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iixtulre of garri and moringa rll Itritional.-Ghanian exhibito Mr. G ( or';)~ Amissah is one of the over 60 Ghanilian exhibitors that are participating in the ollgoi 19 7th Abuja International Trade Fair. He it; he manager of Daysah Venture that i<'or 1his years Ghana Export Promotion Aut~ ( rit"

National hono ~ary award on moringa

leaf ')t)wd~r. ln this interview with Daily Truit at tl]e fa ir ground, he gave insight on why lhey cledded to come up with thpir f1i1ckaged moringa f 'roduru espec lally, the garri-moringa mixtJre. Whal ....'e are doing is taking tht

By Su rday Williams


rJ T:;-':"::lnr.~ thcf.trl' What Yo-C hilyt' on show

thc l' AboJj tlntematiooal tr;adc fair i t,de ,"nsa powdu. gam I 'm.h t.oringaand Ibm the natu 'II1m !er made from African

S "'I

mang(b We:Usa I~yt' the latest

prod~L' su. h as hibiscus f1,1tural lea. L t w·e III lObo. ,. I of)'O\ r product.'S aft: well knO'Mi ill thcir ~wform.Howdid m abollt thdrpacbgingt Africa and wanted 10 do S'lOlCthu-18 that will bring I

.. cd -Il

al the th pa


sdI t

thal is cam weare

Mr. George Amlssah displaying his products So.. we deddcd to brand OUf zobo moringa is the household prodoct intealOrm solhal atJeutana\"CI"agl" that ~"body sboukI go foc-. What docs it take to go inlo African will abo ha\~achok:c in hIS office. 'roo oouId sit in the contfort \"lIluc addition and packaging of of }'OUI' offi~ and order fOf robo these products? lea Ut'ilCad of the other kinds of leas Fmancin:g It is quite" h~ Back thac you h:Jve. M)01 know. zobo is home: ....~ arc ~ing so-ne rich in ViwlUn Cand conttinsanti· fuodiog~»."", -doiog axidanl.l.. 1lw is its health bcnd'Jl product dtYdopn"lmL Wlw you What ue: JOf1lC of thoe hca.lth hayt' seen is lIS a result 0( our own bcndiuofMorinpt dIOru.Nofuodingsofar \''care~ M<lringa Is found to contlWt a IOha\~$OtnCfundingtoexpandand

ltigh ....... o("~_

..... """'" "'""""'-

sucbasc:aldum. VltaminA. V~n We ha\o"C sornse kind of suppor1 C. ponssium. iron and pmtrin. It from thto goyemment to access the r{ Mr a . When you look We all genenIly drink chillcd helps 10 boos!: the Immune system. market internationally. We Ntyt' hongo; tJ at we offer. you can zobo in Africa. We dcddcd ~I that is U'IC number- one thing that Glwta Export Promotion Authonly t th~' I re local We since we also Wee Lipwn and OIher mon... do<>. who brought us here What they do ~I thell l such that wccouJd types oftta in hoi water, why don't It "'" hdpo fight ~ is to help us expose our prodllCl5to m an)"\ heI"C that we go and ....-c also brand it because in OIher disc:Mes thai deuroy one's llfoe like other markrts. That is the kind of ~ elf he visions we have parts of the world they don't only hypertension and diaboetes and all support we art' gating back home. c n Illd lhalls aactJy what drink z.obo chilled, they also drink IhaL Morlnga helps in prevmting They try 10 accts5 the market on koill{! itanta.. otherd.l~ses. On a whok, I will say the international front cspccialIy

.some u,dotrideandjoylORiIow d

IocaJ thinV- adding \'alue 10 them and packaging then such thai they will be accepted in the international world Wb)' did rou mi.J: the moringa and prri logetherl As flokl you. we, as a COIllpan)~ wanl 10 add ,'alue to whal ~ ha,'e' 1ocaUy. As }'OO can ~ on the mh· ~, gam is a staple food We ha\ft'becntakingiL Wecan'tgoawa.y from it. II is whaI ~ ~ and liOwe doddo1 Yo-C n«d to add value to it bcawc g;uri is fun of carboh)'liratc andonlygr.15 you thai auboh)'dnll.r alone but moringa has other health bcncfl1s50fusinggarriWlthmonnp makes It more nutnllOU.5 and gi'ft )VUtheotherbendits.. Thatise:x:actiy YoU we have done.


!' Agric m ac hi nery di spl ay t h ri ll s cListo m ers at Abuja f air Sto~~by5unday

AgriruItunI '''''''''''r. Engmccs- Abdul Moses .said Ihal many pcopk Iu\"C been c"'lunen I I the ongoing visiting their stand siner the I Inlernational conuncnaroent ofthc tnde trad fair oue yesterday f.ur to make enquiries. th . !\l by he dispb.y of "Mmy """'" ~ agri Jltur machi.noerie:s intcratcd in our products as by 0 If of !.h oe uhlbitors al you can .see them all along. the It...... 8r1>l1 Drid. _ _ Here is just an exhibition stand. we don't sdl here. Afttt nlOU\ of customcn thto tradtfau; peopIoecancome : d ating mmoe to thc offiu and buy what i ClSIr.itlf done byone lkey want but Iha-c 3R! IOOlC of engina rt al thor stand people that arc so cagrr no!. 10 ! Sd-ncordIClltadtincson lose ¥oitat thtey are smngand displl " Ind~ oe rice, rice can just pick OUI rightly from oppel, IOftI oes and pepper hac. TIlCbltaeSt isveryhigh:' dnct', ru-Jd :c sweepers fur hesaid harwo:t ing 1I110Clgolhoer_ lie explained lhat wiUI Sp : ·kill'; al the o;tand. tllett tn4ldtin(s' one can the 11131la[!''r ufOEA SUN(, produce rt12dc in N"JgCria riaWilliillns

Abu 71IJ



to IIllanatJorui.l standard. adding thai the reason why poeopk doo't eat Nigerian rice is beaUSle of ~ 5looes.. ""'oe tw.-c a machine that can mtlO'>"t stones from ria

afier!her UJelhoe local miller. Woe hayt' th.nsha- for com.

m.i1lt:t. guinea CO"TI, nc..e. and

miller that win mill the ria. polish It .00 scpar.lIe the chaff from the moo and also scpamc the broken ria. fttna\'estOllC and polish it. So, wilh thc$c lIIachllles, ruu tall produce the Nigerian rice 10 world standard; he said lie aplilInl'tl Ihal Ihey

design and plUdu.:e Iheir machineries in ~Ih Kllfft, adJmg that lhq also assemble SOI1lI!: of Ihcm ht-rc in Nigeria.

Thoe Acting OIid' Executive Officer of Ihe Ghana Export Promotion Authonty Mr Slephen Nonnoeshi has said thallhey will establish I Gruana TndoeCentre in Abu;a.


the sub-region. We I~ve been to Cote d'ivoirc and ....~ art' going to Liberia after here We ha\"r been to Sicrn Leon and Ken).. on Ihe tidoet of GWNt Export Promotkln Authority_ Whal an rom upcct.ations In tcrnu of }'OUT prnduru al this fair! Our expKIatK.JM arc high but the ch.illmges arc also t~ in Ihe 5C115C that this is the ftnl unlC we Irc moving illio the premises cl the ABUCQMA and il bquilefar from thc lown lIS compared to wheI"C we used 10 haw: it al thoe Old Pandc Ground al c.arid.. 1l1e patronage 15 quite low bul I think the orpniun have pul Ihemselves together and arc trying 10 do sornoething and I believe that by themd of the: fairwe WOlIld have gotte"n betler palronage.


Becxplaincd that thccmlre will SCfVea:san products

;r\~UIC 10 lBSIe and h<!\~ Ghanruan

In her

address. the Ghmaian MlIl1§ter'

<by. "" ofSbte fOr Trade and Industry Mrs.. Hanna SpnkIng dunng ongoing 7th Ahuja lru:rnatiorW tndoe fair, Tdlm said Uw tht:ClK1IItryI puticipmlon in U.oeCEOwhowas~by~k.SmlueI tradoe fair In N''F'a racJitaks public. pm__ IRw said the ~ ¥oUJ1d provide a putner5hJp and wntribula to iU etunormc: win-win situabcn b" both countries..


'Our herbal products not mad ~ from incantations' marge

will do the sarnoe thing as the WTl\'Cntional drug does withoul skle dTecu. ~We have been on radio trying 10 ' disabuse peoples' mind that it is not evnythlng hoerbal thai has 10 do with ; incanlalklos. Yoo can 8(' 10 your doctor and gel )·our prescription and diagnosis. : we don', oevtn Yo'a.nIIO diagnose you. Bring : your prescripllon from yourdoclor and ~ He said -Most of our pmdllCl5 are fml1l will gh~ you OI.lf pruduet.,usllike palladal thcyam,mi\le't,com. l.dsamongothersthat in the rmrkrt.'"

The off'tcer" in

of tbe Halamin

herl:IaI products at the: ongoing 7th AbuJa International trade fair, Phannadst Musa Dauda Elubi h;u5aid thai UJcir products arc not Illadoe from any incantation 001 througl\ scielltlflC researdl methods. SjJCaking 10 Daily lhtSt al thcfairground. Etubi said moo. of their prodUCl5 arc made from COIllmoolea\15 a!ld food ilcnts.

DAILY TRUST, 09 JUNE, 2012  

Agric machinery display thrills customers at Abuja fair

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