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Banl( auditors should prevent e-fraud, says IEnterprise Bank MD J OHNSON



he 1Io1anagln@ Director flf Enterprise Bank LIm if '.1 (EBL), Mal· lam Ahme.1 {uru, said the I"esponsibllitvof Improving the confld~ll~ Nigerians on the usage~. electronic pay· ment Systenti Is dependent on the diHgenc~ . monitoring and control mE-a',ures of auditors of banks lu I'reven! electronic



fraud (e fnm I). Speak.lnl~ It the quarterly meeting 01 (ite Committee of Chief InsPet; tors of Banks in Nigef"ia (CQIBN). which Enterprise Ba~k hosted al the weekend. said more Nigerians would emtlilce the electronic system of bl'nkm g especlally now thnt ' hie countTY is mi· grating to 1 i ashless economy

if safety IIf their money or

transactlons:tre guaranteed. Kuru whO' was represented the Executive DLrector of the

bank. Mrs. Nnekn OnyeallIkpe, described e·Craud as a crime that affects the society as a whole and impacting individuals. businesses and governments. He maintained that recent studies supported the fact that sllch sharp practices have also increased In Nigeria with the dawn of cashless system, MwhJch is largely as a result of Inadequate awareness as well as limited counter measures to prevent these crimes. ~ The bank boss challenged CCIBN to always be a step ahead of the evll·mLnded fraudslers In order to prevent electronic fraud In Nigeria, saying that Onanclal sector wID not submit to the manipulation of a few [raudulent individuals. "This is the time for all stakeholders to come together to fashion out robust strategies that wUl assist In check·

mating this monster," he said. Among the strategies to help curb e-fraud, according to him, Included the development of effective controls by member banks in areas like penetration testing. slakeholders collaboration in the provision of Information duro ing e-fraud investigation and maintenance of efficient joint Imtustry database on e-fraud activities for knowledge sharing. He charged the chief Inspec· tors to regUlarly perform thorough employee background checks, conduct fraud awareoess training and ensure con'1eQuences are understood, thers are making vacations mandatory and segregate dulies, limit authority to initiate or originate movement of funds and meet regularly to exchange Ideas on issues that illect their duties among oth-


STANLEY IHEDIGBO natlons across the globe prepare to mark ther Wond FbOd ~ the lnternaUonaIlnsUtute of Tropkat Agriculture (UTA) has called on world leaders and oilier stakeholders to redouble efforts to save Aftica from the pangs of hunger and poverty. Director General of UTA, Dr Nteranya Sanginga, in bls ad· dress to participants at the 21St ArulUaJ Congress of the Nigerian Rural SocIological A.ssoelation (NRSA) held at the UmversJty of lbadan, "challenges to food security in Africa are huge. and that the barriers to \\1:!alth creation. food security, improved nutrition, and sus-lalnahle management of naturaJ resources in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) are on several fronts." In a statement, the Institute



18th Nigerian Eanxnic

Sununlt (NESl8) has been slated to hold from Decem· ber3rd-5th. :nUat theTran.9corp I!IIlon Hotel, AInUain a statement made avallabie to Natlonal Mirror the NIgerian EaJnoutic SununIt GrouP (NESG) saki the summit will be hosted in _ with the National COlillnissm

the SummU with the

I....""""XL !>lsi <X


theme. "'De-

General of the NESG, Me. Frank Nweke Jnr; the theme of thi!J year's swrunll is consistent with the group's commitment to focus on coniemporaJY

issues 0( publ.ic policy which c0nstrain bnPr'O\-ements in NJgeria's pub!lc """'"""'" systen, under~ mine ecooornk: dewIopment am the welfare am. v.1ill-being of (MIT


"The 1Blh National Eoonomic

the Oir'el::tl::r

SUmmIt Is conceptuali1a::l: and _loellclt_dlaIogue betY.-een lbc public and private sectors on the need to build on Nigeria's succes:s[uJ deregulation d the """"'"'" _ Insurance and aviation sectors by IKk>pt1ng and supporting fWJ ~Uon oC the remaining allical erommIe sectors of agriculture.

ruon Bank of Nigeria Pic has promoted 636 other states through clear Industrial parks In other parts of staff and recruited border and boundary de· the s tate_ marcatIon_ The commissioner Identified 360 trainees as part of the Sokefun, who is aJso the the consultants contracted to car- aClllvilil •• to strengthen the Dlrector·General of Bu· ry out the project to Include IQ bank's workforce. A statement from the bank reau of Lands and Survey, System Solution Limited, GeoQIsaid the project would also neliq, Spatial Matrix and DigitaJ said in the lasl years, the bank has assist UJ(! government to Spatial Solutions who are Nigerespond quickly to Increase ria's foremost geo·sclence, GR so- promoted over 1,000 staff tn tbe request of land by lutions and Electronic Document and employed 1.000 under Investors who intend to es· Man3gement (EDM) System, with the current management led tabllsh Ulelr business In many years of experiences in the by MIS. Funke Osibodu. provision with the servlce_ The statement added that the state. She explained that over SI e listed other benents of the the bank has concluded ar· 200 lnvestors have request- project to Include accuracy of sur- rangement to hire 200 expeed for land, majority of who veytngfleasurement. survey data rienced professional staff in preferred the Lagos-Ibadan revellue, Ilreclsion agriculture, addition to 140 already hired expressway. rastH searches for property BUes, over the last three years In She stated that tn a bid Insta nt online facilities, digital order 10 consolidate the reto enSlU'e even dlstrlbullon archtve of valuable land docu- positioninG exercise. o[ the compani es, the stote men ts and automated lands and The statement read, "The wou,ld buUd adm inistration entry levels staff recruit-

ed commenced two months ago after lntensive training in three batches with the rust batch of 120 very close to concluding their technical training, and the second batch recently commenced same. "A simtlar trainlog was done for the 640 entry level staff Initially employed two years ago, ThIs group of 640 staff now about to COmmence anoUler two and balf weeks advance level training." To reward hard work, the bank has commenced an appraisal system with payment of part of compensation based on performance. According to the bank, staff whose performance was assessed as below DC' ceptable minimum standard are expected to exit the bank_

Go<ernance and N1gmia's Economic Pr0spects wID have partklpants from both the pUbUc and private sector rome together to dialogue on the need to build on Nigeria's suocessful deregulation of the telecoms.


Insurance and aviation




Ogull to IJuild modern GIS to easy land administration process

I AYE~'_M_'___


18th Nigerian Economic Summit to hold December



quoted Sanginga as stating He added HuH Africa's population growth remains high compared to other regions in the world (2.4per cent In &SA) against 1.3per cent in non-African countries. He said: "10 addition. the urban populaUon is rapidly growing, putting pressure on the rural areas to produce more food at affordable prices. There is also the problem of depletion or soU nutrients, whJch if left unchecked, could have catastrophJc effects.. Furthermore. destructive agricultural practices along forest margins In Africa aggravate deforestation. Sanglnga sald: "While the at· tainment of food security is a huge and increasing challenge, production per unIt area has nol increased as elsewbere in the .....'Orld. and increments in total procluctiOJl have come at Ule expenseof the natural resoun::e



IITA declares war against hunger, poverty