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Rood: 15,000 residents Yakowa awards displaced in Benue N28bn road projects


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popuIatiaD ~ <M. r 15, COl

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ent campo P"1"d irllood

vk:tiJminBenoo t.1ate. The rehabllitlltlon cen· tres lncl\llie \Vurukum beside Mainstre!l. Bank. where over 7,W) refugees have been cam,Pf.d; NKST Chureh, allotrte~ camp, reportedly ~as alout 5,COl displaced people while another OIl!! called Owner 00-

cupierhas3.000persons. The number of houses submerged In the water could be put at about 3,000 whllebousehold materials, lndud.ln8 rarm produce like r1ce, beans. yams, and fish, as well as Uvestock e!r Umated at over N3 bllllon were destroyed and lost to the floods. HCJWeVeJ: as at yesterday when Sunday M"trrOr visited the 'NOnt hit areas such as Alrfcne Base. Mu stream, Wurukum, New G8l'8gt! and. Rice MllL the

Ing as houses whicb were completely submerged in the water '4'en!: begi,nning to emerge, once more. At the NKST camp, the state zonal coordinator of Natlona1 Emergency Man· agement AUthori~ MalIBm AbduIsallam Mohammed, described the lnOUI as unpn!Cedented, noting that efforts ..we being In· tensilled to lmprove the wellbelng of the refugees.. He declined to comment on the funds made available for the upkeep of the dis-

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Al· naku· Nafarawa State

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yosterday ers In sport

td develo) it as a tool for prom9ting peace and unity In tlle c:oUn:nt

Nigeria, said ., ........ "",.tared by !Iood. and <i CXlUr.:Ie, the famllies ci lOOse 90W the _ 111M klst their lM:s to

"Pn!:sid!!nt Goodhr.k .kn-

Al-Makura made t 'Ie appeal yest.erda,y when he receh·-ed, the 'Itlrch m Unity £.or the 18th Na:ional ~ ports FesUval scheduled rc r Lagos from November 27 to

the Nasarawa State Commissioner for Spans, DanIel Ogah Ogazl, handed the torch to AI-Makura at Ule Lalla Towmhip Stadium. The governor appealed

December 9.

to Ute three tiers of gov. ernment to have a renewed. poUUcal will to fund sports

He said that spm;1 ,leveIopmeot oould also be used for national developm ml

adeq uate1Jt - Sports are \W)' cructa.I in the educational and


According to a statement signed by the governor's SenIor Asslstant on Media. Me. Reuben Suharl, the government also awarded contracts for the purchase of 40 addilJonaJ new operational vehicles for state secw1ty the outflt code-named Op. eralion YakL The statement said 25 per cent advanCi! payment had already been made by the government to each road eontradoc 'l'he statement further said contracts (or the pur· chase o( 700 Kings Lricydes that 'NOuld be used for transportaUon in the state had been given at a cost of N288.75 million under the state SURE-P programme. According to the statement, "In conUnuing

The deportees. who arrived at the state capital Gusau, were received by the deputy governor; AIhajl Ibrahim Wakkala, at the Presidentlal Lodge. Addressing the pllgrims, the deputy governor; who is also the state Am1rul Hajj, sympathised with the women. " rr the requirement of the Saudi authorities was

He_"My_ gDeS oui to the 78,('" _ In ""'" SIaIe and Ihooe In oIher ports <i

The Zonal Olrector of Sports, National Sports Conunlsslon. North Central Zone. represented by

him Yakowa or Kaduna State has awarded 31 roads contract worth N28 bUlloD across the three senatorlal


to sO:h"eis the iInmErliat2

AI-Mal<unil urges sport development ra

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G overnor Patrick Ibra-

,.... Zamtano Gownunom I on FrIday received 137 female pl1pirn9 who 'Mlfe


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emotional upbringing of any society, as such it reqoln!d the attention or all (or the nation to mo~ forward," hesald. 'Ilte governor described the torch as a symbol of unlty that demanded all citizens to sll and play t~ gether as one indtvislble enUty. - I want to use platform to showcase Nasarawa State to the world as a model of peace and unIt)(." he said.

efforts to lmprove the motorabUlty of roads in Kaduna State and to lIDprove on the needed QC_ cess to densely-populated communities in Kaduna. the state government has awarded contracts for the Immediate construction of 31 roads all across the 23 local governments of the state at a total oost of 28 bUllon with various completion dates." The statement contino ued, "Based on the mauguratIon of a committee to identify programmes and projects to be undertaken by the Kaduna State government with Its share of revenue from the fuel subsidy reduelion, the commIttee, under the chairmanship of the deputy governor, has Identilled projects and submIt· ted its reports. "Considering the social security challenges in the state, and based on the recommendaUons of the committee, a contract was today awarded for the purchase of 40 Nissan SWlOy

vehicles lha1 would serve as taxis at a rost of NI05.6 mllllon" "The state government also gave the contract for the purchase of fOUT IS-seater Toyota buses with AC to (our faith-based institutions in the state at a total cost of N37.12B million," the statement added. It. however, said goy. ernment had given the contract for the procurement of four 2Z,lJOO.lltre Dong Feng OFl25O mein trucks and two 6O,OIJO.lltre hlgh-lmpact, corrosionfree surface tanks at a total cost of Nl53_615. "In view of the hardship being experienced by people in Kadona State in getting kerosene for domestle use and to ensure that !.he Kerosene Direct Scheme gets to the rural areas at all times. the Ka· duna State govermnent will ensure that it has the means to ensure that kerosene gets to all at the approved price of N50.00 per

Cor you to have a guide, the state government and the Federal Government are your guides and so they have 00 grounds to make you go through all these hanIshIps. • Wakkala assured that the Federal Government had entered into diplomatic discussions with the Saudi Arabian government over the matter. He added that the matter would be amicably resolved and that the pllgrims would be takeo

back so that they could perform the HaJJ_ The deputy governor said that the stale government ....,ould take care of the pilgrims pending the resolution of the matter. Addresslng newsmen later. the deputy governor saId that the state government would meet with other stales affected by the deportation to discuss the possibility of asking (or compensation for the deponees from Ule Saudi government


Local council to buy improved seeds for farmers demonstration The Slmln Kudu Local variety I Government Area of farm in Birnln Kudu, Jigawa State has said it would buy a variety of improved seeds for dlstrIbution 10 farmers In the area. The councU cbaJrman, AlhaJI KhaIId Ib.-ahlm, dlsclosed this in Sirnin Kudu_ Ibrahim, who saId this shortly after launching 12 hectare5 of new maize

said the lmproved seeds to be bought were maize, ground nuts, millets. sesame and rica He pledged that his admlnlstration would continue to glve priority to ago rlculture as contained in PresIdent CoOOluck Jonathan·s transformation agenda to make things bet-

ter for the cltl2.e1ll)t The chairmandlsclosed thai the council had so far spent N450,OOO on the purchase o( improved seeds from the Jlgawa State Agricultural Supply Com· pany (JASCO).

ibrahim also saki thaI the agrtculture department

of the COWlCil would train

fannen on new tedmiques and extension services.


Local council to buy improved seeds for farmers


Local council to buy improved seeds for farmers