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Ni,eMaD Wednesday, 13 June. 2012

C Olllln..nit.yN~1Us ':~:"';t:: .~.~~~~o~~Y.~t!,£~~",~~~d ~~~?~~,g~~e~~~~~n"~~!t~~,?q".~~~~g~~y l~~o~~~~o~,

il E Urhobo people have been charged to aU81aln Ule leg.c lcs of thClf laiC leader


crill of Urhobo Progress Union tUPUI. Chid Iknjamln a Okumagba, Okurnagba I.Ulc Oro.-U.t'n ofOkcre UrhobeJ Kingdom.

governor, Prort-asor AmD8 UIU_ma, who cuklllglscd lhe laiC Urhobo leader al the

recently dunng the flnal rile of passage of the leader, aaylng that -he was. mun worthy 10 be emulated fo r his leader-

Urhobo his tory The OtOl" of Urhobo kingdom, C hid Wilson Eboh In hla welcome addrr:as al the burlal ccr· emony Slated that the

occasion had .fforded thcm the opponunlly to show case their riCh tra· dillOn and culture to the whole workl pn>mlSing 10 austaln the struggles of the deparled leader 10r06uen) Deacrlblng Chid Okumagba aa a dogged fighter, ChldEboh sialed tha' hlS IIle "'OLS Ihal of social Jusllce -Hefoughlufrecdom. Justice and peace . lie slood fOf the lruth al a" umes lie served and led his people wnh gtcal pas skln-, adding tJlal he waa always ready 10 IIIIcr1fice aU he had to promote and auataln the co llecllve dcstln~ of the people of Okere kJngdom But the head 01 the Okl

told tho Communfry News th ai Chid Benjamin O"'un"gbo.wastrulyahard worktncandwonhyaonci Umotll4and and until hlS dealll ,,-as tht: Olora of Okcrt Urhobo Kfngdom and 1001 the Orosuen.-addtng lhal they were In coun with him over the o..uc·'lShlp which he at leg<dly hiJacked. The I1nal rlles of pu &age C<:KlllOny whk:h en .ured ,hat all traders and busln. sses In the Okuru gba a..-.:nue area 01 WarT 'eO Lain do.sed was attend ~d by lOp govern men' f,.lm·llonar1CS. hlgh chk:f:. IOd o.ther vuy 1m ponan dignltaJ1ca includ IngChltfr K Clark, Elder Orubcl e. who. represented Pruklenl Jonathan, UPU presld ' nlgeneral , MaJ Cen p, tr11.''' AU%a. statt: comln'.Sloners. Chlds Amorl Omo·Agege Mathe If Onoge among othera

Esie community craves for employment of indigenes by National La os landlady Museum bathes ex-tenant

Biola Aaeu.. Uorta fE people of Esle comm unity In Irepodun Local Covernment Area of Kwara Slale have uked the ac..le governmenl 10 consider Ihelr sona and daughters for empJoymenl and other opporlunltleS that Ihe oldeal nallonal museum localed In Ihe area offen Speaking al Ihe


'","".n .,


gallery and opening of cxhlblUOn lit the National Muaeum, Esle, laat Friday, the trad ilional ruler of Ihe community. the £ 1_ '. of Esk:, ~I Vakubu Babak)Ja EgunjObi 11. reJterwled commitment 01 the people to the development of the mU5C'Urn. addtng lhalthey would conllnue to contnbule their WIdow's mite 10 Its progrus The traditional ruler. who a.ld the CIIlablishmenl of the museum had broughl



dUTercnt parts

of the country' wnh each contrlbullng 10 Its

dCV'CkJpment, prayed ULaI the unlly would bring about much dc1Idopmel1L -We al £ale are happy to witness this epoch making occaSion. Eale Muacum Is the okicat and the nrsl museum in the country. Esle people arc happy Ulal this museum 15 establish ed here


dToru 01 Ule governmenl lor making funds avallable lor these projeClI. we are happy We have seen changes thai are taking place 10 lhe museum It III great Indeed. E61e people are vuy grateful: he said Also speaking Covernor Abdullatah Ahmed. who was represented by the Commlsaloner for Social ~Iopment and Culture, AlhaJa Rahmala Abaya , the IWtn events were central to the cultural and a 0 c I 0 - e con 0 m I c devdopmcnl of the alale. adding thai the gallery and exhibition would regenef"llte 8,. re·awaken tnlereal In our nalural endowments with potenUal to shore up the revenue base of the

n_1Ion TbJ;. gOVCfpof,

co"rnfl n cj e4\1


4: ....


c>rgariSc:rs of the event


tho commitment to the promotion ollndlgenoua artworka In Nlgerta and cullural her1tage. added that loumm remained a money aplnnlng tnduatry' aCf'OU the world He said his ad min Is I ra t lon's programme of shared

prosperity placed premium on tourlam devdopment tNtscd on Its capactlytottealejobsand atlmulate growth. adding that government had embarked on a phaaed I 11 f r a a I rue t u r a 1 development of lourlsl centres In Ihe stale. such as Owu Fan. a n d Pallgl Ragalla . among others

He also said Ihal the events were necessary prelude to the 20 12 NaUonal Fc.sUval of Arts and Culture (NAFESTjlo be held In K.ara State. urging Ihe management of the museum 10 conllnue 10 eqUip Ihe gallery on a luatalnable basis 10 attracl panlc.lpanlS or NAF"EST from far and n~ar 10 £:sIc Museum

Cocoa farmers in Edo lament pest invasion


oeOA production In Edo Slale may surfer s serloua selback thla year, follow lug peal In vasion of the farms . the N~ Agencil o.J NIgeria (NAN) has re ported A check by NAN re vealed Ihat farmlands moslly affected by the pea' were located In Owan Weal Local Oov· emmenl area Some of Ihe affecled farmera lold NAN al Sabol~-Ora. the head· quart~oftheCOUndl.1ha1

the Invasion 114Id affected their means 0( lI~Uhood 1lle fanne... dc8crtxd the: desuucdon of lhe aop by d M: Insects as dev.. lsttng Their spokuman. Mr Andrew Iwobe, aald that the attack would have been avert~d If Ihe rel evant govf'11J.Ut-nJ..l~g~l'll. clC'S had asslsled them

wllh neceasary mate r l als and funds Iwobe said that Ihe Impact of the attacll: on Ihe crop was such that II might take a long lime for Ih~ cocoa trees 10 grow frelh leaves again According 10 him, apan rrom eating up the leavea moat of Ihe Irees .. ere also affected as lhe peSI ate deep InlO Ihern - We have ne\er had II so bad wilh pest atlacD This one la devaalatlng and moat painful as we do nOI know whal 10 do or who LO run to. - he said Anolher rarmer. Mr Abraham Igbaugba. aald Ihal bealdes the magnitude dlhe pesl attack, II happened al a difficult lime. -We all know how hardilhl~$.n; pP"ltAOa wt. the co~oa ranners,

~ith acid •

man wtl h add. was on Mon day c l ar~c.d before an Ikorod..l Magistrates' Coun I, Lagos Stale. The .ccuacd. 43. who resides al 22. Olopomejl Slre~I, O dogunyan In Ikorod\.o , Is ractng a charge: 0( IlSb.II dl She, howe\'t:r, pleaded not gulJty 10 the charge au I he pl1»tCU tor, InApec10r Fola Takunbc. saki Ihe lal,dUdy asnuhed one SUI dafJugat by pour tog a SI. balSl-.a: suspected 10 be at kt ..... him. lie uk! the complain ant, v.h) was alOrmcr len· ani oIlle lill1dlady. had a dlsagro ement with her ~r relll Takl nbc said the of· fence vas commilled on May J I al 3 30 pm at Olopt-mcjl. Ikorodu I-Ic al.1 Ihe ofrence contrav 'oed SectiOn 171 0( U.e ern lirui Code. Laws or I..ago6 ~ talc. MaglsHule Ademola AdQ4an a "ranled the ac· cused 10811 In the sum of

rely on thla crop ror our austenance -Look al whal mosl o( us had 10 go through 10 gel to thla slage and Ihls Is happening -It la very palnrul be cause II will n ol be easy ror some or the ,rcea 10 survlve,- Igbaugba aald When contacted . Ihe stale Commissioner for Agriculture. Mr Abdul Oroh. said Ihal the alale government .as already aware 01 the problem Oroh said Iha, Ihe state governmenl had also Intlmaled the Fed eral Mlnlslry of Agrlcul ture of Ihe Isaue. He thai a meeting had been scheduled ror next week belween Ihe N80, (0) ",th lWO .sureties Cocoa Farmers Aaaodauon to 1ikf:. S..Im • In the Sll\t~ and Ole tpv· I' lie a JjooJmcd the case W'meDJ -to &cellow w~ _ Jun e '2 1 rUllUur.ttiu can handle the maller.-


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Cocoa farmers in Edo lament pest invasion

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