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Senate Launches War AgaInst Ambitious School Oilldren ""TlGERlA'S XfUtt mI) soon pus ~ cont.r:noow bill, whICh would 1 ~ nukr it iIIeg;ll forschoolduldm) from poor homes to.uplrtto tit govemors.~lOrs ngurd ~l the ooaafbill his b«omt nK~

blkMingMl Engltsh composition ~Tlttm by. ... pupU in DiobU CommunltyGr.uJlJmr SchooLPelt tl.lrcoun. Ulkd "Why ' ......m to ~. governor in future.· Sm.Ilt Preskimt. o.n1d MMk. sU:t JustIS he dwnptoned the InO'o'mlmt ~ Idtphones for the poor In tht put, the SeNtt under his lc.Jd~llup ¥IOUld Iud the ~.. r .pnst mlbfooru by wpoorinthe~L8dOwIs.nucrrpto(thts:nwtlad's:compDS1-

Uon. whKhGluSrd the 5erute's furore.

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who punched someone bea.uw of oid~ry ~. L In mytinv.l would

sbp De')1.mdAg.uha.. ....'OOMf' always fonnlng Iller 'CM:"f sabr scholars in daSs.AsgOY'tfllOt; I woukl OogiUld whip UkrGo\!. \\'anuni.morSokoto,

who v.iUpPa1 arum suff (orWithholdinguw.t in hl.!i village. I will noc mention-the Rm'IIe of the persoM IWolnt to ....nlp the DlOSIm this let's IUSUo1yl ""in lq)OIy~ tfw::Rwhippmg rnt tocb}l ollntrod to~. judge In furure.1 will nomhultoo W<eGo< ">"",,or_... Ho",fuII)I th<fII """" ""10"",,,>1 Coon ....ilik she s mll first bdy.nd taw su~ Coun jUSl11kr the Yo1f~ 01 myex~~e-oaru.BytM~orwgodorOdill.lmhthl_88-

pemmy] immunJtYfrom arrest or pmsecudon when I ~ofDce JUSt Iikr'hrdid. • I will b.ln JM.Iblic buses~ Iikt Go\l Fuhola of Lagos banned ob«k fm ~ how mummy laps my two brothers, thn:C ol us~t oncr i publk: buseS. ~wouJd lust be- sor· Ing ~t us m thr bus lIke Ouistmas..goat. For t.h.1t Rason. buses must go.. Don't ~ny; lwiU buy prt'o'.;llt~ ia lin (".ow. AIlY~ of RiYers. Accident Is noc: my portion beQuse I will no!: ~ Dying mysd(

Top 5 N(u)ews From LastWeelc YJERFS-~ Iistohhe: fiyr most

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Imporwlt n(u)rws Itml!i nponed In

• Former ~ ~I, Bola TInubu, was seen shopping for ~ n~ tuxedo to be worn during Presidmt ObmJ,a's INlU~UOn b.lIL He SWOR lhn hr-wouid be- ~ntndlng the ~ as ~ sp«Y! gurst of the US president. f.act chedtus md nar det«tOrS ~ preently trying to confinn Ifnnubu Is telllng the truth thls time, consldnfug that he llc!d about bdng lm1trd.sp«:YJJy b-ObmY's Dmlocntk: Panycot1'Ye-ltion two months~o.

How llara1D Fuels Food Price Hike In Lagos By Pall ~

In the ,""uugrs of the perishable was on her shopping liSL "'ThIngs Me hard: It Is hell to fl"I(JIyt around In 140$ beGuse of the cost of mnspon and nowltlssarygoiqgtothemarlcrt:she told ~GuaroWL-

• ABokofUnm ~NlI offia 15 to be-~ In the Nlgman Sr!n.;ue. goods. TheR fs scnmble for the few So far.onesmalOrlsln counCM:ral l~uoruofbe-ing~ sponsorofthe w = .mer 5tYeR Rood r.n-;tgtd onrs ~V4ll1able for Sil.1~, which will nat· ~a~oftheSKtwasafT'l5tedlntbebomeofanotht'l"RNIlOr. some states In tht' country, urally lead to Increa.srd price: the whJJean eI-KrYtoriS beinRiK'CUStd bymotberseNiIOC" as bdn&~ fh. prices of 5uple food Items. In- dealer-saki. mcXrolthe J IJghd1tOlthis. ...........T'tDVBokofUramtS~-n.-."'h. duding rKe. beans.)~ pm and Yellow gMT1. which Is common with S«t. n .~..-~~~ ~ _~, tomat.-.-£R ....... COI'lSidmngopmlngitsAbuja~ofln~ltheassemblycontpJa: ~ ....6" nnln~tosoa.rh~ Former Minister Fenu Fani-KayoOe. wbo last week Ymlt 1010 .. vt'J}' of, The hlkt In the price 0 food, whl befmsivrand bibalIsticnnt in Whkh he ailed ex-lnSlde:nt Yar'Mua a g.m early In tht' ~ar as fallout of the "buwd,'" has denkd that he was ruporuible.l-Ie SolId !tis brain was furl subSidy R:mOYill In Janual)\. wu ~bvunknov.nbacRrswithethnicbugsandsoheannotbehdd worsened bv the rKent hood. Which

rtSpOnsil>le forhisilCUOOS.Most Ni~oJgI'"ttdwlth lumthat hew;u ne:ndertd thousolnds of Nigel1.lns not =Ibk:.wymg thryhadinown fora Iongtirnr whau n fIR- homrlrss and destroyt'd many fa~

I.. -as. nsl man 1","\\ . fonnef"mernberoltheHousr:of~tatr.'l5,DinoMdayr.tJuNl· med to announce his mum to bca:fu2 byd&llng \Io1tb Finance MmiSt~, NgozI Okonf<Hwea1.i. H~ sakf altfioUgh his fight putner,l'ormer ~ ............ "~''''I \\1 na san~. not lost his sldlh. Md.Jye. \\no accused OItonJo-lweala of corruption. aid she bad no r1Idu tO~ lum of c:cn ru~ In rttum.






S\lJ"W')'of major markets in '_:r:-random -o~ . .~ I~ In the A

.... ~... n.~

rs of ~daJ itmlS in the _ _ ~_ _ _ last ute to the inability to tnnspon goods 10 tho ._.tIt In the ahmnath of dev.uP



• A victory cockttlI was hdd at the ~ of the MinisUy of f'etro. tadng Hood that had d~ many leum tocr;le:bl'.;llte the con~ whkh traded the submiSsion of the ~ and bridges. ~bytheNuhURll»dU-ledCOmmin.eet.hat~tht'pmoJeum According to a staple food d~al~r at

RCtOLPiesadenttalsoobsrnim.OoymOlaJpe.\\ ~thr toast~{tht: Ob~~=~rk~~f~.n: NtnI. tbmIa!d God lhat thewhc»e scnpt went as pWmedOkupe hailed.. ~ ....... ~

Steve Oronsol~. the vier dWrman of the rommittre, who oPenlY dis- perienud Is tracuble to the flood that ..sueed Yo1th 1Ut»du. sa)11l8 that Oro~ was up t.heRWlth the li&s of threatened the exJstena of most stiltes ~ .. nd ~w as ooe of the best iICtOrS this nolUon has to offtt ilCTOSS Nigeria. -Many of the farmt'I'S have bH:n unfcIIIw APIneL on hIInIr ~" r ,** .. ble to tnllSpC?n goods down to ugos, _ ...._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _...........;.~ nd ;.;bta;.;;~""::.;or~tht'deLlly It hu !'Hulted

people from thr Niger Dclu region and sold for N6,SOO a bag. today goes for N9,Ooo. Conve.rsd): the wbite gam. otherwise known u /jmu pm, PreviousIvsok! forN>.500a b.lgcosu at tM marht. A b.lg of ~ans. which ordinarily goes for bnwttn N6.soo to for brtwren;md N14.000. The only stap~ food thaI Is rnar'Jtlnally Immun~ fO the h lkt is nce.Deause it Is m ostly Imponed Into Ih~ counU)t "'The chei1p o ne Is the AJ;tric rice, which IS N7,SOO a bag. but is not good enough. ~ brands of rk:e nill maintlin iI price I'.;IIngeof N8,Ooo but the most prderred" and ~tter bmtd of rice Is the Mama Gold and Royi,I Umbrella, which IS sold for HlO.oOo: Obi wid. Mrs. Doras Ogunleye, who was ilt the m.ukrt, \\'.;IIS ~ide herself with angUiSh, as the money sh~ brought with hercouk! not afford half ofwhilt


~~YM'cometo th~ markrt. th~

prn::e o f goods changrs. yr1 my SiIlary not Inoused fn tfle last snen yurs. Th~ tsSt'JKe of coming a long wily to this marktt to buy In bulk has bftn dd~ated.1 holw to mum home i1J1d get most of 1M things In my neighbouibood In bus..~


RMAN of tdora MMkrt 1tac:krs

lion, Mr. Sam OgundlnlD,

saidfu~hnrdtyandlocrraselntheln­ surg~ncy In

the nonh. paniculilrty fR. quent bOmbings by the dreaded srct. &ko H.trilln. has rtduced tndlng ole· tMnes Ixtwem 1M nonh i1J1d south.

According to him. mdrrs usually go to nonh to buy goods ilt very ch~ilP rates and trilnspon ( 0 ugos, '"t)m since th~ mcessant bOmbmgs in the 1lOnh. panxuLllrty Milldugurl, it hu become a risk most of our membe-n art! not willing to underule.So, f~ of the per· ishablt' ~ that come hom ~ aR usualJym high demand:

BAYB..SA: Pepperoni Foods Dole Out N25m Relief Materials To Flood Victims AYS after ex-agiators. touched by the d· Yoftk when Pqlperonl Foods Umi1ed. a house- bust Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)~· fKU o f the raSIng flood in tht' Niger hold name quick service rm..uram il nd con- uVldes. Del~ msrd NS2.7 million among them- fectionery compiny In the Niger Dr.1~ lrOnk:al1y. one of the contpi!.nys l)N'outleu in sdve to.usist dlsplacrd victims In Rivers, flood ddJvemt rdid matrriaIs worth N2.S millkm to Yen.1goa. Ba~ State capital. was sitting on VICtims in Bayrlsa State gOt IU$Ons to cbrt-r last the dJsplilad JIftSOIl$, as pan of the firm's ro- floocf\lo'.;llt~r, which ~d rcndcrtd thotW:nds hom~lrsswhftllt gaW' OUI the itmu.. HOWtYtr. Oud ~ OffIC~r and founder of Pepper. ool Mr. ErIc Ido!itun. saKi tbr finn Vt'Ouid not be drltmd by\an- of the nauona.l tragedy beawe "humamunan stMa-1s the most mtic.iIJ peg of his bUSiness orirnauon: Items donattd mdude b.lgs of nce. be-ans. gam)~ cartons of \Io'.;llter, Dnned tomatoes, SQ.)p$. dlsmiectil.nts. beverages and bRadOthen w\"R mosquitO nt'U, tOilet rio. malon.sts, blankets and pUlows. Idogun..1 gradWtt' of th~ Umverslly of Pon Harcourt, .wid tht' gestuR' ..... as cnended to 8ol~1S.t beGuse ~~t ,""as wheR' Pt-pP!'rom sta.nrd Its busmess some)Un ilgo. Bnldn, II mil plays a Icq' rule In the &r!J"''thof the bustnHS In lennsof tht-voIulllf' of proht. WeaR'on ground In thestateand relt tbrpalruoftbrprople. We could not h;.1It' ~t r.:hd rtlateria.l5lo the Uniled States thaI IS affected by Humcant' .smd'J. He wd the company took up the InIUauve t'Yefllhough It \,~.. as affected by the flood becaweCSRlS cnual to itsoperaUOns. ~olR in business tomak~ profit. Thilt IS what most pro-


pie think. but our pnnapal gulddme is that we ar~ in business for tb~ good of th~ ~ We want to mal.:t profn. but ~ also .....~nt to ffiolkt the unmed.iatr communities feel good about our~na. Wtdon't ¥oWlt totakt milllOnsof NaIra .1Wi1y whUe they wreck aw~ In pam$.:

the ilmn. B.lyrba mol Manolgt't


ge'stuR' was to help rMucr th~ plight of displactd perwns R'Sldlnf In amJH. He said iI was parucularJy pi-mfu for tht' managelllf'nI ilnd Staff of the.- com PIn)' to 5t't the oomrs and businesses of RSkkri15 of a stair the', rt'giIrd as 'home' be-mg riI\"a~ b)' flood.. RK~t\1nlt the J:.1fU. Stcm"~'IO the Stale Govt'rnment, Prof. Edmund AJlnon Oguru rommended the finn lorru prompc ~ tothe plight of Oood VlCUms.. H~ said the items vooold goa long ..... ill tocwJuon tht-effect of 1M$ttr and alltd on Other corporiltt' OtgilnlSolUOIU wuhm and oUI~lde the stilte to ~muLuC' PeppmmJ.

In 20lL Lrgatum Group honourM the company ....1thA1ilc.ilnAIt~rd/orEn1TtP,~rsJllp The org;;anist:I'S of the aWilJ"d hcld In N"-UWI, Ken),a, speaaUy ilckno....ledged ~ronl for Its strong CSR prognmtM, whKh -they said Afncan communitks ~ todfKtMI)'tadd~ poveny on the conUMnt.


How flood, boko haram fuels food price hike in Lagos