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Thursday. 4 0 :tober. 2012

Outdoor advertising: LASAA raises bar in quality checks Storie. by Akla Adewa.kua , La. o .


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Departments . Lagos State and

Advcrltaemcnt Agency II..ASM). haa introduced Skype Video a. part of the agency '. commitment 10 excellent customer rei. Ilona Ilnd service delivery. The Sky pc .,Ideo application will . among olher thlnga . enaure thai reaponse time 10 enquiries rrom LASAA stakeholders I. quiCker


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making Krvicc dcJlvcry morc effective and effiCient The deployment of the

Sky pe application winc h came Into effec t early Ihls month • •• pc:rhapa lhe nr8' lime such 10Icr. c ll"c platform '8 being ~oyed by any regulator In Ihe IndusU'y In Africa 1be appUcaUOn allows

user. 10 communicate with lndlvldua~ by YOke, video and Ina'ant me • •• glng ovel" Ihe IlItem.., TIle KrvloCr has almost 700 million rcgtstc.rcd users acn)SS

!he world In Nigeria ,



estimated that OYeT one million pc.l1IOna use the service mainly (01" personal communication,


LASAA .ald It would adapt I! u part of efforu 10 Improve 115 relaUons Wllh Ita stakeholders . Including outdoor


' The trlala o( Skype video , which we conducted among some cuatomcn . were succe •• ful We ahall commence this service from our head office in


different I« al councils In th e state over a period of time . " he stated lie exprea.ed the agency's delennlnallon to continually employ

delivery for all Hs .. akeholders , adding lhat the agen(y would soon unveil a pl"OpC*Cd outdoor ma.terplan a. part of Ita slntainability plan

which boa~1 0( about a 22 branch dU erent local In he a tate , re t r uctured product


ould service ~~~~~n~'~w~'~n~n~.~.~,!,~,;o:n~'~'h~'~'~~~~~~~~~~~.!~~

p.-.CUlkmers. cualomcn as well u tnslltutkms Commenting on this ncw Initiative, the Managing Director of LASM. Mr Ceorge Noah. .ald the development was • dcmomuraUon of the agency's commitment to the provision of "alue· addition services, while ra'alng stakeholder.' satiSfacuon and pocilllvc U'pcrtcnce of LASAA " We arc most dellgtlled at the launch of thla service because \I aligns wllh OUT





continuously offer oor stakeholders opportunity to connect with u. freely . We arc convinced Ihat with Skype. engagement at both ends will be quicker and faster.· he saki Noah added that the Skypc video application had been well received In a pre-test exercise conducted among 5la.k eholdcl1l

BOA sponsors Agriculture and Food Business programme ilE Bank of Agricuhure (BOA) has announced 115 sponsorship of ' Agric ulture and ~ood BuSiness' programme. an Informative , educative and «IlIghtenlng radio and teleVision programme The programme, an Inillalive of Nexlmedla Umlted for the Bank 01 AgrtcuJlUre (BOA), is,.n of the bank's rebn.ndlng proc ess whi c h It Inaugurated urly lhls Y<>' The 30 · mlnute prognmme Is targeted at professionals. reUrees , Individuals and cooperallves, who arc into agrlc related businesses or who arc desirous of gOing Inlo the bu,lneH While exploring the opportunities Ihat abound In the agricultural and food .scCIOrs, the programme

.. .introduces Skype video to strengthen customer relations

also Introduce. som~ support, services and solutions to IIgrtC r~lated problems such clients ar~ likely to enjoy rrom BOA to Increa.. e their producUOn capadty The Managing Director / Chief EJ:ecutlve Officer of BOA , Dr Mohammed Santunkl, noted Ihat the bank had been able to dl.burse over N44 billion loan .Ince Ita Inception He added that BOA had been able to create jobs and support co. operatives In their quest to expand, Improve and grow the agnc and food sector, as well . . allied Indu5t.rlea. The TV and radio

· From IVt, Sanlor1Ac.WYr, TQmp«re Un'NrWUg qf Applied Sdenca. rinlan"- Mr Tc, n MT o{p; Train er at Aducuu:ed ''''onnodon Techno logJl/rutltu.c., Ghona. IIr OJ orl; l)ew;fopa-. Mr &no t u Balogun and Bead. Ecos.ll'tc-m and Dcodopa- Experience. Noldo Wa . Nrlca. IIr T_mu IDUcuvi. a.J the Nok ia aduoneed Ja..a Indnlng Jew app lication d _ lopers. h e ld in Lagos, Icut 1Dftk.


DDB Lagos gets global recognition NE of the creatlvc worka or DDB Lagoa has been named 'Luerzer's Ardllue Prim Ad qf .he weft.' tuerzers ArdtWe. one the foremoat


advertising magnlnes In the world , after a painstaking procca. selected DDB Lagos malerlal ahead or hundreds of other print advert maleru15 collated

rrom around lhe globe . TIle -Speechlesaadvert was doni: b Girl Hub. a non-pocmmental orpntsalkln and the 8rm's ~ c:Ucn1S. Reacung 10 the lalcst


0' Yellow Brick Road strengthens team . .. appoints new creative director ' - 1 :u..oW Br1c:k Road.

.l. :n advertl.lng agency , has appointed Mr Ternllayo AdereU. popularly known as -nny~ aa lUi creaUve dlrtttor

The agency, (onnerly Imown lIS ZK Advenislng. described the appolntprogrammes, which air ment as pan of lis weekly on national r cor g a n I s a lion televiSIon staUona and Strategies , since II some regional TV and rcbranded early Ihts; year nu:lio channel., address The position .as Issues on agricultural ronnerty held by Nncnna practices In Nlg : '_"_ L _ _ _~O:n::y~"," ::. c hi who will now

r«us o n her core aklll CTBank . Indomle and aa Head of Strategy Slanblc IBTC. -II ha. bee.n a long Commenting on bls and nktlc:ulousacarc:h to new appointment, Tiny Rnd someone beRtUng 01 said ~creatlvlty IS the the role, - ISld the slmplCal . cheal>CSi and compa ny'. Managing mos, effectlvc way (or Director, KaJlltoOlowole companies to rem a in T'n.ll began his relevant In these trying cuaU\e career at soau times of Inrormallon Saatclll and .aa until cluller and un.table joining Yellow Brick economlea. Road, Deputy Creative The future belongs to Director at TBWA , lie any company brave has WOf"ked on aorne 0( enough to embrace the lhe nation's biggest prtnClplesoldoUtgthlngs brands au(h as MTN~._:d!W; ~",,", ::.::::'! " '~·_ _ .

recognition 008 Lagos ma"al!emrnt aald the reat w la ma~e posalble due 10 the, a gency 's commitment to flnt empo' .. erlllg Its ealeeln e d employee. before demalJdlng extraordlnar) rubl". Tht Managing Dlrec ..... , Ikc;:hl Odlgbo, noted that ,part from leverailing ~ the riCh creaU\e hcr1tage or DDB .-or1dv 1de as the .sccond moat awarded Ilobal netwa r k, the Lagos Ag~ had conttnued to make significant Invelt TlenlS In human capita development. He however cxpreaK'd U~ company's commitment to 1'\01"1 Ita array o f chenlS quality service ddlvcry that would add ,.. Iue 10 their busln.-I Se lt


BOA sponsors agricutlure and food business programme