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Nl, e rian Tribune Thursday. 26 JuJy. 2012


FADAMA ill boosts palm

oil production in Ondo

Okpella traditional ruler counsels politicians Uchec b ukwu OUnh. BealD City


h ldVJa glSLrate5 COUI t silting In mf- A.lllo , lbadan. Oyo S ta le. h as convicted and sentence d two persons Including a Baa le. villa ge h ~a d to 12 monUui Imrrlsonment "'H.h ha rd la bour after belrtg found tullty of mali c ious d .llnage and s teallng. The c[, nvl c ts are Kasall Jlmoh , 60; and Fatal Adedukun , who was saIl! to be the Baa le of 010018. The IWO convicts wen: arranged o~ a three COUllt char "t The Ilrsl (QUnt of lhe charge indi cated that Kasall Jlmoh . Fatal Adedokun lind oLhers now at large, bet\\-een 18 and 25 Jun·!, 2005 at OlqkoCde vJllage. near ArapaJ a village , Podo area. lbadnn unlawfully damaged 3 0 beacon pil lars valued at N87,500 and 16 llllOo) den sign boards value:J at N7,500; tota l l'8lue IIf the lIems M'8S N95.0()(' property of one J .O . Is hola and lhereb " committed an


.1 ~r Okpella .


Tenant defrauds 70-year-old landlord of N2. 7m AYODE Aranmolaran , a ten anl, on Tues day, appeared berore a Shomolu Magistrates' Court In Lagos , charged with stealing N2 .7 mll lion from his former landlord. Aranmolaran , 42. presently reSiding at No. 5 Oluwanlshola St.. Barlga In Lagos, was arraigned on a two -count cbarge of stealing and obtaining money by false pretence . The prosecutor. ASP Adegoke Aklnlebl. told the court lhal the defendant allegedly stole the money from Mr Mourlce Ogldlolu of No _ 27 Oshlfolarln St. . Barlga while liVing In his house. ~ H e was a trusted tenant at the time ;


and advised OgldJolu to open an account wllh Ecobank . ~I-Ie also offered to help with all the modalltles In volved wllh doing so . Conse quently , the cheque paid by lite buyer of the house was give n to Aranmolara n : lite pros«:utor said . Accordi n g to Aklnlebl , the offence was commUted on June 24 . 2009 at Ihe complaina n t's resi dence. He alleged that the defendant stole Ogldlolu 's cheque book and had surreptlUously withdrawn monies from tbe accou n t No: 101 0207145901 in Ecobank. The prosecu tor said thai the oITence contra·

opted to lhumb print as eVidence of any transacllona] consent . lie denied giving permission to the deren dant to withdraw money from hls a ccount Aranruolaran . however. pleaded Ilot guilty to the charge and de nied withdrawing any money from the account without the knowledge of the compialnanl. He said that only N I million was withdrawn by him from the a c count , which was with the perm ission of Ogidiolu . According to him. the complainant authorised the wllh drawal or lhe one mlllion naira for a kerosene bUSiness thai failed . The Maglstrale , Bola Osunsanml. granted lI1e aceused ball In the sum or N500,QOO. with two

Alhajl A. Y. E Dlrlsu. has urged Nigerians in positions of 8ulllol1ty to learn (rom the recent govc.morship c1ecUon In Edo Stale which he described as a reward by the electorate for Governor A.dams Oshlomhole. ror his track record or performance. AlhaJI DIr1su. who gave the advice while reacuog to Governor Oshlomhole'a vic tory at the poll, said It was a potellt fa c t that Oshlomhole would win convincingly whelher he went round or not seekIng support. ~He had al.ready campaigned sufficlenlly ror himself with his appreciable performance. It is a signal to au people In aulhol1ty. espcclauy Ule: f!pVemcTS Umt lhey should now know that perrorIIlllOCe Is the 1lIl5Wa'•• the tradlUOnal said

Dlr1su added lhat the people's appreciation of the govemor's ac hievements renected In the massive turn out and ovation often a ccorded him wherever he vtslted. Ek:skIes.. he said lhc: naUon was partk:uJarly proud and happy with !he GovernorOshlomhole for makIng a remarkable dlrrer-


FADAMA III boosts palm oil production in Ondo