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lHE QJAItIJW/.Sunda)4 NoYmlbcr 1& 2012


BUSINESSAGRq Don't Buy Fake Chemicals, Research Chief Warns Cocoa Fanners ByF__


"niE E.~utiVt Otrector of Resc.ln.h l lnstllul~ of Nlgl:r1.I (OON). Professor t-i.lLKhy

.-.koroW;, h.u warned unsusp«tmg CO(O;Ii.Jnn en to bt' wary of ulUCrupulous dt',Jlrrs of (0(001 agrochrmlcals. He warned th.-n wrong cholcr of dlemlcals by the Lumers (ould COS:lthrm umold 10S$t'$, admonishing ~m to tkaJ with cmHblr .t

SO\lr«S of chemlGIs

The professor m.ldr lIus mown rrcemly dunng the Coca.. Translo~uon Agen<U Implrmtnuuon PUn in which the lOll progress ~n W~ presemed for dehbenlJon .md the 200 Imp~menuuon pLm IUS designed. He obse:~ th.u the proeHS of st:iKnng oIgrochrmIah 15 ngomus. ~nufic.nd ~ wnduds. ·00 not let .tn}'body Iell you tholt. WIthout '" procHS of ~nce. II\~ an go to my nwnufil(turI!'f ... nd tell him [Jut thiS chemlUilS good. we Wilnt to buy II: w;u his outburst. He mlM emphatiu.lly -cR1N Is mand.1ttd to dKide

on choICe.-

Expl,uning the ro~ WI the federal gow.mmcnt 1$ puymg In

pucuc.aUy addremng me struerut'ill

problems In COCOOI production. the ~~ dim:tor, dl5closed some tr.lining MXI Qp.IC' Ity building.K1MUC:S would soon we P~ On nhotbllil.mon of COCOOI farms. be s.lKi: -Four Ni~ W't:nt to tr.un in Indonesia on ~lYibd" UDOn of old COCOol farms. Thq' will In rum tnln NlgHUos on brst PIXnCH lhCy Iuve iumL 1M tr.llnlng will be In CRlN on Febnwry 2013.Akorod.1 t:Xp~ dUF ol( wh.l( be ~rded

.u working Without SLUUlIcs. s.lytng: -if In'e crop unit officen/from tht: stiltH) don't undersund tht: dwlils 0 the Growth EnlYinament Suppon (GES~ II will be iI folilure: Ht'said the following ~rit:tiH of COCOOI ~Ings art: olvailable ill CRlN; FI Amuon. TC H, WACRJ .lnd olIl.lre good drpc:nding on .1grO:«oloKY. Although bt: ncKed thiol CRlN those

Imp~ VUleUH of coco.t. he probt:d fur· tbt:r, .u.klng: -wh.J.t is the lUt' of eight VMia1H of coco. munlC In CRlN Wlthoul gt:1:. ong to tht: bl11lt'nt' In hIS own view, -..ner ~.lfch, tht:~ must be ~Iopment. using the rtSuil::s. otherwlSe It win be a WJste of lIme.- He stressed tlut the !Utes n~ to tr.J.Osft'r the technology to tllmen, urxlng rutH with· OUI ~ll.IbTt' data to go ~clr: .. nd gt't their figures nght·so W't: Gn nuke prep.antion [0 sr~ the tumt'rLTo .lW:1"l fraud .1mong the opt::ntors. ht: rept:.lted WI -.lny sure th.1t does not mow tht' number of Pt'Oplt' ~ w.;Int 10 St'J"Ve IS no( serious. - fit'. therefore enllghl' ened tht: Pt'OPIt' 10 do pLin for pfOYlslon of pods;md ~logs...also .1dvismg tht' offidilh 10 "tum pods 10 St:edhngs to avoid wuugt': t'Specially when tht' pods .Ire nOl cUimed in goOd timt'. He suggestt:d Ibt: use of gnfung for old farms. bur ~marir:t:d not every local gOvt:mment In f!Yt'ry sure Will produce COCOOI. To butlR:SS mlS, he s.lKl. "we! twft Infonn.llion from GroKnphk Informnion System (as) telling us IoaI gOYHnment.lore.u Wt an produa CIJeW In NignloLln /'Iilgt:...... he .ddt:d. L2 lUtes Me pott:nti.J.!ly Gp'ble ilnd an produce COCO.l but 14 SUtHlYive tnditiol\.llJy prod""ng." The CRJN ~ttw: director did. cWib uon it IS not lust .lny fertiliser is suiublt' (orCOCO.l soU ennchmenl, rxpl.UnIng th.1t the rado of NPK used is Sou-n, wfille (Akium.lond M.lgnesium.lre oidded .lot ndo .. to 1. -cet this t:qUdUon nJtht.- he stn:ssft!.as -tmnr:n will rKord 3.lrns .lofter use- If nUaic"it conlents.lofe used.loS b.lsis


Tanzania, Gates Foundation Launch Fresh Initiatives Against Cassava Diseases ~VA~DIsr.ur

\...JCMD) Brown Dtsrur(CBSD).lre pm of tht' m(Ktion thai fw reduced the ecpt:C1.ed ytrkl ~ from lm~ a.ssava. But ~ T.tnuru.t·s MinisUy of AgncuIrure, Food 5rcurIty

Ol.nstopOOOuu..mrnglntorr upthedrYdopmrntofv.tfi.

.md min1strrforAgriculru~ rtlr:S Wlth dual ~15tilncr: III Food 5«umy.lnd Cooprr.n~. the twO disuses. noted Ih.illne proj«ts arne.lot The project. kd by HTA, wtIl .m opportune urne when f.tnn- funhirr DiJot • cIr.ln 5e't'd sysen needed oKCeSS 10 pLmnng ~ In"bnun~ 10 produa m.nen.lls of nrw ImpnMd v;m. Vlrus-tr:sl.t:d c:as:sw.1 rtk5 rdr.ued 10 the country. IIliltmoll foJ- muldpwDOll by ""Gu:si!v.IlSonrof our prionty elthrrloGJ rommunltid or oops..u Ills mostJvlUOWtl by 2t'd 1!IID"q"Jrmt'Un: for sakm

.rod Cooprr;atMS lMAFC)..oo tht: BLI1 S. Mt'bnd.ll G.Il~ Found.ltion ~ 1.lunched rt'SOUlU'-poor snWlfio&drr thne new pfOJt:CU 10 raiSt' dis- ~ womm. ~nt\"MirOrs.. Thuts

lhrnfon.findlng~ soIunons 10 its piOduction c::t.olI-

to tmbltsh f"I"Kn St1SWn.lbk: 2t'd systt'fT\SIOt'JWIt»rsm,,:ill. It:n$es pnMdrs usollloin opperhok1ef f.tnntn brttu oKCt'5S 10 runllyto rNkr.l d~ In such \'Mirtia their lJW:s;and makr pl""OgJHS In The proteCts ~ olIloounad dunng.l ~ 't.lIue ChJ.i.n ~I organlSt'd In o.u es ~ tJw brought logetMr ~rt:Sent.lO\leS frOm th(o 80"" munrnt. donor commURJt}t pm.'iltt §eCt.Of.and drYdopmt:Ill partnrn. Abo pRSftll ..... ;IS Intrm.mon.t.llnsorule of TropJQj~IUR" ( IITA:

dfons to overcome hunger.lnd povt:tt}t' So1kl Lawrmce"Kent. •

Srnioc-Progt:"oiIm Officer.lot the

wtt:5 Founw.non.. The ~ \WirOrs.lnd Oe.ln Srord to CMD (SO') prTJt«l wtIl fiaalime stwn~ 01 fiyr o( tht: brst v;m. roes &Urn "LInunlol, ~ya.. M.lLtWi.~lX' •.md

DIrector GenuU Or. Ntrr.n~ £or repm.i.I ~ .lCJ"OSS the counUkS to sprCd


f.trTnfts. . 1ht: mml rffc.ctM dnd ruJlSDC.1pp1"O«h toreduang Iosst:s CBS[) is tht: drvdopmmt.mdlkploymrnt of ~Iit:dt:s tNl ~ dual resistancr: 10 tht: rwodisrases. Resto.ln:hen in thr I'M! counnics luw: ITIMlr good progres toWards many vanrors h..r.or been rdroilSrd or .1~ in tht: pipdint'. By £iK:ilitaan~ the slwnng of their ~ VVYOt'S. W't: ~ Wt JMrnus get tht: ~ nrittirs from the ~n.- s.lid Ed-o\'ardK.mIu.IITA~

Inedrr ..00 ~.un Irolder of the SO' Protect.

Experts MeetTo Taclde Climate Change FoOd Insecurity ,


1fK-.l T.,.OnIpt


InAfrla. _ _ ""'opooou \.....edrna&d;lS.lo mlJOf dW- lOr dwnge ~ .kMlg bern the Irnge for .loJtJlCUhurrmd food only ~ofWinm to miDsrrunty inWestAfria.rven.lS g;nr lhcrff«ts oJ c:hm.ltrch.ange. complex l"NoonshiPS md Bul b«ausrof the rT\olSS.lveuscof mtrrxbolumst betweorn.lgJ1- iossII Cuds such .lScoolI.l\IllJr.l.I culturr md chnwt' ~ ps md oil 10 run tht: tndusmes The Uruta:! NWons' FooJ md ow ~drtving the l!COnOfTUcsoC Agncultu~()rpus,adon (FAD) ~r~ munttirs.1t is fNo .lOll esnmates Show that .1gri-~ ~ thr foiIl1~ of rulturr produces 14 pt:rtentof opoons forfighongdlm.1tt' arbon rmissaons. the ~ cholIlgt:, 10 lrultlduce meuum Imt 01 St'Ym b&IUon tonnrs of and midgil.oon $Ua£tgit's. The arbon dioxidruch year.Gtvm ~.and lmplrmrntatht: tugb ~ ~ DOn ofsusWn.1bIr: f1"It'.I.SW"e5and .lnd InauslRg dI!II\UId fi:lr chang!- smtqprs: inYo/Yr.l pOol" b:ld.agriCuIturr mustGpt ~ oithe polmdal .lnd .iliO contnbut:r [0 mluang for" mfuaion .ind.1bsorpdon oi oubon _Ihrough di- oubon """""'" ",,~=rJI.ltMmllt rn..uwganenl PfillC- If the trduuci!.l Cilp.bUJdescxlsr: IIldusm.Illird

Afrla._in_ Afria. the......d.ablr dau is ~ from comprt:hrnsa-'oor n.llion.lI estlJNtes..ln.xk1l00n. lhert 1S.llso.1l.lodc.oI QU.lhfird hwn.m ~ the modem techoolog}t tooIs.and


methods torst1fn.l~tht:an aibutlon 01 dIftmont srruxsoC .tgricuIturt-1n nutigating car-


What ~ the actions to ~ .mdjor impkrnenl in ordu 10

help the poor locllmm ~ miap;on1Tbis is the ~ bring ackIrd by tht: nrwCGlAR. ResWch Pmgram

on Qun.lotr ~

"""'"""" on4l'i>od_ (COJ:s)duough Its ~ lht:mt 2.

,.... or a1cuLmon.. thr proressor pnlsed Ondo Stue th.ll look an'!: on COCOol sutistic:s. GIVing the sult'.u.ln uamplr. he stressed rdl.a.blr C(l(."'OOl. na.d.stics. ~ QlI't do anything. SUtH don't hilve to ~il for the ft:deraJ government forrverything. Your governments must help COCO.l f.trTMn In your states.Not: done. he s.lid thilt -Whilt the rrdt:r.tI govemmrnlls dolog should be.1 bonus. .lifter doIng.YOurown.lf. f.Jrmer does not keq) record. GES will not: profil hlDl.

F.1nnen: need [0 kttp rttord If they WMtt to take ~.u.1 business.. Once 1see illMmer With no record. I don'l discuss further. Th~ is nottuna to dlscus:s.Akorr:Xl.llold the peoplt'.1 the forum lhilt ~auN toOkoi contraCt [0 dlstrtbute UOO.~ pods (dlvklt:d lolo yea.rty;).. This yur. W't: h.iw: 95,000 pods to deliver: Urging the Pt'Oplt' 10 come for tnt' POds. ht' s.lld -cRJN is .. gove:mment institution. You don't Ot'fl! permit IOcomr toauN. The frder.1 government is rudy to pay us wht'n they Stt evJdt'f1Ce of supply.·

1Iy, - -to .tt~in its Minister Seeks Chin ese Fo;R,Nigen. ,o~~~l:':~If,;;~r'1.." [nvesttnent [n Agriculture for Tnde .. nd InW:Stmenl. Dr. S.lomuel Onom, u.llrd for strong tme ties br~n Nigert...nd Chln.l in the .rr.l of .1gr1cull\lfe 10 taclcle high r.te of youth unemployment .lind ~tlve-ness In the counl:l"y . Tht' minISter is optimIStic th.1t Chinrsr InV't'ntnenlin the countrY's .lgricultunl .St'Clor would bOost tht'.st:Clor, .lidding China ls the world's wtest growing t:ConomYWlth t'Stimdtrd growth r.1te of 10 perCent In the ~t 30 ye.1l"s. Citing the lust concluded China Trade In GlJ.1ngzhou Of)( he noted that suc.h InVfitmenL frorT'l boosdng food s«umy In Nigen.;l. would.lso enlunce the t'Conomy of Ihe both countrirs, nprci.llIy In the .rt'.1S of Impon .1nd export. Assunng ChlnCSt' In~lon

of conducift businns enVi· r~nment, the Mmmer u.ld Nigert. Is land of m.ny opponunltlrs• .1ddlng thai oUlof the massive dr.lble bnd. only half Is being utlllSrd. He nOt:ed dUI the feden! and state gowrnmenu ur illrr.dy working towards developing.l sector·speclflc inW:Stmenl pohcythal would provtde a level pl.1Y· Ing ground for gt'nuine Inw:stors and nect'SS.lory suppon .lnd IncennVf: milt would make businesses succeed In the country. However. a Nigertdn buslncssman In Chln.a .lnd Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Blue Diamond logmio llmnt:d, ft'stw Mbtslogu, who commended the mlnISler's ~urst. urged the Fedenl Government to . .lddrtSS the Issues .lofft:Ctlng invntment chm.1te,lncluding multiple UXo1t10n,

epilepuc po.... er supply. liic.k of acccss rOolds .lond generallnfr.structur.l problem slrering the nation In the fOice. He molint.linrd th.ll Nlgen.1ns In the Dlilspora .lofe .;Ilso ~.1.d)" to come home .lnd lnW:ST. In .gnculrurr olnd other sectON of the economy In order for the nanon to ~.Iise the O".1nsform.ulOn olgend.l of tht' ~erill GoW:mmOll .lind vision 20:2020. MbiSiogu ullrd on the governmenl to borrow.1 Teaf from the Chinese In the area oft.uallon for her 10CiI1 milnufuturer .lnd inW:stors,ilddlng thaI for t'\o'!:ry goods producN locally In Chuu. the m.1nufacturrr gets 10 per ant w ~b.lote from hs govern· ment when exponi<l.. which IS 10w.rds encouugang local m.lonufacturers an(f investOr.


Minister seeks Chinese investment in agriculture