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P/Harcourt .&&&~,&&gs to e 'We won't swept under the carpet-NANS President n tbitl interview by Ayo-Lawal Gbenoba, President, aUo 1I A.sociatlon of Nigerian Student. (NANS), Mr • d a Mohammed, reposes confidence in the police to ol v e t lt e riddles surrounding tbe killing of students In uhl aad Port-Harcourt. He YOWS that the union will ot res t until lh . e killers are fouod . WbUe urgiol student. ot t o dlo .. tbcollelves to be used by patltle.anl for elfish LDterests , he sounda warn In! to hoat communities . o a top aU cruel acta .gainst stu ents.


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HAT g JtOUr peDpectfue on tue Ifubl lndcLmt and, was I. really SOO .'ectlon

t ..... kUling? flU • . u trytngtobeprumpU'reabool whl! -nay IIIIYe been responslbk ror the c tn.e ClU'Tied out agaInat our It the Federal Polytedmlc. to stale U,.t thr be condcoaned by e¥a')' tndtvtduaJ Itnd that Ia why



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rc:cently. In Ule Uruve.... lly of Port _ Ilal"OOUn. we hope. wtU not go the way fA the ul1.mlOlved c:rtmes tn NIger1a, Who.I: haoe JIOU (1IIAlf'$ done. or plan to dofor Ih. dead.w.ienr. and, can lID" giDe u. all Iha nGJnef: and tAdr' detaUs? 1.8 you know. the best that NANS can do as a union" to Intensify our camp. lgn at ensuring thllt th e pc:rpeJraton of U~ crime arc brought to Justice al .11 coat . IIlncc th e Incidence happened. ~ have been working with the relevant security agenclell and they kept g1VI"fi: WI ....urance of their dclennlnaUon not to sweep the case under Ule carpeL There h.a not been .ny ome l.' communlc.llo ll by the sec u(lt y IIgencleli and the &C'hoc>I management as regard. the full Idenllty of the slude-nla Involved and. hentt I w111 not be In .ny position to give out a l13t hue . even though we have all connrmed that our students were 1..IlItd The pollee .ald 'hell haue Rot arTftlted anybod. in relat Ion to the Ifubl kUlIng . .. hat happtnJ> if no GrTUts arc macf.!o ftJCnlUaU.,.., Wdl. that Is on the conln.ry . because aa we speak . the police cI.lmed to us thai four arrests Immedlatdy aner Ule InCidence and we arc su re more arresta would have been made In the course of InvelltlgaUons which Is sull ongOing "'hat I. Jlour reacUon to 'he

economy Federal


kUling of four studenu In Porl-



fat.e allegation qf

.tea"ng? What haplKned In Alu comrnunlly of the University or Porl Harcourt 15 one



him .



to .ccord priority to Iht' Issue of

whk:h. truly. shoukl be lhe Ixdrock or any meaningful nallonal


development . Thai 15 why we have

-Dauda Ifohammed, lfAIfS President to go unaddressed As 1 speak with bask' nettaSIliCS oilile In our higher I you . we have deelared Ihe Alu InsUtuUQns . More 0(11. aOO. Is the lack

I community a no go area for I aludents and we shan ensure

our Ihat everyonc Involyed. 110 malle-I" how I connc<:tcd and highly pla~d . will be I made to face: the music. While I don't _nl to lIHume that the ponce will fall I In their duty of punishing these I pcrpc:tratnrs. I wanl to assure you Uwt I NANS Will make this lhe one Ola! wUJ puta atop to UIe-halll5lJmeRt and kJlltng I of our students by lheK hoeille hoet I rommulIlUes IfIgerta}1ut morlt:ed 82. how wouJd

of bursary and scholar hips . which would have asslsled th(' Indl"... nl stude-nLs In having 8(,(,(,5 . to quality education adl1'C8 do IIOU hal1e for ... tu.dc:ntaln NlgerlG? My advk'c for Ntgnian tulknts Is that lit all times . we sho uld not ~ Involved In any form of actJons U181 can Jeopardise the essen ce of o ur .lUde-ntllhlp and ~ must restst .ny .ue-mpt to gel ourselves engaged In conducts that can destablll~ the peaa of Ole society. We must .Iways anploy dialogue 10 lIort out Issues bdore rHOI1Jng 10 UlC barrIc:a<k

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Nl'gen'a's future does not depend on 0 il, but ... --ViC

.dd'.... Ihe Vlce -Ch.ncel l... Profea8Or Olu8Ola Bandele

who WIl.8 ~presentcd by Ule Deputy Vice Chancellor, AcademiC. Professor Toyln Arowolo. said the universIty community was delighted to the partk:lpanla tn tltdr rnkbiL Highpotnt or 1M pn"JgT8.mmc was the prHCntallon of UfeUmc Achievement Award. to Professor FelIX N""eke, a NigerIan from the Michigan St'lte Uruve.rslty. USA and ProCes.or O. W. OUm - Nape. an Ugandan from the Arrlcan Innov.tlon. III.tltule. K.mpal • . Uganda Othe,... were the DlaUngut.ahcd SclenllAt SpcdaI Award presented to Dr Conr.d Bonal. an Amerlc.n fro m the Tu.kegee UruversUy. USA and Or IM .... IJ.n Low, also an Amerlc.n from the Intern.Uonal Potato Centre. Nllirobl.



conUnued to demand for the 26 minimum recommend.Uon of UNESCO for education In our annual budget as a nlUton. What ara th a great .... t challengu of the Nigerian ... (udent In higher Institution and h OUI ca n , h Is b. OHrcomd 1hc cha1krJgc:s arc: numerous. rangtng from lack 0( bask: sodaJ amenltln and tnfnutructu~. to the:

achleYable becauSI!" Nlgerlll has. comparativeadvantage In agriculture ·We Will Increaae: our Irngatlona' facilities 80 we can phillt throughout Ule year to Improve on produCtivity· He . however. ch.rged the I JIOU rata Uta eduCCLtfon IICCtor? parttclpanLs not to depart with their I The state of Ule education acctor. research Rndlnga but to IC'IIve It behJnd ~ven as we clock 52 as a naUon. Is forconUnultypurpoeca, In htawelcome - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ihe .boul 33 the world could bear Ule fact . bat part of the problema part of the country . but now It La has made the natlon's raUfy II supplement.ry ombat the menace.I said that Nigeria Is wards becominG one of economlea of the ,e.r 2020. lidding that .,~,~~I~::~;~II opportunities would be h for the benefit o f It s

nothing to wnlt homt: alJo)ut and It 15 ~ _ What we conUnued to

ICE C h ancellor. Professor OlullOl. Bandelc Oycwole. has declared that ·the rutureofthls country does not dcpc:nd on 011 but on wh.t we can do w1th our knowledge a nd vocaUonal skills.· He pointed o u t. a t the clOSing 'ceremony or Ihe I~C .ymposlum, th.t the focus or the W11ve.....lty I.a to produce graduates that Will be wealth enators and not job Kdlers. In onkr to become a world cI.... tnalltuUon.According to him. ·OMny would have been wondering what. typical African unlve....lty 100M like: tht.a I. what we arc and our d ream 13 to make It world


cI•••. •


Oyewole eltprened joy over the unlyerslty's prl"lIege to ho.t ade.nll.alS from .11 over the- world ror nve. days He admonished ISTRe and other body or se:1e:nllAlS at Ute: symposium to .Iways consider FUNMB for the: hoatlng of their tll'e:rnatlonal conferences. as they have $Cen th.t II hu the needed rac!lJUeII on ground nle vice chancellor thanked the leadership of ISTRC . the Local Organising Committee and more Import.ntly. the staff and studenLs or the unlve .... lty. to wholll he said -tht.a ronference: wouldn't have: been held Without your support. -


Agric is the mainstay of Nigeria's economy-pro chancellor


Agric is the mainstay of Nigeria's economy-pro chancellor