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FIIRO Promotes Nutrition, Lists Benefits Of Carotenoid-containing Foods IN his p;!pe1. Prof. TomUns de5uilxd lcarntenolds;lS tetnm:rpeooid IXpnic pigmc-nts (of 40 carbon atoms) whidi Is fat ·soluble.

amongotMn. IthaSOYnd.e al"$~addnsstngvalUNddtd He~thalth~areoom-600ltllown Ilffiisof'thr: tryill dtwhdptd~ucepost- GU"Oteloids, which Mt split Into twocLuses, harYe5t kisses all)' I rmI on indig~ Xilnthophylls (which conwn ~ Iller Win ) crops.ltuit oil Ia1brtJu£h IIS-reseMCh and carotenes (whkh are PUrelY hydn;GilrOOns. ,lOd 0 aCI lies. \esser1cnown CTOp$ ;lndcontaln noOJ;ygm~ h.Jve ber:ocrit I!f ~ 'wn llnd has ~lopeU He noted thatltsrolotirllarVs from paleye1low qulteilln ucuilndtedmolog1es, through bright Or;1I1~ to deep rtd, Which IY-tumanyolwhlch we ~tnnsfundlomtrtprr- railyOCcurn.i(t In theOUoropWtsmd chromonnus, Iii "ermtrur.llmmmunlDes. plaStsof pl.intsmd some other-~thalc noou t . ~ngCOllduaed ocpnlsms(~~~.5OITIe, md some ap led mea uiouslOod products from I 1geoous and ~Ics f~~ -cMotenoids sm'Ie two key roles in pI;Ints • 5O)'Un. itls ~ngthe rtttnt mild Incruse dfidency of photosynthesis by 8'lrher. toWardstbr ntolheJlthbxborliU1C' '5~ofllghtnotre.1dllymsommby tlonalroods. n panohcbJJydlttllnd ch hyll;loo protect from pbotOdamagr:



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~rormaxImummbil- hesilli lqxk: Is cur- The scholaT explained tNl arotenokls.KU as . and drinks conuiniog antiaxic:l.lintsand needed no Ught to be pm-

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d.-odd!"" "'" "" pI,,",,"~'" e:wnl*s.1_

arotme, mel beta-oyptoxanthln) ~ vitamin A

;ICtivIty(comomed to retinol~CArntenoidsGn

;1150 KI as ;lntiaDl:l.i!nlf and in the ~ ct'ft3ln othtrCou'Otenolds (Iutl'in and Zeaunlhin) act dlrecclv to ;lbsorb dam;lgtng nur-ultfr v;ole{ fight., 1(> arM to protect the I1'IXtlb luteil, as arotenotds an' COfM'I'ted to Vitamin Adurtng


-cm.enoit1s annot be Tnilde by species In the

mImaI kingdom.

AnlmiIlsobUin CMOtmOkls from thdrplantbued dteu, ;100 rI\;I)' employ them In v.uious WiI)'5 in meGIbolism,· he stated ~ smssed thai vitamin Adefkkncy black or vitamin A In hUINns, which Its Ont slgn Is nighl 1X1ndness. i\dding tNt xerophtlWJni;! mel compIrte bllndncsscan ;llsoocrur.~tdy 250,000 IOSOO,OOO INlnoortshed chiWirm fn the deYf'lo{)lng world. according to him. go blind each your I'rom ;I tkOc\f>ncy of vftamin A. half of which die within a yw- ofbKomlng blind. "'Yiwnin Addideiw;:y also dlmlnlsfies the ;lbllIty to fight Infections.. Vitamin A deficImcy Is estiINt-

presenlln Hving His of edto;lff~;I~lelyonethlrdofchlklren carntenolds Include anxene, lyriJpene, which Is Ul1du the ;tgf' of five ;lround the world ;lnd It Is mt (like In IDmOItlXS~ and lWItbophyl~ which Is estimated to IMs of 670,000 chiktren under five;lnnually. 1NhiIt: Spe;lltingon CilfOlCnOids In hWNn nutri- Solutions to vitamin A delickncy Is food fon.ifka. don, Tomllns apQfned that four arotenolds don. diel:ilrydMlslfladon and the supplemenl'il(belOKilrotme, alph;i-arotene. gamINlion olvll3minA. as;lnom form.



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noo<omm diet..

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Presl<kncymd ~Iruremel Dr. AIdnwunml olpubUc mfghlbeOYtt. Mr. Emffiilnuel Communb ............... 1'r()pCOm.;I(! gJiIImmefu lirst began to vatesector has ()zorrnen;I Ai

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of hese Wi on'J50pe-ant t ~ tiona! arid the PrOpCom ~tiYe points thai the country has a low tractOrpe'lftJ'iIDOOpeorhecurecomp;!red with K:eny;a. which hillSili highefuxtorpenm-ationperhKtariHe ;l(jdedthatNlgmaiW;lshortWlol 6O,OOOtRClOrSpcI"yur. . 1tKtor ie.ue flnmce I\;Id hitheno ~ ill boost from the Cen~ B.lnkofNlsrrLa(CBN)throughthe AmirulturilCsediI CUM;Inke th



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",..E Intem;ltloo;ll Crops . ~;lTch Instltllte for the: semh\rid ~ICS (1CRISAl) has dm\;Inded for;ln illHndustw: ~tnr as a k.ry to wInnIng e fig I ;lgalnn. pow:~ httngf'lmd mililutnlion In the dry;lnd tropics of ~le worid. With the theme A r~ 10 ~lnthedJy tropn cs, the progr.iImlM wlth;l science symt=um attendedby;lboutlOO ml!'l11ationaJ ;l8riculture opens. pm. ners ill00 scientists. iIInd ;I loyall)' Dily pTOgfil~~,~ honorsGiffforthelr~"" SCS'VI<:elot.bclnstitute. I'll. the 40tn ann~1)' progr:;u1lJM of the 1nsd1UU: in Its huncheru ampus, Prof. SWM1\to;IWn highllghud the nel!>d for Incluslftness to empawec-tbe f;mnlng poor. By giving nn~lholder f~ ;ICCl'$S to teehnologies: md connecting them 10 mariIzU. tbf'y will hiM optIOns for;l more profItabkaOd reslUent~ tuTe towml s ach,",", kIod, nutJidonandl!'CUlOfTlicRCW1-

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world - lht poor In the dry Im~ct Will due, In n~ boo tropks. snWI p;!n to the Institute

He said, -among the dw- s striItexic public. privatr: If:nges he posetI to the.and socirly pmnm Insdtutun:aupbkHortf6- ~ cation to combill the 'hkl- In his ;lnnual repott. its den hunger' or malnutrition DirMor Gmeral WUUam due to micronut:rtent de6- Dilr wid th;It ICIUSo\rs 40dendes p~lllng In lhe ~rJourmywas·lNrtrd developing worrd; ;100 by the explorilltlon of ;lppropt"\;lte ~nl:udon opporrunlliesforlnclustYe 10 help resoura poorunn- ;ma sust;ll~bie deYf'1open pm:tcuIvty WIJITIm. In mmt to fuW1y surmount the KUnQffilc vb- thl!' twin chaUenges of bllllY Sffi;lll.(illnn operill- Jdob;IIhungttmdJlOY!RY lions. fnthedl)'LindrropkS. He.also r.a.Ised the Impor- During the ;lnnual <by Ginl role ol sdmce commu- prognm. ICRlSATs presunla.tIon to inform. educatr: )[tous Doreen Margaret mdmobllistthepubllcon MashlerAwmJwasaWolrdthe Impon:ance ofSuch 1i!'Ch- ed to Or. 01 Gowd;l. nolotdes as ;lJtri-biotechnoJ. Research hnnership ogyln the lIghl ;lplnst AWiJrds~alsostvmm pow'Ity;mdh~.mchhe R'IIftI krv I'WIS ~ (tedOOn ffiilUn: to come up ~ the IndWi CouncIl wlth:ro~ ~ of Agricultunl Resurch Or Poole ICRISAT (JCAR.~OtherrmlgJlltiont Baud ~hJshUihtedthe such iU the Resource Institute's sck:nce-bued MobI1~ A\WJ'lf, ICRISAT ;lnd sustaliuble InOOY;I- Scknce AWMd ;100 t}t lions whkh h;lVe greuly OUtstilndlng hnnushlp SWilmln;lth;ln;ll rec:ognlse:i ImpnMd ruralllvt1i'hoods. AWiJrd-'-l!'iIIl5oglYmdurKJUS.ltTs four decacIe:s OJ com- cont:ributing 10 the (cIAR's toe the occaston.






FIIRO promotes nutrition, lists benefits of carotenoid-containing foods