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1 feb ruary. 20 12



Global food prices to decline in 2012 -WorldBan1c Oclldtaon O mnkbenka with AtcOC1 Report


IE World Bank has

5iUd Ule g10baJ rood priCeS arc SCI 10 df:.

cllnc furtJacr tn 20 12.. as a weaker world e conomy dampens consumer de· mand, -.111k food aupplIcs


A statement from the Bank. on ~y. warned thai a pou1bk; . . in oil pm:c.. could reftfSC the tm>d It slated thai lhoe prICeS haw; declined ateadlly but volalillty hu Incru.scd. Including among staples wheat. mau:e and I1Ce. staling that In IOmC coun

Uduaghan condoles acting IGP over wife's death 1£ Delta Stale goy


CfTD". Dr Emmanuel Udua,han. has ex pr-cucd h&. aadocu aver the dcalh of J-bjiya Maryarn Abublkar. wlfeoftlacncw!y' appoInlCd acUng In5ptaa General of Pollee (lGP). Mohammad D. Abubakar. noting thai Oac state and Ihc naUon would miss her mothcrty 11M and a-. In a condoIornoc state-ment stgJtcd by Ihc Chid rm. Srcrcury to the Gov emor. Sunny Ogde~. II said llajtya Maryam died 31 a lime when her · emoUOnaI support· was mosl

I'lI!Itded by hrr husband and NIga1a.nS al large.. espedaIIy . . . . .t !he beckdrop of Ihe difficult secuTlly chaIIc:ngcs In Ihc COURtly that led to the recent lip"" potnunc.nt of Abubakar as the new lep Gow:mor Uduaghan rcc:aDcd Ihc Iond rdaUOn5htp th... c:xl5led berwccn Odta Stale and the Zone 5 Com~ mand fI the NifptIIl\Jtioe In Bc.nIn. EdoStalC. while Abubuluu"waslnchargeas

tncs, domestic food prtc:a W'CR: lugher lhan the Iev-

dliln 2010. keeping pIt8sure on pool'" housc.hoklI lhalspcndlhebulkofthdr tncomeonlOocl Ilwtll bera::all:dlhllth World Bank tnc:reased Its ~d~b:dJrtl:S tn:lXl9~.


ergy prU: a1*i Ihal h. i:uJ ~CXJ.JJllJ1csdlC:t.d

call1dhW*lfwdthcdwuW:: unda1IMStmCIll WI aonJI tlft 11 ~ cu..nntI. 1hc Worki Bank aid lIS 2011 annuallOod priCe tn-

dex showed prtces were fulll 24 per cent higher than In 2010 despite acme decltne.. Clobal priCes fell

eight per c crU bctw«n September 10 December 2011 . endtnglheyear7pcr centbdow Dcccmber20IO 1evc.1s lheWor1d Dank group's Vlce-Pn::sidou for PoYaty Rcduedon and Emnomk Management. Otavlano Canuto. saki. llle worst IOodpr1lXintn:a6Csmaybe 0YCr". but we must mnain V\g1IanL PrIca of certain

foods mna.In dangerously

high In "'any coun trkS. kavtng milUons of people al r1sk of mahlUlJ'Itlon and hunger.·

CYt:f, that lhc sleady lk· dine in global rood prICeS oould be halted Ifwralhu paltema c hanged. or If

world 011 prlcea roae . pushing up prICe voIatlllIy and ckrnand (0..- btofuels Pr1ce wdatWry adds uncertalnry and Ilccp5 prtccs high bcaUR €armc:rs an

uns u re of how to price their products. Only last wcck , the World Oank '. a'ater OfganlsaUon. the: Inttma Ilona' Monetary Fund liMn warned thai gJobll crude od JriocS c:ouJd ... as much as 30 per mll If Iran cxportJI as .. n: 5ull of the US and Euro· pcanUmon(EUlsanetiord Iran has thr"catmc:d 10 block the Stratt of liormw: shipping ro ule. whiCh handles 20 per cent of ad UWIcd globally

'They .Jc.ea1bcd his ad

Ship d the loc:a1 govern IIlCIlI dS remarkable and lmpeCt·a hk: and dwgcd aU member,. or the pany 10 rally mllad hlln In maldnc him tile party chalrman In


the auto

spta' bIg on bch,..jf of Olhcn lilt: chairman 01 the

-Th . LogM Island IVI). presc-nti ng thfl' nnJr unique OLOJA SUI pack from 010 to .hfl' Asoju OloJIl qJ Sunden. Alhq/o Kubul"Cl' Bodmus (middle) and thfl' BabaOIOja General qJLo.gos. S.a ••• Alhq/I Wcuiu Bologun. who reeelued th. produe. on behalf qf lhe A.uoclatlon of Commodity Jfarkel AI!!'n and Wom.,. of Nigeria. With Ihern l.s the Heod of Pfnt · po.fd Marketing of 010. Jfr Dhlmendro Su,.. (I~ 01 Alou.a. Ikeja. on TUe5dOJl.

Tokyo loses bid to reclaim NURTWleadership in Oyo By Adebayo Waheed M OVES by • bme:r chalrman of Ole Oyo Stale chapter of the Nallonal Union 01 Road Tranaport Woritcn fNURlW). AD"'JI Abdul Laleef Akln.ola. alia 'l'oIq,o to ~ Owlcader5h1pollhc ~rid drnunklfl.on1Ue8day. suf rered a Klback. aa the

Yiau Oladoyi.abo,

of the tower chamber to stop ~ Abe:gunde as a lawmaker from the Siale nle legislators, at a spcdaJ sitting. shortly lJe. fore the presentatkm of Ole 2012 budgel csURlale by Governor Olusegun Mtmiko. sought the ru:aU of Abcgwldc.. who had dereeled rrom t h e Labour Party (LP) to me Ac:lkln congress of NIgc:r1a tACH). "The member rqrmc:nt-

tnaJ Coon (N1CIJ~t. Which aomctfmc tn 2010.

relnslaled him . . the chalnnan of the unIOn which the s~ ad· ~oIbmerp.

AUla and Oac incumbent

governol". Senalor

Abklla AjlnlOb6. haw; daUcd him. following RI1es of unrcsl

and killings of Innocent by faclJon8 01 the

uruon.. JuSU«

Aderonke: Adat:mi oIdx 111ft! Court. Ibadan.. had IIlruCk out the ShortIyaftc:r TokJp was

relnSlaled follOWing the judgJr..:ntofOacNlCaboul IwO years ago. crisis erupted.. re5ulling in Ule distt1l'barlttoftllepc:aceol Ole stIIte.. wtuch made the lhen gowmn'. A&ao-AIulIII to ban the acttvtue:. 01 the

IX*'. ban on Oac union. In !hecacwtththcSUII number M/ 468/ 2011 IUcd by Tokgo. the nallon6l1 pruldent or the union, MhaJI Najeem Yastn. had

Also. as a result fI!he vlole:n«. the Incumbenl

opp:IKd Ihc '*I by 'I'o.IcJIO tu cXc:fUbc. hII fundamen tal human ngtus to cWm the: union'. leadeuilip through Ihe IlIau: IUgh




FG, Ondo govt Sign MoU on cassava production T :lEOndoStalcp.oe:m 14 me:nt hu signed a Memorandum 01 Un denitandrClMoUI wtth the FedI!nJ ~nrnent on the productlon of c_va. 1hc Mln6ster 01 AWtruIlUre.. f'nlicMcr AkulWUflflll IdcsIna. ~ thc n.nsbmallon bnpkmauauon

OlC()rd)S18tcpoanor, Or 0Iu5cgun MImIw. Attorthog to the min · lsll!r. Ondo Stat.c 15 onr 01 UlC 10 arp. ~ of

c..avaln tilC 00Urltr)' wtUI Its protluctDl record 012.4 mJUkwI IOfla 01 rresh cas sava arvuaIy


The obJcctlvu or the .greement. he said. In ·

Wgcdricd c.t1lpprtJC.'C88--

tng l"adlIty. cadi c::apablc. d productng 6 ,000 tons ol dried chips per year or 84.000 tons lOr Ute c.ntin: slate per year. establish t.hrcc ck:monsIlllUon -&1Zcd

fud ethanol plants and cstabibh demonslrauon tr1 . . tn 50 Ioc:auons 01 Ule alale to raise Cu!>ava

O~o HIAsSembl;'iirg~d t;'"leclar;'Akur7N~rthiSo~~~~t :;:=..~S

v••• m The: auembly. In a unanimous resolution passed at lIS pk:nary sc.. skJn. asked the leadership


mbUst "ll ' IOfI and act 01 gov cmanI"e willie Slcertng the

Uer aJWt order lOr lack 01 JUf15dIcUon. TOIcyo had approached Ihc court. secIdng to vaUdale the NauonaJ Indus·


A ctucllwn of Oac Peoples Dc~ra U(' Party (PDPI and a lormcrOkwunda L0cal G~lVt mtrlCfll Area In Osun Swte AlhaJI Ganiyu otaoIuw~, has m:c.tvcd thc cndors. ment or larger ~ oIthe pany tn hiS to lltl.Dnt OWd\airmiln 01 the put)' In the state. 1111" larger member which c u t .. ~ the 30 local 1,1()~e:mmc:nlS of the slate.IIC''W:r1bcd Olaoiuwa as the tetiI candldale out 0I1how: ''YU1I for" the po!UUGn. h8 y l~ that his InllmidaUug reawds _itJIC bl govenla nce ha d dlsUn gu.I8htd lurn _ pKCSCttcr

role of h&. de«ucd wife as mother 01 polO: omocrs· W1ve5 In OK :tune:. wilhln tile said period. He. thenfore. prayed God to gram the IGP. the Ntgcna Potlce and Ihc na Uon. the rortlludt to bear the lou. while also ~ quoting that God con soIesthematthtsmornenl

ilE Ondo State I louse 01 As5c.mbIy. on 1Ucsdir.y. asked the NaUonal Auc.mbly to declu~ the ..eal or the member repreaenUng Alru~ South I Alrure North Ul !he IIO!.UiC ol RqJnscn IatIVaJ. Ifedayo Nxgundt,

PDP cbJcfWn Rcei ... end.I>... ent for party chJirmanship

andl( vlhe~

~~\.':::":~M':~ ~'!''.!:::':o~:::'


InI Akurc North scatt: conIIlltut:nC)' at UK: IlS8CInbiy.

Mr Adcnlyi Aklndclc. had

should be aancuoncd ac·

drawn Ole attClIUon oIll111


co1kagues to Abc:gu ndc's defection lie argued that Abegunde.whohadnojusUftabIc ~ to lcaYC UlC LP because: IIlC pany was 11OlCJI:pcneIKlnganybm of crisis. derected against Ole pnMIIkJrl ol Ole oonstJ tUtiOO. A1tlnde:le alleged t hat AbcgUOOr: had betrayed Ihc putybyhillactionandhad.. lht:rdicn. committed a!JC'o I1OU5 pobOcal pcrftdy and

IU.. prcRnlaUOn waa supported by a Dlembu each &om Ihc three 8COII tort.a.I dIIioIl1cts 01 thc stale

andurgc.dthclcadershlpol OM: nsembly to declare: Ule KDt vacanL It .... tll be recaHed that Ule Ia~makcn had ew11cr wrtuen the leadership of the Sc:nate. asking It to Slop further n:cogntUon of Senator AJa)1 Boroffi«, who had. a.tnce. defected !'rom Ule LP to OK: ACN

cally. wtll WIder the ag)"ttment. mapout Ule cassava producUonandprnoer;&tng

zones 1n the stale.. support thco.pntsauonoilanflO'S Inlo grower clusters around c.xistlng proc:cs sora. pro.1de iand dearing andpr-epa1aUOnllUpportbr

farmers , especially new genenllton rarmers that Wish to go Into tiM: commerdal producUonolCuuva and lnveat In rural ru.d IrIfJasuuch.ft to link conunerdal ~ zones to prncc.ss1ng pUlnta..

contac t committee for Olaoluw;J em~rgcnce and thai or the pubUdty. Mr Tundc Abeilin and Dr Lc:kan A}.ifltunjl. drscrtbed Ole cho6r. "C d 0IaI0tuwa as undc:bal..dllc. uying thai he Wll:i oj man 01 O'edlbil Ity, d4:J'1 ,ty. honeslY, e:ffi dcncy ILIad oompet01Ce..

Senate charges FG to fun d new varsities T1-lE 5c.Ilate, on 1Uesday.

tasked the Federal Cov emmen l to adequately fund the newly catab !tahed I ~deral unlversl lies lbt-i ...... made known at the- s ·cond ~ading or the. blU for an Act seek log to IUne rcd eral unJVenltlcs and to make co.nprt.lKnstV'c pro vislOn.j for thetr manage ment Jdmlnlatratlon and otl ,er rela ted mal


The De p ut y Senate Presldenl Ike Ekwerel "adu. In Ius oon trlbuUOu ..lid the c&tab UshmeOl of the unlver· sitles W .d In fulfillment or Ihe promIses of Prealdent Goodl u( k Jonathan. In· slsUng that the tMlitu tions. loI.-hen rully opc:raIlona) \~ould help meel the a.5r lntloll5 or the youlhs lor. university educalh.n 5cJUllor Ahmed Lawai descnbc d lhe. establtsh· menl 01 the new unlverslUes 0l.S necea.sary. add Ing that ~ tbe:re an: man)" lalenleel yo ung Nlge:n aos who are qualified for unlventty education . bUI car;not act admls skm loco "lIuac of Itmlle:& sp.ace • Ayode le AduaJlmJ. Ab-.Ja


FG, Ondo govt Sign MoU on cassava production


FG, Ondo govt Sign MoU on cassava production