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•Culture of farlI1ing • Nigeria' still high In

OW dOH Jordan the OTWtO of ogrIcuJturo1 collabor-atlon? Ifmy country Is not close with your counLry, Nigerta, 1h,'n. you woo' t see me In Nigeria. If Jordan Is not in good dlplomaUc reJauonshlp with Nigeria, then I \Vun', be talking If we arc not In close dlpJo-maUc rehllonshlp, I believe your counlIy wo n't &end a represcnlaUve, thai. Is. an ambassador 10 Jordan. neither "·'Quld my country have a represenLaUve tn your country. So I'm proud to tell you that Jordan and Nigeria are very good friends, e8pccla1ly In the area of agriculture. including crop producUon and livestock rUrDllng. BOllI do we c:o.ugorise your country in te..-nw of deueloprnent. that Is, in terms of human. and capl· tal deuetop ment. Is i t a deueloped 0'- deueloplng country? Jordall, Just like r-ngerta, Is a devc;loplng country located bl the middle EasL but more developed than some countries in Utat part of the wortd. Let's Just say that Jordan 15 a developtng nation. a third world country, but more developed and better than Nlge· rta In !IOlnl! sectors of the economy. BOUt do you mean? Well. OLr population Is Just sllghUy above six mUllon unlike NIgcr1a. which Is well over 150 mU· lion people Jordan Is a desert country, whUe Nlge· rla is a Sub-Saharan naUGn. meantng that you have every nalura1 opportunlly to be great and do great exploit mOle than many counlrtes of the world con· sldertng lh~ natuml re5Ou.n:-es and endowment you have Bul you are not making use of such /IOlden and


God-glvcn poten tial. An! you .aging Jordan is better tfwn Nigeria in the area of agriculture. Yes of course. Don't forget thai we have conve.ned a non producUve sollldese.rtJ to a producUve Mil JU81 like Israel l5 doing. Your COWllly has a good soli. agriculture. supportJng wealher. but you don't make usc or It. probably you don't appredate what God has given you Who.t I.s the literacy leuel in Jordan? IA:l's put II a l SO per cent bttause our people are au over the USA and Europe recdving tralnIng and educal10n as well as and contributing to the develop' menl of US economy and thai of Europe. As an animal health specialist, in what way do you th i nk your country am hdp the Uoestock lndustry of Nfgma? I'm not only an agriculture expert. I'm also a mar. keUng experL Ou r country (Jordan) 1.5 really help-tng the Uvestock Industry In Nigerta becauSt: we arc one of the leading coun tries contrlbuung to the de. veLapment of the livestock Industry In your coun. try, especially In t h e area of livestock drugs and vaccines supply. SO we are really helping your counuy's poullry fanning and management sector. There arc many animal drugs In Nigeria which are produced In Jordan. What Is your «dulce for liuatock farm~ in Nigeria beeCIIJ.H 1 beUeue you had many in. teractfo jU with some of thern. especially when It comes to animal drugs di.stributlon. market. fng and usage?

'So Iecocoa farmers stlll e~·mfri. vo1005 practi' ces


I'1j''';l'~ ! :,.itJ;.: ~\1-,;;i a dvised to


U...e,~· ,Nigeria Co~Ud.

lbadan, Oyo stor Sam uel lI\ Awe, gave ,;Jlo(·adVtce in an 1!h Trlbunelog·



Awe. wbile on whUe ocoa seedling good as cofrom Ghana. re. and oth6 1"i1qon l~unU1es In the nle t o o al market Ipln d lhat80me eo-taa f era In Nigeria 5tJI1 I ,he seeds aJtj. f!clally( It processing methO<! 1',hlch he de· krtbed lUi oot only bad, but Illso ayIDlSt the 8('.


today. Many animal fanners In Nigeria suU find It dUIIcull to change despite the facl thai the world 15 now a global village where modem Ideas and pracUces are shan:d evert minute. every hour. ~ry day. Many Nigeria fannera sUII believe In the tradlUonal ways of doing thlngs. Many 0( them are analogue In prae· Uce and this. \YOuld not give Ulem a better f'C!Iuit or an Increased, profitable outcome or products. However. I advtsed Nigerian famlera to always and regularly Interact with their count.erparts In other pans of the wortd for bettor resUlts. I also want Nigerian govern.ment to give n~ed and necessary supportS to fanners at the appropri· ate Ume because many of them often complain of not having access 10 agric·lnputs and runds espc· clally durtng the planUng season. This Is one pJ'ob.. lem we have overcome In Jordan and lhalls why 'We were an: able to conlJ1bule our quota to the deve.l· opment of agriculture In other naUons of the world, Including USA and Europe. We have many of our people helping In the developmcnt of many sectors In other naUons of the wortd, tncludlng the middle

Eas,~,:;:U~a::::,~~~tio~ In Ni_ • •grl_ lnt~J:'~~::t.s to mand IItU::::O~ ~c::a=:r;,':~II} CU!;;:;:~=:C°;;:agr1culture Is sUII on the high side

re -Iaunch the Image of

terms of sdlir:l&

woukl cast . oeg:atJve 1m agefortbec:ounllyamol the awntty of nations, ' Co m me nilng on lh slate.menls c redited t lIom e exper ts that lh crude oil of the c:oun tl) maysooll dry up, the d..I r ector of ANCE sa l since some e:Ilpt!I'U ha foretold It.. Ills beller w q uickly revamp the Industry of the coun and give necessary at lcnUon to tbe seclor a viab le a l te r-n atlv sou.n:e of lncome or ex lemal revenue for th country. Sakl he, -thank God present government, mandaled the mtnIster agr1cUIlWt to put a KI1 OUS au.enuon 011 Ute COD Rebirth Programm which PIukIent Oluscgu Oba.5anjo's rqt1me s t herefore, I want Presl dent GoodIuck Jona to make sure that actually regain Its los gIory,~ he e.. ,Alas1Sed.

(expensive) In Nigeria. Fann In puts and drugs arc snll on the high side and not affordable to many fanners .Thal Is one of my observaUons. Also, lh~ habit of allowing farm animals like goalS, sheep, cllllh:s and Cowl 10 move 8rowld In the open. especially In cities, Is sUIl a con· tngcocoaseedsartiJlclally cern In Nigeria. Nobody Is agalnsl free range wUh out s u bjecting the system of keeping or rearing animals, but why seeds to sun·d ryrng. allowing animals like goats. s h eeps and cattles wWch Is t he acceptable to Invade people's farms to cause a damage to method, to change from their growing crops? This habit Is not only nau· this old. outdated method seating. It Is like encouraging dcslrucUoll and SO that their- produ6e wUl I want your government to do something about not be rejected at the In· II because It does not encourage farmers to In · crease their food production output and If not checked. It may affect your food production programme. Are you saying you d islike f ree range: $JIste m of ,-e aring ani mals, especially rum i nants like caules. goo.t..s and aheqJ? I think I need to ask you how you would fcellf you gol to your fann and discovered thaI all your growtng crops on the farm have been eaten up by animals like cattle? Would you be encouraged to continue with farming. espedaUy If appropriate authoriUes are not domg anything tangible to correct t.h.t.s problem? The question Is for you to provide an answer Nobody Is totally agalnsl free range system of keep. Illg animals. especially for n.llllinants, but I think the free range should be monitored. controlled and properly managed so that this syslem docs not pose a threat 10 other farmers or threaten your ~,"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'~~rood~~.~'~,~u!n~t!YJP~'~o~,~,,~",~",~,~-c-__________________

Ilrig thai wtJUld Nlger1a In the lo tem a· ';;U;"~Loa. generally . lIonal market rOT cocoa ,. Ihodandeash producUon , I will advise ,...",...,~oand 1awpr1Cc some 0( our Canners who maUonaJ mar· aresUllln thehabltordIy-


-Dr. Khaled Ho1abl I want livestock fanners In Nigeria to change (rom their old or lnd.1Uonal methods of reartng anlma15 to and adopt the modem pmcU~ all ove.r UIC world

Not only that. .cocoa farmers should ruso be a ....'8J"C of i.he tact thaI ant (X)OtB aeedIt not sub.Ject:ed to s u n-d rying w ill no t have good, attracUve aroma expected of It and may not be bought or accepte<l to loea1 markel..Pastor- A~ who Is a!z!o a cocoa farmer staled that he: need to emphasise on this blStructlonofnot


' Culture of farming still high in Nigeria'

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