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Ekiti spends N8bn on federal roads, says Fayemi


klti State Governor. Dr. I(a;j.()(':! Fayem\.


yestetWy said that the Federal Q)YIrrunmt is . the staw II! I\IWTUlleIlt awmg '1 <M!r NBbilUon ~ Ing money spent by .... U.I." ad lnistratlon ,~_, _", II the ...... '_doI'........ ~ 00 ~_. _, ...... ,_ ft


....... _ •• " ...



__ as ,~ c" d '",'~!haI ,_, ~ .~DIIon ........... ......, ... """""'''''' the '''''''''' _." ~~ ~ uu .. , the capllal by the market to i4"d the provision d basic tureneededin"'e!osltioning lhestate. _ _ " \do EkI1i d activi Ie




Fa~mi saJd t~' state had

year in office. Governor


As Falana urges govt to revisit political killings

there was no room for capl.

soclaI security to Om ~ _"'-"" I...

Oee hIlS curtnlIed criminal ity and breakdown of law

talexvendi'ture in the state's

The governor said the nli\lOr challenge facing the stale was getting enough

andotder: He also praised the P Iernor [tr his political tol-

monuIlyallocation. He said the monthly aJ· locatltn from the Cederatlon aa:ounlboversaround

N2.5blllion. whIle lnternally Ge .~.. wnue OGR) ,_ "'nerall'U ,..... "" .......0 11"_ million, down fraut

.. ""'"

''''''-Nlll ..... ,asa resu1td U K!newtaxmde. WlJtthe minimum ....-age, U te uSfate P<\YS Nl.7blllion moo dy as salary for \\'IJII'k-


N2bUl.lon ....'OUld be needed erJUnent has heel w'i91 In to put U.efacillty in place. revisit all cases m political Ue said with ongoing Idlllngs recm:Ied in the state comprehensive \\1)rk at Ik- in its 16 }-eaJ"S of existence rt!SOW'CeS to llll'E't Its -..I.II~ . . . .,. the ..... "'-~ JAI'I' will bean d ensure that those UOlltothepeoflJe. I ' " rome very mportant to the .ound culpable face the fuD On plans to establish an state. wrath of the law. airport in the state. the . DnLI_ ''Based In·....,Uga·~. '" , ---.-. . .on .. , UU" uogos ........ ,,,r. Mr. Fetnl ernor said that. a1Ihough. it &kiti can have what.. F"'"{S AM, I isted World may nat be a priority at the planas Q.U""" .. •........... withalleast Dank Co ns uI tant and a momenltheldeawillpa,y NI.SbillionorN2bUlian;an n:vpes ~ I De mocraUc Party in the long run as plans are airstrip '" aboul two .,,(PDP) governors hI p asp IIU4I" on to make EkiU the hub of metres. oontrols tower and rant, Dr A,}'Odejl Daramotourism, edUC8lion and ag- termlna). If I were to COlD' la; Mr. Twlde Omojola; rlcuJture. pare.thatlswhalwespend and Mt:KehindeFasubaa, He noted Umt out rI the in a year on our laptop per as some of the victims of ,"'sIBles""",'edU",,,,",,, chUd Inllla","- whlch Is pollllcal kUllngs In the time. only Eidll has no air- NI.7blllion. ~


Lord Bishop, and "."ndes a •.,,,,n1Pa Ogunleye ment. t-lnI million as penh G'~"";'r.and~N:;lo ~m~l Ilon; ; ; ; as; :=po=rt.=-ad ing~·.,; t .;a: .l:.:onI:.:y:.:abou: ; ;'; ;,IIIiiMean ~~whIIe, i;ii;;the;;_;;;_;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:~~~~ goes orne


~ ri ~ ~huaranainsAdeyemi


lotakeakrvbt :illyallCedera] roadS bea :e they had been abaldon, for a long time by U'..e Fe at Govern-

Ogun\ey(!. father rl d '1Wetisilr1 OJntirwrllLJ/. wiD be b.uied on Frida;:,( NO\l!l:1l-

Mr: GI:enIga


iJ'1lil to Ole gover.

ber 9, in



~;" .. ,..n1I .. ht -----. ~ ... - -.... """'-'15" that IlO ........... M!d political opponent~or IJOOple with divergent opinions Yowe being haunted the way it used to be. saying ,uch was the highest point d development In any eMUzed societ~



~ Uumu LocaJ

nor, over out of the Ul1ol1 bond had been Iy\ed I road con-

GlM!!-runent Area rl Kogi State. A statement Ih:m the tam-


ily said tile OVistirul wake

structloo and th .1


eml The


Keep wiD

sfl!flt 00 fed-

be held at his No 12. Olu)U1l Street. A....w.w

bt tt e l late. de!Dibed

A\'81lle. Bodija residencE on ~ November 7. d



()gLm~, IXlPltlarly Bishop, died incalled his

federaln::r.KIs ill II Uthe ".... ....fttes

Bodija home, ibadaJl on Septentber 10.

The late OgunJeye attended Ondo Boys High Sch:xlI

an s ~~~~~~~~~¥r~~~~~~~~~~Pr~~~~~~~i~;;~;;~~;~~~~~:::~:~ th' occasion must be used to lbe campaign Cor rnlS6lw food ~uction as It has been done In the


Aa:ordIng 10



empcJWennent; providing yielding


_AbImbaIa ..... the him. using _ >1rS.

as the platform forotRWliSina fanners tnwards their I~&h


rL the Logos



seedIJnoS "'" creotIng _

er tuarlMing opportunIties

IUds whose parents' lJ\.tes were cut slot In the m-fatoo Dana air aash in Uu-l<;haga axIs m the st:lle are umIer good""" ~ thn!e children. Joel OiiDn am Esther DIre-

will further ecllaoce tile copaclties IX tJle farmers to chukwu Ia;t tmtr txnl!l'1tsm JW1e3,.l!l12. wiBl tJte llHatEd produce more. 'fhe p'ernoc said It was hlJb time that the COWttn' produced wbatf!- would eat. thus stressing the need for gtM!rtllDen1 to lIM!st heav, iJy 00 agrlculture so as to bI' able to produce food massh~ fir our awn COllSUUtptl"" His words: "Nigeria must be able to prodt.:e Us own IixxI 00l'ds as a natIoo that Cf'.]I'tfeed iiseIf Isdomned."

Boeing MdlmneII

(l\ID -&J)


aaslu:I InlO btilld-

Ings In the _ " " " ' SCU'e$ IX reskBtts all the.........,.


onboon!. But. the I!Itcte GcJIJerncI::: Me BabaturxJe Fi1shola, bad since takI!l custoqy rL the

kIds"""""l~the "-"' _ 10 """"""" by _during. ""'" coofen!l:lCebet-ddlng the 12th

National \'Qnen CmCen!!D! crganlsed by tJ-.e Commit tee m Wlves r:L Lagai State 0IIlda>< (COWLSO) ""'"

in Combo Hall. ~ Slate Tl!ieviskxl Agidingbi. MIS _ ..... the dilldron

nD!Irtfy at ~ fi.tnes'a] ceremony d their pm!!l1S. Mt Jeremiah and.k&!phlne Okec:hukvluand ~ a~ who amoog Ihose left dead at ground by the aash. J\.1rS. i'3sOOIa dXI not wert!


_their ....... _

tion, assured Ulat the dill dren are well taI«!n care ci Her ....U'ds: "I bel1e\'I! }UlI an! talklng about Joel, O:tlscxn and £stheI: trustme the dtDdren an! doing well and inp:dhama.... on the 'orthcomlng conferena!. slated for ~ :II October, to nmr5tla;)l November I, a)12 at ~ Eko Hotcl<; and SUJtes, the goo;ernor's wife saki Go\wncn d Kaduna and Osuu States,

Messrs. Ibrahim Yaka-I.-a and Rauf Aregbeso1& will be special guestS rl iXlOOUr aI the ........ and closing sessiol1s d the oonfcrer.:e

"""""'' ' '

The theme d this }UIr's coofereoce atmrding to her; is; ""'oroen as Leaders." She said the E!\'t!I11 will al!Io feature proCessionals; including Pro[ lbl""", ()Ia. tuQJl-BeDo. lII.m will speak on 'Female Lea:Jersh11l ValllQ9' while Pro[ Sophie Diu.. Yovle, will take participants 011 'Female Leadership VirhIes,' among others. Site stre&<;ed that U-.e annual oatiooaI IXlltfumlce was initiated to serve M a pIatfi:rm fur N'lgBian Yournen to gather moe a year to exchange Ideas on issues or oonUDOD



bad ""'" alHe bl ..._ intlJad. in the me d v.unen and chikIren across the


Office in the ok!. Western ~ as one rl 11K! oonfl.. denUal~iesd tllelate andv.uked In thePraruer's

aue OOOf~ni A"-""

HeYo'a'i Iaterto\\QXasUte ardidentiaI !II!Cn!tary to tv.() Atkrneys-General rl Wesc· em State: Dr. F A Ajayi and Dr: Lateef Adegblte. He was later transferred to Ole dcfuncl Y.e;tern State Q:lurt rl Appeal as the persma!!leCtetU'Y to lheOOlut's Pn!s1dent;JustkKayodeEso. When new states ....-erecrealed in I!rni. he was JlOSIed

to tlK! OlD:! StalE" judk:ialJ( ~ he worked as the persooa.I secretary to the stBtI!'s CllIef JU(~, Jt8:ice Akinola Amxia. ~ retiring in 1'17/. He Is survtved by his wife.





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