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Bauchi blends 10,000 tons of fertilizers at Nl.l bn ftIIKAI...IMaharnmtd,a.di

THE &uchi Stalr Fm.ilIur Company has blended 10.000 metric 1Qoles of aJ. about Nutrllioo b

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How ostrich farming is thriving in Nigeria

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From: ismail Mudd*v, bUY

FG targets $300bn earning from agric growth by 2030

11iE ostrich is the biggest bird in the ~ With the most apcmM em! and "YaY dc:Iidous meal thai can hanIIy be in any restauranl due 10 its high COIl. Though it ~ ny. It is c:crta1nIy • very fast running bird thai. can sprint up 10 70 kiJomden; in ant hour and can as wdl Nn (or up to SO Idk:metm per hourtmmy making it fast~ than !taman bang. The large bcau1ifu1 looking bird adapts 10 almost evay ~ or mviroruncnt It nods _ ..." """" Miliwy _ of

""""" Cdond lInw. bdng the IaqpI.""" ostrich &nncr""""'" in Nigm;... A viSit 10 his ostrich tum III foundatim vUlage:tn Bimin Yero. Igabl Local GoYttmnml Area of KadW'\il State, .."".. ,."",.... "","",'



worth cmbarkingon. The fmn ~ Mr. M. ~ who descnbed ostridI F.u-ming 115 wry tasking. said it ....;U neverbesucc.essful ",ithoulJQl1}C!Ql'leknowl· ........ """""""<h<frimdly""' _ _ whcR IlQt SOUfCIE cl drinking W2teI" is from the planu theyeat.ln addition 10 pIams. ostric:heseal roots. grains. lmccts. lizards and meat Whik I male ostrich is bbck, the fmWcs arc brown. Some of the wry unique katuns oflhis specie ofbird ~ ~ C'Ym when I'UIllUI18 on I tush speed. it usc its slut Wir1p to chmge dirtctioo just IS iI.s powerful long Iqp an COYa" 5 mcfm in II singk suidc. The biggrstlOrmldab&c wapon cl wostrich is Its Iqp whir;h can kiD II human bdns or II powafuJ animallike' II lion Wlth just I kick. Though the . period of I maIr ostrich is thru fC1JJ ~ two. the bird can 1m lOr up 1.0 80 yean. Conducting this ~ round tb: DanglWiI 1.Jnw ostrich s..,o said the CI6trich is • wry ~binltlur.waswrylafUinN"~W1ti1

the fum COI1lJMnad thc mass seD of the birds 10 prospective f'armers wbUe shins than informa· tion on how besllO rear !hap. tv noted thai. Ills graduaIlybuoming rommon In the aJW1Iry. '"The &nn was cstabmhtd by thc former Mill· tary Adminisuutor alongside his gas plant In Rom!, with just 28 pain of the bird The octrich {arm wu moved 10 iOwKbtion village in 1997. Now, the fum awm 4J aoa: and has bundm:ls d the bin:Is. Mapri:ty 01 ostnch Iium owners or

-Lo:al osuichc:s balCh lhdr eggs like dUdms but ~U5l' incubatonill thc farm because ~brccd agric species here. When you Ke an ostrich !dale itsdf60m othcn. iI is cilhcr Ac::k or pring b . &gilL TheyworkandCillIl1gJUUpS.andlhqtwdJy f.UI skk,- he said. Whcnaskc:dhow ...saanercanSUlXfS'iuDycstab!ish an ostrich Iium.Sajosaid lheRare lhrcetbings one must do: ~ SOII'ICIOnl' WIIh the rtqWSite sIcilI who must tlOM'thecapil2l and land. -rhcskill· fulstaffls~importan1U1d 1'II.'aSSiI'J'. Without the ~ the businca YoVJld not flowish wdl. You do not need 10 b.dkI. a ~ or aseAII: you nctd lodoisb.:ealmd.Thcbirdillbplltoll.'l'f v.atbcr or 5CI5Of'I <:Jibe yeaC s.jo5iid. -In ostrich f:&rming or business., the mo5l Impof'WIl thing is the skill, dosdy folIowcd by thc:capitaI and lastly Imd. ~bny im"C5loncrroncously spend buge amounu d money on land and the pwclwe of chkks (ostricbcs) Wllhow having the Pill. their firms dose up at the end of the day:' huddcd. HcadVlSCd prtJSpCClMOItrich farmm to5lart with juYmilc 05trichcs 01 about 6 months old In orderto have low moruIity me. He said the ju\~. niles are easier to handle cspcciaIIy by ~ Silying one can start with 10 pairs of 15 fcmalcs and 5 males and will be sure of making It. He urgM 05trich fanners 10 I'onn 05lrich I'annm association as obuinJbIc in Soulb Abx::I and Zimbab¥l.-c so as 10 win ~I assist· anc.e and support, and to be abk: 10 tap from tmI~ inlnTlational ostrich market.. Commenting on ostrich fanning. the bead of dcpartmnll ofBiologial Sdcna:s. Kadwui Stale University. Malam Sallsu Mohammed Tahir, said an Il5lrlch egg is equivalent 1024 chIckc:n eggs. He saki if you break an ostrich egg and pour il in a container il wiD gJ~YOU 1.4litres,addingtbat it has great C'COflOmic value. -ostrich has cconomk and IIC5thctic n1ues.. Nothing Is a WLUl' in ostrich IS n= ilS wasil' is UKd for ferti1l7jng f.annlaod not 10 talk about its __ '''''''' "'" bon<s;" <h< ............. While . thcFedc:r.dGoYemmmIIOsubsid.iuIl5~1ocaI filTT1ClS,hc~ the agrkutlW"al re5ClIlCh institutes in the muntry 10 nod a mcansofcomingupwith.spcciesOf breed of the bird ",""dch can .bpi. to tbc Nigcrla mvi.. ronmmL

DAILY TRUST, 24 JULY, 2012  
DAILY TRUST, 24 JULY, 2012  

How ostrich farming is thriving in Nigeria