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Agric transformation: Adesina tasks varsities

Ha!lsl.D ibrahim. KaduDa enJ"y life aRer n: Urement. 817 textUe workers have been paid their re UrcDlcnl bendlts by th e Truslfund



Pensions ))Ic. Just a8 7 .4B 2 tex t ile workers

have so fa r reg istered with th t: CrWl pany. the Manag ing Dlrccto r o f

Trus lfund· Pensions Pic. Mrs Helen [·a ·Souza, has said . Mrs Ds · Sou za , who was repre~n lcd by the company's L.egal Advtsu. AlhaJI Musa "'aslr, spoke In Kaduoa a\ a one-day lnleracUvc: 5CS5lon with

the textile workers on Ule

series of challenges associated wiLl the conlrlbulory pens ion scheme, organised by Ule compau}'. ln C:'l Uabora UOn with the Nt. Uonal Un ion of Textile (iarmen! and Tailorin g WOI ken! of Nt· gena (N1JT(;lWN). S he said tJle company was com mlttcd to addres slr..g tJl ! challenges . lame n t ing o"er acts o f some emplo)'\!rs who de· du ci mo ney from th e ir employf:eS \'1lhoul remitUng such. She also der1ed selecUon of peru-kn fund adl ta mlnLstra ton ys tegove romen ls with o u t a d equate coru:u ttaUon with and InFUt fno\ the labour.

(Hl'A). Dr Ke nton vtc:e AIe VnlDe'fSlty. Prof"' cmd Director-Genn-aL DTA. Dr Nter-onya SGnglnga., .signing a .emonuufwn of Unders tanding (!IoU] between the two lnstitutions. on 'Wcdnesdoy. ~ IfAII

IITA, Me Babalola University s~n MoU on agriculture Sam Nwaoko. AdoEkltl Inte rnallona l Ins UtutcorTroplcal Agricultu r e IIITAJ and Are Babalola Unlve rslly Ado -EkItlIABUADI, on Wednesday. signed a Memorandum of Understand ing (MoUI thai wW see the two lns utuUons Joining eITorts to unlock the potential of Afrtca's human. agrtcultural and natural resources. IITA and ABUAD have a common Interest In lmprovtng the nub1Uon and Income o f the rural and


urban poor. The MoU pro--

that wouJd address the


tWo ~~su~u:ns


and foster cooperaUon to complement each o ther's researdl efforts.

tun:. but also developmenlo '"Today, j[ you take agriculture for In ~ s t a nce, you w ill dlscover that the sector Is faced wIU, several con ~ stralnts, s uch as c11mate change, emerging pests an d diseases . among others. These constraints can be tackled If we develop the human capacity lbat will provide solution s to them,- he explaIned.



'brtd' U t


slgnlng this MoU and we are also CQnndenl that together. we can work to tackle the challenges o f bunger and poverty,- DI~ ~tor-Generaj onrrA. Dr Nteranya SangInga, sald. Accordi n g to Dr Sanglnga , the MoU between IITA a nd ABUAD wouJd h elp In buUdlngtJx c rlU cal human caplta.1

WIBank budgets $300m for youth employment in Nigeria Wur d Bank has budgtledS300mUlion f( ·r Youth Em ployment aJ'I d Social Support OpcralJ{.n {YESSO) sch e m e In Nigeria. Marle-F ran '!<ilse MartelNelly, COun~ 1 Director of the Work] B \C k in Nigeria saJd . Manel- NI U{ made the statement III AbuJa on Tuesday a t tJ !e 53rd annual ccnfel"fn':c:. of the NIge rian Ecoro ruc Society INESJ. - We Qn ' t pre pa r ing Yo uth EmplOyment and Soda! SuppJt t OpernUon {YESSOJ ab lling at s upportln t the i ·rovlslon o f Immedlate \ ..orit opportunlUes EIld f k'Us developm e nt for lhemployed you ths a nd ''Omen from poor hous( h l ids. - s h e




Mar1el-ll lIy said inc re as ing y( uth employment was f·ne of th e bank's gJobf~ pr1or1Ues as It had ob$el"'l!d that one In ft\'C ur all ", ~w Job seekers In .o\fr1cu Nete Niger!am, "The 300 m WJon d oUars project \\10 '!OYer aU parts or the counlry in up to 20 stales. ~ s h e ~aJd. Ma r lel-N !lJy also saJd

By Sulalmoa OI.are ... I" E MiniSter of Agrt culture and Rural Deve lopmen t, Dr Aklnwuml Adeslna, has urged Nlge rtan universitIes and other higher In sUlutlons of I~amlng to brace up to play thelrcru ~ clal roles In the naUon's agricultural trans fonnaUon agenda. OclIvertng the 20 12 annual lectu r e of the Adekunle AJasln UnJverslty. J\kungba-Akoko. on Wednesday. Adeslna poslied that WllverslUes had a crucial role to play to the reallsaUon of the much ex pected ag rl cu l.tura l transformation In the country_ -Unl ve.rslUes and especially faculUes of agriculture need to wake up to t he reality a r ound them. Agriculture Is changing rapidly. Today. only countr1es that move lnto commerclaJ agrtcu lture and agriculture as a business have a chance to compete. We must change the way we train s tudents. what we train them on and whatweprepan: them for.The minis ter added that -we mus t retrain our students to become job' creators. n ot job hunt~ ers. The fac uJtles o f agrtculture and the unlvuslUes of agrtcuJture Deed to change their curriculum to be In line wi th the realities o r the la bo ur markets a nd prepare s tudents wit h practica l technical a nd business skUls they need to set up agrtbuslnesses. This will require linking o r the fa culUes of agriculture and bUSiness admlnlstraUon 10 set up agribusiness ~ nlrepreneurs hlp centres . The se c entres s hould be u sed to provide tec hnical farming sk ill s as well as agr ibUSiness management sk ills for young commercia l fanners . Tracing the main reasons for Ute low level of use of modem agrIcultwal technologtes to lack of a func Uo nIng agrtc ultural extension sys tem , the mlnlster saId the extensio n syste m must be fixed. as the extension to farmer mUo In Nigeria 15 1:20.000 whk:h 15 20 limes below the g lobal besl pracUces . Acco rding to him, the lnsdtutlonal support system to support farmers 15 also crtdca1. -Strangely. sin c e Independence. Nlgerta has not put In place a fede rated system of agricultural extension. and as a result. the re Is a very weak link betwee n r esearch and extens ion.' '.

Ulat the Wo rld Bank. with the s upport from the Europea n Union. would launch Ule Stale Employment and ExpfiIdlture For R esu lts Project (SEEFORI In the Niger Delta region . She said the aJm was to take yo uths off the streets, as well as Im prove the country's infrastructure_ She said that through AC C ESS Nigeria, th~ bank had demonstrated commitment to opening employment opportunlUes fo r graduates of Info nnatlo n Communlca-

Hon TeclUlOlogy through target tralnlng In con :.

com pe t e n c I e s benchmar ked to g lobal Industry standards. -The ba.nk provides match1ng gmnl as seed money to empower young

farmers: to adopt new technologies and acquire capital assets, which Uley use to undertake a wide ntnge of value addlUon and small -scale Income generaungactJvlUeS.- s he said.

Buhari laments securitychal1enges facing northern states ... __ Kola 0 1elere, ruuaO AJOR-GENERAL Muhammadu Buha rt (reId). presldenUal candidate of the Congress for Progress lve Ch angc ICPCl In the 2011 pres lde nlla l elec· Uon. has lamented the secur1ty challenges fadng


Ule ancient dty of Kano as having devastat1ng dfects on lbe northern states and oe.lghbourtng countries which de ~ pc:nded on Kana for commercia! actJvtUcs_ This Is Jus t as the Kana State govel'DOl'. Dr Rablu Musa Kwankwaso,

ACN SUpports Ajim ' obi on appointment of AP members as LG ebainnen By Adehayo Waheed HE Action C on gress o f Nige ri a (ACN). Oyo State c hapter, has expressed s upport for the appointment of the Accord Party lAP) members as caretaker committee c h a irmen In two local government areas In the state by t h e state govern or, Sena to r Ablola AJlmObl The party. In a statemenl Signed by Its PubIICitySecretary, Mr Dauda


Under UTA's re vised s trategy. research, partnerships and ca pacity building are key drtve.1'8 for IITA's s u ccess as the InsUlute aIms to 11ft 20 mUlion people o ut of poverty and [ree 25 mIllion hectares of degraded land In the n w decude. IITA Deputy DirectorGeneral, Partnerships and CapaCity BuildIng. Dr Kenlon Dashiell. said Ute MoU between lITA and ABUAD wouJd help to tap the polenlla l o r y ouths that are Important stakeholders for rural and economic developmen t.. -ThiS Is one way o f meaningfully engaging the youlhs .. .glvtng them the tools to be produc Uve. - Dr Dashiell added. SpecUlc areas o r lnleresl for the two Ins titu tions In the MoU Includc collabomUon In research and development..

Kola wole. aJ\.r:r a mc:eung with stakeholders of the affected counctl a.rea5 In Ibadan, on Wednesday. disclose d that the appointments were In fulfilment of the gen tl eman's ag reemen t between Governor Ajlmobl and tJle AP leader In the stale, Se n a tor Rashidi t.adoja. The party condemned the protest by a group of people who claimed to be ACN mUllant youths over

the appolntments_ ~We do DOt harbour or encourage hoodlums In ACN. Oun 15 a progresslve party and we: believe In adopting ma~ ways o r settling our dlfferenees; he saki. The party said that the Implementation of the agreement bad been delayed for over a year to avoldlhebetrayalsufl'ered in 2003, when It entered a slmllar ~ment wtth former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

sa.ld It was th e responslbllty of lcaders (0 find a lasUng soluUo n to the security c hallenges factng the country Buhar1 saki he was In Kano to sympaUse with the EmIr of Kano, AlhaJI Ado Bayero and the state government over attacks wh1ch cJalmed many Dves. A<conling '0 him , "' ~ here to commlssarate with UIC:.m over tJx bombIng:5 thai rocked Ole state. It Is exlremly sad and I hope:. we would gel over It as soon as posslble. Buhart dlsclosed that It was on reco rd that over 200 artJculated vehid es u sed to leave Kano e veryday to Maldugurt and there In Maldugurt, lraders from Came ro on , C had and Niger RcpubUc would always be wailing to reel eve llieLr goods (rom Kano. bul now. the situaUon was not the case. 8



IITA, Afe Babalola University sign MoU on agriculture