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rnllrril'1J Tribune 26 __ ay."1 0 bctober. 1.012


Senatclr condoles with Kogi flood victims




rcprenentl Ig Kogi

Cenlnl l'Icnator1ai district of Krg Slale:. Scnator Nurudec:n Abau:ml-Usma I. has expressed S"mll)8lhy WlUl the 73.000 people rCI)ortcd ttl h la 'c been displaced I Y '6h recent flood ~lpr a 'l5S nine local govfmmclll areas and other pal-I I of the: l:ounll1' hI a stalc:ml:rl signed by his m ..... lIa al.slstanl. Michael .Icg~tlc:. the senator aslud the Federal Oo~er'Jr'lenl not to was I lime In respond,ng 10 the demands d thl Senate for a 5'Jnpl~lnel1tary budget t.) add ess olhe Illunedl311~ '~b of those affected by Ihl lood. 4My hem tfcl ! vmpathy goes out I,) till 73.000 people In 1' 0..:1 ! tale and those In olhff parts or Nlger1a Nld Ie hIVe been dtspla~I 'y n'Kd and. or course. it e lalnilles of those will! ha\e IOSllhelr IIva! to III' mh!mlty. 4Preshl"nt (oodluck

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to Ule: demands of the Scnate: asking him t o come: up wHh a suplcmentary budget 10 assist the v1CUms of the flood. ""hlch has brought untold hardship on the: arrected people,Abateml-Usman said. Whlh: commending lhe siale ~oyernment and the Na' lonal Emergency




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Ibarapa East LG boosts rulers' If _~!ltlofn:'8L1M!. pm~~' --we are

:I on of Ib a r a p a . EDrClii!1il G~i'iiment seil"iito-,- - - Ablola Area of Oyo State has AJlmobl. at the ofrtclal boosted the murale of presentallon of new traldllonaJ rulels In Ole cars to the nve leading area. by dlstrlbullng tradilional rulers In new cars to some of the area . them. Jusl RS the In the address. read people have betn urged by Ihe Commissioner to cultivate malnlt:- for Local Gov~rnment nan Cf: culture lowa rds and Chieftaincy Mat the 31nenlUe!l provided ters . Mr. Peter Olureml by govenlmenl In their Odetoml. the governor communlUes. enjoined t he people to Tht: call was co n · e.nsu~ lhe payment of lalned In an a ddress aJl necessary dues and by the stale gnvernor. taxes to the govern·

menl as Ihls was the only way Ihal the gov· em menlo cou ld provide them with dividends of democracy . In his remarks. Ihe .ElertilDa of Eruwa. Oba Samuel Adebayo Adegbola. thanked lhe govemment (or provldIng th(' new cars for the traditional rulf:rs. while he assured the slate govemment of the coop·

(NEMAUormaklngcfToftS loprovldc:n.lle:fcampsfo.lhe victims. he maintained that the slluatlon tn Kogi wall beyond lhe !Hate govemment and NEMA He :nslsted that lhe Federnl Government must Inlervene by providing Ihe net!ded supp<nt. saying that 4lhe vlctlmj!. must not bt: It!n In the lurch. '11ey \\lust bt: made to have a (ee:! of govemment-. gesture at this trying moment We flhould. at least, lellhem k now that they ha ve a government that cares about Uu~lr pllght.4

Ihe local govenltnl'llt Earlier In his welcome address. the chairman. Mr. YUIHI"! 0 Olaosegba. appeall:'d 10 the slate governlllent for Ihe provlsloll of more social amenities In Ihe area. while' he enjOined the local I!0verUme!!t lradillon ni council to reciprocale the kInd gesture by glv. Ing Ihelr maximum and fatherly support to his administration


'Nruiarawa LG set to repoMtiiln teaching profession Ademel'l


I all, N an drOIt 10 upllO Ihe " Iall( ard of educlliiol In NaS~!';" I,1 Local Governlneltf Area of Nasara"l ~,tlle. the tl'8nSl1lqll mltlagement COlllmlL~!" ell( Innan of the cou I ' II. ~ r. Ayublt Wadal. It st "eek said his a d mlnls'T! lion has perfeeU'oI pans to restore 'corr • alues In the te..lch ng p ofesslon I-l e d's ~ lo 'le d Ihls II! an till- rv ' e ,v wllh lleWWIn I " .aOa. the


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the step becam ne .-tss ary to ensure 1'1111111) as well as prur !'''!Iotlt \Ism thai would (Iarantet quall t~:'v e eJucation and mall1lena t lCf: of core valut:s ~t the leaching proft:c;s/, n . -My ~ral gc vemment 'WI


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and Nasarawa Slal(' govemment are workmg .", the silmt: page to reo Inv'Cnt Ihe 1051 glory or t he teaching profession dnd ensur(' thai u~ach.·rs are sources of pride to the community. -GIVing teachers their rlght-ul place In the 'Joclety will restore our values and reduce neg2.tlve SOC iet al burdc·n. because they will 1rain our fulurf: leaders. - he added

--- ---<>yo State- eo"ftmwioner for Local Gouerrun.ent and Chieftaincy Matters. Mr hter OluI"Cmi Odecomi. cutting the (<<pe white inaugurating new canfor trodltfona l rulers In Jbarapa Local Govern· ment Area of t he state. whUe the Elc:.ruwa of Eruwa. Oba Samuel Adebayo Adegbola (rig ht), the earetaker committee chalnnan. Mr. L.anre OlaO$egba and others watch at the COWlCil.secretariat. Eruwa. recently. (Inset are the new can}.

Adhere to town-olplanning gui~!?!!~!!!" LG b d'


IGERIANS have been advised to follow the g,uldellnes laid down by town planners while emb8rkln~ on c.'onstrucUon work . The caretaker chalnnan of Olorunsogo Local Govf:rnment Area ofOyoStale. MrOyeblsl Raheem AJlbola. gave the

advice while monltor1ng some ongulng projects In the local government area -Most of th£ problems we are now having. especially on flooding. Is as a result of bad planning and failure to adhere to rules and ~Ulatlons Yoe all need to learn to plav the game

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~~~T!lIIIKUdu~~n~I~~la~ ~wr tlle~l~erS

c,l Go"ernment .. a a Jigawa State . ('cellt y. said It would lIy ,allely of 1m· proved s'!'CtI"l for di."llrlbuUOn "fsfI1 el'l'll In tlle a~s


AU I KllIIlJd Ibrahim. lhe co mell I halrman. dlsdosc--.1 litis In Dtnlln Kudu. In an Interview With n~wslllen. Ibra him. who said lids shully :,( er laullch ·



malzevar1etydemonstralion ("nn In Blmln Kudu. said the Improved seeds to bt: bought were ma~. groundnuts. millets. SC;$ame arid rice lie pledged lhat his administration would conUnue to give prlorHy 10 agriculture as contalned In President Goodluck Jonathan's transJonnaUonagendalo make tlllllgs beller for

The Chai rman dis· closed that the council had . so (ar. spent N450.000 on the pur+ c.hll5C or Improved seeds from tlleJtgawa Slate Agrlcultural Supply Company IJASCO). Ibrnhlm also saId the agrIculture department of the counCil would train farmers on new tech niques nnd extenslon services




by Lhe rules In order to save life and property. we must resolve not 10 be:nd rules and cut corn ers agaln.- he added. TIle chalmlanchargcd the people not to pour debris In drainages. while he also Implored

Thai Is why we will continue to orientate our people 10 gel approval (rom the town plannIng authority before embarking on any conslrucllon.- 11(' add('d Some of the projects monitored we~ shopping

the JXOple to Jetlison the

complex al the market

Oyeblsl urged the people to join hands With the slate government under the able leadership of Senator Ablola Ajimobl. toglvt: the slate a new look and Image. -Governor AJlmobllS dredging streams/rivers andclearlngdrnlnagesso as 10 make sure that noodlngbecomesaUllng of lhe past In the stale.

Saruml ·Ogunte area Others were: the concrete pavemenl surrounding Ologbon MatemHy and repaJr of damaged line drains on Bonnl road Meanwhile. workeT!lln the local government area have been called upon to ~lcate their efforts to duty. This ca ll was contained In a remark by

~~~~ur:~ alo~;ge~tl~~~ ~:~:;~~~~~~~1~~:~

G a v c r n m e 11 I Admlnlslrnlion HILA! of the council. Mr Sumuel AJekllgbe. at a forum organised by Ih~ NI""er1a Union of Local Government Employees INUtGEI execullve to welcome tlle neW ('Ouncll boss to th(' local govemment re<"t.'lllly The li LA expressed hIs gratitude to Ihe management and members of starr of the local governm('llt for their hospitality 51 net his arrival. -You ,II llIust endeavour to be: punelual at your duty posts Our Job 15 very Importanl 11le only way lhrough which we can appreciate Ole Job Is to be more comnllued Our major focus sho\lld be how to Implement tlle programmes of Ihe govenlment or the dlly.~ he stated.


We'll buy seeds for farmers