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Monday, April 30,2012


WIBank commits

""" ......

~ _~~~_to agri~ ~ecto~ a,1'1u a.. iii fti&I Yt.'ORLD l lolni if com.uttlas S900

..,ma:. (.t-n NU9S ba)

$0 hclp 1n utltnnl IOod «eurily .. NiprlII. iIIe "'i.uta ~sd '

0.. AkInwumI Adcsu., _uk!. lit Jaid lhb wbik Binns



in Ihell8rifaHural JC'Clof dunn, the ~ Pbitona abadof tbt lOU Dl:mocrw:y 0., 6~ aJonpidr nthtattn of wakt' R'1OUtca. Mn. Sarah Oddpe. ud Eorironment. Moo titdit:. Mtllafiya. Adcsuy


sUl tbl an..btrt bu~ulty a.t.Ied III N,.m. busiDCII


bJ-.. Ui:iIIH State.aI.A.lDttia ..... ~ . ld B..ok


ID ,-, u..paa-.

., ... . . ... .. thai



or tJv


no( inCluded orUe-. He Aid NiFria occds over 100.000 traclon for medwtiud

Iarp ~"'~lIIlbr USt._pt-rd 110 ~ U'K. lot ab1i "t.llin IliYm 100



only about 20,000

~Lly'lvnl:abk. prtsmt day



The lltiaslb' wu pPlitoi5tic


thai the v.rIous nlue chlms ~ lMa...lcullure transformation ~ b SOin, to tum the fOf"luncs of lite coun try ..-ound because: il Is alrndy yiddu:al posIuyC results and ~nn, mUII'IC lupport (rom Jtiliholdcrs In the 1«1«. Ihc transformation IF-nell is focuxd on kry aspects of the nluc chain IUch . . the reduc· lioo of potl huval! loses. Impnw'"& IinbSCS with mdus Ina WIth rupeel 10 backward inlqnUon as well as acc~ to fmaocul Krriccs and martds." he Aid. Adesi"", abo diKJo5cod thai hal now fItIm Included lIS ~ of the bc:nC'fil.tnJ countries in PuUdeol Obama's Fftd lhr Fvtua lnllbtiYc after the US

farmtts an

armgand IMO!'US IS on UlM:re in I hI' minllfry to cncoun.~ our lte.nung UMmplorcd youths to be IntrrC:Slcd in *lfKuhure. But the majOr pfObkm is thai none oflhon woulJ want 10 farm With cullu.••nd hoe, thai Is why we an-: setting mO<krn day equip roml readily .vaila~ £or them 10 fum," he Akl. IleakJ: "ApkuhurcaccounUi for aboul44 pcrttnl of the coun try', Growth Domestic Product .,..d responsible- for aver 70 per. ttnl cmploymmL The time hu come and I know it 11 now b n'CI'J Nigcrlln to contribute hb own q uota In t'nIUrins that the:


~y drinb oil. bul we aU h i l t one point or the other.

We should)olD huMb In CftIUr1"1 that ~rkultu~ m<n"CI from pc:uanl firming 10 mcchanlud one. 'I'M lhIe and local gom-nmcou shouJd ensure ttw. Ihne: b Ibundance of incentives for the buliOCSSIO thrtYe In thc:lr ",rif..



Global e(ononifr~(overing -Report:


new ~ oonductcd by the Aaociation ofOw1cm1 Ccrttfitd A

Ac.counwJIJ bas rnnIcd that po-


r«:OYCrJ'oulloak in the n,.. qwrkr 01'2012. The rtJkWt ;thc""baat edi lion of the: GkJbal F..conomec Con · dltions Su~. jointly conducted by Act:.A and the institute oCMan ........ """'"""'" (1MA~ ... SCSU lhat the px.I economy abo repined IOI:DC oC the dynamism II had to.& 0¥Cr the t.t J':VThe ~ findings, rcpracnl inK the vkws of .oout UOO proINional KDlWUnU around 1bc worid, were -'mmcd by the two


prolCS5ional bodl5.


10 the tmdinp. the thaRoCrapooJenu~coo

tJdcna: pins in thdrownorganba-


lions had nearly doubled 16 per cae in _2011 10 29 per oml, and whll.ethc nu;ony(S4 percml)

.... bdi<wd "" poboI.........,

.... dcccrionbnJ

or slagnItmB. per

tJgU~ war down £rom 7J cmI in Ihc~quarter_


It I"CW:IIIcd tNt IIXOUtItanls in Africa are the molt conf'tdmt and optimlstic of the rqioos in the first monlh of 2012., IIllbough other "fPons around tbe wOOd t.w:

Procurement experts to assist FG fight corruption if... wben blind audltinB pcr-. slst&, it s.Jves room for mlrmdIotd c.orrupUon. Speaktna In • wnibr vdn, lhe IUIOdatkmi vice pmidmt. Kayodc llnubu, Wo.I II was the pRSRI!"e: mounccd by procurement <lIrcm dul'ins the adminJlnIion ofOlUKS"" Qbcu..

mto ~ IN 10 !he cmd10n

r tht ~ Proceu otfllCe ,,00 the lUblfquenl crnbOn (C1FM ION bY iU1 act of tht -I;lI,onal AtKmh!,', Tmubu nHm thr ~ I ion cL he 0 I(' l'roc~"~'lrk.(: me! ,II od br III fl'Trn.l.lftMIlt H.oOr (~ TI'(ICJlr1rJ~!Ic who-.. lI! o.dy Koltkmk rdlow tal' '" Ii lnd....1c\J and ,Iso ~1Ic:d 1M Outl lot rl' :..uIf II IV ('0(. . . . . I d d;' .x 'I ~anJ





run ~cb x: of lO{! I ~ J the: mtntuy retl tM -edt.; r;t,oenlce'J)pem


I lullllS"'PUUfl.,. rtm~

her:« 1M


'1m a:fln r~ 10 par. lte,:h.. haClI(:fP\.Ist ........ m1litan·.5 LJl\of.;a! ttrr roClar. let11 C>f':;.u-d 1'1" t ffJaJ 10 Altp:an! !t~


gt rtu: "'dr"y. hma: tt-.c tt" r u:.;lo~m v loon! 01 pt:"Br&n1r:lr


nttd 10 Ill\'\!' NiRt'nmo. .. b tf~ D1OfIC1' Mm, -r l)<.\'!d or. ~.A f')Ijn.




""'I "It ..ui

Chevron profit rises 4% despite output decline (HF'·Rj


cred.,. pi


,h·1! riM' In

fint 'I :.ute ~ OD fn .by . (/pcd ) n; i.-.c1. Alf

.r: J ACrn~ IT' ::><Jth 0t1 imcn nd ~ nl 8 m.1I pt1I thai ~ I P ror J I dec!t'1l" ., (I UI,J p. p"O


""'S!w-:s . cat

:.c ~ond laqcst . s. Cliol C ' ' .... rr d O\ I"!I a fr prnnl" in

nUd.uv tlo,..I' .106.19

"f'ruiliO<'Ud ,..04; .g:alfUt I~ I r rrcCl11 dd: inc for Iar;n rival EuR M..bU

Corr on Thun.J.av Ift~ \I ;>roducfd ..-caUf tha n r.q>CCtni nmmp dut to I drop ID od md psOJl pUI Ch~rnnl Orn-qlJarttr proIil rctW to $(>.047 bIllion or 'B .l';" per Jh&rc,

~ tarnl n", lOci Idtd pmiMl_tultlof~


5200 mlJho .., rdlcctlRB tht

Ltwmon highllgftlf'd I Fd-ruary 'Jp of lJ

uk of ,lilUf'h.nd Onnlwd lubn canu

bU' m CSSb in

~I n.


1kr"cU... mal"""" nokd thc nTTllnp;s would h:l\~ f.llm ~h('n ('If c:rpe<

W2\ 1U51l.htad cf'he 5.3,16 had

tallDlU .. 'th""llhai Ale. Tht t!'t1ntn~ and trl l.Iktmg dlvislon has pulled

Greeted, uwrdi.nlllO the Ive,.. on ThomJOn RcuInl lISfE!S. Revt-nu <' rose nariv 1 percent to 160billIOn..

nut of more than ~ dozm a)UDlnCS in the put f", van.. Ind II m,t,.'lng orttnns fur EB'l't. PaJotlln IDd It ' CaitC); rt'flJWtll UDlt

5(>.l 1 billion , or SH09 p"r brt, I vnr earU.., rhaI pH Jharr analrJU

...~flii F- r Ihfc

"I""'tL •


UAn d~c, prmt"":1 nff N~ trl-il h oIu ma~ CIMIld p haec r 10 1~.OOO boamll pc Cbpt-lloluu<:

Also off Sl~n


ron 5uITr rN an a(C1<knl II

well m muarv .. ben • nlm~ p' nploSMJn killrd two (onltklon &tid ~ I-arlcd I O~ !h.1 ltumcd J



W/Bank commits $900mto agric sector

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