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1\griculture now part of Nigeria's national security strategy' roUt Council on Atrial «(CA) With support from the 'M:xid Bank lri wuhlngton oc. Admna. In his ~~ m.





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Ahuja varsity's ASUU dMded over suspension


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Governor, others urge more funding for education FrDlll leo Sobe!:N, AbakaIiId

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rqubte unMnity ~mlukJn. 1M D1~orof BH:ourtney UrnIted noted thOil slid poor tdu alkJn is wone lh.Il ~ it must be well funded, .cJd~ IhOit tduatlon mtWRS the pedestal for OOdOpi.KIIl. He adYoated thOIt 10 per emt of S"lIncs to unMnity should go 10 ~ schobnhlp kwin .icMme.. pointing out th.Il for


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IUllII ~I effOfU In the unMni~ Babalaldn, who

w.u commended for dofwllng OIn so-bed hostel 10 the Un/YersilY 01 11orin, OInother IO-bed hOstel In lbogun.Ogun SUite, 01 soo-seuu ,uidltorium to Mo5hood Ab60Y PolyIechnic. MId .In dlbor.llle schoLlnhlp sche~ for 0Yft" 200 studenu In NlgeN met 40 studmu abn»d. pledged to sli down with lhe ClWIceIIor .lind ProOYIKel1or to idrnt:lfy a projKt lhal Mil contribute to the development of the unlYmtty. 1he rwu-dOIy evenl, whkh bepo on Fri<Liy. ended on SOIrur· (by Mth the~rd of hononry degrees 10 thrft distlngutshcd NIgeti.lns.ProlChlnw Adlebe, Dr. B.ab.llUln. md Pro{. MoIIbmood Y.tItubu. the Ex«utlve

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" ant suspension of SOmf OIademl( r,rogr.mulles .. lMUniven tyolAbuloll{UN ABUIA) hUColused a dtvlslo In the school's (hollpter oftht. AcademlcStdJUnlon ofUntvenlties (ASUU). The (nd In MUll's nnk cOime oil the ~kend OIhud of todolv's molliden Sitting of the tas' teOirn nlsed by the FffIe .... 1 ~mment last wn:k to begin the Ralch for perm.1lnent 5OIulioM to the a!X«dltollllon crisis In the In· stitution. While the mOilnst~am ASUU chapter .lifter a mH:1Ing pOIsSfll a vote of no confidence on the leolldershlp of the IMtJtudon for ltsalieged Ineplltude, a splinter group promptly emerged to counter the reolutlon and disowned the union's leOidershlp. Both resolutions we~ arrived .It .lifter sepOlr.n~ con· gresses wid 10 hollvt! been held last fridOlY. The two fo1Cdons cLt.lmed they held their mffiln~ al the Indoor Theolltre of the unlvenlty while the ~Iutlons of Ihe local chapter W;1I.'I signed by lu (hollirmolln, Ot-. Clement Chup, with one Dr. Shlnu Allm~ ;11$ the secretaf)', bUI the nollmeof Or W.D.NoIImfoll· dOl 15 on the officlolll letterh('oIId as the sccreury:. The Chup-led ASUU con gress observed Ihat the ac· credltatlon problems could ~ve bHn re"SOtvni bul for Ihe vice chancellor's illleged Luk of commitment 10 the ~Iopment of those pr& gnmmes.. "Congreu nuted tOO tholll the Yes non<hal· I.1nl "'"i1ude holls broughl decay to 01111 other pr~ gnmmes of Ihe universIty.· It also coodemned the VIce Chancellor, Prol JI es SUn· dilY Adel.1bu's oIIl1eg~ uHer.Inc" In the press IndiCting ASUU or corruption and the Governing Council over Its (OIi1uretomffi ~t when It W;1I.'I eJlpec:ted 10 d~ lIbr.nte on the r~pon or the committee that lnvt!stlgOlted the SI nisslon of ASUU on the dec.ay In Ihe school. The resolUlronsof the splintergroup, which ulled liself the Integrity Group, was signed by one Dr. Y.u IniTtilgun and Dr Peler MOildokl oIIJ meSt'cJfl.oIIJ)l.Thegroupsupponed the Vice Ch~nallor. The group In oil SloIIlement• .lifter Irs Jnffllng In the mOiln umpus of the institution Jut Frldoll~ SoIIkt 0111 • time where the lnuge of the unlW'rsltywas under thr~ill , the ~a50nollbl~ thing to do Woll.!l to work wftb the VC as 01 meollnsof resolving 0111 Issues affecting thl' Insthutlon nther tlun UKerboitl' the situation as being done by someoffidJIls.


1\griculture now part of Nigeria's national security strategy'