross Ooml'SlJc Products (GOP) dnd Fort'lgn DlrKt hi\'estmem Inflow Hi'00I00 that ma)Of1tyoftht' n free zones that have been licenced to operate In lhe COUnlry ha\"~ not met Ihf' llltentS and purposes for which Lhey wt'rt licenced necessllating the need to repomionthetones. The minj,~'er Lllked the committee to rome up With cornplete appraisal of Nigrla's free tone pol~ m'M", fe\'\eW and implemem the I're:sidenual Committf><> repon of Free zones, audit n free zones. and design anti (\co.dop a prolll(). !Me

tlOnal stralegy lor the zont"S,.n ~IJ as, prq>an'a 10year St loll("pc plan fOI Iill' frtle ZOnt·s III t~coumry alllullgothen.. RKently Ihe Managtng Director of NIgeria Expon Processing Zones Autho ntv ( NEf'7.A). Mr Ade~ m.l .-.gboluale, tw Slaled thai uver SO.6 blnlOn tnvestmem Ius beenauracted IntO the Niger!.. Free Trade Zont ( m) sinn Inception. ,\gbolwlt' stated Ihat thtc:ssc:nce of [he conference Wol' to cre':lIe enabling envilon ment for both the operator.> and inYeStoo to d~ .Ind chat 01 way fonvard for Fl7 tn Nigeria.. "this the Sl'(ond IlIne we JIl" holding the Frl confell'ncl' and Emlblllon a kind OJ meeting free trade zoneop<ril IO~ and thOSf' th.ilt are ....~ll1ng to mvest In Ihe m in Nlglna. The conferen(e is also an a~nlle to !'dur at<.' pan iri pams,exhlbllDn aod ifM:o:sl Ors on th~ essence of im't!S1lll8 III till' free Trade ZOIll' III Nlgrrla.,· heSilid. Agboillate iunJlC'r discl("ed

llul lilt' 0 galllsen of the 2012 FI7 fdt th II it ~hot,kl not be a III affa,r. adding that Ihls fedlflg Informed thell deci: 1011 10 orgillU!ie the conferenc' 10 CUI ,1CfOSS van OU5sertor aniageooeslllih. counU)' He Solid th,'re werc rnan\ 5tilte:s that have- FJ1 and Kientl lied (hoSI St.lles 10 indud. Kano 1~\r.I,lddll\g that m in l{ebtj 51 Ill' vas ollsocomtng go~emm,

up. Accordtn 1 to hml, other FJZs aR Inthe I asll.'malKl Weslern pans or Ih ' COUIll!): ""It's onl) ""no atKl Calabar that aft' P ,"ho owned by tiM' Ftderal Govirnment, while (l(hers ,H"t o.....ned by privale illVl:'StOl~ Ii ,coll.iOOriluon With the 5(.11" govtrnmenlL Govtrnmf nt has librali~d some p',li(y 10 etKwrage pll· v.:llt'sector lolnKlpoillOninllZ III tilt' (Our II):· he added. Agbo/u.lje!.JKl the lM'nefilS of the m 10 the (ounuy Wfie i!OOITTlOIlS, mdudmg tmploymem grolleilOt.n, and aITract Ing tnvt'SI nt'/]( dirtclly 10 N1VnaIl,-


IITA gets N1.2b approvai for commercial products (COMPRO) project