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Rain: Community leader in lbadan tasks transporters on safety B

Ka te Ani


community leader in Orita Challenge. [hadan, Oyo State. Elder Mathias Aderibigbe. has warned transpo rters and com mercial motorcyclists popu larly known as Okada. on the impending

danger of drivi ng during hcavy rain. This was his reaclion to heavy downpo ur that has now become a daily rou-

e rs plying vario u s routes and sla tes should take adequa te measures 10 ensure

line in many paris of the

be slippe ry and v ision bl urred. ~ It is advisable tha i t ransporte rs should pa rk

counlry. causing havoc. Accord ing to him. "d uring this season. transporl-

the safety of lives of their passengers as the road will

by the road side and allow

the raIn to subside before con tin u ing w ith their journey, because, the ra in may fell a tree across the road and due to th e blurred v isio n of the driver, he might not get 10 ~ il on lime. "And, if they

mus t park at the road, it should be comple tely off the road w ith fu ll ligh ts put on to avoid oncoming vehicles from ramming into them.H Elder Mathias also cautioned commercia l b ike riders against operating

du ring heavy rain and ensure they pu t o n their crash helmet when plying after the rain due to the road slippery. " It is also advisable oot to sland under a lree during II heavy storm to avoid thunder strike," he warned.

lkara people laud council's fertiliser distribution method H E people of Ikara Loca l Governmen t Area of Kadu n a Stale have la u ded the cou ncil fo r its fertiliser dis tributio n method and ca lled for its sustenance. Ma lam Ahmed Te la , the leader of Ikara You lh FOfu m told th e Ne w s Agen cy o f N ige ri a ( N A N ) in Zaria during th e week tha t the distribution met hod was one of the best in recen l years. "We have not seen Ihis kind of distribu tion for a very long time. The acting chai rma n of Ikara Local Government, Alhaji Bala Umar-Kajuru , has done so m e t hing wor thy of special commendation. "So far. the loca l government got about 18 to 20 trucks, but this man formed a committee to


:or.. :,. - [gbe road, /g bogbo, lk.orod u, Lagos State rendered unm otorable by h eavy d ownpour. Resid ents ue appealing to Governor Raji Fas ho/a to com e to their aid.


AK I Chamber o f Co mmerce, Indus try, Mines and Agri· culture (SAKCCI\'tA) tHI S been ch arged to make goml use of certificate of reg ,slri' tion , It> promote commercia l activities that would enhance investors in the area. The advice was contained in an address presented by the President of Ihe Oyo Sta te Counci l of Chamber of Commerce, In· dustry. Mines and Agricul ture (OVCCMA). Dea· coness Adeola Omotosho, at the inauguration of the body in Saki recent ly. Deaconess Omotosilo, w ho exp ressed satis factio n over the commitment and the supports given to the body by all members, ca lled on them to be uni ted to support the ir as pira tions a nd mission w h ich \"as to serve as II veritab le platfo rm for economic integration o f Oyo Slate as well as aUraet foreign investors to the state in partIcul a r and Sou th Wl-'5t In ~enera1.

Saki Chambers of Commerce gets certificate of registration T he President of SACCMA, Prince I\bd ul fa la l Olayiwola Ekuntakoro, in his welcome address, eulogised the untiring efforts of the members. sayi ng without their supports, the event wo u ldn' t h ave been possible. He, however, promised to utilise the abundant po-ten tials in the area such as agricultu ral products like yam, collon, maize, mangoes, rice, cassava amo ng others which acco rding to him, are rotting away d ue to lack of storage faci lities. Alhaji Ekun takoro emphaSized the need for gov· ernment assistance in establishing ind ustry for the processing aforementiofM..od crops wh ich can be used fO f various food items. lie said the inauguration and the presentation of certificates s h all ging~r them more inlo action that

with in a sh o rtes t time, "Saki shall become an in· dus trialized city of fame tha t wo uld partner wi th some ECOWAS countries nearer to the Okerete Internationa l Border market

which will serve as business poi nt 10 all," he added. The event was attended by the Vice President of OVCCMA. Prince Debo Gbadebo. President. Ibadan CCMA, OIier Wole

Akinwande, Ogbomoso and Oyo CC~1A . Others induded the Presiden t of Saki I'arnpo, Alha ji R.A. Akande, trad.· tional chiefs and memberS of the public.

ensure that the commudity reached the targeted farmers. wh ich I believe is an extraordinary task. " Some years bad., B..ara used to get 80 10 100 trucks of fertiliser bu t it was very diffic u lt for a common man to get a bag. The sit ua tion has changed for good. We ca ll On him not to relent on his effort," Tela p leadf'd. The youth leader noted that th~ distribution was done in a ccordance wi th the directives given by the Kaduna Stale gove rnment th at 70 per cent of the commodity be dislributed to genuine f;UlTI crs. Two other community I~ader s in the area. Alhaji Su le Mernai and A!!'.1ji luma n! Ya h aya, III sepa rate reactions, also comml!nded the council for M sig n i fi can tl y ~ improving the li ves of Ikara people by also prOViding water. They observed tha t the council had repaired all necessary eq uipment il commenced wa te r s uppl y to the a rea to gua ra ntee s u s tai n able supply .

Govt boosts facilities at Oyo National Pari< H E Fede ral Govern men t is se t to im prove tou r ism in tile cou nl ry and make it Ta nk amo ng the best in the world . The O laimliln, Governing Board of lhe Nigeria Na tiona l Park Servic::es, Sen ator Hamisu Musa, gave the assu rance at the inaugurat ion o f so me parks at lsoku n, Oyo and Sepeteri in Saki East Local government Area of Oyo State. The Seco nd Repub lic Senator who lamen ted that the poor state of our tour"ism centres in the count ry


is due to lack of interesl by \parious groups said tourism development wo uld be another source of huge revenue to both lhe state and the Federal Government if p roperly managed. Expressing del ight on the Infras truct ure at both O ld Oyo National Pa rk, Oyo and Sepeteri, he commended the handlers of Ihe projeclsand urged them to main tain high level of professiona lism in h andling the p rojects. At Sepe teri, Sena tor MuSi\ commissioned solar powered borehole projed of 86 metres dep th, 45KVA

Power Plan t and transform er at Ako to base in the town. He used Ihe event to appeal to the peopleofthea .....a 10 patronize the facilities put in place 011 an alfordable price. Speaking with news· men, the contractor hand ling the pro jects, liigh Skill Limited h eaded by lion . Kola Ab imbolil in partnersh ip w ith Tinach Venture Limited. said the re were other faci lities ye t to be comp leted which ineluded Olympic size swimm ing pool, 10 One- bedroom cha le ts with

comfortabilitycquipment lie said th at w ith the cooperation of the commu· nity, and the wo rkers wit~ in the premises of. t.he Nahonal Pa rk, Ihe fagJlty \vhen rompleted, IVould be \vell named. Among the dignitaries present were ArdJ.itect Deja Omotosho, Board member, Alhaji Haruna Tanko Abubakar. Conservator General as well as Dr. rrancis Ayandele.the immedia te past chairman. can." taker committee, Saki EaSI kx:al government, Mr. A.U Apampa. the o..--puty Dirt'Ctor of Finance amons others.


lkara people laud council's fertilizer distribution method