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Nigeriatl. TribWle

_ _Wed.lles~IY, 5 September, 20 12


F11~~D alerts world leaders to food crisis Om.oll.ballleo with AgenCl ltr:port


i£ Un ited Nations FOOd alld AgncuJture O/ganlsauon (FAO) h as 6 tated the need for worlll ieaders to sWjft ancJ coordi nated acUon to ensure


not tum into a calastrophe that would hurt tcns or mUlions or people In COtnlng montha. G lo bal a la rm over a potentia l rood c n sls of t he kind wltnesaed In 2007/2008 had escalated as drought In US Midwest had sent

record blghs, fuelling a sb: per cent surge in Ule FAO July rOO;d price Ind,~

FAO said In a Joint statement with the World Food Programme (WFP) and the intema Uo nal Fund for Agricultural Deve lopment

(lFADI that swtn Intern a tional acl/on could prevent a renewed (ood Crisis. It said leaders mus t lackle both the ImmcdJ. ate Issue of high rood prices, as well as t h e lo ng- term Issue of how (ood Is produced and

consumed at a time or ris Ing populaUon, demand and cUmate change. Sen ior G20 offiCials held a conreren ce last week on risi n g (ood prices, but leaders will wan (or September's crop report rrom Ute US Departmenl or Agriculture Wore deciding whether to take a JOint acllon on the Issue, France's Fum MJnJ.s ter said on August 28.

- Ugborodo youths protest against jTF's invasion oi their communities

Syl ve.ter ldowu , Wa n ' UNDREDS or Itseklrl youth s, on Tuesday. prot e sted against alleged Invasio n of COmmunJUes and InUmldaUon o r their people last Saturday by operaUves of the JOint Task Force (JI'FJ coden am ed Operation Pulo S h ield led by Lleutenant-



governor, M r Peter Obf. a t t h e Eco nomic Managemen t team meeting o n Tuesday at t h e State House In Abuja. ""0 10: State House


Colonel Ifeanyl Otu_ The angry youths Inslsted that la s t

Tribunal begins sitting on Airhiavbere'spetition challendind Oshiomhole'sVI'ctOry ~J":~;I~Y';:n::;'::~I~;::: ~

Uc b ecb u lnr tl OU.a.h , _ __B_eolo ~~ DO Sia e Governhrshlp Election Pt:liUolI Tribunal, onThesdaY,SlJ:l lt wouJd n ot sucCI.unb :0 InUmldaUon as I~ com.nen ccd s ltling on tbe pe:Ul lon by the



(POP) d.h dlC1lle In th e July 14J 2OlI! ' governorship el j 'Uo n, Major-Ge n eral C h a rles AlrhJavbt:r e's Jfl :td), challenglng the d ecJaraUon or Governor Adams Oshlomhole oflhe AcUon Congres~ o rN g!J1a (ACN) as wtomr. The th ree- man tribunal headcd by t Justice Sulemao A1::Jl"Usa with JusUce l"'.sor l 0:CUIO and


Justice Danlaml Sc:.nchl as the other members, however, appealed for Ule cooperation or mcmbers of the bar and the partJes In the case. to Ambrusa. ~we solicit for your cooperallon throug hout t h e durnUo n of the proceedtngs. On our part. we ass ure that we will abide by our oaths of offioc.We wW give the parties fair heartng and ensun: thai jusUce Is done to oJl partJes. ·We wtlI not succumb to any fonn or InllmldaUon In the de livery of our duUes. We urge you to give the best 10 your c llcnts to ensure fairness In the temple or jusUcc. We s ho uld not hang on certain teehnJcallUes to dc-

lay lhJs mane r. Ere Akpofure (SAN), led 12 oUler lawyers for AlrhJavbcre while RIc key Tara (SAN). ~Iyl Aklnlola (SAN) a nd Omoruyt Omonuwa (SAN) led seven other counsel for Ds h lomhole, Just as Adetunjl Oyeylpo (SAN), Ken Mozla (SAN) and RoUml Ogunreso (SAN I led ACN's legal leam. As proceedings comme nced, counsel for the PDP. Klngscly Obamogle. a rgu e d thai Akpofure, counsel fo r AJrhlavbere, did n o t ge t the pennlsslon of PDP to Include It In the pcUUon s ince the party had since Indicated Its dcc:J.slon not to challenge th e result of the e1ecUon.

$620,pnoD tribery scandal : Lawan reports to police again J


Ag~~II' Abaja

yesterd ay's aUack on Obamogle told the Arunlon community by court he relied on Order the soldiers were · pre9 RuJe 35 UJ of the Fed- meditated and unwareral High Coun. Civil Pro- ranted ." cedure Rule 2009 whic h The youths. organised stated that c hange of ' u n der the platform of counsel did not need to Uglxnodo Youth Develop-be formally g ran ted by ment Coun c il (UmCJ, the court bul that through petition ed the C hief o( a nouncaUon letter, such Derence Starr. Air Mara c h ange could be d- s hal D lu seyl Pelln rln recled 10 make his sub- over the Issue_ m ission. They condemned the At the endofabout one a.cUons a llegedly Superhou r 33 minutes argu- Vised by the Delta State mcnl.. the lribunal ruled Sector One Commander In favour o f Obamogle·s . and CommandIngOfficcr. applJcaUon that the PDP 3rd Batalllon , Nigeria n be removed rrom the pc- A rm y. Efrurun. De l ta uuon~rs', lJst~g. ~the S tate. Lleutena nt-Colo name .of the second peU- n e l Otu a nd urged AJr Uo ner/a ppllcant. PDP, J.s _ Marshal PeU r ln to ca ll hereby struck out arid the - him and his men to orpellUon now reads MaJor-. der by slopping the raid Ge neral Gha rtes Shtgle o n their com munities Alrh l av~ere .(r.t:tdl ys forthwi th.


'. t


- - -- - -


COMMISSIONER or Police In Anambra Stale, Mr BaJlah Nasarawa, h as called o n members o( the public to vo lunteer userul tnfonnaUon that will assist the polltt In carrytng oul their dulles to protect life and property. Nasa.rawa m ade the ca ll o n Tuesday at the s tate police h eadquarters In Awka, follOWing the lUTeSt of a n olorious Iddnappcr and anned r0bbers who had bee n on wa n ted lis t for many years by th e combin ed team o f thc IGP's SpeCial Task Force on heino us cr1me an d SARS opera ll ves In thc stale through tnronnallon s upplied by membenl o r the public_ Giving the name or the kidnapper as Ollsa Ifejlka, he said that h is men, acUng o n InfonnaUon gIven to the m by a good spLrlted c itizen, arrested the c riminals and recovered some anns and ammu n ition at Irlte Oraifl te In £kwuSlgo [.0.. cal Government Area of Ule state _ SIUY OnlY8, Onillib.

10 aspirants to cootest Plateau North senatorial seat

FOLLOWING the announcement or October 6. 20 12 as the scheduled day 10r t h e by-e lection {or the vacant Plateau No rth scnalOrlal scat 'by the Independent Natio nal E lcctoral Commission {INECJ, n o {ewer Ulan 10 persons have indicated thelr Interest to Vie for the seat which became vacant as a result o f the death or Senator Gyang Dantong. Danto ng died In Barak,," Ladl Local Governmenl Area of Ihe - den I and financia l seere- state whUe trytng to es. ta r y, Messrs Julius cape from an aUack by Atete an d Eylengho Fulanl terro r ists who Bes ld lone respectively. stonned lhe venue of a co pies of which were mass burial of those made available 10 news- killed by the same terrormen , lhe protesters re- Ists. Nigerian Tribune quested for the release of youths In lhe custody flndlngs r evealed that of Ule soldiers and Ulal the Peoples Democratic thcy should re stra in Party IPDPI , Labour Democratic from dabbling Into local Party, People's Party, Action politics o f Ule area. The group alleged that Co ngres s of Nigeria the soldiers we re being (ACNJ and All Nigeria used by some selr s«k- Peop le'!! Party (ANPPI Ing youth lead e rs 10 ha ye set machinery In deslabilise Ugbo r odo mollon to conduc t their COmmunities and their primary next week_ leadershi p . Isaac Sboba 0 , Jos

~~~':d,'::.h~Om"OI'~"!'.d. lIO'~~~:~;O~;'p:':.~:

Farouk demanded the the Force headquarters JusUce Ambrusa -also OR th ,'1Ird time s um of $3 millIon fro m at about 2 .20p.m . on said ·wilatever -Is the In one week. em- him. 90 Ih a t hi s Tuesday. case, th ere are no adbitUed fonner fucl cmnpany's n ame could be He later sign ed Ihe Journments on c e we subsidy regf.J n! ad hoc removed among the In- register of his reporting slart. We musl Onlsh our co mmitte e airman dicled oU colnpanles. at ttJe F'orce headquar- wo r k within the supu Farouk Ulwat " m Th urs~ Howeyer. the agree- ters . laled Ume. Let us abide day. reported 0 Ule Force ment wenl Sour w hen This J.s Ole third Ume by the simple procedure Headqu rte . Lawan and Ule secrelary h e would be reporting to wc haye agreed with the TIlls on? cf the ball to the ad hoc collunlttce, Ihe police Sin ce his re- cou nsel.c ondltl ~ I1S. I granted Boniface Emen " , col- turn from lesse r hajj The c hairman of the F'arou k . al h .: heat of lec ted Ih e sume of lasl week. trtbunal funlter said lhat the bribery Sf andal. ~620.000 whlle Ule eplHe was earlie r denied t h e date for the co m Petro l ~ uD I mogul s ode was recorded. the Opportu nity of lrav- m e n cement or formal F'eml Oledola. Ilad In hJ~ F'arouk, who was ac- elltng but with the In - h ea ring and arguments pellUon lO Ul ! Inspector companied by one of hls terventlon o f au thorl - wouJd be communicalcd Genera l or p,)itce, M.D. aides . was dressed In tics, he was eventually 10 the parties Jusl as h e Abubp.kfl r . a"" .ged thai whltecafian,ablackslloe a ll owed to t r avel to urged lhe petitioner to!p_.:n"d-:.:arrI~~v~'~do.!a~'_:M~'~':':a~._______...;.ensure that all his wlt-

Briefly Anambra CP tasks public on giving useful information to police


FAO alerts world leaders to food crisis

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