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Wednesday. 3 1 Oclobc:r, 20 12

Prostate cancer kills 14 Nigerian men daily


ROSTATE CllnC('r kills 14 men eYCTJ' day In N~crta. Or

Abla NZI':Ju. coordinator ,

Nauooal Canttr l~n Iton Pn,Itnmunc INCPPI. La~ Slale branc"h. has


Nulu, who uld this

In an lnlemew with lhe Neurs Agrnq of Jflgtrla (1tMf) In

Lap on


day. n oted t h a i Ih e ng ure: was ba5cd on stud

'<8She !laid Ihal

symptoms had already

manlrcslcd and altrlb ulni the sltuaUon to Ig 110nll1«.

Accordlnlt 10 hu. dll: unnCCC"!J8r lIy. ('''t'n when !hcy arT dlagnoSC'd bttauM Ihcrt: JUT no raclllllH 10 Ircal ~pk

moSI nn:" rcport Olel.. cancer cases laic when the

them -Prostate ('8n«,.. the ~d

commonest cilln ttr til II1CII. kills 14 mcn


NI~rtll n'f'ry

day TIlls

Is not acceptable be CBUSt' II ('1111

be pre


-India h • ., ov('r 120

FG urged to reject convention against tobacco


comprchCllslvc cancer cCl1lre .. and we doni hav(' even one ("cnlrt' B1 Em.manuel Adenl,.. Ihat II." cvcrylhtll~ 10 lake n'lre- CII any kind of EMBERS of N I jl t' r I II c"nCf'r and ('arrv OUI IlIdcp~ndrnt world C'lMI~ ~ar('h As~()("lallon -We- neC'd som('lhln~ Tohaceo .NITAI hal-"t' rol}(o(l on lIN:" like Ihls In our ("Ounlly Some of Ih~ who have FlI:'deral Go\'erllmf'nl In cancer ("an a(ford 10 rC'J("C'1 I hI'" pr('lpolllI:'d t'rn"~('OIn"t'lIl""'1"If1 trave l for mt'dl('al Blten TobaC'C'O ('ontrol IFrTCl lio n . bUI "'hal of (hOM" I he'lng "Ipnn!lOrrtl by Ihr Ulal cannot? W('Irld lIt'alth -In NI~ena rRn«r 15 Orgttnl'tAllon IWIIOI like a death scntencC' , brcaU'5C' II IJOM'" a thJT"t Ihsl Is why mfl'lll deaths ' 10 thl' '11\('10 economle here "H' unneres"arv. acllvltlc" of toba("co alld (ann wor1tC'r'l UIC')' arC' unUmC'iy - Whell we h a d I h e tn the: counlry TIIC convnlllon, which Dana CTllsh, we wcrc all shouting. bul each day seeks to ban lechnlcal people an: dying of can- support for tobacco farmC'rs. the mlnlmulII cer They arc dyi n g sl s u pport prlcC'S alld l('8f lenUy. th aI 15 why..,e a~ aucllona and restrict not dotng anything about too.oco leaves production. IL· s h e saki among Olhrrs. will bC' Nlelu NlkI p reV(:nlk)n p r esenl("d at WIIO's s h ould be lhrough life m«tifll( In Seoul. South modlficallon. s t yle~ nat month. wtlCTC' INlgerta IIcreenlng and routine counlrles InclU!l~), wiU vote dthtt checkll p8. at leasl once " agIIlnst It or tn lIS fa\'UUr year for those who an' 40 According 10 Ihll:' ("hatrmall of NITA. Mr She noted Ulal regu la r eJterelae. losing Rashttd B;tkaJT. "hould UM' convC'1I11on be' noUfkd ~Igil l and Imhlhln" Ule by IhC' F("drral culture of heall h malll Go\lTITlmC'nl. morC' than ten ant"'e could redutt lhe :lO mlDlOn 1(JhQtto~ nsk by 50 per ttlll In the world and aboul S he ltdygc:8ted the es 10.000 lot..-ro In labllshm!'nl of c,,"cer N~ ~Id be' .lfC1"lni c:altrnlln each 0( U~ SUI: gc:opoIlUcal zones. adding UI8I such CC'1I1rt''' ('(Iuld be' boUt Uuuugh self hdp ~tsllIthcr UUlTI walt Iflg for govnn~nt ""Th e ('lilly way 1('1 go By TUlide OgU.OCIIII.1I aboul It ls LO gCI our ovm ('omprchcn~lvC' call('cr YO Slatt' rnm clI:'ntres and we canllot maud or Ihl'" NI gll:'rhl Se("urlly walt for govunmll:'nt 10 gel Ihem.- NllI:'lu note'd alld CIvil [>cft'Tl(''' Corp'! INSC'OCI. 011 Monday. ar rest~d Iwn brolh("nI for vandallatrl'" IJOWlI:'r rabil'.., ~Ionght.c In thl' rowrr 1I0ldinit ('OIporatlm, nf dcvlI:'lopmertlal projecl" NIJ(II:r1a INteNI lit ludll'" would he' wtlnl'"'Iwd dur Irlal F..slal,.. Okl' Ohamlt Iflg Mlllllko''I "rcolld Ojtbo~ l.oOI"al (;.o\'('m leno In offi« m("nl nI Ovn Slalr IIr 'laid, -Govrrnnr Tht' 'IU"p,.rt'l at,. Mtllliko has b<'1'1I " chtld. 1 (lo,""Tmt Ah+otltm. 21 31¥t nfht"lory. I\C' ha'l hmkell Silln..,n ()\TYl'ml 20 Ihl'" Jlln a" Ihll:' dl'mo Al'("ol"fllll~ tn Ihr <;,,,,1,, rrallralh t'1('{'It'd In\'cr !·fllllm""d,.r 0' Ih,. nnr!"lf (lndo Stlllt' for a NCSIH RI'"II ... I'itlkn Slrph,.n Ihr cO""!laml "t'rond trrlll If you rt' mt'mht'r Or Olu'I,.t!:un ~t!an 1,,,·,.'IIIt,,,II<>I1't id Mlmlkn 11,...1 mv humhlt' It'r a lip nil Ihal Irall't o; .. \f, hl'l~t' rom,. I tnnit f... nnl'"t"I In Ihr Ilrt'.1 ",,.,,. WIIV What brou~lIt 11'1 11t""!! \'alldallwd Ingt'lhl'r I' hC'yoll(1 p:ulY "'peaklntt.1Ih Ih.. ~i~ affillalion n an l'nbulu" Slrl'h,.n ·Ond('l Slatl'" lIa" ('On "Akl -thr ('001111.1,"1 OIl a Iinul'"d wllllC''''~ lip oil Ih:ll tmll'1!onTlf"T"l al ptoW"("I..'Iln hlsllmt' TI1I.'l UI(" Indu'II'1nl F,:.. ta,t' a..-.r.l wa'l why Ih(" peoplr (1ISI ....·t'r,. ht'IIIJI; \'adl'lll~rd Ihelr vnll"'l for him· mobillwd offilTt"I 0( thr rrarl\on mmmalld In he' 01' pIIlrol Ml lll iko re\lC'ratl'"d his nIls dfor1 pitki off .....11 h lhI'" ('O m mltmenl 10 sl'"lnu" .rrll:'sl of lilt' 1"'0 """ scrvicr 1('1 thC' proplC' or pects.' 1)(" SIIid tJ~ SUIII'" al all times nle 'tllsp«"ts. a«'l'lrd li e descrlhed I h C' Ing to hllll . •'ould hll:' ~II'"IlfOndo""dOgul1 chargC'd 10 COlirt .ftl'r "Iales U havtng a high ('(Indu'tlol1 of IIIvl'"ulla sc:nM of kins h ip IInns on Ih,. mallll:'r





Oglame~:~~~~~~~~~~~ H~Urabfe

ROI/af Jlapty State HOlLM of Auembfy,

others during the Inauguration of the Board culion Trust '" Wani. rea-ntiy.


Fuel subsidy scam: Court fixes Ahmadu Ali's son's 0' tn'al tlOr NOV 2 0. TeJlde Gbe0ll.O'D.Ddare, ....

UST ICE Adc nl yl OnlgbanJo of a LaROS IlIgh Court sllling til IkeJa. on Tur.s day. flJtC'd ' h C' Irlal o f Mamman Nasir. son of Ih~ formC'r PC'oplll:'s Democratic Pa rty WOP) National Chairma n . N!madu All and oth ers for N~"Cm l>e:r 12 as lhe E('(tnonlk' and Yimmc:la l ("rlml'"S Commissio n IEFCCI ('Quid nol com 1IIC'nn' thC' ~1I0n MIllIman. N"sama ll Oil 5f:rvlrl'"'" and ('lIrts \Ian Taylor ar~ facing trial 011 "lie gallons of cnnsplracv. obtlllning mnnC'v under f"\,,,C' prC' Il'"ncC'. for~erv alld thC'


uS(' 0( fa lS(' docu m e n ts At lhe resumed h ear Ing of Ihe m atte r . t h e EYCC counsel. Fra n cis Usa n l. In for m ed th e court thai II~ matt" h ad earlier hie!'n adJourlled till Tu esd ay for trial. but explalne'd that 1hC' anti graft agency would not be:: able 10 con ti n ue wllh UM: IrlaJ l)ttauS(' or \... tu, t IIC' lermed pre.8sln" InuC!l which would aMlst IhC' cotln In th e lrue dl"lpC'n ~ non of justice '111: prosecu lion III lellds 10 Join onC' Seun O~unbambo as ddcn danl In th,. matter TIlls 15 txc:all!lf' as of Ihr time IhC' charg<- ""llS fikd. In

formation rdatlng to ogunbambo had not rC'ached the EFCC· Usanl slated TIIC' ddC'n« cou n sC'1. Toyln Pinheiro ISAN). ""hlle respondillft. did nol objecl 10 t he subln!s slons of thC' EFCC. -We would vralt for thll:'


EIl It I

lF.Hf: ""-d't lC'nskln In ntlwr. lI~iukluar Ir" of Eklll Soulh WC"SI l.oclll Go\'emmll:'nl Area nf F.klll Slate::, 011 TuC''Kttl)'. 0" ml!l('reanlS and thugs ,,'ailed a <oehC'duled m«lIng or UIC' "eoplC'" DC'mocratlc ratty ,rOPI III Ihe com munlty SmokC' (rom Ule bon I\rt:s made:: by the- thugs at the roundaboul In Ihc IICilrt of the town and ncar Ow- palatt of the AlIDDI! of Dawc. added to thC' lalSlon while Ihey bra n dis h ed dubs and lhreale::ned 10 \U11c:as11 mayhem on mem-

hrf"I d Ihe I'>P. <"'pII:OIlIly 1n\-a.I~t" 0( fOfllltT (iovn nor Ayo Fa\·O'\C. "lIould tl1ll:"Y ~I I ," to ITlC"d In tilt'


Armrd polleT offilt'r"II and rIIIeI1ll1 12 ~<Ul!I as "'t'11 a'" opt'nt l l~ 0( lhc SlatC' Se~urlly Sl'"rvlce III all 0411('1" van ..~ slaUonled around IhC' roundaboul. keeping an eye on IhC' thugJ a nd ml:i!lCreants who 1I"'CK on the:: I'1ppOIllte akk Iu of ... OOp.m when lIewsmen len t h e com IoU lilly. t h e t h ug., h ad made a nolha" bonn ~ on the Ado Ek ltl - lI a.e road. ""h lc h disrupt ed lhe rn:e now of m Ine A former governor o r


NSCDC arrests 2

brothers for vandalising PHCN cables


~:?!i~~d~~~~~S ~:~~'h,~~~r~~?!.~~~~h~~' I

Allure ORMER govlI:'rllor of agun StatC' ChId Gbenilla Oanld, on Tut"Sday. de "crlb<'d thr Oudo Slate: govrrlloL Or OlusC'gun Mlmlko. a'" a chUd ofhl",


Tension in llawe-Ekiti as thugs scuttle PDP meeting Sam " •• o llo. Ado

amendment IhC' chargC' to be: cHecled TIlOUgh I know lin:: defe:n dants havC' no case 10 answer. - Ptllhrlro sub mllted Mamman ss wrll as dlrt:c l ors of somC' 011 markrtlng firms III th~ matter had earlier been arn lgrted and granled JuStice ball hy Qnlgbanjo

Iht' '1talC' alltl chldlaln of Ihl'" PDI' 111 Ihl'" Slalt'. Mr Flnu"~, wal\ ..rhrdull'd 10 \'1"" Ih~ rmnmunttv a" part of his ·"~II.,Hlsallnfl lour- of thC' chapler"lllf Ih(" pan, In Ihe 16 10('.1 f!.ovrrll 111("111 arC'as In Ihe <;IIIIC' 11 wa" galhtred that Ihl'" m«Unlit "'5 schw uled 10 hold al 2 00p m bul cou ld nol ('(IlIImen("(' IhC'rC'by III 500pm 1~I1{Ung crcdl'"ncc 10 the .pecu latlon thll t IhC' meellng h"d bC'efl can ce ll ed. ",lIh sou rces claim ing thai FaJOM .nd hl5 supporters h ad rll:' tu rned 10 h l8 AJao Eklll ho m e In annoya nce

al tllr last govt'rllorshlp declloll 111. Ihc SIAtC' l>alllC'1 who wa'J lit "kurt' 10 cOflgrlltulalc MllIllko. laudc-d IhC' gov I'rnor for his pufor manr,. III'" not,.d that Mlnllko's vtrlorv. d"pllr oppo"ll1~ IlItHllal and eJtI,.rnal forcC''I, cll'arl., drlllnn"lirait'd his at· ('f'jll<lhilltv In thr JX"flpl(" of Ihr "la'C' IIr furlhl'r StAlrd Ihal Mhnlko's rrronl' w('te IInprr(,lI:'d('nlC'd In the hl~tory of Ihc Slall'" ~trt''I'I!lIg Ihl1l his achleV'f':lIIl'1lls III Ihe 11'1,,1 thrl'"~ and. half yC'ars spokC' for hhnln IhC' d« 11011

011111<'1 .150 al'pr~cl

ated 111(" sleadfaslne" alld onC'ness of the P<'Oplr of IhC' sla le who. ac{"() rdtng to htm. nevcr allowffi lhelr consctell("(' 10 be bought 6'"CI" by un scrupulous politicians







FG urged to reject convention against tobacco farming

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