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Agbekoya Farmers Association gets N5.6b agric loans

FAAN arrests air passenger for stealing $6,000

development is tile first time any farmers association in the country; and without any gov· he Agbukoya Farmers ernment's support went to the Association (MA) said banks to secure loan for farm· It had s!!clUed success· ers. fully NS.Gbll 1('aIl5 from Stan· He said further that Ag· bic IBTC and t:eystone banks, bekoya farmers association in order to f;lXPaJl d Its agrlcul· because of its beUef in the ca· tural and food production and paclty of members to do agro processlng ac:ivltles In the business successfully stood up countn: and spoke to the two banks, Furthernlorll, the assocla· convincing them that the as· tion said the IctaJ) from the sociation also know how to do two banks Is LSU for securing the business agriculture. the infrastructw'e needs of Its Oklklola explained that the farmer's memlt'rs, including AFA with more than ISO mem· purchasing of modern agri- bers has s uccessfully reposj· cultural equlpments such as tloned Itself to fully embark tractors and harvesters that on agrl·business that will be can suppor t iI@riculture ac· worth more than Nabn in the next five years. tivlUes. AccordinlJ to him, the group The Preslden1 of the asso· ciation, Chief Kamorudeen has already started the culti· Okik!ola, ill a statement that vation of 65, 000 hectares of was made availahle to journal· land for cassava, maize, rice, Ists on Wedm 5t lay after the yam, oll palm, cocoa and sor· Inauguration I)f the assocla· ghurn In several parts of tile tion's Abuja Clu pter, said the ~untry, adding also that the

viation Security under the Federal AIrports Authority of Nigeria on Tuesday night arrested a passenger (names withheld) for attempting to steal $6, 000 belonging to a co-passenger. The passenger according to a souree close to FAAN had boarded Arik Air O1ght W3 071 from Lagos to Accra, Ghana befor e attempting to take the money inside tile bag belong· ing to another passenger on·



proposed Agbekoya Farm Settlement will acconunodate 5,000 hectares of land for varlous farm activities. "The Agbekoya Farm Settlement will accommodate 5,000 hectares of land for plantlng cassava, rice, oil palm, maize, 1.2 million chicken and 29 mil· lion tons of fish in the next planning season throughout the FCT,"Oklklola explalned. While appealing to the Fed· eral Capital Territory (FCT,s), Minister, Senator Bala Mohammed, to support the as· sodatlon wIth arable land for agriculture, the Agbekoya farmer's association president added that the activities of the group will further secure the COWltry in the areas of food security and job creation. He explained that the FCT administratIon Is known to always be ready to support farmers who engage In cassa· va, rice, maize, sorghum farm· lng and aquaculture.




The source explained that the passenger was caugbt by a cabin crew when he attempted

Keystone Bank to out buses, daily cash in Awuf promo of providing innovative and AOEDEJI AoEMIGBUJI


eystone Bank has em· barked on a promo to reward Its loyal cus·

tomers ON THE"';::;;;=;;;;==;;;;;;-"''''iIiliiT.iii~~o,W:~rEi~~~fl

following success the bank sincethe it was na·

the Keystone Dally the initiative is d'ev<"olped to reward the teem· loyal customers of the bank and to saving




In a release made avaUable to National Mirror, the promotion whJcb runs from August to October ending is open to customers with either active or dormant account as weU as new customers. The Executive Director. Retail Banking, Mrs. Yvonne lsi· cbei stated that, "the promo is designed to give back to our esteemed customers as l{ey·


to open the bag in the overbead baggage hold and s ubsequently raised an alarm. whicb led to the arrest of the passenger , by FAAN security officials. National Mirror Jearnt that the passenger bad been hand· ed over to police for further in· vestlgation. The source said. "The passengers aboard the flight had checked in when the suspect was caught by an eagle eyed cabin crew taking the money from a bag in the overhead baggage bold. An alarm was raised and the passenger was arrested by FAAN securUy and banded over to the police. He was later transferred to Beesam Pollce station."

best· in-class services". She also hinted that activities during the savings promo would include dally cash gifts for 20 qualifying customers, instant gift items for aU new customers and reactivated accounts. At the grand finale regional draw, three lucky customers would drive away with one brand new 14-seater bus each, wb.Ue four customers per branch would receive consolation prizes. The consolation prizes are Genera· tors, Rechargeable Fans, Sat· emte TV decoders and DVD players. Speaking further on the promo. Islchel confirmed that, " the decision to ' iNe out buses was informed by Keystone Bank's mission to empower the low 3Jld middle income earners of the econ· omy. We expect that winners of these busses will put them to profitable entrepreneurial

L.-R: Hoall, CndJt Risk Management, Access Bank Pic, Mr. Joa OsO/lo, Currency Ana/yll Consultant, For8llT1me f-"""'''--''''''''---''''''-~-''''''-.l.!.'''---'=''-----------­ Tnldlng, We!l\ Afri~, rAr. Bade-AJldahun and President, Antln" Correspondent Aasoel. Uon of Nigeria (ACAN), Mr. Bebsllde Komohfe snd Mr. Bunml A!lIolu of FBN CapftzlJ during the FICAN rvundlabte on lhe economy held In Lag~st~ay ...

Air France-KlM loses $1.1bn in restructuring costs

SON seek~ fraders support on war against substandard products

- - - -STANLEY I HEDtGtJO he D. rector General of Standard (SON), Dr. Joseph OdU!llodu, has asked auto parts traders to support the '11'181' ~ainst proliferation of subsland:u'd products In the countn:: The DG restJ.ted that such a move was 11E!CeS!.ary to check· mate various sub:;tandard prod· ucts from f.llrl:l used tyres to oUler spare pailS, which has killed many NI~erians more than HTV dlseas~ . Speaking nt Lallipo Auto Mar·


dard products, Odwnodu said the partnership and collabora· tion of the market executives and the traders with the agency was necessary its bid to free the markets from substandard prod· ucts. The SON boss, who was represented by the Director of En· forcement, Mr: lewis Njoku, appealed to the traders to con· stitute a market task force that will monitor products on sale and asstst the organisation in its war against using and selllng used tYres as well as the new tyres tlmt are substandard In Ule COWItry, He urged the traders to al· ask from the

In the kind of products they bring into tlwcountry a nd be conscious of quality of standard. A nole of warning was givbIg to the traders, as the DG said, "SON is poised to invoke the authority provided Wlder its enabling Act to enforce the provlslons of the Nigeria industrial Standards (NIS) , as their next vlslt to the marltel will be to bnpound fairly used tyres and several goods suspected to be substandard products", The President, Ladlpo Auto Central Executive CommIttee, Mr. Iyke Anlmalu, pledged thelr readiness and commitment to them tn tlleir war


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France-KLM has said that its net loss ballooned nearly O!lOOm ($Ubn)

in the serond quarter after it took a hefty charge to pa.y for restructuring that will see it shed about 10 per cent c:K the airline's work· fo",,-

The ftanro.Dutch airline ~ cralor said Us net loss grew to 0895m in the three months com· pared to a loss of e197m a year earlieI: In a statement, the airline said its aa:uunts included ae368m provislon to ~ for restructuring that is expected to elIminate 6,122

}OOsoutof a workforccof 49.301The airline


cuts, and then It plans to elim1nate 2,056 growld staff; 004 cabin crewand2J2pilots. Last month, the airline said it was seeking voluntary changes in W1ioncootracts to swid ~ but that forced departures may not be avoidable. The airline said. "'Uncertain outlook.. for the globaJ economy and volatility in fuel prices and the euro currency "made forecasts for the latter part of the year difficult" European airlines are struggllng to cope with hI&h fuel prices and weak cconomJc growth due to ElU'Ope's financial crisis. Air France-Kl.Jl.1's revenue rose 4.5 per cent to &.Sbn in the second quartc~ lifted by a 2.4 per


Agbekoya Farmers Association gets N5.6b agric loans