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How Kaduna cripple earns a living, hawking gums

ITis. nnmwoccurnnCtlO nod physically cMUenged pr150IU In

He hawD 10 make ends meet after school hours because he lmoW$ be ·wW become a greal pusan In the rulure- and ifhe is not properly educated, he cannot

IISYCM old J.;sman Muhammad. MuhWl('Jad wu born • cripple: he is or c of the few diJablcd

people tbat have sworn Dt'Ycr La kg for on the street He Is ealliing a Uring through




HCs; h~started his chewing gum tnlde loI-ith only N 1,000, bul that has grown to about NS,OOO 10 N7,OOO. Tn II day, he sella up to N3,OOO with II profit ofNSOO. He said sometimes, people pity him and give him money without buyinganythingsccing Ihal h~ is trying 10 make. living ~en with hia condition. Muhammadsays he buys more goods with his sales lind AVes at leut N200 in his pigeon holed

swet:lS and

chewlnggUlIl... on the busystfcetl

ofKadu'lalJwn. In a chat ' vith ou(oorresponden! who ca Ighl up with him al the pl'f'mis~ of the Nigcrian Un ion ofJl'I'mallsl (NUl) ~wk­ ing his ""cau 10 prospective cw lomen., Mt hammad ~prt:S5otd willingness to acquire WJb tru.t would mah him lake CaTC of himscU Imd also help other diublcdpcnon ;. lie s:ud: ' I would rather conHoue Aawk: ng these sweets and chewing gu-n than beg for alms on the stree because people will look down 1 n you when they sec you on the 51 reels begging and I have my , ride and my ramlly nliOle 10 pn)tF-L

-WeIR'abouI20In my fathers hOllK induding his brolher's childl'l!n but lucky for us , we arc in our own house and nol II tl!nled one. If il was rc.ntw. things could havebecn moredifficult ror my fathcr; he said. Muhammad slW manages 10 go to school and \$ In primary three al the 1.ocal Educa· tlon AuthorilySchool in Tudun

Nupawa. Kaduna.

the Nig.ria 1 society begging on the Siretl$ bUI this Is OeN to be for

I",ding of

h;u fivebul twooflhent died. He told our correspond~nl Ihal his father uwd to make local bread.



people 5« me on


str~d& struggling to urn a living,

they palroniu me more than !he other traders hawking the Arne

products. Some ~ftn give me money as II way of helping Ole wi lhout buymg anything.-

Muhammad is rrom a


wended ramily. His rather has two wives with his mother belng the fir&1.. Whil~ his mother has sevm children. the step mother

Farmers lament slow pace of fertilizer distribution 8,rllld. ilsslII FARMERS if , I '\Ccounlry say they an: happy Wlth lbt-~~ strategy intrtxlUCM by ·lh~ Fedrnl!'Ai istry or Agriculture and Rural De\..dop I to curil COmlJ"lIOO in the dis· !rlbutiol' m .un of fertillut but ~ at the gme tinle! p It oUb)' the ilow access 10 the input as the j If'llingseason dra","S 10 a dose Govn-nm!l1I has introduced the Growth Enhaname 11 Support (GES) scheme. whkh is;do cd at ensuring dfKicnt use of govnnment subsidy ror- fcrtiliz.rr and othcr

Wm mput51:1 1:x:a1 Wma-swbo hardly benefil rrom the st-bsidy thai is meant for them because ofie.lkages and corruption. A major drhing component ofGES is th~ dectrollk '1.a.11et (e-waUct). a spedal programme deSigned to enable farmcu enjoy ~ml 'llbsidy for farming inpuu such

as seeds md fertiliu:r among otMn and to abo c:hKk ill! Ieabges associated with direct purchas~ and distribution of subsidiud rarm li,puts bygovamnmt The c-waJiet. acaxding to the ~Unisler of AgricuJtltt and Rural DeYdopmenI Or. Akinwumi Jdr:sina.1s In reach 011110 local fanncn; thru 1 9b the rcantly opened efS dallI baa, thereby ensuring that whatC"m'"subsidyfea::h registeml fannerts goi ng 10 enjoy is 'em 10 himJhcr through their mobile tclep'lone in the Corm of a voucher rode 1lte £arrmrcan then take it 10 the nearesl agro-dcalcr , bop to claim whatn'ft brndil Is .:0UI.'d 10 thClllHowever, he distribution ofinpul under the GES scheme started late and this has brought abool complaints from some f.umers who Ai( uey ~ yet to t«d~-e fann lnpuLsnen ilwlugh th~ have repleruL Praidenl If Potato Farmcn' Assodation

orNipbQiefDanOkafor~JDIlI$1rqi5· tel'l!d f.t"l1I~:n: under the assodatiQn were ~ 10 m:.ti~ the subsidiud input under GES

bul about 30 out ofabout a thousand haft

rccdved two bagsoff'crtdiur each. HcsaJd the lmpkme:nlalkln ofthc GES is slowbut il is encouragmg 10 sec Ihat gov. ernment is making err-on 10 follow Ihrough with the scheme:. .."..'~ have to be patient for the I'rognmme to kick surt properly and ll«ause il is a n~ programme. we are not cxpccIing thir.1 it would taU off immediatdy bUI there is still need 10 try and ~ u many £vmmi as possibk bJore the farming season runs 01..11;- he IIdvised Aishalu Mommmcd Jiwa i5 a farmer in Jiwa. Ahuja. Munkiplll Area Coundlln the Federal Capital Territory. She cunflflDed IhaI shi- has received two bags of fcrt.ili.tcr and 25 kiJowammcs of rice seedlings forrarmin~tlw: GES scheme. She, ,complained that. then: were a nwnbcrof oomplicttlonsduring theinpul distribution eurd.5e and principal among them is the inabili'Y offarmcrs to receive the lnpul becawc they do DOC ha~ phones and there£orc had no phone numbm to supply,

Minister of Agric Dr. Adcsina had nphined thai II bad up paprr voucher would be used in sitwtions whe~ villages have no access to mobiIc IlClWOrks or haw: no mobile phones, butlhis 5Lrategy hu not come to play In Jiwa. Jiwa saki.: -EVUI the two bags or fe:rtiIiur Ihal they are giving w will not be enough for farming bul we are grald"u1 and the redt'mplion procedure is diffICUlt ror some of the /'armes$lhat do not haft phone nwnhers and !hose thai dki not get a \/OtICher number in thdr lttt messages. ·For someone like me, I need IIIcasI: sO: bags of frrtiliur to be able to get: something (or my £arm. two bags orre:rtiliur would DOl be enough ror me.Anotbcr £armer, lsuc: Jacob.sald farmers In hb village,Shadadi in Kujc Arr-:& Council, have not be-cn c::apIured in the rarmer's data


rcgistntion eurcist and lire thm:rorc hope-

less of get:ling any government subsidy.

He called on \he go~mm~nl. NGOs, corporale organiulions as weU as other wdl meaning Nigerians to come to the aid of people living with disability, saying·wc arc Nigerians and we arc not supposed 10 be I~ft 10 beg on thestnd$.-

VACANCY A leading financiai


group is s eeking 10 recruit fo r the posillon of

HEAD (BUSINESS PLANNING & IMPROVEMENT) To ..... ef!edIve ~ of business ~ producls. charWlek and viable ~ ~ forc:on&lnla:l guwth and opbmaI proI"UbiIyof!he Group.

P#',BMWfJ Eabish .00 inpIemenI short and 1on9-IMn1 CWVllIUilIIOnIII go<Ii5.. ,..-....


.00 operallng

EvakJalemarblsize. ~, aa:omphIwnentlandinduslryslrudlHS. Plan. OrieIop, sod Imptement busInQs strategies for genBfiJling I1IYenU8 U ~eII as revenue

-.."" ............ e.,....

MonItor and evaluale aperaIIonaI elfec:llvenessaod ened changes requM'8d for improvement. O¥enee product development and mcnItor trends that r.dica1:e Ihe nrH!d lor new products

--. ProwidI

oewbuslness oppMlJIIiIiM lor the group. tadri;::II _ s&aII "4IPOrt. ...



kI strategIC dedIIon-

Prepare, monIIor & ewIuale Ihe ImpIernanIaIion oIbu*Jessptans.. Provide 111M 10 h ~ tD'I'WI'ibM In the development of tafgIlIs lor the variauI business urm.. co-adnIlebudget~for"BusineuPlannlng&Impru""'6.depanmenI.

t44#3'4'M'h! ItJ


A degree In ~ Admhstraticn, ECOIM'.IInJC5, Accounting. Slabsticl. IlI5Ufano! or

....... degrae in Ea:Inorricsor anyolhar Buliness relaled IbdpIne. PossassIanofACA.AClINandPhD"be ... MkIed~. MirmJrnoi ten (10) ~ wortuperilnce in COfl)OIltIe pIIII"dIg aM QaIegy development tde. kuI41al....t1ic:hmusthavebeenln.~IIUIe.

C8nc1date!ml1t have good ~ allINncI8I ~ Ir'IbmaIon ~1. the buIir.- aM !hit InIUtJy



Clndldallr mtIII b8 skJIed IXJmII'U1iciIIo ...:I should b8 1liiie 10.". and I"flW'I poIItion

intl!l"Hted appllc.enla .hould go 10

www.royalexchangeplc.comJcareers 10 appty for tM posilion.

DAILY TRUST, 26 JUNE, 2012  

Farmers lament slow pace of fertilizer distribution

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