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DiEGlIARDIAN,Thwsda)t~mber 8.2012

Insight emerges best creative agency

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tNSIGIIT Communic;Hjon~ !has conOI1Uf'd its dominarn astht IOmnosI crt'iI~ilgmcy

in NigNia by clinching 25

aw,mfs ilt Ih~ L1gos Advmismg Ideas Festival (lAJF) lOll




during thl'

Organisni by t\dl.oTnising 1\gl"1lCif!s Assod.ltion 0( Nigeria {AMN}. lAIF is Ni~'s most prestigious aw.uds fOl'" CTUlWJ. [}' by marketing. ad\ll!!nlslng

And brands communlauom a~ndes in Nige'ri~ A ~akdown of the' .. wart! shows that 10518111 ",'On fOUf ~old. 10 sliver, II bronzl' fol I~ by Ras.lIX'1 ~nisillg

wilh tJm.r gold, one, bron7.e. Crntmprt'.ld !\d\TI'ti5Ing won

two gold. one silvn- ;mil onl'

bronze to clinch the' third spot on lhemalivelabkfor lOll. The' lAgos-based CfriltlvC' ilgC'llCY came lOp at this )'I!'ilr'S LAlfbycIl'illmg thrmost innowlli~ ;J(h,Trtlslng for Il.'!i clients

which Include' Nigerian U~'Cflts ric (Hdnrken. Guider, ltgrnd). f'loJKICo/Stvt'n.Up Bottling Comp.any (repsi). c.tdbury (Soumvlla) MfN (Youth segmenl) and rIour Mills (Golden


two 'hftb dgo. Insighl cline thE- 'Cre'I(M Ag~nc:y of Ih~ Yeilr' aw;ud at th~

Viu-PrHidftnl, FIII.nee Houses .usoei.riorI 01 HIC!riL P_1rick ln11M1S1 (leh): GuIlSI Spuk.. Pllridllyamabo; Presldenl, Sam; Deputy DirKIOf. Cerm.. a..k of IiIlfIN.. MA Adepjle; Trenw., Url_ ChIl'tUlll Onyanze: and ullCUtl'te SM:rtll.,y, Benn t+wokike, ,1 !he ~rly lenenl meeTIIII o' lhe USl)Clllrion, in l...aps, 1151 week




2012 AWinos; ;md In Augusl, thl' agl'ncy won thl' 'TelKom Milrk~ling of the 'Wo.u' on t~ strength 01 its work 011 the M1N Youth Xogment busin~ at the eighth edition of the Ni~l'rt.1n Tl'IKOm Awards ~d III Lagos.. Commenting 011 the I.AIF awards. liml Awosl~. Managing I)lrrctor of [nsl~\I §.l1d;-Frllmdayo~.ln~lghl }\as b«n d comjlilny that frt'l'S the mind and frt'l'S Cfl'iltMl)[ lhls hils always bt-en d ~rt of US; dl<ft is.lhC'cOOttplOf faml'and fonuoe is extricable IIkt'd to all that we do. Thl' mou !lllCCessful brands dlU'ilCllalkabllit}\ fadll laled by dbtincti~ prodllct perform,;mCl' and communia· ions that I!!i grollndl'd In JnkJ,ul'coll5umn insighU.kmorCrcalM'GroopHe~ ilt InSight, Gbl'nga Hoglo. saId: "\w ha\~ a philosophy that drn~ through our inlenl<fl systems ;md p~ -lop quailCTe.1tlYe solutions.-

Jonathan pledges to overcome poverty by revolutionary agriculture flOlll John Akubo, Out" ~IDENT

Goodluck C Jonillh,1n ha!l reilffirmw hh cornmitml'nt to turn dround agriculture to creille wealth and ~rcomr povt'f' t


nil' President. who spoke on hi!l second day In Ilgawa Slalr dunng a courtt'!!i}' call on thl' Emir of DulSl', said lhal a~rkulturl' would \)(' strategically ffiiKle lhl' back· bone of lhl' economy. "r"Or us 10 get it righl~hilve 10 nklkl' RHl' that power is mbiliRd. We art' working 10 stabili!!il' po'oV'f'r In the coun· try that will encourage ~mall and medium l'nterpri">l'S bUI agllC\llmre i!!i our m.lin focus be<:ause lor U5 10 creatl'

wealth acTOSS Ihl' lel1jitth and breadlh of this country, ~ musl rcvo[Ulionlse agri[ul. ture ilnd lhat I!!i .In ilrea we dfl' working hard on. I beJirw before we leilve officl' thl'eITert would beveryclear to mO!l1 Nigl'rlan ~ lhl' President polmed out Ihal hl' had been siudying the success storyorthl' As\.an Tlger5 cspKlally on how long It took them to Q\I'('f~ [orne poverty adding that II would not tilke Nlgerla iI life-time 10 achieve lu own suc· cess. Ill' said tlldlll only required the commllml'ni of lho!!il' ill thl' helrru of alTail"5 to bring ilbout Ihl' posilive changes. cil.mge the country, Ihme of us IhOlI art' priVl·


It;'8ed to be elected to offices If we aft' Totally comminl'd with thl' political will to make things happt'n there will be significant [h.-mgl'S for over a pl'riod of Il'n ~ars inourcountl')( -Wt' will work very h.ud so that thf'<l' things happl'n In thl!l country for you peopk thai vocl'd for us nOlIO have any reason to regret so thAI wnl'n ~l(( we COfll(' to ent c.andlcbles you wil !!iiIy yn thl5C' ll'ddeT!!i dehvered. so we will hol~ to support their [andkJiltes.lie l'xpressed gralitlldl' 10 the l'mlr for his bll'sslng~ during Ihe camp<llgn that hilS given him Victory. Ill' rcitl'ratt'd his adminis· Iriliion's total commitment


Bi-Courtney assures Med-View Airli nes of smooth operations at MMA2 BKounnl')' Avtation Servlcl'S Umltt'd (BASl). opt'raton; of the MunalA Muhamml'd A[rpon Terminal Two (MtoW). yt!Slerday congratu· lated and assum.l the m . m'rnlent of Me<J.~ Airlinl' o smooth opl'ralions, as II 'ns s[herluled domestic m t!!i from MMN loda}t L said Ihl' airli~ Is }oin· ing olhl'r5, who havt" bl't'll enjoying lu uhrd·modem facihties In the last fi~ ~ars. 0100 assured the InanAgemelll of Ml'd·Vlew of ILS support to


('[I5Ufe hltch·frt'l' 01Jl'ratlollS from MMAl, ildd ns: Iholt such facllltit'S would be l'Xlended 10ItieAirllnl'. A st;m~ml'1II issut'(1 yt'!!ileT' dAY by BASL spokl'!lman, Steve OmolalMjulo, quoted the ChIl'C ExI!CllII~ Officer (CEO) nl the organl!!iatloll,Mr. Chrislophl' ~nnlnck. 015 sayIng Ihat tht' [omp;my f('('1s dated lilat Med·Vlt'Wdeoded to o]1f'rate from MMAl, -which further [onnnnl'd the conduoVl' natun.' of till' tl'rmlnal 10 airline Opl'fiI'

tlom-. The statement added tlldt "BASl has put C"IIt'rythll1g 111 plolcl' to en!lure thai MwVit'W Airltnl' sustains Its opnatlons at Ihe ultra-modern MMAl the way w~ have always done andlklve [OrlUn. ued 10 do for other airllnl'!!i thAt ar~ u!llng our facility, which is thl' best .lirpon termlnalln thl' [ountf)' Whill' wishing Med·Vlew Aldinl' .wfl' operations, ~nmnck wa.s 01150 qlJOled ;15 assuring 111l' new airline that

HASl would collaboriltl' with ILS management to restort' p<lssenger'l' confidence In the countf}'-S aviouIon illdustl')( Me<J.~says [I will opl'rale schedult'd mghts lrom Mk1i\2 10 Abuja., Port lIarroun dnd othl'f pam of the COUnLl')( The airline. whidl hAd hith· rno been lI1Volved 111 Hill! opl'fiItions, loi~ other air· Iine5, ~uch as Aero Contr.tCtol"5, IRS, IJ.lna, Arsl Nation. Challchilngi and Auoclilled illrHnes to olll'rale fromMMAl.

~o 111

making J>O."iill~ chilnge<; tl.e country. Ht' commended the jitoY('r nor 101 lhl' SIl'ildy progress dl"Vl'lopment WI'IC Ille 'tall' had v.illlt'!!iSed in Ihl' LISI flY('

Y'''' Jonathan pointl'd OUI Ih.-n thl' stiltistlcs thai ilCcorded L1gos 52 pl'r cell( share of economic a(livi!il's might no longer hold beca~ Ihl' rype of deveioplIll'nl in JlgaV.'i1 "' haY(' \et'n 118iI....iI ~Inct' 2OOS, 2007,1 was hl're in 2011 and I am here loday and r hon"!' Sel'n tholt the nille Is moving. the statl' has a greOl' proml!!il'. Yeslerday I recalll'li what Profe~sor ChiITll'~ Soludo U!led to tell U5 wht'n hl' Wil~ Ihe gOVt'mor of eRN ')2 to 51 per celli of I ill' l'Conomy 1('\'OIW'S around L1gos.l belil.'Ve If tho~ stalls;. !icsarl' m~ilsured today with wildt' hAve ~n In DuUl' the Ogure must hitVI' chilngl'll: Continuing hl' ffiC'itnl Ih'lI things werl' hilppening In other p.1m of (}il' country and a number of .Pf'Oplt' Wt'~ going to olher placl'S to mYl"St aoothat Wil.'l the only WilY we would dis~u~dl' f'\."erytxxly from convt'r~ing [n LagO\_ He said thAt nulS(' Wil5 com· mg up strong A~ A nuclt'UJ lor ~rowth In thl\ part of lhe country ilddlng lha! hl'

would ",nk Wllh the gowl nor and Iht' It:ood Jl("<,pll' fit this ~tale 10 lIIi1ke 5UIt' Ihat Ihe de\-elopment thilt h,ltl been initiatl'd l'IKiul1.'ti The rlllir of 1)UUl', Nuhu Muh,lmll1ad Sanmi S<lid thaI hl' wa, undel no l[Ju\!nJl thai God In hi' wi~dolll and knowledge had a rea\(m for rTldkmg jonallklJl Ihl' pTl'~1 dent 01 the mOSI poJlulou~ black[ountl)'on l'anh He. therefOre_ \(lugh! the suppon of l'very Nigerliln w conlinuc to p....y for hl~ ~II( (e~~ In dischillgm~ the enol mnu\ dt"milnd\ ilnd re~I"0n. sihil;tie, of !lil' officl' In hl\ wOld~ -Allholl,l!;h "III 'tall' remalll' all l(flll 01 peacl', toleldn{l' dlld ~OO{I govt"l1Iancl', wearl' nevenhe 1!""iS aware nf Ihr p.:tlll~ ill1tl 5uf{ering\ of tho~e of lIur brolhen; and \islen in thl' troubled l1eighboullnJ! S I ate \ '"We ,11<111 [ontlllue 10 pray for them ilnd our 1Ii1110n for the immt'dt.1Il' 1e<i()luIIOn nf Ihi~ unending ilnglli~h thill hil.'l not only dl!!it"bilj~ the affected [(Imlllunltjl'~ hut a[so(fl'illed mtlttl.l[ .md msplcion ilmonK VilnO\l~ [omlll\Jniu("';.~

lie CAutioned Ihe seculily agelll\ 10 U\l' wl\dom III combating terrori~m became viul£'lIct' lX'gel' WJ. lence.

Legislators decry govt's e-wallet policy on fertiliser distribution Fun Mun.l, MuhImmed, Kano ~~E oC ~prl'!!il'nliHiW'S I Kommittet' on I\g1iC\llturr hilS faulted tJil' Federal Government ('-Wallet pon~:yon fertiliser dist:ribudon 10 £.iirm l'T!!i ilnd In[rrolS(' on Import duty In riel' import,ali,on l claiming lhallill' effort IaCkr<J efficll'ncy and merit It ~ulred and could only rnakl' little or no meanlngfullmp;Kt on Nigerian Iimnl'rs. Th~ legis1atu~ malntilloed nllJ tlldt Fl'der.d GoVl'mmmt would ratht'r continul' 10 JWY

lip 5t'rviel' to agrlC\lltural development and food 5l'CUfi. ty In t1Je country as cleuly demonstratt'(! In the propoo;c' 201] budgl't allocallon for awirullUrt'. fhe Houseof Repre!!ieIlliltivl'S allegation al!!iocamewhmtht' agriCultur.ll !!iOdl'ty of NIget1a was setklng ;(cc~1t'rat1on In thr passaUof a Bill rorward to Nildonal A5se:mbly for the

"""",100" of tlt< """'" " regulatory body In AgrirurrurtIJey alit'(! ~ criminal ilgrI-

011 !!il:cttw to curb wna(

cultural body parading Itself (odupt membcl"5 or[}Je sode-


A IIlt'tnber of tile committee

1)[; Amlnu MAn' from Tarab-l iIS!!il'nt'd this reaction ill till' opening of 46th Annual Conferencl' of Agrlcuhural 5oc~ of Nigeria. holding In


Dr. Aminu who challenged the Ingenully of ~Iet systern. ilppcared worried thai in a typiColl agrarian !!il'lling wherr75 pl'rct'lItof£.iirmeTS in Ih~ countryWt're illltente and

hardly afforded [l'1I POOl'll'. thl' policywas not ripe for tilt' end U!!il'r5., herJCl' till' old systrm of divnsionoffertillsl'rmlght be difficult to prevtnt_ -DespIte our vest potmtidlln ilgrkuhural ft'!!iourCfi and land for mass production it Is saddl'n to note that Nlgerla agricullural product.ion system is stili gro:ssly IneffrctlYl! due 10 lack o f good policy and goyunment raJlure 10 check (}il' prevaili ng challmgfi In the Sl'CtOT_ Aln.'ady the T1dtural disaslt'f such as lJood. dl'ath.

l'r05ion ,md other environ. ITIerIt:li predicament Is bedeYiIIllK the !!il'Clor ~ SU(CmM ilnd present AuthorllY iIIt' noc. shoWing thl' !!il'rioUSne5S to tackle food produnlon In Ni~ria.. You can!!il'l' whal Win pJt'SI('Ilted Ill'fore the NaUonill Assrmbly i!5 propose budlla onagT1l:ullUn.' for nl'Xl ~ar While calling 0fl8OY"m~t .1 all level 10 demonstrate mort' commiunent on agrk produnlon 10 empower PIth and ~rate l'mploymenl. thl' nou!!il' ml'mbl'r

o:plametl thaI the legisl.lIure wa~ putting up efforts to en:sUTl' jliIso;a~ of the A~ticUl IUrAI regul.uory hody Bill already scall' Ihrough fil"5t redding in the ho~ of rl'Jl~ 5('nlilt~

I'rl'sident of Agriclllltlre 5oc1~ly of Nlgl'rt.1. Prof("iwJr Ayu Abub-dear I.llnentl'd 40 pl'r cem comrihutlon of ag" culture to till' country'~ GOP despite it5 vast potrntial and 1M looming food crisis OCQ. siont'(1 by rt'((,(11 flood in tMcountl')(



Jonathan pledges to overcome poverty by revolutionary agriculture