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Business Appointments P27 The resounding 'halleluyah' over increase in retirement age

Govtlt o enforce patronage of local products on MDAs BY .... m.n ateuion of me: local contmt '1'1-IE Fedenl Government to goods procu.mI by gowm.I rT1i1)"soon put in pbcu JXlI: m~('$ orp.nlsaOons wu ky that would enforce lOcal aimed at Ir.c:rusing the


Agmdes (M~lln the coon- gcn~don and, ultimatl"ly; ~ cmnomic and d~l-

tion that is anchored on areas where we have comparalive and compe~1ive advantage.

'AOO-IdcorripelgJYelTlmCmJal Aganga spoke during the aIllrm5 and m!ir oJgmdes to ongoing workshop on patronise mace In Nigeri.J -.:nhandn(thcProductMtyol products. IndUStries. In Lagos, on Mlnlstt'f or Trade and Thcsd.1y. Investment, l t; OIusegun H~ said mat his minlsay was

toUnuCaaur!:1l AssocYtion of Nigtrll to ensu~ that loal

lhings th.ltar!:prorumJ by the f«lcR1 GcM!:mmerll beausc

stum-inthesuoolVofgOOds to be procured 6Y the gomn. men.

spmdetlnlhceconomy.So,we aT!: looking ilt thto i[roms that .line procui'ed locaIl'!' We ;ttl'

We are thinking of reviewing our local procurement

to differentiate between locally manuoS: factured products and the ones that are import~:I~:~i~~~ ~:~a:~!.u~ ed ...We are also embarking on an industrial revolu"" _

g."mm",,"'" opmmL



~n~sa~~~~~~~Y~"~~7,~rn.~__wo __'~_n~g:-___W_'_m~~_m~'___~~='R~~:::n~g~':I~rn.~I:&~o:r~:wmtm&~~~~~:mm~m:'~I:nd:,wn>5::~~~

Fertilizer producers canvass policy to encourage local production Fr<m .... ~ ~ "'OiE Fed~rolI.l Governm~n!

opt:nlng CUWlony of th~ Q..8 Prfvat~ S«tor fnvaDnmt Workshop on ~~ !\;.Ink


.md invesDnt'flt in fertilizer prod ucUon, In Ahuja yester· doll}t &u11 said h~ w.l'i lure that the I~glsladon, If t'nacrW. would ht'lp to protect the Int~rrst of th~ produCt'r. Importt'rs.supplkrandfann-

J. has becn ..... 1sed to put In nrocdtd to

;~~~;in1.~vt'Stors Into I rl'rtillzerpro-

[)nt~lopm~nt. Manag~men!


soft Imn. olIddress llucruadnS £omPl m:hang~ Tilte. hlgfl

gidml'newOlSrieedforml' gOW!mmem (0 provld~ con· ducm and ravourable ~nvJ· ronmt'O( for (hl' lrl\tiwrs,putlnplattSusGlI nablt' policy that wou ld addresshlghlntt'f"t'Slr.II:rand bank chargtt Hulsoemphulsedtht'need for govc.rnmt'nt to provldt'

landmgandponchargros. According to the leadt'r of tht' Nigerian fentlizu p~ ducers,Nlgeriahaslht'polt'ntlal to product' 3.5 million

~Id~ th~ Iqlslation. h~


Iy. a~inst tilt' yt'arly con· sumption ratt' of 600.000

find out whICh or tht"Se Ilt'IJIS .line available locally. so our Ioa.l manuCactUn:rs un

or """'''''''-

"One the highlight! of the workshoptodayls tiOwwean put In plaCt' an institutionalised fralTlt"WOrk that will ~Iow us to match the govmtmenlo the Manufactunel'S Association or Nlger1a and InnaYilton topossl6ly~an off-Lilkr agrffml'nu with them 10 Nt manufacturers un use that to TiI~ funds needed to growmelr buslnes.s~.

Ht' added: "We ane mlnking of neviewtng our local procurement p~u~ todlffel"tntiatf' bdv.ftn 1oc.o111y manuCac· tum! products and the OotS that .line Imported. Whl'n: mene is iI dlffenendal of about 15 percent. wewlil rmewthat to St"{' If l5 percent Is the right number, otwhether some ste· tors should ~ less or more. \-Ik a~ working with MAN to rome up with me right number In this ~rd: ht'.saki The minister said me Ft'drral

Government wu considt'ring a new pa~l&n that would boost th~ ~nt of the Slt'ellndUSO}t 0lS pm of industrial revolution. AgangJ saki that his mlnlsay would partner the Minlsay 0( Solid Minerals and Stt'el ~t to implement a backwird Integration polity that 'Aill ma.brt' mt' country Cllplone and pn:n$$ abundant Iron one dqlosits across the coun~ In Order to support Industrial growth and


dew:lopnlt'flL "We .line also ernbarldng 011 an Industlial maludon that Is

anch~ on aneas when we hallt: rompaTilti'lo't:' and competitive advantilg~, such as agti·buslness. solid mint'fills and pttrodtcmiGlls. Also. we are conct'fluadng on growing the Industries that;ttl' labour· Intensi'lo't:' so that ~ will be Able to mAre Jobs ror our tt'eming population. For aampit', In the minin~lat· t'd IndllSUJ we an: collaborat·


edical Treatment in India

Treatment ASSi s tance'" .... , . . . . . . . . . ft . . . . . . . . . . . _



Airlines introduce fuel surcharge on fares worldwide FOIII W. st.dn. "'lint. ~ A IRUNES worldwtde hallt: I'linrroducrd fuel surcha~ to their liI~ to rushion ~ dfm of the RJobaI rise In the prier d avtatlon fud on thdr

op".llu<u. Their ~n h.u howevn. bttn I rupportal by tht'

Internallonal Air Transpon Association (lATA), the- dear· Ing house rOI a ll aJrlln~

""rt_ Reports saJd

abiln~ an now """"'"" """ ",,,,dlie< by i~g In wlnglt't aircraft, which helps them to .sa"""

dght per emt of aviation fud during n"tilt opttations, In ordt'r to m:tuc~ costs.

So<aldng on IU """,_

md lht' cfialkn~ factng the airlines and Olhe-rs l honly beJon! lht' opening of the SL4 billion Maynard Jackson Jr. International Airpon Tennina l at me Hartfield· Jackson Inlt'n\ational Alrpon. i\I.1antaGeorgia,~rda)\ mt' Chief ExecutM o r Delta Alrll nt'l, Richard Andt'non said tht' airfint' was in~


He 1amm~ that alrllnt's

w.:R l"adng twd tlmt's ~ mt' matter; ~ that the 1ncn!~lng riSt' of madon fud,' known .u JET AI ~ I'orce us to pm our tick·


A winglt't is a featune used on lht' wings of some aircraft to ImplVYl! ae-rodynamlcs. TIlt' US{' or the dt'vkr on aircr.l.ft an Improve fuel dlkkncy by up 10 dght percmt on lOng· haul njgltrs. Afrcrift giant. Bot'ID$ SOlid reoen~ that 1[$ new '!Inglc:u


p"""", ""'" .........

ings ofup to dghl per emt

percmt on the SOImt' routt'S. 8ot'lngsakl it has ukm more thom 1,000 ortko: and pnM-

sIorW commftmmts 10 buy the plane from 16 ~ AIrbus has takm l,l89 firm orders and 266 provisional on:Jer-s for Its com peting I\C!O at the end or Mardith is~1: Wlnglt'tS I\a\It' ~ stilindard on tJl~ 717. PIo~ by ~Mdt conducttd by NASA, tht')' ht'lp to Improve fuel bum by reductng drag and


OIlt toward Its tip.

0rlc:I": Yur • ..ui 1",~



--,.. ~- .-

~padty:.lOmlI16 IOI'II'H)



mrnpr_ for

pOIItOir1& 0IIt cement


hl6 11m,," apiKJI:Y

wtth 1'1.Vt! ~"I

THE GUARDIAN, 17 MAY, 2012  

Fertilizer producers canvass policy to encourage local production

THE GUARDIAN, 17 MAY, 2012  

Fertilizer producers canvass policy to encourage local production