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Nl,erlaa 1'I'lba.DC Wednesday. SI Oqobe.r.2012

Commissioner donates DSTV, decoder foodstuff to foold victims in Delta 1] lUll bor"cdonl auowith nood cam,.. Iklla Stale: CommlsskJnc1" rOl" Power and Enugy. Mr ehara Ernetulu, recently pre: Killed 46-lnches Idev& 510n and DSIV decoder 10 vleOma at Osai5a COlllmc:rC:lal Secondary School and Utagba Ugbe Technical College. KWil1c C:1.I~d

c.unp. In NOOkWJI Locoil Covcmmc:nl An~. oj the 51'lo(e

Mr t:'llctulu. who al.5o dOllulc:d foodstuff il.nd oLhcr malertals, _kI the: lclc:vltlolOn '.ctUties were lO make lhe: ca.mps be cocu~lt'd 10 Lhe outside world and bnng re.Ud to

SIreS5 that may occur cspeclally among the youlh Ilnd chtldren Other Items pre KI1lW lllcludcd gnndlll& machlllll:5 . luben or ),"11" , bag. 0( nee:. omon beans, sail. and cartons 01 vegetable 011. gallOlllo 01 red oil, bags of sacl~1 ...... Icr. bl,mkcLS and car tomlol lloodles, custard tiS





pdpc:rlii .l1lilllrcsscii and pl.U.Uc contaIners.

01 dlffc:rclll Iypa;



Tambuwal to grace 15th Erin-De Day


I>J::AKE.R. House: of

Representallve", Ilonourabic Amlnu

TambuwlIIl. Will ~ the s~clOl guau of honour

III the 15th t: r1n lie OilY lOiated for Saturday

TIle Clwnnan, PAULO CommUnicatIOns. Chid l"aul O<hlt. would be the chief ' .. unchcr whcrt~ SOliS lind daughter. of the community would ral!H: N200 mlUkJn ror de "eloplIlclU projeCts Chid MOIICS Ibl)'cml .

coordinator. centra' working committee of the eyent. said the an Dual forum was designed

10 promote unlly and ac community de \'cloj>ment In Erin lie '11c funds n:ahsed a' (hUi year'. event wUI be devoted 10 the: comple Ik>o of ongoUlg proJ«u.. Indudtlll rural link roads . ro na.rucllon of polKC: purol. WOller d15Ln

bullon .y~lc:m and Cr«" lion of .!tcclllgh IS Kwara Slate governor. AlhaJI Abdul 1".Iah Ahmed . would be Ihc c hid hoat while the Ereri" of Erin- lie. Oba Abdul GIIII11U AJtbola IbrOllhlm, would be the roy .. 1 hO!;t

as tOiletries and wnung materials Represented by hls Wife, Mrs C hrlallne Ernetulu, Special Aula lanl to Ihe wife of the

Mna Roll Uduaghan, the Conlmu..60ner deia"lbcd the flood as overwhelmIng and called for more supporl 10 Ihe victims from NtgeriliHlli

mended Governor Emmanud Uduaghan ror mobWung for the upkeep ~ lhc IIood vtctlmS. adwng L1l.ilt the family would ron IInue to WlLlI the peopk: b' a belles- and w.:U dcvdoped IlLate. I-Ie appealed 10 well placed IndMduals In L1lC .uclely 10 conlribule to lilC wdfiiln: 01 the disu-

Traditionalist stresses need to promote Yoruba culture 8y Tuade Oye-!lola tradUIOnalJ.l1 In lie - ire, Oaun tale, Chid Dada

~ of Ik·ICe, home and abroad. to continue


to Join hands with the Oonl oIlfe, Obo. Okwl8dc SIJuwade Olubuse II. In promotmg Yond.. cultu~ Governor of Delta Sta."I'''''." ~~ .'''''"'''''''''._ ''~'-.ii'illvkUms U In lhe atate and tradition While speaking with Conuw.unllll Na. al UllS year's 010)0 futlval Obatala said It was Impcrattve f(W the peopk oIlk·lfr: and other peopk from Yoruba rac:e to embrace thelreultu~ and lJ"adlUon He also commended the Oonl of !fe , other tradltlonlAl rulers lAnd chiefs In the area and resldenta f(W the sueccss 01 Ule fnUval lie a1ao urged o ther tnrodlUonal rulers to foUow the footstcpl50 as 10 uplift YOf\.Ib;i! culture and IraIIlUon TIle tradmOflOlhsl abo all on Ihe govr:mmcnt 10 Include Ihe ~tudy of Yoruba language In school culTk:ulurn. addu18 oRel(lXQtion cent,.. donated btl II,. IIold"d. to AJio c:ommunlrll_ Ihat Ihlli woukl help LIte )"OUntte:r onea lo know the Imporlance or being a 81' Kate AoJ Pa OIalunbosun Maklude sk)n, Maklnde explaln«J thls kind, ofbUlldlnl,here, Yoruba aa well aa -Ihal L1le n:aaon bchlnd L11e some ann ruc;arc 1 ex- speaki ng the language ROUP Managing In AJla. ana Ara Local pe.rts wiU be coming here Director of Cove:mment ATea of Oyo constnK:Uon of L1le agru- onct an a month, 11-- Will nuenlly ·11 Is IInfonunale tha~ SLate aWed ~ was baaed on --" MAKOM Croup. LIte fact the Uliillp oc. uk you qucsuona COli Mr Seyl Maklnde re1l\e ttremony. which ttnt1ng any probkm you we have negh:cled our cenLlYlnauguratcd~cdJ was attended by manyol cupaUon 0( the people 01 have wilh your farming cullure and tradllion Rcc: whk'h was 10 M'.I'Ve u the reslden . . . . \W;II as _ AJia I.s fanning. acuvtues and they will be You can nOt sec lIausa an agro-aliled office and neIghbouring communl"111111 communllyl.110 oI'llClp If need be IW will man or Igbo people an ultnunodcm commu tics In li'C area, was pari dear to Illy heart. When IlIcre~ their V~II_ wlthoul apeaklng their nlly relaxation centre olille wce.k k>ng fune",,1 my dad WWII alive. he 411 As for Ihe relaxation willi ... ,clUte nelwork fa - programme of the late Pa way. talked aboul tll15 cenLre II ha.!! a IJatelllle diaieci or language Maklnde COI1UIlUlllly and we dl. ' anywhere L1lC)' are. bUI II clllile. and toilets In SpeaIllng cus.ed aboul erecllng cable nehvork f.. clUliea Is we Yoruba Ihat are running away from our language. culture and OMEN farmers the majOnty of.choo. age Ade.toh hinted Ihal of community 10 'hilt afler toomon and doUlg thIS 1$ In Kogi State children currently OUI 01 Ihe caLimated 925 million the €by's jOb 411 LIIC fiUln, nOt helping us . So, our under Ihe aegla school wen:: girls. hungry people In the they can go lhcrc and reo government mU51 do 0( Women In Agriculture' loday,IIIV/ AlDStsbc- world. 70 per cent lived In ___ ~_ te Ifea ~_ 10 something 10 correct the ........ prom,'"'" 10 tlC com IWlAl. have called on gay coming. woman's dla rural areas, adding lilal munlty dlUrch 1n order 10 anomalies l'a.rcnts mual muncot and non govern ease.. she said L1lC 20 12 Worid Food Day encourage evangdwn. also wake up from L1K"ir mental organlaallons The WIA prealdent, lx<Imcd Its light 00 agn TIIC ~ ofAj6ltoonr ~Iumber and put round" (NGOs) to as&st than In thcrd"«e. urged gove:m~ cultural roopcnUlves In munlty, Chid (Mrs) peg 1n a round hotc:,. the acceulng lanet, cndJl fa menu to strengthen vkw oliia cap;ldty to rc Mo:tortn Aklnyt:k, lauded tnUlltkma,hat said dilUCS and tedUllcal aIdJIs. women and othcrranners' duce povcr1y and hWlger Makindc b h. oon!J1bu· He . however, President 01 WlA, KogI COCIpCI1Itlvc atgnntsaUons -It Is Clillmated Ihat lions In developing the commended the 51ale Stale chapter, M... Ea;ther by faclillatlng their CI( one bUlion IndMduais lAre IIoIccpy OOIlIDlWdly goverllor, Mr Rauf Alldu. made Ihe call In panSlon \ll'11I1e creallng mc:mbcrs of coopcnUves "We thank God bwlliillt Aregbeaola, 10' U*oja_ favoura..bk bu&iJ'ICU, legal worldWide genera ling Ik Is USllli Scyt Malundc rec:ognlslng Audu SiiIId the 1f1IIon m and lioc lal clhna le for more than 100 million 10 do In L1u. commwlity Cod hali used tum 10 brine tradllionaUau In Ihe tlIC body was 10 ol1lJOWa" L1lC111 10 L1u1vc job6 around L1lC workl In pota~e waler and apart Slale Ilnd at.o promoting wUlnen 10 ~~ UI IIUS Earlier. Mr Victor agncullw-c, I"onsuy. Bsh from LIlts, I can NY dliilll Yorub.i cul lurc which has ~.,a.dtu~~ AdeJoll the ProJccl or Ing and IIveslock , giving U'lCfelanooommunllyLllal never happened In the COIJl'Idly building wxl ad\o-- fkcr ol AclionAJd Nigeria. themselves betler bar cnjoyIi ck:ctr1cilyas \W: do. h15tory 0( tl'C Alate. c:acybWOlOClI'S rights. ISan NCO. aald thlAt over gaining power· Bcc:ause here. "'e enjoy 01* fOjU~1. which t5 pcdaIIy 10 Iwxl8Ud Iilod _ - 100 1iI11&1I holder ","""UIIKlI 1llc proJccl omocr UI'JJOd dectndtyaupply24 hou.... I"annenIi to join already a- Now-hchasc:xn.lJUCtcdan a cdebrauon 0( OVW1. IU~ curtly. adding L1lii11t 'MXTlm farmers groups from II communltlea In Kogl , 15t.tng rooper.Uve groups agro-amed fann (jfficc 10 god of Ironl, whiCh the . - ..ppon. She contoldcd thai the trained and aupponcd by raLl}Cf LIlan fuoliiOg IleW asstst and educate larmcrs OtNtJ displays the ~, one:s. ki cnal.* them 10 de- on how to go about Ua traditional crown. was YclSl majOrlly mLIIC wortd'li L1K" orgarusaUon.. had rr<J , ." fanning and an ultnuoodpoor ","ere women, two blercd with Ihe Ministry ~ IllilJU1tllun batclkli and enl ~laxaUon l-C=lIlrc for held between Monday, L1ttrds 01 tile '<NOrid Ullta of Commerce and Indus· c:aloC lKiullnbilmtive prob youlru. and Ihe otged... !>lie October 22 and October 29 ala were female, Just as uy as cooperative groups killS aakl


Ajia community gets relaxation centre


Kagl ~omentarmers soii~irgovt's assistance E::.:Ef;i;?!E



Kogi women farmers solicit govt's assistance

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