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Nigerla.o T ribune 35 Tuesday. 160clober. 2012

FG to give 5 mllIion phones to women fanners in 2013 Storie. by O l u ...n ;uD Ay.ntokuo. La,os ItESIDENT

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Jonathan Ihal


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IIlIlhon fc:nkllc: fanners In Nigeria will bcne:n, from dlC' gender fr1Clldbl~ of hl!> admlnlSlrauon come :./:01:" :..dylll&c<u:h uflhcll1 .... 111 Ill: given a mobile

phone Ik lllade tilt> kuown In


of Ule Nauon al Assembly

Mr PR:skk:Iu also noted

lhal hlsadmlntsllllUon had

workc:d 10 ImprOve the poeolllOll oi women In llit society by empowc:rlng them economk:1tlly; apart

I"ues s lartlng with five pilot mlnlslrles which Indude agrlcullure, h ealth; tOl11 l11Ulll tlHloll technology; water resour("es and works These mlnlSlrles arc

s igning MoUs wllh the Mlnlstr) c.f Women ,,(fJ, Irs 10 deliver on !lpe Ifl C se r Vices for

u..mpIc". wW ",or!, wilh the MliUstry O(CCIIl un ,mlCaUOCl Tetimology 10 cru.urc that

1 k prbidenl saki thr fh'e IlJllkle mobtk phones I.. r~ tt- j • • 5 10 enable

A~ mllllCXl W'OIJ1c:IlllJnIlC~r.i

Vl'0I lell

wonlen.~ h~ explalll~d

and a~rlcilltural entrepreneurs ru'elve mOOUc phona,. ~ he :..aid

infOl m"UlCI [Ill ctgro-Ulptlb

", !..'o rdlng to lum. -the Mlnbtry at AgJ1culiure. for

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from makmg than pan 0( his cabinet "Nc:verthr l rss. further Intc:grate: WOmen


In the varIous stctors. we IU:lvC de velope d an

Innovative approal:h 10

malnstreamlng gender



il E Minister o f lI ealth. Professor

Onyebuchl ( hukwtl, hal> Indicated Ihat hi s ministry IS plannlllg to launCh a mobile pallellt feedbdck J,>loJlform In 2013 lie said Ihe pliliform -'(Juld enahle pallenls dnd 'or Ihclr relatlvcs 1<.1 lodge complaints against hospllals as '" ell as help pu,.h Ihe l'ounlry's health ",orku,. 10 deliver world cla,.s servh;es According 10 Nlgerlo (c..-lImunkotioll Week, Ihe J'dlll:nt Feedback I'latform (PFP) slaled Illr laun(;h early n ex i year. ~Ille ans patients and their relallves call !oend their complain IS or co mmendations doout !Ioervlces direct to the health mlnlster's offKe by S MS 'al no COSI lu Ihe pallent The ICT news medium says It will simply work by offe ring Niger ians complai n IS reglslrallon Ihrough ::O MS frolll their ce ll phones with the overall dim of achieVing superior pallents care According 10 the mlnlSler. co mplain IS aboul deparlmenls, .agencies a nd paras l81 HIs under Ih e health ministry would be dlrecled to the .ffecled c hid executives Chu k wu said. by accepting dlrecl fomplalnu•. ~we orrer ulIrseives opportunity to redee m ourse lves" ~Wh lle we recognise Ihelr Ipa llents ) rlghls 10 write 10 Ihe Nallo nal "sse ll1bl y. send tomp la l nlS 10 the Public Comp lalnlS COmmiSS iOn , the Co n s umer ProlecCion Agency a nd beyond Ihe ministry . let us offer Ihem Ihat flrsl c h o ice by presenting t heir lomplal lll s first to us. ~ he added li e de clared that serv ice: delivery In Nigeria 's h ospita ls was

"Impa<':led negallvely by poorly mollva led heahh workers. poor time managemenl , Strikes and lack of equ ipment and person n el' "Patients and their relatives vlsltl n & lertlary h ospll a ls also face long waiting lime, poor staff attitude In ability 10 Idenllfy relevant service points and battle with In <.:o n v e n l e n l pro<.:ed uret> ror pay men I S and complaint:.. - he added

Airtel boss describes Nigerians as responsive, determined in life pu rsuit D /C EO of Airtel h elps JX=Ople get ahead s tr( ngihenlllg bonds of N igeria. RaJan Ilc exp lai ned that frlrndshlp on life 's Swa r oop, has Ihls underlay the new su("'css Journey described Ihe people of Ihemallt'campatgno(hls Mr S waroop said. Nigeria as Ihose Ihal company taggc:d ·PbdJN~ - Ih cllmpalgn Is a display an oullook or Good ThfngO" ct:lebrallvnoffrlerubhlp, determination He spoke al the asl , depI<lS howwecan, n:sponslvencss and self nagging off o( Ihe as ~ people. collecUvely belief In the pursu it of campaign, last week . In achieve success wllh lhe Lagos where h e a lso help of our n etwork o( life goals These attributes arc highlig hted Alrtd 's fric:ndsbvn:lyillgonthcir In consona n ce with Ihe special appeal as one of talellls, hard wo rk and unlvcrsal knowledge Ihe foremoSl teleco m s dedicationIhal knOWing the rlghl opcrafOr.!l In Nigeria and lie noted lhal hi !! p eople a nd .!iilaylng olle with the tradition of company shared the con n ected wllh Ihem conneCllng frlcnds a n d Nig,nan a llrlbutes with ___ __ _ ___ ____ _


his ("lIstOlnt rs - hell("r the theme of Ihe campaign In his nm'lrk.s. the ('hlef Ope-rat,n!! OlflC{f E,;ecullve nlrecH.r , Drepak ~rIV8S l a\a, pro m ised Ihal -Ihe company will con llnue to Innovate anj <.:ol11e up with more ('(clling and pocketfn,.ncly offerings Ihat would rurther deepen re l ,1I10ns h lps and also hell' CUSIOlllen to aclueve Sl.CCCSS III all

inox wins 'Computer Company of the Year NOX Computers, Nigeria'S pio neer omputer brand , has been awarded ComputaCompanydthe Year 2012 by the Ntgertan Tdccom Awards. Chabmano(theBoatd ol1h.lsICCSohhc NfFr1an Telecom Awards. Chief Ak:x Aktnyde, presented theaWiUdalantmprc!l6tVC; event attended by the acruor management dthe l..ogk:a Media Group and Zinos Tec hnologies UmUed. 1ltc f"on:ner minlStCr" 0( sports said that he was proudtobcp.-escntlngthe award to ZInox as II mark of honour, acknowledgement and


rc:specL Ctucf Akinydc ~ that the award was ~



coosIdcn\tJono(thesuperb perfonnilnee of Zinox during the voletS' reglalratton exe r cise of 2011,tlcsaklthatlJnoxl'Dl only ddt\.uuI fuUy ahead of INEe's lead-Ume but sUCCC:cdc:d In laying the foundation for the 2011 general elections. By so doing. he 5IUd thai Ztnox rcston:d credibility and co nndence 10 the


pnlCl11JD1~ In


ConlUlulngthedta.Uoo. CtUd"AkinydcsaJdthatthe cUnc:ha was ihal recently. 2Jnax d6splaycd the depth ofltscartngspirUwhcnthe company donaled patrol vans and secwuy gadgets valued al OYer NlOOm to Lap and Imo Statta. 1l1osc donations to the accurity sector , at this Int In time. ro ccled

ZJnnx as a responsible and responalve corporate Cltlull who Is more Interulc:d In the growth and stability o f Its operaUonal envtronmellt than In Its prnftt margtn. he saJd...

Commending 2Jnax ilr the well considered Intervenllon , C hief AIdnyeIc&aldIhaINIgo1ans mUM nole that no b-eIgn OOUlpony could make such an Invcstmcnt In another Olan'sland..ln hls words. 'onIj Ntgcnanscanredecm Nlgena' IleocMngthe Stan Ekeh. Chalnnan of lhe Ztnox Group. pratsed lIle Nigerian Teleco m Awi:trdsilrllscxxltrlbuUOll6 to l he establishment of standards wllhln the Industry. Mr Ekeh said that he was acocpuns the

award w1th a deep sense: knowing thai

0( hwnUity

II would motNate him to

greater hdgtuS, Mr Ekeh used Ihe oppcw1W11ty 10 announce

thaI ZlnoJI Telecoms, a subsidiary In Ihe Zlnox Gro up, h lls made substantial In\eslmcnt In the Installalion of a atale-of-the -url C- band IDlrect Evolution lIub Technology Installed primarily for betler Irlple solullon VO IP, DATA, VIDEO, mTERNET experience throughout Niger ia . the Zinos Telecoms New Evolution Hub will supply errtclelll and superior bandw"hh 10 unravel the huge development potentials 0( N he

an: s of efldcavours I e "tressed Ih.1I Air d's leading role as Ihe Tro potople netwo rk' wa ·ell.tcled In lis be:p k.. range of proillcil services and off. rl Ig~ Including the 5<N p~r ('Cnt bonus offer wh , Ii I" currently the ral r of Ihe momenl. 2G,(;d packages: Wa oilia C lub 10; Quic k Tall;, no C lub BUSiness . 10 I ICI111011 hut II few I e,eatlng the classy Ielt ..1110.1 advenlsement of h·· campaign 10 Ihe me Ii; 11 throws up the nal n.lIve of a Nigerian ch.. ractcr, lIa lf Dollur a r Iiterl .. n youngste r wh) drea m s big lind pot!>fSS<e:. an awesome Sll1 'lllIg ,a!cnt but yr l to fin. 1.15 blg bn:ak 111:. i rlends lire his blg " esl r.. n s and when cal e ll u~n. they usc the r cOlleclive: strellgl h am I rrOr15 10 get him a luc'a Iv,. recording d,.al Ih .. 1 lell 10 his mu c h ne. dl d Il1g hreak II v.rUI be recalled Ihal IIIJ l.!iit llbout two years of de ll v! rll1g quality tell cr,ms 5C.fVk'es 10 over 20 II Ili ion custolilers . Al l e 's Innovallveness ha\C: pmven 10 be: a big ba g.,ln, building rd .. ttonsh lps ilcrOS5 50( ,0 cultural. political. n:1'Jluus and professional bar j, rs


FG to give 5 million phones to women farmers in 2013