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SUNDAY)2TRUST Sunday. October 7. 2012

Gombe farmers hopeful of bumper harvest, despite flooding ome rUmen in Gombe State: have exprwcd the hope' of I bumper harvest to spite of th~ 600dIng that affeeted some farmlands KrOSS the state.. The farmm told the News ARMCY of Nigeria fNAN) in Gom~ on Friday that they were exp«ling more yields this farming J9S0n th.Jn In preYlOUJ yean.. Mohammed Fada. onc of the £armers. HId he expected 10 I bumper harvest. especially of beans. due to the niru. -Once there is enough rainfall. the wc;ther will be good for beans.he said. Fada abo commended the efforU of the Combe and Federal Govemmenu in pro\idmg fertlllKr to farmers In the $Ute.. Also commenting. Alhaji Adamu MuS&, another farmer, said 2011. hc got eight bags of bcaru and was expc.;ting I S bags



Yams worth mii llions

Mabm !sah USlnin saId thili fanning ICI.Wn was thc only yur he benclited (rom the dl5lnooIJon offcrtilbcr andK'fds. !-Ie said he was among the happiest fanncrs In the COIJntry who benefiled from the govunmen(1 subsidised fertiliSCf. In hili remark. Mr. !<din' Warus.. the Permanent SKrclary, In·~gc ofthc ~atc Emcrgcncy Management Agcncy (SatA), noced that many prnoru Ind (1.rmiama in various pam of the Slate were .ffeeled by Ihc flood.. According to Ln.arns lisll ponds. hllchery Ind farm1ands wcre flooded in Dadin Kowa town in Ylmaltu Dcba local Govanmcntartl. (NAN)

of naira

consumed by f:lood in Kog i

Refuse disposal: Agency tasks Kebbi indigenes

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he Kcbbi UrNn Dcvclopmon Authonty (KUDA I hu urged Indigenu of the 511.IC to cnsurc regular clearing of refuse from dump 5ilH to avoid bcing penalised A1h~j Aliyu Galadim.. thc GencnI Manager. Iold Ihc News Agcncy of Nigena (NAN) in birnlnb Kd>bi on Friday thai the agency h.d lIaned deanng salkl was~ and nefuse from the drainagc channcls, to pre\·cnl floodinS.nw: authority would monitor closely defaulters .nd penalisc them.tic said that the: monthlong acrci!;c, being conducted in collaborat.ion WIth 10al communities and social dcvdopmenl CCf1t~ would be condudcd II the cnd ofOctobcr ACCOfdlng to the general manager. lOl1le U1cgal struct ures along drairugc cbannds Will be demolished. whilc damaged rorads In thc mctfOpoliJ will 1150 be rehabilitated.. Galadima bWncd lhc latc


.Cent re: A woman paddles canoe In search of safety b)'


environmrnlal d$stu

1W1Of1-~ the ~Icr CllJm in gn~at force and washed away their ~ and F.umb.nds containing }~ mm.e and othrr crop$ within • .sOOn paiod of J tbys. A few who ~ lucky h~ly salvaged JOme £ann products and ltmu from lhar homes bmrr: the un~ Indcknl whkh d.lspIacaI hundreds propIe. At the qa pm mark.c1 balM !he rwrr. fannm; JtiII ~ shocked wen.sttn beskk hnps of yams Ihqqulddytw-vuted A middle. aged widow, Akwo ~ whoW2$standlngbesidta


wheel burow alfItalning her)-:tm5 lamented thai she was noI . . 10 ge! much from her farm. She said

hcr farmland Uuol waJ destroyed by the flood contained hl,lF ~ti1)' of}'al1lSthat~~({)be

h,lI''\IUted IIJld told gndually for pmod ol6 mOllths 5larting from 1Wy. AIewo .ddtd tiw she ~ lOr her children 51llCe $hr Imt her husband lhrough y;un farming bul thor: AJddcn dndopmml will nowapose her 10. lac ollwdship. AIWlhcr victim. Mabm lsa Achimugu ()guch< equally affected bylhe fIoods:aid heavydowDpourb

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1 da)'~ ",,'dkd the rtvu submcrgins farms and homes on the isWIds. While pomting 10 • canoe abou! to berth w1lh some r~ yams u what he hunicdly packed bekn the disaSter struck M said ther were taken by 5Urpri~ OgudJealkd on the: authority to come to their aid. 1M fanning popuIatioo noc on}y In Idah but nation - wide ",ill cutainIy requiK' aU thr hdp Il«eswy 10

I"C'C:OYU'rrom 1he~lionaused

by !he rampag1Ilg flood. With fink left 10 Iw-vest from farms, prices of avai~


foodsIurr ilK on • $lady

commmct'menlo(thcex~on Ih~ dday In the rclcasc oCfundJ to thc authority.


Yams worth millions of naira consumed by flood in Kogi


Yams worth millions of naira consumed by flood in Kogi