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Gardening Needed To MeetAfrica's Food Challenge I


mISub-sahara Dwellers Face Food Insecurity and this comes with the chal· I ~ nge of feeding millions of dwellers, largely made up of actively growfng youths. The report wam~ that citlt.S muS[ pay attention to peri· urban agriculture. Rtle~ In advance of the sixth session of the World Urban Forum In Naples, (1·7 SePtf'ml>erl in Italy, It says Arrican po icymakers should act with urgf'ncy to steer the unhea lthy and unsustainable urbanisation to a food-secure

",ch. Mod ibo Traore, the Organisatio n's Assistan t Dir~tor-General fOf Agrfcu lrurf' and Consumer I""ot~on,said, -African policymakers need to act now toS\.ef'r urbanisadon from Its current,

unsustainable path towards Though most of the gardens healthy, 'grtener' cities thal grow fruits and ~eGlDles for ~sure food ilnd nurridon secu- the market, the FAD repon rily. decent work .and income, Indicts poliCY!lubrs for not gi....

and a dt'afl environment fo r all their citizens.• As mo~ rural d~lI ers are being drawn to the cilies In their mlmons with sustenance on l ~s than 51 iI day. emphasis on per1-urban honlculture In homes, schools, community and market:garderu Is urgent.

Ing the needed attention and suppon to this 5ub-sm-Of. It goes further urging 'national g~mmen15 and d[)' adminlsnations to work togtther with growers. processors. suppliers.

vendors ilnd othefl to glVl': mar· ket gardens ilnd urb.ln and penurban agriculture the political. logistlcaT ilnd eduCiluol1<ll surport mecessary for SUS[illnable i:levelopment.' The FAD publiGition recom· mends that pollcymakers Ulne and protect [and and wat~T fOf marl(et g.udenswhileencourag· Ing gro~rs to adopt the organl. satio n's fanning model, Save and Grow. FAD's ~~ dnd Grow seeks to boost yields while conserving and enhancing natural rtSOurces. It im:ludes applyin$ the right amount of appropnare,atemal inputs such as ~. ddes. f~rt1lisers and seeds at the right time. the report ob~M'S that urban agriculture Is becoming unsusta inable in terms of mmmising returns. which has plung~ gar· d~ners to Incr~ased use of pesti· ddes and !luted water.

According to the publication,

"by the end of the CUrTent d~ad~, 14

of th ~ world's)O fas{t.S{ STowing dlit.S w1ll be African. It add"ed that sul'VI!)'S show thaI between 1010 and 1030, the urb.Jn population of sub-Saharan Africa is projected 10 double, from aoout )00 to 600 million.

Briefs Low Interest Rates Wanted On RlJFIN Loans 'TU raise the~onomic wellbeing of women in rooperadvrs,

~ the Vice Chairman, SapoSavings and loans,.Mnlanet K1kekon, has call~ on the managemf'ntof Rural Financial Instirutlon ofNlgerla (RllF1N~ to grant her membf'f5ll)ilnsat low Intf'rest r-at~ Kikekon, according to Neo.vs Agency of Nigeria (NAN) said at a Gender Auditing Seruitisation Workshop In Badagrythar me Il)iIns could be given at about 10 percf'nt Int~l1!st rate.she . . ~aled this would enable tht:m manage their businesses •• and make profiL The RUAN project is sponsored by the International Fund for ~cu lrur-aI ~opment (IFAD) to accelerate economic actlVlties of fanners, mden and aJtisans In order to t!radicate

~~indeOlavodf' of me Obafemi Awolowo University {OIlUl, 1Ie-lfe, ana consultant to RUFIN on Gendf' r Audidng Sensldzatlon on Change,sald that the loan was beingdeJayed due to ~f'ral Govemme nt/CBN regulations. MrOluslna Shobande, Data ManagementOfficer, RUAN, Lagos SGite,said that thf' body was tumingto both internationai and local inve>ton for assistance In ordf' r to sunnount its challenges. Lagos Serondaly Schools TO Engage In Fanning C'ECONDARYschools in Lagos State are to bf' Involved in .>the principles and practlce of fanning as a means of pulling yo ung peaplf' to the profession. Mr.Gbolahan lawai, the Lagos State Comm issio ner for IIgricult\lfe and Cooperatives said m~ state governme nt has launched the Inidative in some secondary SdlOOls, so that youths can I>e educated 011 mf'asu~, procedures and basic prinCiples of fanning. A report by News Agency of Nigeria said the ministry put the programm~ together In order lO groom youths to become successful fannen. . Th~ in itiative would upose studentS to the tcchniquf' in planting vegetable, doing aquaculrurf' and poultry on a small scale. He lamented that the challenges of food IllS«Urity In the country Wf're duf' [0 the dearth of qualified and W1!1I· fOquipped fanners. Thf'commlssionerimplored students to take advantage of the progr.tmme to become self-suffident and ~ono m ica lly independenL

Fish Suppliers Seek Improvement In Supply ,';,~~:tI:1N""';':'s:;;.;Ynll\, Cassava, 11 directly Lu


Soybean, you.

more nllddlemen. Golden Fef'till~er of Flour Mills of Nig. PIc..)

Ings to chan a way forward fOf the Industry. The body said It had bulft stro ng rt'la· tionshlps with regulatory bodies such as NAFDAC, fish to thf' gf'nerality of Nigerians, noting that thert is Customs, and the Sta ndards Organisation of Nigecta to a need to brtdgf' the gap bf'tween demand and supply, f' nsure that fish supplied to in order to enhance food secu· Nigerians is safe forcon· rity. AFlSUN was fonned by the sumptlon. According to a press rt'lan Department of Flsherif'S of made available to The the Federal Ministry of Guardian, the fish suppllen, Agriculturt and Natural while noting that the fndusReSOUTCf'S. The association try rurrently employs one says It has held seve ral meet·

'T1-fEAssoctation of Fish ~ 5"Gp ll ers o f Nigeria (liAS N~ expressed its readl· ness to boost the supply o f

fertill7-c1" (or high crop yield




m illion workf' rs, said m f' mbers are getting involved In aquaCUlture In orde r to givf' strong support to the development and production of fish, In keeping with government dirwl~s with respect to the Industry. As part of its corporatf' sodal responsibility the, t he as.soclation said many of its membf'rs have been ~et· (ing involved in schools feed· Ing programmes, as pan of thelrcontr1butlon to tilt: Villuf chain process.


Urban Gardening Needed To Meet Africa's Food Challenge