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Organic farming and its benefits

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So Sally wen t fi sh ing and Jo hnn y s ta yed to help. Aft er several days o f Jo hnn y doi ng both his p""""ce chores a nd Sa lly's; he Genesis 2:25(AMP) finally couldn' t stand it any longer. He ca me to NCE upon a li me, G r:lndma and confessed .Iillie boy and his that h e h ad killed the s Is te r went to d uck. spend their holiday w ilh Grand ma benl d ow n, their grandparents. One gave him a hug and said, day, the boy decided to 'SweetlJcart I know. I was take a wa lk through the standing at the window lind la rge expanse of I saw thc whole tiling. but wood li'lnd o n the fa rm . broru5e I lon~ you. I {o'8a 1'1' He was givcn a slingshot you. I WilS just wondering to p lay with w hile out in now 10llg you would let thc woods. He pTilcticed Sally makeas/al'eO{YOu.' seve ral times; but he Lesso n? Th ose who never hit the target . don't wan t ske letons Disco uraged by the should not bother to even f u tility of his man y have cupboards! allempts, he headed back Transparency is a (or dinner. O n the way, vi rtu e that is la rge ly he saw Grand m a's pet miS5ing in every face t of d uck. our nationa l life. I ha ve rea ll y heard of severa l cases of Wi th ou t e:<pecting to hil ii, he let one spouse embarking on th e s lings h o t fl y . a p roject w itho ut the Unfort.unalely, Ihe shot know ledge o f the other. hit th!' duck squa re in the Hu s bands keep secre ts head and kill ed it that wives dare nol know in s tantl y . He was about. D itt o wives. shocked and grieved I Ln Parents hide things from a panic, hc hid the dead th ei r children and o( duck in the wood pi le. co u rSe childre n What he did no l know religiously d o all they can was thai his sister Sally to keep many chapters o f was watch ing it a ll but thei r li ves hidd en from she said nothing. possible SOlIliny by lheir Aft!'r lunch the next paren ts. day, Gran dma said, I ha ve co m e ac ross 'Sally. rome and le" s wash seyera l cases of people tlledisbes' w ho have child ren out of But Sa ll y said. wed lock without the ·Cralldm.... JoIlIlrIy told me k no wledge o f the ir he WlI11 ,ed to help in the spou se. Ima gine a kitdK!Il.· situa tion w here a . Then she moved dose woma n's son was to him and whispered to s ta ying w ith her mother his ears, "Rem ember th e and g rew up to call the dude?' rea l mother ' Auntie' . I·le So Johnny did t.h e was a teenager before the Mum's hu sband found d ishes. late r Ih a t day, oul. AsrOu read this. ask trandpa as ked if th e yoursel • 'What about m~ childre n wa n ted to go does my spouse not yet know?' lt is instructive to fis ~ ing. Grandma said, 'J Ohlllly' n o te, h oweve r, tha I can go witll you but rneed wha teve r a reas o f o ur Sally to help with supper.' lives lack transpa rency Sally just s miled a nd become veri table tools (o r said. WelidletCisool8lSOO b lackmail. Blackmailers why I cannot go Grandma thrive on secrets. becauseJolmny told me he Mo re o ft en than not, wanted tohelp wjdl suppc~ many of ou r a ttempts at Aga in s he leaned rove r-up are nothing but close to Jo hnny and fi g- lea l thera py. Recall whispered. 'Rememberthe Ada m and Eve in Eden dude?' alter the Fali1 We kee


secrets because we do not wa nt 10 take respon sibility fo r possible con sequences when the tru th is known. life becomes easier for both the foll ower and the leade r w he re th e re is trans p arency . The prese nl travails o f the forme r Sp ea ke r o f the of RepresHo u se entati ves, Dimeji Ba nkole and h is dep ut y wo ul d h ave been unnecessary if th e principle of tra ns p a re ncy in pub li c office had been followed . Aflerali, Iruth requires no defe nce. Transparency fears no dismve:ry and experiences nosurprisc:5. What you$C'C is w hat you get. To my mind, it is because there is SO much rot in the system that thc res t of us must not know abouU As a Yoruba proverb indica tes, whatever we discuss and req uest that no one else must hear abo u t it is no thing b ut a ti ssue of fa lsehood! As a nalion, wc find ourse lves in thi s p reca ri o u s pos iti o n because our leaders have been largely clever by half with


RGAN IC fann ing 5 the form o f agr icu lture thai

relies on techniques such as crop rotatio n, g reen manure, compos t and biologica l pest control 10 maintain soil producti vity and control pests on i1 (ann. For this reason, o rga nic food is likely to co ntain lower resid ues of ag ricultural chemica ls tha n conve n tiona lly fa rm ed food. Ty pica l orga ni c farming p ractices


Wide crop rolation as a prerequisite (or an effident use of on· sile resources Very strict limits o n chemi cal synthe ti c pesticide and synthe tic ferti liser use, livestock antibio ti cs. food addi ti ves and processing aids and other inputs Abso l ute prohibition of the use of gen etica lly m odifie d organis ms Taki n g

advantage of o n-site resou rces, s uch as livestock manure fo r fertiliser Of feed produced o n the farm ChOOSing plant a nd animal species thai are resislant to d isease and adapted to local cond itions Raising livestock in free - range, open-a ir sys tem s and prov iding Ihem with organic feed Usi ng a nim al husba ndry practices app ropriate to different livestock species.

Organic Food vs Non Organic Food - The Facts

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on tra nspare ncy, ld.,nlifvin.:,j. • w ith policies be a "I !n_ .•!:~""" ,l'.· there will be As a boss, TRUllY - , te li I Enact on " ........ body subordinalb holY .You got to the top? Can those you me n lor re plicate your success us ing the same stra tegies you shared with them? OT is there another slory behind the Slory7 The web of fa lsehood is like a n eve r-e ndin g mau. Belter not to enler it thiln 10 try and get out o nce in . On ly li es need su pporl syste m s. Once you tell one, you will have to crea ti vely cons truct others to back it up. Quality If you wan t to achieve Standards sustainable success, live your life as an open book and yo u w ill h llVe less explanatio ns to make! Remember. the &ky is not limit., God Jsl

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Organic farming and its benefits