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Monday. 14 November, 2011

NCREASING research quality. building partnerships and enhancing c.lpacilies to generate impact at the farm level will funnthe majora!,;endaoflhe In ternational Insti tute of Tropical Agriculture (OTA) in the years ahe.ld. according to Dr Nteranya Sanginga. the new DirectorGeneral of the institute. The new foo.lS, according 10 hi m. was aimoo al



ITfA to raise research quality, build more partnerships .-DC confronting the emerging challenges to food security and livelihoods in tro pical cou ntries, including climale change and the degradation in soils and other nat ural n!SOurces. "Equally importa nt is UTA's mternal organ!sa llon," Sangmga said during a welcome address

to members vf staff, Acrording to him. impro \ing the quality of research on a \'OOtinuous hasis would enable the institule 10 retain and maintain its position as the lOp agricultural research-for-develOpD;lcnt (R40) organisation in Africa. In its 44 years of exist-

Trilbunal sacks Dakingari Math... Ab<aham, __ Binun _ ' Kebb'

HE goYo!rno rship election petition tribun il Silting in Bimin Kebbi. K~bi State. on Sunday evening. nullifi ed the e\ec :ion that brought Govenor Said u Dakingari into ::Jffice and ordered for a fre5h election within 90 d aY:J, as provided by the 201 ') Electoral


0'Cders fresh t!L,-'ecti'on WI'thin 90days

INEC to cond uct a fresh election. Arter the judg ment, counsel for the PDP, Dr Amaech i Nwa iwu, said the tribunal had passed its judgnlent in accordance with the law, though not

accepta ble, addi ng that co nsultat io ns would be made for possib le appeal Counsel for the Cong ress for Progressive Change (CPC), Sam Kargoo, said the judgment was okay and acceptable.

cnce, rrrA had led researm on the control of cassava mealybug (a assava pest) that generated benefits worth between $15.6 and $Z7.8 billion based on 2001 estimates. Sanginga emphasised the importance of partnerships and the need 10 help build the capacity of partners, adding that growing interdependence with partners was crucial in carrying out the institute's mission and vision of eradicating hungu and poverty. Prior to this appointment, Sanginga, w ho is now the scwnth UTA director-gencral, was the director of the Tropical Soil Biology and f'ertility lre;liIute of the Centro lntemadonaJ de

AgrkuItura Tropical (I'SBFClAT) based in Nairobi,

Kenya. He has mo re than 2 1 years of experience in the 6eld of agricultUIal re5earm and development, particularly in applied miaobial ecology, plant nutrition and integraled natural resources management in Africa, Latin America. and SouthEast Asia Sanginga had worked for UTA fo r 14 years, between 1989 to 2002 and also did his postgraduate training at UTA He ho lds a Ph.D in Agronomy /Soil Biology from o joint programmebetween UTA and the lnstitut Facultaire des Sciences Agronomiques,. Yangambi.

DR Congo. He studied at Licence Speciale en Sciences Biol~ giques, Universite Ca tholique de Louvain, louvainLa-Neuve. Belgium and ~ tained lngenieur Agron~ me at the Faculty of Agricultu re, Ya ngambi, DR Congo. According to Bryan Harvey, chair of the UTA's Board of Trus tees, San ginga was selected from an outstanding g roup of ca ndid a tes, as hi s achievements in rei nvigorating TSBF-ClAT, as well as his ex tensive ex perience in tropical agricu lture. made him an ideal choice to take on the much b road e r task of guiding lIT A into the next decade,



Delivering her judgment,. the chaimlan ol the tri bunal, Jus tke Mai ro Mohammed, s.,jd the April 26 election that ushered in Governor Dakingari was not properly conducted by the Independent National Electora l Corn mission (lNEC) with reterence to Section 140 sub-:iection (1) and (2). According to the judgment, the !NEC failed to comply with tht Electoral Act of 201 0 as lme nded and, theref<'rI!, Ol!lIified the election and ordered the

Road expansior: OB), S

buildinZ, AnIOSun'S family nouseset for demolition O layinkl O lukoya, Abeokuta



skr scraper build ing belo"lging to former president, Olusegun Obz.s mjo; the fa mily house oi the Ogun Sta te governor, Sena to r Ibikunle Amosun and several buildings located on Ita- lyaJode and Totoro areas ofOgun State .lre sci (or demolition as from today. A sta tement SIgned by the Press Offi cf' r 10 the Governor, \Vole 3okunbi, made available ttl the Nigerian Tribuneor Sunday, had it that th e construction comp<l ny handling the dualisation tI( IbnraIt a·Eko-Soko ri ·To toro road, had moved 10 site to begin the demolition. The governo r, according to the statem>!'flt, had, on Sund ay, paid an onthe-spot assessment tou r to the affected arelS, while reiterating the rEsolve of the administra tion to adequately compensate Ule owne rs of the ilHected buildings.

.. ' j," _NE vv_S

3RD PARTY MOTOR INSURANCE IS A MUST! ." AND IT PROVIDES COMPENSATION Thf Insurance Act 2003 make it mandatory for all owners or users of motor vehicles to take up 3rd Party Insurance Policy wi th a registe red Insurer to cover fo r liability he/she may incur with a 3rd party resulting in death, injur,: o r properly damage.

OBTAIN YOUR COVER FROM REGISTERED INSURANCE COMPANIES ONLY. Consult an Insurance Company. Broker or Agent ror your cover

NAI COM ... making in surance worle for everyone


IITA to raise research quality, build more partnerships -DC

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