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Canada-based lawyer supports stnt e pllice

sam N • •oko, EtIU _ _~


A Canad a- bahed lawyer

police. uyll1l.. -Nlgerta Is 100 'fa.;l. ountty LO be left to a /51,gtc poUcIng a rrangement like what oblllnlt It the mo-

ment .. "Ilh the N Igerian Trib une re cently. the II gal lumi-


SBld . ~ Ntgerla ' 5

centralis ed police sys tem Is pllnclpally plagued by tltt allen syndrome t hai IlIhJblUi Its

operallonal ·!ffJclency and overall effectlvenesa. espechll.y with the frequent Il'llll l rer of officers from lire stBle to another. Noting tile argument to the oppo!lltlon 10

state police t lat II will be mis u sed )y polltlclaus or 10< al leaders, the lawyer saH that was a minor pro b em to b(' allowec 10 ocrwhelm the grea ter II teres! B.n expallslo n fir the cur renl s yt.le m \I, III serve. B,. Me. ale O.hodJ

LCSDPP oqanises a-day workllbop on

eIi,ablllty-! riendly law. IlDd polley LAGOS Civil 50 IClety OlsabllJty P ()lIcy P Irtnersblp (LCSOpt» b or ~anLstng a three- day It lwoledge .sbartng n nd I epllcauon work.l!ihtJp for disabilitybased and mainstream civil society organisation! . leglsla· lure and slule govern· ments In th ! South· Western JHU1. 'If Nlger1a. The scmtn ,lr. which beglrul today li t the Orchid Hotel . Piol 3. Dream,.,orld Afrlcana Way. Opposlle O luwaols h o lll House. Second Toll GJ Ie, Le.kJd Epe Expressw Iy. LekkJ. 15 org a rllsed wllh the support o f Lagos State DF'ID s Accm nlablllty and VOK."C InJU lYe tSAV1J programme In the state. wUI end on Th Irsday. The semina.. Ls aimed at proacUvcl> last-trackIng th e ro rmu1ilUon and Implem ~ nta t ' 10 of 50dally Inclu5l"l' and developme nt poliCies across soulh - weslern Nlger1a lind 1.5 partnued by the Lag~ Ulale government and I he state's HOUK of Ast>ellbly. It 1.5 also u rgeted at brldg1ng Ute 60:181 development gap In the regkIn and guarantee the &OCtal development 'If the regkln. where nearty 10 mIllion dWlbled people are resldenl . S,. Tuade 0 'UDeII.1I

iE EklU Sta le government has said that It would re-Intfo. duce History lo the stale's prtmaIy and secondary schools curricula. Silytr«"tt Is a way of pn:servtng the values and culture of the people or the Slate.· GoYenuKayodeFayenll who made this known on Monday, while recetvtng Ute report of the stale oommittee 00 centenary book. said. -the tmportanc:e of htslol)' to nat10n buBdb-g caunot be overemphaslsed.- and noted that many naUons wen: no DlF' In cmtence. due III lack of attenuon lo history and culture According lo Governor Fa)=l1l. the slate gow:mme.nt \WUkI Introduce Uae subject In schools -and orgaruse It bl such a manllC' that the history ofEklU would fomt a cr1tlca1 segment 0( lhe cumculum.· adding UlaL "\I is Ulf'tlllgb the propogauon of history and cult~ that Uae upcanIng generaUOtt will know about the strumk III retatn their berltage." He explained Ulat lhe


and rl ~hts acUv1:!IIl. Mr Kingsley Jesuorobo . has supported till! pugolng debate o n the n l!ed for the I!stablll>hJ1]tn l of slate

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·From I¢ Ubnuian qJthe <\fricanTribune to the malden edition qJ Ute Nigerian WUh Ntge.rlan TrIbune. IIr Sulaimon Olanrewqiu. during a courteIy vi.rit qJ the Association qf ctasslcs Unluerslty of Iba.dan. co the nibune Bouse. l~alqfIo. Iba.dan. on Ilonday. I"ho(OO Oberwg Otugbogl

Ritualists kidnap 18-yr-old in Benue my rusruy, meaning. there W8!I power In it."

handed over lo ruuallst5. 1l1C 54-year-old Omale. who said many people had visited his home to sympaLilise. with hlrn over thelnddent. saki he had reported the lssue to the polkeandtiJevfgJ1ancegroup In the town. Eft'ortstogelthepolk:e 's reacUon raUed. as neltiler DSP Daniel Ezeala. the Slate PPolice Public Re lations Officer (PPROjllCl" ItJs assistant. ASP Alarlbe Ejikc. piCked their phones as al Ux time of DUng th19 report.

Jobnaon Bab.jide. ....lturdl HF" ramUy of Mr Onyuna Omale, In Otukpo. BmueSta1e. Is In sadness over UJe dbappcaranoeofthdr l8-yearoIddaughter. AnraeQuc:cn 0maJe at U~ weekend. Thegirl , a resident of No. 1 Han19onAdogaStrm. who nnished from the Wesley ~Ugb Sebool Otuk po, Benue State She was.suspecu:d to haw: been kidnapped by un known people 9U5pt!Cted to he. ritualists.

abouts wue not SUCCCSBfu l. He_ h owever, said that he lXlIyra..'d vro a text message from hB dnug)1ter a day after_ which Il!ad, "'as 1 picked a blke.lo the market, I got lost and found mysdfln Ilno(herslaLe.. -I heard (Xli! of tile me.n say I will be used for money rHuals . TelJ my nMJlhes' to pray for me.: and othen,~ tbr: ~ ~ Another text message_ made. avaIlable to tile 1ffgerUm Tribune by the ralher read. -one of the boys said that ~ was a light In


Ondo spends NIObn on mega schools


daughter to bJy bathroom sUppers from Otukpo maJn maJ1lct. onIyfor her not to have returned since lhen. Om81e stated that all efforts lo know her where-

YiDka Ot.doylDbo,



the mega pn-

Ondo Stale government said It had invested about N I 0 billion on lhe con-

mary school!'! project across the 1810caJ governIIlCIlt Ilre85 of the state. Apart Iiun lhJs. thegoyemment also said that, not less than 33 of the

varfetles had been re leased by dlIJell!nt intetnaUDnal agenctes, add1n.g that. OYer IO,OOOstemso( thesc.varletJcswereready for dtstr1buuon to farmers. Adesllla urged parUdpants to take advant.ageof the reslllence root crops like cassava offers farmCD, 8!1 Wl!U 8!1 called for r esearch and develop plans to brtng Ut18 rool crop lo mainstream food markel!1. He added that Ntgerta remalDed the hlgtIesl work1

producerandconsumerof cassava and yam, that the development of the root and tuber crops were o f great importance to the country. TIle Vice Chancellor or the InsUtuUon. Professor 0lu80la Oyewole. noted that roots and tuber.! proVlded great opportunltJcs for Iongle.rm poverty aUeviaUon and food security more than an)' other staple food produced in the conUnenL



When probed 011 whether the abductors had opened a line of communlcatlon with him . Om81e saklthe.y had not. bUI said that another message from hl9 daughtertTIdlcated that the Iddnappers were out. looking for chlldll!n between ages 5 and 15 yt:ars , for money rituals. ftt said the IXllnrnerdal moton:yde rider" may ha'o"C hypnoUSed his daughter, after which she was

schools would have been completed by the end of next. month_ Also, the gavenllnent had reiterated Its commilment to making the schooiB oompletely tulliol'lfree. whUe un1forms would onade roc the pupils free-or-dlarge.. The c hairman of the Slate Untversal BasIC EducaUon Board (SUBEB), Ferru Aklnmoladun, said lhecoetoftheschooiBwas betwet:n N200 mlllkln and N450 million, depending on the size. The mega primary school concept, which 15 replactng the old prtmary school structure. Is meant to provide world-class. chlkHrlendly school enllironmenl. WlUt the latest technology, which Is conm~cted to many resource

'Cassava, panacea lor & • • d fi . vltamm A e IClency' - '" OlayiDk.Oldoya., Abeokut. Minister of AgrIculture . Or


Aktnwuml Adestna,

h8!l IdenUfled cassava 8!1 olle of lhe cheapest .sources for combaUrtg vitamIn A ddldency. found In over 40 per cent school age ch.Udren tTl Ntgeria. Adestna dlsclosed this on Monday. at the openIng ceremony or the 16th Triennial Symposium of lI'ltemaUonal Society for Tropic al Root Crops [lSTRC I. hekl at lbe Federal Unlvenlty of AgricuI.tUIl! (F'UNNABI. Abeokuta. Mtlt the Uleme: "Root and tuber crops rOT global development and cllmale c hange," TIle mlnlster, represented by Dr Matthew rregene. noted that vitam tn A deficiency had blinded , maimed, .nd k Uled IDOI'e ch1klrm than any olher vitamin den· c lency. He stated that three pI'O'-vftamin A r1Ch cassava


m..."ttlLly concluded rest.lwJ

of arts and culture In lhe state and the ongoing (D1strucUOIl of a d\.1c cenln.. ....-e:re parts 0( sle.pll lo renew and preserve the monuments o f Eklll artdact.s and culture..

centres around the gklbe. Headded that flve of the

schools. which well! Wl derconstrucUon. would be dcUYCnd and Inaugurated nc:x:1 month, saying that. about 28 of the schools have been completed_ On U.. IMue fees. Aktnmoladun_ who debunkedalkgaUOnsfmm the opposlUon camps that government was charglng fees ror admitting pupils Into these schools. satd ·the schools were comple.tely free , as well as admission forms. Ihe slate govemmc:nt has made lhat oomrnJtment lo make worid-dass schools available ror all U,e soctaJ classes in our sodety and the only Utlng we can do to accommodate the poor ts to make It completely free .-


Fayem.i's best is yet to com.e -COmmissioner


people of EklU State ha~ been assured of exe.cullon of more polldea aJld p roje.ets. which w1ll transrornl the stale and boost tJxlrstandanI oClMn& CommisskIne:r ror J.nb-. maUOn and CtvIc Orie.nt.a.Uon. Mr FUnmtnlyl Muye. who taw: the assurance In Ado-EkW. OIl Monday, saKi -EkiU is )"Ct lo aoe the best mGow:mor Kayttk: F'ayem!. whose Lransformatlon


Is being acknowledged \ocalIyandgklba1ly_~

Afuye noted that the 'Governor or the Year Award' beslov.'Cd on Fayonl by Ute l..eQdftsPtJp Group d l'kwspapet'S. was In rec.uonofpxl~

prudentmanagemeotofrepmtJve ImpocC.

!iIOW'CCS and 00 the c:tt.tzenrj.

Fayeml. he ex:p\atned, was given the award for creattng thousands ofjobs fOl' the unem~ gtvtng

monthly sUpends to the aged under lhe soda! sc:curl ty scheme_ tu rning round the educaUOn sector, tourism , among other lI.'laSSes-orlented poUcles, He stressed that the av....m.~nrtMlteF'llyomll

towuk hanJer and IUd hBeIedo'aI promt!Jte5 to EkIti people. whom he noted wen: wttne:ss1Dg "Wlpn:cede.nted tnmsbmaum- for the IIJst ume. sInae: lhestate was aeatcd In 1996.

1be. WIDldsslh:J wged the people of the slall: lo keep I8.ilh wtUI the F'ayemi1eda:imlntstratk:ln.InII5detenntnaUon lo tum round lhe fortune or Ute state. thrtlt.agh Uae mpk:mm1aum oflls elgh1-pc*U"" Aruye disclosed thaI many pn:;ects were slated b ~ In order 10 mark theaeoond arwdvt::J'SIll)' of the Fayanl-Ied admtnisttaUon. whldt oomes up In a few \\Uks ~


'Cassava, panacea for vitamin A deficiency'