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Ni gerian T ribune Wedneroay, 25,Jr.u~~=.~2_0_1_2__~____~~________~~______~__- :______~________~____________________~~_____

Briefly WlDuer of KwlUl rerun election gets

certificate of return THE wtnner

0( the rerun elec tlon o f the lIorln North -Wes t constitu ency. Honourable Abdulfatab Salman. has ~ to bI! 1!ltR ~pon­ slve to the yearnIng and asptrall(m orthe people of his COnsllltu:ncy,

Spoak!ng with

Nigeria releases Vitamin Amaize to improve nutrition


leased two new maiZChybridsihatcanpro~ men: vitamin A in the

among chlk.lren. ~l \WIDen. anti mot.hc:rs. 1he pro-vIlamln A Is CIIIIl\'ert«I bylhebodylntovltamlnA when I:Ilal.%e: Is eaten.

diets of millions In the country. The development hll!!l mbed optimism about 5temmtngthemmaccof"vltamin A ddlctc:ncy In the years ahead, especially

ThehybOds, according to the international maUlute or Tropical Agrlcullure. which are the Ol'St gcneralJon vitamin "'· rich maize. were released on

'-1£ Nlgertan government has re-

July 4. 2012, by the Natlonal Variety Release Committee of Nlgerta as Ife malzc.hyb 3 and Ife malzehyb 4 . They IIrc recognlsedasTITAbybr1ds A0905·28 and AD905-32.

eIs of"pro-vllamln A. 8a)'S W

Dr Ahebe Menklr. Il'Ul!zc ~ wtth the IITA. who IedlhedeYdopmentofthe new maize hybrki5. The hybrids oUlpcrIOnnod local checks. with yields (rom 6 to 9 tons per heclare. com pared wlUI 2 tons per hectare reoonted on most

fanners' Oekis. 1be vitamin A hybrfds by the DTA blpartne:rShJpwlththc:Jn.sUtutc of AgI1cullund Rcsearcll &. 1'taIntng 1lARM1 using convcnUonal breed· tng tn a prqed funded by the HarveslPhl&--8 chal· lenge programme or the OOIAR. as part r:L ~ to address the. p-evalcnc:e r:L vltanlln A ddIdmty. ~ ~



Ists after rnzlvlng a cerlInc ate of return at the Kwam Stall' secretarial of the lndepc:nd~t National Elec toral Commission UNECI IJI Ilor n. on Theaday_ l-looourable Salman also said that. U1c experience bad m:tUe him a bet-

~ lnclude, the InsUtutt fot" Agr1cuItunLI Resean:h (JAR) ZaI1a. the UnIvmItty d MaII:tutfu1. the IntcmatbJal Mal7..e and Wheat ~tre {CIMMYI\ the lJnMrstty d

tel' poItlician.

fIcImc:y afIlIds about 30 pel" cent d cbUdren bdow 1M:: yeaJS d age. almost 20 pel"



He ltlln)<..ed the k:a~­ ship of the Peoples Democ ratic Party (PDP) and party supporters In the stale for their sleadfastness. saytng, he would nOt let them

KANO Stab: @OY'CITIOf'. Dr Rabl'u MUSil!<waokwaso has iamenkd the dearth 01 qualtllcd englnunI in the lltate dill I oervlce. sayIng. It was b!'Cauae ofthi!l worrying tr~nd that th~ go vemmeo , re -engaged some rcUred ~ngtncenl. tn help 10 handling tts tnfrutructural projects. Acco r dlug to him. projects o f h igh magnl· tude. such as the ones

embarked upon by h18 adm lnl!l tra tlc n since his 855umptkm of officc. requlred tn\'olvement of tc:sled haodo. 80 as to see the light ofl~ day. Kwankwasll then chaltenged qualltlty surveyors. engtnl:t'm and town planners. a mong other prolesslonaln .n Kana. to

~= '!:~

place pmjecur that ~ stand the 0( lime. He dis c losed this . whUespeaJtlnf..durtngtrn: Ramadan i:reak of fast ,..1lh pn:;ect eng.tneers. as ",'dJ u prures.sklrnt15 in


The govemt-r rellemtcd that hls administration \\u commlu.ed to the executlon o f cap lta!. tnten-

.~'e. proJccts tl:etheKorar Nas&anlwa flyove;r. three new cllle5 in the suburbs


13 per cent of nursing 1'1'Xlhem.1J'ItanWlAdddenty ~~andfDlpBh

vision, which can lead to bHrdness and ~ death.


Kwanbaso laments dearth of . qualified engineers

vttamIn A

O!ntd~v.uncn. and

Salman. _ho Is one of the 24 members of lhe state House ()( AsMmbly. saJd that. hi: cJd not !maw the esKnCt 01 wtnntng an elccUon untU the rerun. adding that. h e was happy the first limo!, but happier now. Biola M et-a . DOM


. Ji'Tom I(ft. Permanent Secretarv. Oyo S tate: Iflnl.stry of lrifonnatfon. lit" 'I\utde Busari; Information Com· mLssloner, art" Bosun Ola.dele and the cha.innan. Oyo S tate Hospitals' Management Board., Aihqll Oloyide at a briefing on the acthrltia oj the board in the leut one geg.r. in lbada.n. on 7'uescIaM. .

Court releases Ndume's passport to perform lesser Hcq;


Federal High Court. sitting In

ICPC, NUC poised to fight corruption in N~erian universities :?~:;::~~~:= Idowu Samllel, ClClIlellt Idoko and Qudint Hakeem·Apanpa part of effort!! of the (lCPCI 10 comrid the Nlgertan society or corrupUon. It has co-opted youlh!l by 1nI· tlaw.<f the Students Anll. Corn.J~ V,,~ ....... tsAVJ -~--ns o f In 80me Institutio learning across the 00UJl.

of Technology l~lJJEC li l 0gb011lO8O. where be admonished the students to be good ambassadors of the ausade.. so as to en· able It y1ckt the expected


efforts should be made to curb lhem as a matter of


This. according 10 the head of Ute ICPC tn Oyo/ Ogun Slate. Mr Oluxaan Oluklie. wouJd make the

nm~!~0y'n. Y'" .... '"........ ........... youths woukl become futun leaders. M, OlukU, dl-- I- - d -~, thlsrecenUyln~ " " & " " " " -'

while Inauguraung the Studcnls AnU-CorrupOoo Vanguard (SAV) or the LadokeAklntolaUntverslly

resu1 L

He. however.expn:sscd ecncem at the rate nega· ~ v1ce8 are laking pred I I NI rt

om nance n ge a n unlIICf'5IUCS. a ddIng that..

urgency. so that our Il8Uon can move forward.

MeanwhIle. the ICPC.

In coUabomUon with the National Univers ities CommlMlon INUC), have launched. S)'IIlem Review Into lert1aIy InsUtullon5 tn Nigeria. with a V1ew to "''!!'Cding OUI endemic 001'rupUon In them. Both bodJes at a jotnt press conference In Abuja .. no led lhat ,un; most tertJary tnsUtullon8 In NIger1a an! now bedcv1lIed by corrupUve tendendes. In· eluding mcketcertng with admission process. e:xamI. nation malpractices.

8exual harassments on the part of IItuden ts and lectum'S and acts of pia· glarIsm. ICPC and NUC agreed thattheddayandncn·pay· ment 0( gratulUCS to pensloners. ralstncallon and manJpu1allon or examina· lion I'ttOrds. non·.dher· ence bidding d to contract rd d ~_. _~~_ •.!.~es.~..:~, .

has _,, _"

presldcntand8CCrct" rv of the association. Dr M.A and l5ah A Yahaya. ~pectivdy. said thls has become necessary. in or· derto protect the ItIIes and property of the peopl~. It opi n ed that when

..-,....................... '



tauon pr0ces5. are parts \/Ices to be fought and ex· tenninaled from NIgcr1an universities.

Assocta'tion ca11s JItor establishment of Army barracks ,-thIlshm'"::;""of;~ ~ ~ Ad~1z.a Mohammed 6abiu., 0wIau


IQUED by the spate of threats by rell · glOu8 fundamental · ISUI In O kene 10wn. In Kogl State, the Eblra PeopJe'!lAs8OctalionIEPA)

_to_ ..... y

racks within Okcne town and Its envtrons. A statement Issued to reporten on Thesday. tn Gusau . Zamfara State. and lltgJledbythenaUona1

Chime approves N2bn for workers' estate T;'~e~~~~ts~a~:

-ESur gets N255mfor l eT

approved a loan of N2 billion rrom lhe Federal Mongage Bank for the de\>elopmentofthc Enugu State workers' estate at Dgbcke Nlkc. Enugu Ea!!t Local Government Area 0( the aUue. The state Commls stoner for InfonnaUon. Mr Chuks Ugwo~. who disclosed this while br1c:flng the press on the outcome of a meeting of the State ExccuUve Council, said. the project. whldl will be

developers. Ceebt World DeveklpmenlandKayUods Umlted. will consist d two-bedroom and th~-bc:d·

room~ lOur-bed-

room duplex and t'WO-bed-room block of flats. He said that the housJog pn:IjCCt _ I n Ilnc wllh the govemor"s detcrmtnalIoo to provide alTort1able


parts. Dr Ortuanya. Dr Oluedo and John Egbo. further c:ll8cloeed that the coundl abo approved the sum of N2.55 mtIUon ror deployment or Inlonnalion Com munlcatlon Techno logy (lCI1 eqUIpment to the Enugu State Un~lty of Sdencc and Tcchnoklgy (ESIJ11.


AlIyu Ndum~'s travellJng documents. which have been In the court's cuslody. This will enab&c him to travel to Saud! Anlbia to perfonn leS5Cr hajj. Urnrah, between August I and31.2012. Ndume Is standing trial on a (our- count c harge . (o r all~g'dly sponsortng the dreaded Boko Hcu-am sect. lie had ea rller . through hts counsd. S . Jolaawo. fo rwarded an application seektng the

release of hist otravelling documents enable him travel t o Saudi Arabia to perfo nn hiS reIlglou. obllg.uon ...., --d 10 also attend to his health

In J~da.

..... Although.the prosecutlon had . through S . Mordl. o bj e c ted to the

~~a~ !~:;!e~~a:~~c~,:~

=h!:i:! the people and Insecurtty ~~~~d would TIle statement a lso appealed to the Kogi State police c ommand to up. grade and deploy Its men to Ihtma police post and establish functional po. lice slaUons In Adavt Eba. Ege. Usungwe. Obeh lra and Elka Ovete. The aMOdalion called on the mIllUUYand othcT security agenCies In Ellimland to ao,,;Hd moles· tallo n . harassment and extJ'a.JudldaI k:lIling!t ofln. noc::entdtJ:l:r:NdEblraland

Jeo pardise the o ngOing trial. The court. h o wever. held that II lies on the state to prove that r~ ­ leasing Ndume's pass port to enable him travel to Saudi Arabia. 80 as to perfonn the lesser hajj. wUl not Jcopardlsc: the er· forts of the s e c urit y agcncles to c urb the rav aging a c tivities o r the dreaded Boko Hat"am sec t . whic h I~d t o the

which woukI bI! handled by AFRI HUB Ntgcrta. would o f Kano m t' tropoUs . as ocnsl5tdeooworkstaHons death of many Nlger11lJ18 well 8S ID !ga r o ad and one dlgltalllbn:uy with In the last 14 months. p rojttts 1n f{..a"'aO __ ct_ly_·_--,~", "",~cu!!!!"~d,-"by,-,t"'~' wo ~'~I~a~I,,--~_ =~En=,,,,,,,,",,,, :.::=='~coun :.::~"" =---,,,,,,,,,ax""'~OPU~""' ~_ _ _ _ _~d~w1ng,,,,&J'''''''''''''~_'''''''''''~.~_Tun =='',-,Oy ..,... =ln=.~.~Ah =o~j"" Ugwoke. who was a c· companied by his EducaOan. RW'll1 Development


Nigeria releases Vitamin A maize to improve nutrition


Nigeria releases Vitamin A maize to improve nutrition