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'Emergence of new diseases, thr~at to livestock industry'

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dTect vdy curtail and tackle the emerging gkJba hc-a lh problentl5 90 that they don', pose a seriou5 danger to the development the livestock ndUlitrv tn Nigeria . [Ullmal hl!a1Ut and management t'll:pcr1s. as w.!11 as \'I!ttrtnary doctors in the coun· try IIIlS ' uU~ llde thetr k:nowl~. sharpen their IlikJlIs in cxd.~ to be profrssiOnally cumpttenl and ~1~'aI11 in lhls modem day 10 address these: probk:n\5. A vertlllll y doctor a nd public health expert. Dr Olureml Buiarlnwa Adcdcj1. gayc these words 01 advice wlllc adllrrsslng livestOCk farmers.. animal healUl sck'nLs;s I n I vcrUnartans recenlly 111 lbadan. Oyo


Slat~ .

Adcn~lllf: partictpant:i al lhc ~tlly COflCluded slale (cnfo-C:lltt of the Ni~'1:rian Vc:rUnary Mcdk:al AssodaU OIi (NVMA), Oyo Stale branch. held Inskle the Banql~ t 11Il1l . Jogor Centre. Uberty road. Oke· Ado. lbadan. the key nole speaker. ProfCS"lOl" Gabriel TaJwu NJctUIIJ ~u 1dlpt. who Is the Prel!iKlr:nt 01 r.hf: VelmnaJ)' CouncIl ofNtgerta (\leN).. but was ~tted at lhe oo:asskon by D r. Adedcjl explained that the Ulone choo!Iofn for t ..l!- year conf~rena: whk:/1 was: -EnlCfgtog mJlJai H·:alUt Challenges A1Tecllng the UveslOck Indust!) in I'f gena-. could not haVl!: come al any other ume !)ettu 011 n now. conskic:rtn,~ lhe ClIrTe111 tre nd and the cpkSo.::nuc nature emerglnt di.<;c;lSeII all ave.the "",,1<1. Dr. -.dedej or lite Departml'llt (If Ve terin ary m~lcL'e. rubllc Health and Pr~-entlve Medlctne. Faculty or Va- Inary Medlcine. Unlvernll y or lbadan. staled lhal thuugh global-



(RBDA)¥ Professor Paul

ductlon n ot only for do-

Marley. who spoke wllll Tribune AgrleultUTCI bl Minna. the Niger Slate capllal.hlgtilightc:d thai no matter Ute Incc:ntl'ou, beIng Introduocd to the o.grtC'U1!uraJ &cCttJr, mtcha-

mesllc consumpUon, but b' export purpose too. -We cannot ask a youth. who Is a graduate. to ~ 1.0 lhe farm no matter the toa:nUves gtvcn to him 10 bold • bot: to pracUce thb tradlllonal method. oC agrttulturc:. It will be very difIlCUlt In this modem flme. If we

_In; •.':;;.:;"to~ fU>1h<r II wi", an.Unocl more &ector and

tng human


are zool1ollc. nlls he ell1pha-

slt.ed Include: many Infections with global n:ac h such as IIIV. SARS. Wesl Nile Virus. htghly pal.tKtgc:1tS Avian

Influenza tH5NII and the nlOre ra:c:nl Influenza virus· HINI Said he -nlere are lI1ultiple. complex reasons for thJs ernrrgence. 11le ll:KJ\lt:nlt:nt of paUtogc:ns through modern jet tra~l . and landscapt transfonnatJon kader 10 doscr contact bcl~n wUdUrl:: and humans. as v.-cll as wOdltfe and Itvcstock-. hI:: uffimll:d Other factors as highlighted by Ute e:xpc:n Included: lhc raising or llvesuxk and poultry In close: assoda lion -.1UI peoples. lnadequat~ bi06ecur1ty in IIw:stock






I3abElr1tfda AIIyu auUIOI1zIcd the stale Q1uu,ds5Iu .... for AWtcultureandRural ~ CJPllCl11. AIlIaJI MahIlmmed Kv.uu AbduIIabL ID pDcc: cmtr ..tdIUmaI fifty tradtn v.1lIch should be: deItYcm1 bd:n thE co:I cL Utis




He Aakl the: addtuouaJ

~man1Yal ...1Dbedls-

trlbuted 10 dle rice prodI..Ic-log an:a9 cL dlC sta~ -.1lh the: v\tw ID I'urther boost rice pnxluctIon and lhI..Is malnta1nIr€ lIS k:ad as the htt1lest rice produa:r In the:

~ AJIyu has a8;) dirccled U18t UIt: l OOI.raCtln already ~ shtruId be dbtrlbutoito ihe tJuttscnatortaI 2CIlCS cL the state. aD bl the. bkI to booal Ibcd pr0duction d an mtqpa as a way d ~ Iiutners



He d tscloecd that the Federal Government In lIS wt!d:Jm. has ~ the: stal£ !JeW:O nee mUls and they 118Vt: been dl5tr1buto1to the rice pnXIuc:b~ 1cJW051ndud-

Ing Wushls h l. Badeggl. Wuya. Auna. Kwakutl. JIma Doko and ~ In order 10 furthc:r as5l!R In rice pro--dUCUOn

agrtcullure·. he allltJ:d. Marley also pointed oul that rdevant lnpuls like fc:rUllzer. unproved seedlings and adequate fundtng Uuvugh bm.s should not be: seasonal. bul must be prov1ded all year round fur both ram-red and in1ga"" fannfng. N:oonltng 10 him. .ow£anne:ra ~ not. supposed to be movtng aimlessly ~ J(r rert1l1zer. [( ~

production with 100 tractors



there was a IJC"eVIlillng attitude among Itcnlth professionals Uml the 5COuge (If Infe(:lIons diseases had largely been c...nquc:red and the rocus of medldllt: could be: shifu:d to I~IJC'. carttio¥ascuJar and other 000 tnfectlons categories of dlseascs-gulte to Iht contrary. the curren I period 15 charact~rtsed by the: c:rnc:rgc:nce of new Infectious dis _ of anillUlI and humans. and the: re~mergence: of diseases previously thought to be: under control. such 85 tubeft:ulosl!-. thus compounding this growing problems: he added. Talking about the factors that a~ prectpttailng Ult: 9p~d of these emaglng dIseasc:s. Dr Adedc:JI saki II Is reported Uta! 64 per omt of 1.400 known human

"""" """'"" '" top onfannlng the prb1ly agmda

bcndlt:l. It ~l!I also cn" aled ntlUl)' nt\1 challaJges ror our oodct:'. Includtng chalIen~ b} lhe maJnterta.nI..~ .1I animal. human

"'-!fer Stale J!fI'I

conference org(ll1./.Hd by the Nigerian Vet-

&_cl.iion (NVMAJ. <>yo State branch. recently. In lbadan. ment or dfecU~ antJbkJOcs and VS(:'Cines -.'dl advanced. pathogens are zoonotIC and that 73 per cenl of emttg-

;ItBDA boss counse~s youth on commercial farming

ization has 1'Ieid many

r.rnmel1l recently la\lOCh! 'd 100 trncten and tid' mpIemC1ts 10 further bo lI!Il iKxl pr1>' duc llon In the state throug h mechanised

and environmental health. lils words. -one: 0( lite major emerging gl<!,bal health Issues affecting the livestock lndusl.ry aU 0VI!:r the wortd loday. is enJeTgIng diseases and 7.00n0SeS. In the mid-20th ce:ntury. wlUl devdop-

TIle governor. .... local "'""""'" the ous poernmcnt c:as d ihe stale 10 .!ICC

wants fertilizer. lh~y sbould be: able to get Il wlthoul sweat; If they \\"anLs ~. they should be able to get Il wtlhOul havtng to uavd rar, even soft. IaIns sbouJd be m.adc &VIliIttit lOr them throughout the year." . He aI50 called on p . CITlJI1IeI'ri. and other rdaled bodice on agncullure to embark 0.0 uggres51~e aeoaltlsation a nd mobUlsaUoo of rarmers. cspedaIly lhe ablebodlc:d youths that agr1CUlture can be: bcneftdal and Utat they ehouId also make sure ilial the markets an:: then: to ab80rb their han>esta.. addtog thal tlcouJd be frostratmg If after producing agri. cultural produces. the buy ers are not readily


accordII~ ID

him. the I'armc:n 10 abandon such aopa If~ mscs~ beIng RUJrdc:d nfia' hanesl. Madey also enjOIned rarmera to form them seI..-es Into co-opcrallve societies. sm:sstng that Il Is an easier '\\"8y to draw loans and also hire tractors to embark (l[I large scale fanning to further boost ls capable

or leading

food pnxtUCUOn.

nUU13f,'C:menl and thl:: d~­ V(!lopment or antibiotics reststana: In the case: 01 bacll::rta diseases. He further po5lted Ihal the greatest chalknges in today's global !ICdely Is lack or atkqual~ rt:SeaI'Ch &net traIning. ilUlikquale I.OlM&.. and skills ncussruy 10 succcssfuI wldc:rstand. antJd. pate. track and control


and to c:stabIIsIl mrong cooperatM. linkages and net'AUk with oUII7 health lID' f~slonals aeross organtsaUon.!5 and dl.!5Clplli~

This hI:: observed. 15 Important to prutttl and c:nhana: the growth In lilt naUon's livestock Indus· "Y. l11e prof~slon is at cross roads . GIoballzaOon 15 creattng c.ha1k:ngcs UWI will require an expanding cadre 01 compc:lent Vl!:tc:rlnanans committed to the pufonllll.l'lCe cf public good runctlofl5. "11l1s situation Is erbated by the fact that many ~tertnary doctOT!i

working ror the agencies that conduct pubUc good fWlCtJons an reaching re-

tirement age and ~. menl rOt' thelT poslUOn 8R not being identlfled. This Is I\utller aggra''8t~ bv Ule current economk: recession. ilt Which government may fl'tttt or eltmltwte positions rat.hcr than rdlll them. he added.· lie. ~r. appealed to on stakeholdeB In velerutary and public health profession to put heads togetlter and ddlbc:rate on how to effecUvelv handle the challenges c ur~nlly affecung the livestock In · dllStry In Ute COUIltr) as a result or emerging global health


Niger govt lifts rice production with 100 tractors

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