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1HE GUAADIAN, TtIe5d.J~ March 20, 201l

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Appointments P35 Dearth of quality transformational leadership

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ICT .,... GuIOIlI .."",I, III ~ ... TKhno6op. Pm II. Ewa. RIpr_II.I... 01 !tie PraMtenl. Prot ' .... Isoun; the ......... ....., "~I -IR"~emn 0I~ ..... InAlll4l. .,..tlfday


Delayed exploitation of crude oil in the orth political, says official FI. . " - AttYi. Abutl

coruKkn!k:ns lNy h.1w Innumccd ~ 'IbN poKC d CJ\IIk od ClIfIIor~non <1nd concomlli!.nt non~.tpktU .. tiCHl



Nonhem p.ln 01 the: COlIn 1)1 2OIngbythcsubmmiomP{thr '>'pm.aJ Advtsft" on ~ I'J woes. 1"rof~5Of Abul ..l~l Vmbo..n .. bum In Abo., .,


SoImbo. who IS .Iso the

DtrmOf~1"iI1 ExccUUI/C orrK~

.00 Oun of E!lCI r:J

CDmmiS5ion of Nlf;rriLud 00 othct" sodo«onomk rU IDfl coWd h.M .KCOUf1I:rd po lhe oon .. kc-off oIlhe mnll'lCdl-

"Instead of transporting oil from the Niger Delta. we haw it in the North. Some Nigerians thought how can oil be in the North, so ,hey refuse<! to do the full investigation and thereby politicishlg issues_But Niger had stated its refinery last year. II is a country in the up Nllf1lt"

,nscad of wmponlng od from the Nigrr 1)riQ, ~ ~ II: In litt North Some N~ns thouxtn h:Jw an 011 be In the Nonfi.toltwyrrluscd lodollx

MUL·T·LOCK DOORS IN NIGERIA The perfect toIutJon for)'OC.H" security

• Security Ooors

• Bullet Proof Doon:

• Intern.. 1 Doors


In,,~sugllklll .00 thc!dJy poh lld~Ing Issues. But NIger fwd SQlrd its ~ncry Lut ~.r. II IUCOlmtryln thcur, Nonh.w _

'icilUIlIIIwI hlIslCiI Iy. undCfV."ICf pruoAcum 1$ JnOR C05lHer 10 exploit. SoImbo ~


would bt dtt.pcr tNn .uus such .lS the NI8'Cf' Odu. .dda~ tNit It lJ C¥m crimll'lo1l rot NIgcn. 10 Impoo oil 1ht summtt, he m1Cf.Hcd,_ ge,nn! 10Wilrru enllmchlng

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'Sugarcane holds promise of growth for Nigelia, others'

Our dnors mC:OIJ)("l'illr Ihe: mtlsi nl(N.krn ~..:klpm"'"u and

Inrrl>l'l't'IIk'nlS ((II' rcc,dam:al :1001 CI"nrnc:n::ul entnnc:c" fir lelllrOfc«i lE;t.h'anllcd .lul .nd

Thc~ .re COIl..IlUClcd

filled ,,1111

III~h "CC"hh

Mu l-T-LodI 4-"ul\ kick sutrm.

\l"h""I. IUflfC:? \ nu an ttc..ign 'nill dOOf 01 choose;ll finish th"l appc<flll

In '"fMJ

Aa :clIWoric..s In



lock. Video d oor ..·jl'wer. Panic bAr, 8 0h, Closc: Door Stopper, C I C _

• .,.f.II,f§ii!¥!M 58b Mo rrison Crescant, Off Kudlrat A blol. WIIY_ Or.gun. Ikej • • Lagos_ For enquiries cIIII: Office : 01 -n580406 or Call


T.~o· 0703341~ 1 2,

081g,US356, Henry - oe, 02663514 E_tl: sakt-Gmul-I-IOCk.CGm_ng t.'1o@mul-t-lock.com_ng

Fidelity Bank, Nigerdock others partner on local content development [)(UTY 8.Inio: l'k h.u poUt F,nnrd Nlltt'rd"d.• Nlgf'N ~llo~1

P1troleum Corpor.lIlOIi (",Nf'C) .lod Mobil rrodUCI1I8 Nlgt'n.l \MPNlln Iht' fin.IlClIIg or tht' 5.itell It' Aekl [)ovro1op1m'1I1 ProJf'(1 fltwst 1 \lANG .md

IruP pl;uforrru Tht' pl., forms 01" Iht fir I ~r ~II hud to be del-Igrm. r.bric.a' rd.nd'la) IOuUy Inlhuounu}' Spc.lkinJl, ,iI I~ opening of Iht' pl.uTorms. t.un.1g1ng DirKlor, rid ..llt(, &Ink Me, Rfogln.ild Ilit'I'. II '-lId tht'

!.wok u.k" 10I181~nn vtrwof d\C economy .nd hAS consis It'fltly Ix-rn lllvoIvtd In long Irnn (hunon~ Ht' uld tNl I It' fillolncwl instllulion has ~' ron8 COnn dm« In lhe Nlg"ri In KOOl> my .00 therdOtt' ~ nO( foCus on short It'IlT'I Invnl mtnu. Ht' said Iht' pro;«t

hds prtMded tobs for <M'f 2.000, Including ".,orkcn: from the inlt'mol(Jorwl 011 rom~n~ th.u .rt' InvoMd In the protKL lit' wid (lui tht' prolKI mnOIim .. mUt'stont' in ~

b.tnk"s d~lrt' .nd commlt~I to t'n5uring • vlbroInl .Iud Nb&e mdU5lrwl 'l«tor -N. Fldtllty .!.mk, \NP art IlOt rocwlng on shon Itrm ftnancin~, Thb is .I proj«1 lhat will ~ hnt fOI a long thnt. Ir)'Ul.l klok ill whill I h.lpptmng ~ lodily, Ihls Is 011" ohht blggO'I prai«' not only In Iht' count~ but In Ihe sub-Sah.u.m IndU5t1·~- he ""d The bank's bos5 .said lhal Nlgtlia wUl bent'.nl rrom lhe lIiln5fcr or Icchnology ,m d hugt fortlgn nchangt eunIngs oUsocwtro wilh the prottt:t.. lie wid the LIn thill tht proj«1 w.u sc.ilntd ilnd com-

plclcd In Nigeria by NlgeNru u an IndlQl;on of lhe hOSt hUlTWn and tnillerl-

.11 rr-sourcn oIvilililble in Nigert.l. Pc1.rol~I'm Minisln, I)\el.lnnl Alison-MadlJeke Solid Iholl Ioal conlmi dn'd OIlmen! Is where ochn coon HIes of the world .lire 80lllg ;md NigC'N should not be

lie rxplalncd thilt Nlgert.J's reoIw 10 ITWIte country an Induurt.lised I\illk>n is abo dnwn flom il5 pl.m 10

a(lam the V1$KJn lOlO jlbn. The pl.ufonns art' rxpKtf'd 10 coll«1 crude 011, WolIn and gu from ill It'il5t 10

wells. cOlllblne Iht nUlds oInd send them off for processing ilt their hosl t«1Ii


Idtlxhlnd.Sht' saki tNt KO'"



(ommillcd' 10

InftSung ITWsslvt'ly In rol conttnl ~Ioprnt'nt In the nC'JI1 nft)"C'illS,

According to. her, t1~ pMt· lonn 15100 ptl ccnt bllnntcd In Nigerlil by leilm of txptns (lr.lwn from Ihe counlf)t President Goodluck lonattwn, who Ir\ilugu~tcd the pl.urormJ In L1gos. wid locoll cootent dn~k>Pmcnils the e.uicst Wily for tM coun Iry 10 dcvc:k>p r.lpklly.

How to exit from fuel importation use IhoC' IIrt ollndlCollors to hdp Slrmgt.\lm the conlY

£.daft;.. CIwnun. F..-nIIrUnd ~ s.- (rftS) lob Hueb ~v (1m) WIth 1M Gtoup ~ ,rr_NCJ..una. In AIIuP. ' IIt'SloItC'dtM nom IhouKhlhe Dnet• • 1MiorI1ri PIc. Mrs. funb OtIbodu, _I_ I.. goYC'Tnmcnl S«tTlf'd to twill' nliI.dc up IU mind 10 ronlinllt' impott.JlIon of pttrolfum. it is


ff'U" Potentials of sugarcane indusny in Africa

alsO lmptrilltl\"e lor tht oJdrrunlsIIiIIkln to rtloIkr su~ Itw ~ the

rdiotncs in the country oIrt' working 10 full Cil(»C1t)' " ill!)'


IUd producuon Wl(00ut d«n..tS-

.... 1Ood produOion.


HowcYes" IioJ lhis to occur. tht gfIII'n IImc, to lhat · Imponol- counnit"llll~ lirst puc In pWcc non yolulTlC' wollkl be mln- poltcy dnlll'll In)lioItilll's to C'OCOUr.1gC' t'th.mol production Iml5cd~Ume, 'l)t'f!'isillotor~~lnolU frum sug;tre.lfllt. As mo5I Al'rIan (OIJ1ll11l!S il~ lhe four by .K'Ctors 01 tfit. C'(OIlOIlly the mdusulJl .K'Ctor, (he: nt'I .sug.u: llllpol1m. It will be I"mspan sector, Iix' household unbkrly INI in the ot,lr futu~ oInd In 11tt' ~vkC'S 1«1or thriIsugarJlf~lndl.lSlllt'S Willcilgcs arC' noc Udfilhlill*:. Ir will dllll'n from sucrose to '<\II' mmillU1ot' WilSCl' In 1M gtIII'n C'thiI.nol production. ~ SluWcs by the ZSO tww qUolntlty of mnxY SUPJI\jl. '<\II' would ~ a Iona; WJY 10 sn¥C shown lhilt It ~ posslbl~ 10 incltilW the .mounl of 10100 mcnNIFflillU,"lttwid. w1dcr sugilrc.Joc mwu ilr tm.

Br.wl ill1d lhe us. Me the 1TW)Of tMn 01 Clh.moI IS In~ don fuC'l SUpanc's high)1dd

t:.~:::I':s~'t-:oh!fr!d ......

In Al'rb, only Ethlop!.l. MoI,1oJwI, M01_.lIllbiqut .lIld ZlInb.1rbwt hoiIII' Implemented bltndln,g rtloIndiltes lOr (JCIro\n1m. whl~ Km)'il, South Alrb. Nigni.I ilnd Sudan ,UC' In tht proc:~ 8.IITO" WeI If AInan coulllliCS

"JlI~ t'thilnoI blendl",



uwc:rtn tht industry of

III ptO~m


no less than 5 years drMng profesSIOn ft'9ht Group Execuwe Chalnn8n Must possess a mtnlmum of attempted School Cer1lficale or GCE Must have lalrty good knowledgeof Immecbate enVIronment . cosmopoIllan Dly 01 Lagos Call Wol' 08033184981 08050929499, 07093194953

Abelhelghts Marketing 8 , M.Jokodunml Siroot, Off AllIIn AvenulI, IkoJo (Tum right b Oaho Plar:a Into MaJokodonm l)

OW!tR)' UR i . ""ITS DEPA i\IJ:;NT I I . Acca.ntlnl SortwBre Tralnlnu: PeaclllrteltC•• nUnv & Qulckboo~s "cresolt ldnllce Elcel Training


Iblt': ltd-7lh Ap ll linl' 1I1am·'JW11U:11lh 0 .. . , qu..!>t, . . . . ,. It\IIIef.... ~m n..h.J..L , CallflCllcncl

.... C ~5l.l

mkio ptnk<;QOIW

'CO "'' d In K'COUIlItng I~ ,

'o('II.I,*U:o;t"""4' • .'('()Untlnt ~.rl\\~ , OU' <.OUn% aectlUflb

drpwtnltfllllunclllllK, \Un IttfUlllnml ... e mllb~ «I."\)\.IfllI"! 0,01, Compulaucd a.xJJUllflllg ~I\III~ 1l"tft'iU1tJoc1 1~ '<1up. lraml'" 2I1lI wppmlJhlgn &. ~'CllfJlKW' ,,. rn~ p' ...cdurc<. ~


2 FEMALE PERSONAL ASSISTANT Musl be a graduate or HNO Of ONO holder With proflOency In rntemel Technology (IT) and comptller Iderate Must be transparenUy hbnesl. With a high sense of respon!Wblltly 3 JUNIOR SECRETARY Must possess alleasl OND With proflO8f'lCY average levet 01 computer IIleracy


IT (Informahon Technology) Of an

I~!~~~! Applicants must possess recognised proieSSkln81 certifICate In I' have at least 3 years practtcal sales dnve experience product knowtedgf> etc

World Bank against protectionism


cotmNUED FROM PAGE 19 In spilt 01 1M oogotfl3 gIobill IillilllClill crt5u, 01 IOOrl' 'benign SlIUdUOO-

wou.Id IneqUillr"!yIS.!iJ mlj:.

1100 pfopIt hilw:

5. ELECTRICIAN/HANDYMAN: Who Will double up as despatch oder Must possess B mll'umum Trade Skills CertJrrcate In ~Iy and carpenlry minor repairs 'rom recogntsed Technical CoIlegeJSchooI AppIrcanls should have at leasl 3 years of pracbcal experrence 6 INFORMAnONTECHNOLOGYOFFICER Apphcants should have a degree or mmlmum of HND In the subfect and must HAVE PRACTiCAl EXPERIENCE 10 be able to promote sales of a lechntcal merchandise company 7. COOK/STEWARD : Most possess a mInimum trade certlflCale In makIng Afncan (NfQ908n) and Conlrnenlal food

i:liJ'1! 9I=1*BAt leasl3 years prachcal eKpeneoce WIth Trade s1u1t Certlrrcate In ~ombt

All appficotllJIIs ", ,,st iK Ita"d-...rjtl~" " "d acrompo"itd ...,'rh 1 CD/aum ! passport plro/(IJ, p/'IJ Cllmc" '" ,,, Jlita~ and mp;o of c~rtificatnlU:SI;mo" ials, aJd~d to:

The Human Resources Officer, Post Office Mail Box 50161,

Falomo, Ikoyl, Lagos, Nigeria.

~ oil •

DullnA the ~ dtude tltt' rt'glOn 1w shown ,I solid Im~mt'm In tlimlrwllng ~


poo.onty hoc, wtth 0111 ~~umbn d midd~ ~ tht

lWuy_ ........ ""'"

S9.6 blDion in lOll for ~

dlr«tcd tow-ud ~I­ !nit dforu In LnJn Amcnc.;i. At il wpilfiItC' nome CoII'btt- on Su~ tht IADB wid II Will' -Ciludously optlmiD:'" to prot eel a lOU emnomk IfOWth ril bt'Iwm1 JJj ptr mu.vxi ].1 per cmt In the ~ oInd dose to -4.) pC!' mil fOr lOll. nus ~ Slmtcd il slowdown m ~'h ITom §A pcr ~I In lO1O .md


Tht 1ADI. ~ SolId ttyt rtsb 10 the rcg;on's economy p:nts«d hfc.Iuw 01 the CUllinuing unmuinty~ Ihf' wOOd economy as kIog as the fum l:OI'IC contmued 10 suuggie, 1.hnn.iI.fnty Is hljh ind tht risk ril "nod~ aisb., this dll"lt with Its .source In ~ h.u incJ'Nsed.- tJtt' IAD8 WeI in ~ rt:porudding that il-rntJdC'riIle r«mIon- nvy oa:ur in L.utn



'Sugarcane holds promise of growth for Nigelia, others'