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Copyright society begins issuing music licence in FCT


he Cop}l n ght SOCiety of J>ilcerla (COSON) on

WedbesdllY said that It

would begin Iss uing mU.!Ilc licence in tb.e FC'f this month.

Mr Segun




FCT ~roject consu]· tant, who spoke to the News Agency oj j6~·tll NAN. urged commerci~1 mUSic users to comply with tho I:opyrlght law and obtain licc ltee for the use of music ~ pubU,: places. He said that tbere has been U!l'O compliance lrom commer· clal music ~seN;ftnd It was not cncouragiqg. He noted thai the basic chal· lenge was~etlinl!j people to buy into the I a and comply with the societ sobJet:tlve. " We tt'Y lto ml1flage the rela· tions hlp bptwecn CaSON and the commqrclaJ music usen In

the FCT, it has been chalJeng· ing but we hope that this month we will start licensing." According to Awosanya, the lack of compllance is due to the fact that people claIm not to understand why they should pay to use music or the need to obtain licence. He said that getting people to comply with the law whic h compels them to obtain licence before playing music in public places was difficult as people were Intransigent. " People fear change and so the y have refused to buy Into the idea" He saId the society wouJd continue to advise and encourage people to obtain licence as demanded by the law, adding that as a last resort, lega1 ac· tion would be taken against


those who dlsobeyed. Awosanya said that the s0ciety had a suIt before the Federal High court, Abu· Ja, against Transcorp Hilton whic h s houJd serve as a warD· Ing and eye opencr to other music users. It will be recalled that the soclel y had rued a s uit against Transcorp Hilton. Abuja demanding Ule payment of more than N3bWlon for unauthorIsed copying and commun ication to the public of mus ical works belonging to Its mem-


he Managing Directorl Chief Executive omcer, Enterprise Bank LImited (ESt), Mallam Ahmed Kuru said the bank has overbauJed Its operational channels and invested heavUy in personnel to serve every customer of the bank effi· ciently and sattsfactorUy. Kuru, who addressed hundreds of customers of the bank in Onitsha, during the bank's customer forum, aDlrmed that. the bank Is now "a stroug financial institution with asset base in the excess of N200bn and in the last one year, we ha\-e spent a lot of time and resources to put suitable infrastructure in piaceJust to serve you better. We have sharpened the system and hastened our speed of service delivery because we va1ue our



be". Awosanya therefore called on all commercial music users to obtain a license as it would begin Issuing licences thts month in order to prevent any lega1 action being taken against them.

He e.xplalned that the CUs·

tomcr forums being held across Ute country was to in· teract with customers and stakeholders on ways that would be mutually beneficiaL

"Now that we are in Onltsha, we want to bear you, reason with you and reassure you that we are here to serve you better. Onitsha is criHcaI to our bustness because our history wlll 1101 be complete without a trace to Onitsha and the East. So we are passionate about our business to the region", he said.

Expressing satisfactioo about the hUge turnout, the Chairman of the bank. M1: Emeka Onwuka. who described

the OoHsha event as the "bIggest response to all our previ· ous customer fora," also r-elterated the fact that Enterprise Bank has overcome every inhi-

bition and is now cruising.

lilA, Jigawa sign agreement on agricultural devt he International Institute of Tropical AgrIculture (IlTA) and Ute Jlgawa state government have formally signeda Memorandumof Understanding,opcnlngafresh dlapter of transfer of agricultural innovationsfrom IlTA to that stale. Acconllng to an llTA statement yesterd~ the agreement aims to facilitate collaboration between theJigawa State gQ\-emment and the Institute towan1s rapidly Improving food produc· tion., food secw1~ and value addition and marketing 0( agrlcultural products in that north eastern stale. "The signing of <this MoU further demonstrates our resolve to

T .,



) =',~

Foundation, Nanny Ugboma, Director, Mr. Wale Goodluck; Taraba Slate

..C:.' C,-. Speaker, Taraba Slate House of Assemby, Hon. IstJfanus Ghana, al the



~'UlJ"" sector accountants on the

IPSAS, IFRS adoption

North·Central geo.political zones, at a two-day SensiUsation Workshop organised by the FAAC S ub-Conunittee on the Roadmap for adopUon of IIH! IPSAS in Ihe country in Ab$. Describing the adoption of Ute lPSAS as one c:K the strong platforms to drive the ongoing IrarJ.s. formation agenda for a better Nigeria, the Minister lq'ed the participants to consider the workshop as an interactive avenue for experience sharing and oontrlbutions that lmuld fast.track the JPSAS impIementation process at all tiers or government He said: '1'he SubConunittoo hassuccessfullyhek1slmllarsensitisaUon workshops in KadW13 for the North-West. Enugu for SouthEast, Port·Han::ow1 for South South, Ibadan for SouUt·West and Bauchl for the NorthEast zone as part of Ute strategies to achieve the impiementaUon prooess. "The Sub,COIrunittee expects thai at the end of the Implementa· tion process. it will deliver to the

nation. a Standardised UnifOl'1Tl Chnrt of Acrounts, Budget and General Purpose Financial Statements that will meet international best practices as n!quired by lP· SAS. ''This will assist In peer review mechanism of Financial Reports alDong the three tiers of governmenllndeed. the adoption of !PSAS by tile country will no doubt serve as a foundaUon for a better Nigeria". In his rell14lrks at the forum. the AccxnUltant General of the FederaUon, Ml: Jonah Otunla, specifically pointed out that the conunibnent accounting officers give 10 the lnlPlementation pn> cess would go a long way in the success of goverrunent's current transformaUon agenda. adding that this therefore requires all accountants in the MOAs should buUd the needed technical skills to help Ulem In understanding the operaUonal prinCiples of the lPSAS and by implication, the


state came after a visit by GoverDor Sule Lam.ldo to lITA on July 6,2012.

Governor Lamido who was impressed with Innovations at lI1'A in lbadan subsequently invitcd the rnsUtute to come. and help his state boost agricul~ production. Dr Sanginga said (ITA was impressed wltJt the response by Jigawa State government. addIn.g that the signing of the MoU was a 'clear message to gm."ernlUents aCross the ~rld that UTA is wW1ng to belp.' The Jlgawa State Com:JDis.sioner for Agriculture, AIh<tii Rabiu lsah said the agreement signpost 'the IIM!I of com-


wo", withp'rtne.... " said the 01·

mJbnenl on the l'art 0' the"""

rector General of UTA, Dr Nler· anya Sanginga toda,y.:

to collaborate with IITA with the aim o[ uplifting Ule standanl of

f-..:Th=e..:dc.eal ::..:to' "'.o"' :.:::...w_·t..:th.:.J.:.I"g,.:.w -'--' a J"II!lI :::... w", ..:s"ta...te..:'.... :._w _e_"-'-_ _ _

Bi-Courtney names new CEO for MMA2 i·Courtney Aviation Services Limited, oper· alor of the Murtala Mohammed Airport Two (MMA2) yesterday announced the appointed of Mr. Christophe Penninck as the new Chief Executive Officer for the terminal . A statement signed by tile Public Relations Manager of the company' Mr. Steve DmoleAjulo stated that Penninck, a Belgian and Polish, Is JOining theorganisaUon with a wealth of experience. spanning over a decade in global aviation, Including airport operations, passenger: safety, as well as aJrline and safety manage· ment in different countries. Omole-Ajulo added Ulat Penninck Is a graduate of


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univers ity (also known as the Harvard of Ute Sky), Daytona Beach; United States (U.S.). and multiple award winner in the globa1 aviation indus~ The statement said that he has a passion for aviation that has earned him several senjor management poSitions in various airlines, such as Swissalrl Sabena Belgian Wond Airlines, Kenya Airways, MenzIes AvIation in Dakar, Senegal and Johannesburg, South Africa, Qatar Airways and Aero Contractors in Lagos, among others. In a similar vein, StarcommB Pic has a1so announced the appointment of Mc. OIusola Oladokun as the Interim Chlef Executive In s uccession 10 Mr. LoganPather_


IITA, Jigawa sign agreement on agricultural devt