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Nl,e rlan Tribune Tuc!dny. 8 May. 20 12


• Alb_jf Dal!.da OWy. A pracUSlng fRmlcr at Ido-Eruwa c?mmunily In Ido Locol <iot-'("mment Area q[OJ.'OSlate.

source of nallonal Income, which would hrJp in reducIng the number of unemployed youths In the coun-

I'VE done a lot to be·

come a big Jatropha farmer !lJlnc~ I got to know about the-fortune: one can get 'rom Jatrophn Cwtas. Ivr ba:n to the forcstry R~~ ... "h

Institute o r (FRlN). JbaJan. Stale. to .seek hdp to get the hybrid SttCb of Jol1opha. b>JI they told



me they don't have the hybrid seed5. ThfY said II Is tlu: local spt clc seeds they lu vt" but

lie said the blodlese! from Jatropha Curcas seeds, as well as other byproducts have become a hOI cake in the international m<lrkeL 111e minis ler further explained that the diesel from Jatropha CutalS seeds Is very use· ful In the avtallon Industry. as well as In other seelors of the economy

because many airlines cannOI do With oul the blocUesel. adding lhat Jatropha fuei Is not only healthy. bUI enVIronment- friendly Dr Aganga also emphasised thai there was a paradigm shin from fossil -fuel

rlculture experts vised us not t 1 plant the local type II we want good lneomt: from farrnlng bee luse only the seedl of ,0" h,,·1 brld type thai

able In the Int , n,.,1o;;., markeL

We halT la ld. but no seed 10 plan!. We a1!1O need supped from the government. espcclally now thal lh' Federal Government Is cam·

palgnlng for the adop-

a Julrop'Kt Cun:as planting and r roc:ess11li My advice fo ' the government Is to make the hybrid !le('ds .,.""b_', for farmcn al 8 cheaper and afrordablt price be · cause many fi rrners Interested In It

A pradfslngJarmt!f" at Ido .f.'rtill!(l aren In


OfoweoommunUlJ Duo



We need finan c ial asslslance from both local and state go\,.'mmen15. My adVice to lhe Oyo State governn ent is to ullle Jarroplu; CurC(I$ fanntng as a f overty aJ ~ levlaUon pro~ramme . w~ need 10 go hack to fanning If ml' ~ounlry must survive


I • (

, Deed money, Inputs and support 10 become a commercial fanner I've been Involved In fanning for long time. but I believe so much in to Jatropha Curcas fanning would my status my fortune . is good as It can change the the country for but we: need a I education, seminars and enligtHenemenl on IL Many countries the world an: now turnIng 10 blofuel. espeCially blodlesel which can be got from Jatropha seed because It Is environmentfriendly . We're advising the Federal Govemmenllo make Jatropha CwtX1S farmIng and processIng a nalioDaI proJecl In order to diversify the nation's economy. ODe can be a millionaire by adopting Jatropha Curca.s farming and


Jatropha: Farmers seek government's assistance

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