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I Dangote Group


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Dango e Group companies ILHc< on the Nlgerlan Stoci[ E;~changc fNSEI has conU



of Dangote Flour Pic. AlhaJI Allko Dangole. disclosed that the Flour Group recorded a turnover of N66 . 28 billion and

of N9.70 billion. He added that the plan to commence direct and Indirect export Into stales of

Chad, Cameroun . Senegal and Liberia was already yle:ldlng fruits . polnllng OUI that ·We Inte:nd to Intensify efforts to and

strengthen the business relaUonshlp already established along the West African Coast..-

Obasanjo seeks investments in int'l agricultural research

Increase slgnllcanUy as Shareholders of Dangole Flour Mills. 1as1 week, ratified a dividend payout of N500 million for financial year cnded December :.; I . 2 0 I J .

during the c-ontpany's Annual General \1eeUng

World Class Employers Meetin,

IAGMl_ By thiS dc~elopmcnl. the total dlllJdclld paid out by the comp mlcs In

the Dangolc 0, oup In 2011 finanda.. ye 1f alone

-Prom !tiff., CommLssloner for youth and Sports, Oyo State. Honourable Dapo Adesina: Oyo State 9<Wil!rnor. Senator Abloln A,lfmobl; his Wife. Florence; Chief Of StqJJ to the Ogo state govt. Dr Adeolu Akande and Managing Director. E2'r:J7 Solutions Limited. Mrs Adaonl Ayoade. during the opening ceremony of the 1st ago State Job and Entrepreneurship Youth Fair 2012, held at Kakcuifo Inn. lbadan. Oyo Slate. last week.

ORMER Nlge:rian President. Chid Olusegun ObasanJo has caUed on the Nigerian government and Mrlcan naUons to Invest In InternaUonal agnculluraJ research by supporting the InternatlonallnsUlute of Tropical Agriculture (lITA) to lap Into the opportunJUes offered by the vast arable: lands In the conUnenL "ThIs 15 an important InsUtution for us In Nigeria and Africa and we need to support II..- saJd

LCCI berates NASS on slow passage of Pm, others


Nlge:rla Act Amendment bill. Mortgage Incentives bill.

marking the 45th anniversary of Ule blggesl Intc:mauonal agricultural research centre In the conUnenL Food Insecurity and poverty remainS on lop of the agenda of African governments but not many of them ha~ been able to m~t the Maputo declaration of allocaUng 10 pemeentofbudge15 to agriculture. Obasanjo said that for Africa to maximise Its full potenUal. lhe gove:rnm~ts on Ule: continen t must support InsUt uUons such as IITA to


have climbed to N59. 12 bUllon, ..... Itll Its Cf'mcnt subSidiary h' adlng the

pack. It will be n:calle<J that

the Dangotc (:err elll Pic. with three plz nlt , across

the coun l ry and presence In 14 A' ncan


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year. paid O'.Jl Nt9.36 billion as dlvfdcl d to Its shareholders as well as

a bonus of onc S lHC for every ten sl -ar' -s held previously. The Icadlllg

~ (menl

company had abc· paJd out N34 .86 bl 110 I ·15 lhe final dJvlden Bpproved for the 20 I o n lE-neial year. Anot.her of Its subsidiary. Oallgote sugar Rdlnery. "warded ahareholdcn wlL I ~3 .60 billion dIVide nd. while Its salt manufa,c lurlng company. NaUoilal Salt Company of .l",gerla (NASCON) equ Iy paid over N 1.8 billion as dJVldend_ Speaking on lhe development. Ct a irman

the Noodles subsidiary of the company had been able to Improve Its market acceptability In Ule: past nnanclaJ year.

Ayomlde Owonibl. Laa: oa UE to the Incessant IlIck of drive of busines.s related laws by the NaUonal Assembly, the: Lagos C hamber of Commerce and lnduslry haa called on lhe: legtslauve arm of gove:rnment to aid the business climate of the country.


Speak.lng at the InauguraJ Leglslaturel Private: &ctor Forum In Lagos. over the weekend. the president of the chamber. Mr Goodie Ibru. polnled out that there: we:re very Important bills pending from variOus se:ctors which ~ also cruCial to nauonal de:velopment. Explaining that the lawmaking process was a

complex one which must seek to harmonise: the vle:ws of all stakeholders. Ibru noted that the private sector was anUclpaUng an upward swing In the passage of business related leglalatlon In the: National Assembly. ·Promlnent business - relate:d draft bills are the Federal Mortgage Bank of

Oyo govt, EZ·37 collaborate on youth empowerment

Payments Modernl s aUon bill. Small and Medium Enterprlsea Development Agency of Nigeria bill. Securlll saUon bill. Leasing bill and Warehouse Receipts Financing bill. He added that a proposed bill that was attracting a lot of attention was the PeLroleum Industry Bill. whleh President Goodluek Jonathan Is expe:eted to submit to the: Natlona.! Assembly soon. -ThiS bill Is of Importanee to Ule: LCC! due: to Its slgn1fl.cance to ~~:tor~~OWlh of the

event. Ulc: Oyo State goy_ Sports. Oyo state. gagc:ment ororganIsaUOns ernor. Senator Ablola Honourable Dapo c:harged with !he mandate VER3.00(I }OUths AJlmObl. stated that the Adesina. slaled lhat the to provide professional ::u~.~~e=~ in Oyo Sl::ttl!. 1ast entre:pre:neurshlp entrepreneu rshlp businesses start-up adcrea;;~?" wttk. paltcok In programme was armed at programme was anoUler vice. He said that Afnca the empowerment provklingenabltngenvtron- milestone: In the present Mrs Ayoade: listed the needed to think about the prognunmepul lnpll.Ce by ment for the youths who admlnlstraUon In tackling organisa.1.IOnS engaged for next generation as Lhe the:OyoState~'nunent ha~ been neglected with Uleproblemofunemploy- theservlcetotndudeBank populatlonwasexpectc:dto wile«: some oClhl }ouths a view to getung the:m menL. adding that no p- of industry (Boll. wbkb foWt 9 billion by 2050. were promJsed on -lhe- employed . tapping into emment In the past ad- cuses m how to get kJans,; He noted lhat It was I tI I ~ lh mlnJs'-Uo"' had b"n mlsc,onnanc, banks-_ Important to underscore "'ihe point Is that the Spol --ploymenl 'urtng th I _~'I~I'~o"I ' ::-.... e: r po en a S or ~ "'co .... EII"'al, MTN, NaUonal tools used 45 years ago are u... s ""'$'" ~ e..,.1U en- uplift of the naUOn. proaeUve In me area of ..... the Importance of the likely to be obsolete. rn:preneurshlp yCuUt fair AccordIng to lhegover· youth ~lopmenl Din:ctoraleol'Employment enactment of the: Land unless we reJu~nale.· he 2012". nor. the: wc:ll-belng or Ule AccorUing to hlm. CVl:ry (NDE~ KPMG; Small and Use: Act Amendment said. The empowerment Oyo Slate dU%ens has al- youth bas a potenUal Ulal Medlum Enterprise Devd- which he said, due to On the: benel1ts of IITA programme:. wh. -h hc:ld ways be:e:n on the: front shouJd be ta~ Into, add- opmenl Agency of Nigeria: cultural reasons. NIgeria to Nlg61a In partJcular BIHl between the 4th Ind 6th banner. adding that an- tng that eve:ry proresslon EZ-37 SoIuUons Umlted. had not been able to Afi1ca1ngeneraI.Qbasanjo of July at the ' .a"anfo other goal of the: was Important for the de-- amongothcn. adding that apprectate gUiding the saJd varieLies from !ITA lrID. was put t~ther by programme was to restore vdopmeru or Ule country. lhe sole aIm of Ulc:: prores- value of land as a reform helped save his fann and the: Ministry 01 youth and the lost glory of the paceTIle: Manag'lng DIrector. slonaJ B.cUVlUes was the: of capital. that d other farmers from Spons. Oyo State: . In col- seWng slate. whIle laud- EZ--37 SoIuUOns Umlted. rc:ducUon ofpc:nrmy tn (he According to him. the the casaava meal bug laboratJon W1th U:'-;W So- Ing the: corporate losUtu- Mrs AdaDraAyoacie. stated land UlroUgh Ule gatnful lack or le:glslatlon pandemic In 1979. luUOns UmIta1lr the ef· UOnsandorganlsatlonsfor- that Oyo state. among engagc:OlentofUlCYOUUlS. gUiding land -My farm was heavily fon to actively re('u ~e the their willingness to part- oUler states In the coun- Doting Ulat Ulls ventUJ'1! management has Infested untu IITA high level of un' Rlploy- ncr the state: govunmenL try. was commIlled to pro- would rub otrposltivdym Impeded Its optimum brought cassava ment In the:. S"..ate Also. the Commls· Vlding empkJymcot oppor. the development of the ·~ use In creaUng wealth resistant varle:tles. - he Speaking dU'ln~ g _"" _ _ _S_ lo_n_c_,_rO~'_Y_O_u_lh -=-_a_n_d.--,,_~1_unJ _u_es __ thm __ u~ glt_th _'_'_n_-__arun __UY _ _~_ _ _ _ _~~.=n=d:-.:: 'm=p~1o~ym ='=n~L:..._ _ _~ sal =tL=-_ _ _ _ _ __

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Obasanjo seeks investments in int'l agricultural research