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Fridal-l August 10, 20 12



"' hand """the constitutional prerogatives to the General , ~Nalional Coogle$!, which from now on Is the legitimate of the Ubyan


,,!-~n":If!.''''''.h''''' but

olf a man's hand f'S pu1istvnent for theq In P'l' norItlem town of

- A crowd.1·',1 ~ the ,iOage square

pleaded irI-kIn·Ntt! the militants to spare the man, Reuters news

""""'" reports. I Northern ~aIi 11:., been aver·

by Islamist enJ 1lJareg rebels IoIIowirlg oup il Bamako in March. have vowed rU'1



lO im~ tSll IclShariaIaw, despite ~ c-ppositioo from the

- LBsl"I""i'P '. -.V'Iho had l~' -a COJple

sex outside malrtJ 98 were stoned to death II] the mill 01 ~ controIed by tOO Islamisl group

Ghanaians weep during President Mills' lying in state PAUL ARHEWE



he State House. Ute venue for the public viewing of the body of the late Presi-

dent John Evans Atta M1lls,


tenby came under siege from mourners from all walks of life. About 1O.38 am(N1gertan time) yes:terda.x the cortege conveying the mortal remains of the Presl· dent was aooorded a presidential

AnsarOi'le, The QI'OI.4l ha3 also destroyed

ride from the Castle to the Banquet Hall for the conunenc:ement of the three-daY stale funernl. 'Ole mourners.lncludlng PreskIent John Dramani Mahama and Ute Vice President, Mr K ....-esi Antlssah-Arthw; oou1d not hold Uteir emoUons but shed tears for Ute lossof Presldent Mllls. Amidst Ole beating of fonton· from drums and the sounding of dirges, Ule mourners fonned a Utlck crowd at Ule forecourt of

the State House, and walted in long queues to gain access to the Banquet Hall where he was lying Instate. Public buildings. trees and electricity poles on ceremonial streets in the national capital as ....-ell as the whole State House area are draped in red and black colours. Some moum~ arrived a t the SIaIe House as early as 5:00 am to await the arrival of the body of the President to enable them

andoof sIylnes,in Tlmbuktu, d~'"

~i l



Madagasca ' leader blasts ousled rival alter I I II unsucqesslill talks M~~ Fr~dent Andry Rajoelina said ~sterday that hIS

rival Marc R~ilOmanana. whom he toppled ~ f rmy support In 2009, be ,~fpt -at all costsfrom retu~ lngro: power.



R~lina ~t

ad In South Africa r in the liEycheiles lor half ~ hour 'MJdnesday WIthout result, a1lhoog I tile palr said discussions u d continue In

- who is now

the Mure.

TIle MadagaJC:ln government has annoo~ E1ectionS for next year irt the Iarg" Indian Ocean island nation, ~ in opposed to Ra-

Ghana Bar Assodlltlon rnern berlle.vlng aner viewing the body of late Ghanaian President MIIII, In Acera, Ghlln.

valomanana ~Ut n lng to con test lhe vole, argul l that a criminal COI'I'IiCtion \jj ~t1jfles him.

yesl erday

Cholera 0 j break in Gui~ea w )~sens



All Outbreak cholera in Gt.inea has 60 people since FebruaIy and ' '1OWing no signs of Otting ",. ~. health

- Officials....~~-y. 1'Qistered 2,054 ~ Mtt1 cfPIlaI Conakry

end ... soL~Jestem city of Forecariah wtnt "'teel. Jl*teen llu have died in ConaJuy end ~I h Nncanon. The NGO ~dll'SWithout Border& s!i~.!l statement II had lraeased hn niSOOer of hospIIaI beds to ~ soon reach 600 to prepare for j18 height 01 the


outbreal(. Two other Ofl18n1satlons, Unicef and Action ~Jnst HlI"Iger, have

donated ~'18 kits containing soap and C:I~ir).) to purily water.

Guinear1 health authorities are also running b eat awareness ~ne tk:(lpst'1f\~ ~ _ _

... . ... .


pay their last respects to the man

whose deaUt has uni ted Ute nation In grieC President fot·Jahama and the VIce-President, Me. AmlssahArthw: wa"e nm to pay their last respects to the late President They were aa:ompanied by their spouses. Lordina. the First. Ladx and Matilda, wife of the VIce-President The widow and son of the late President, Dr Em estlna Naadu Mills and Mr Samuel Filll Atta Mills. accompanied by some close relatives also rued past the body and stayed for a while toexchange greetings and to receive rondolences before they returned home. Other dIgnItaries who were at Ule State House to mourn the dea th of President fotillls ......ere the Chlef Justice, Mrs Georgina Theodora Wood; the Speaker of Parllame nt Mrs Joyce Bamford-Addo; the Chlef of Staff, Mr Henry Martey Newman; the SecretarY 10 the late President, Mr Samuel E3ebaako-Mensah; and the Spokesperson for th e late President, Mr Koku Anyidoho. T he death of the Preside nt has served as a unifying force for the nation. In s pite of the ideological d(fferences, represen tatives of political parties poured out thelr grief over the death of the President

UN warns of global food crisis as prices surge e world could face a food crisis of the kind seen in 2007/ 00 if countries restrict exports on concerns about a drought·fuelled grain price rail>; the UN's food agency warned yesteroa;x after reporting a sw-ge in giobal food prices inJul>; Reuters. A mix of hlgh oil prices. growIng use of biofuels, bad weather.

"There Is potential for a sltua· tion todevelop like we had back in '1I1J7/ 08," Ute FAO's senior economist and grain analyst Abdoln!za Abbassian told Reuters. ''Then! is an expectaUon that this time around we will not pursue bad poUch.!S and intervene in the market by restrictions. and If tha i doesn't happen we will not


see such a serious situation as

soaring grain futw"es

hJgher_ Grain


have been boosted recently by specUlatlon that Black Sea grain producers. particularly Russia.. might lm· pose export restrictions after a drought there hltaops.

and restrictive export poUcles 2007/ 08. But If those pollctes get pushed u p prices of food in repeated, anything Is possible." A nwnber of major producers 2007/ 111, sparking violent protests inlposcd various restrictions on in countries tnctudlng Egypt, exports in an att.empt to control Cameroon and Haiti. Concern about extreme hot domestic prices in Ule 2007/ 111 and dry weather in the US. Mid· crisis, lncluding outright bans as west sent com and soybean prices weU as quotas or higher tariffs on to record highs last month, driv· exports of foods including rice, ing ove.ral.l fixxI. prices h igher corn and wheat again and reversing Ule Food and T he restrictio ns reduced s up- ~!:!~;:~:~~::.~~ Agrlcultun! Organisation's fore- ply _on bltern~t!0l'!a.' , .markets.. . _~ . helping · 10- drive prices ·even· cast·fordeclinesthis·Year: ·· · --

Markets drew a little romfort from official Russian COlIUDents on Wednesday that the country saw no grounds to ban grain ex· ports thls year but did not ru1e out protective export tariffs after Ute end of the:.ll12ca1endar:ymr


UN warns of global food crisis as prices surge