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• Clctobet 24,2012

AGBlCULJ1JBE Farmers' market Prices oI'lMsIock. erpecWty rams, and bid Itrms in Kaduna StIle haw continued 10 SO up cspcdalty U.I ~IxcaURoI'tht MuslimsSallahc::drbn.tion coming up Fridly_Some al the tJusanc. men thII tpOIae to IWy t nut in ZarIa and Kaduna aid rams, rice, tomIlOa and pmdnut oil mnIln In tush dcmandbta~n'IOIII Muslim .dulls ~~ toofJer sacrifx:e with mm durirc this SaIIah. Mn I buwa MllIa said. -molt homes are aprckd 10 CXXJk rior: and Ikw made of IOfI1aIOeJ ~ the Salah. The '*In meal ill aho cx:pemd 10 tk- Fntd wWh sruundouc oil This hal ma:Ie rams. groundnuC ad. tomatoes and ncr 10 br on !Ugh dmwxl.. !he said. A5 lit )'CStmby, the prices 01' thc:tco items WU'e IOund 10 be on the hish licit, though thc IOmIIOa ~ fmh and thc nuns looked ~ red. AInonB the rruoRI.nriluttd 10 thr .... «lit of thc ilmlII .. the fact thiJt govemmcnt hal sUncd r-Y'h8 WDfttns thor sabry.


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What the farmers say... ....,., ~"'NNrl~.Ibdt

QwsUon I: I rod. rcportin l)Qd,Tnntaboot 8abIori Irription fannnsin 7.... mf.r. Stile whn'c you pubI.iJ.hW the F"cturc 0(. fabricated rice thrashin8 machine. I am I maize f"amln. Is tMre Inysuch machine for th mhinB m.lzd Ilow can I get itr II.runa 0817 926 8030

Answa-: Yes. assorted mille Ih~hin8 machine fabncated by Ni~fi.nJ WCTC db-pl_red.' the rcantlyconcludcd Nalional AgricuhunJ .how. Conlact Ihr delrg'llon (rom your .t.le Minlslryof Agrkuhure th.1 ~rr.1 throornl (or proper !'lid. ncr and possiblc link to Ihr m.fkr1ers.

A bottle of groundnut oMMlbkK H100.00

• Fabriulted _b:e th,.lhlng ma:hine

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QUeJlion 2: 1 undcrt1and thai ~Im od IJMingimportn! fmmahroad WhallS It up oP Doni we haw IndlUlrjn ror making paJm 011 In NIgf'na r Babmi Iq 070.\ 042 9103. Salmi In 8orno SlIte Answer: NigC' r!a is I maJOf palm oil produceR though we \1111 imporl II 10 metl local dC'mand. Palm oil is produced from palm rruil whkh ., grown in mMI ~rU nf soulhan Nlgtna and nen the notlh cenlral ThC're are so many local and , .. ndud palm atl prodUCing (actones in Nlgl!tUl ThcrC' IfC O\'('t 100 locil palm oil mill .. m Iddilton to $Orne .t.ndard i i In fdo "laic alone

• Oneb&g -.~

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p-......... f~N22.00



".rkiyb N21.00

• P,lmfrvh Q~tio .. 3: I am mamed loonlyooe wife and haw a child. I liw In I rerUn! Ipttnmml aJOftg with othCTtmantswith Just a car .pacecourtyard for me. 11m mtC'rcstcd in having a personal fISh pond for myfamUy. In cut a drum to.iu.c:an my fish .urvi~'(' In it~ Mike Shalom. Mailam.a AlUw~ TherC' are potable and moveable fish ponds now for sale to the mllket They ....c of Some of thcm can eft.n be kept Oft yourcOfridor or CVfllln your Ijltin, roo m. Thai will c.ncouraac you 10 make flShft"y u a hobby.


Note that these prices .re as at yesterday and are subject to "uctuation.

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What the farmers say...


What the farmers say...