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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


II started my over N10m investment with N400' From Ibrallim A\~ Glglnyu, I(ano



Mohammed popularl)' knO\VO as Bello Kana is a 2S-}'ear~old graduate of Biochemistrr from 8a)'C'ro Uni\~rsity Kana WhOK in tuit ions l' lwards electronics made hi m carve a niche for himself in th e declronlc!< world an d also tn bua me a household name in the world of mobile phon ~and compuler IICCC$50ri(5 " ia his multi


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Bdlo Kano

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Odic Kano's ventu re inlo the GSM world slaned ",·hen he was an undergraduate.. HI WH a s tudent when J look my (aulty GSM mobile phunc to the old post office mobile phone repair ern!",. 1wOlsdilectcd to someone who was said 10 have bttn the be.u GSM pholle repail er al the cen tre.. Wilen this m~ opened

my phone he lold me: thert

was no th ing one could do aboul Ihl:' prone'. According 10 h im my pho ne could

no t be fixrd. Am'! you know how II was with mobJle phones in those days, I was confustd. So I asJuod if he' would n', nli nd me' using his lools 10 fix the phonr. The man reluctanlly obliged me and wilhin 15 minutes I was .ble to put back the phollt and It Slarted working; that day I was ablt to repai r more than four mobilt phones Ihal we re dedarrd dead by the ~a m e man . It was my fi rst wagt tun ing encounter in my l irt,~ Btllo Ka nosaid. Afttr th. 1 incidtnl, the mobllt: rt:pairt:r as\uod Bello Ka na to be his associatt and he tauk tbt: ch.illenge rrom th ere. Mter a while, things became a liltlt: diffi cult for Bello that he had to opt o ut and opened his own stll ll with th c N400 he was ablt lu make asan assoclale of the GSM repairer. W I ope-ned my own repai ring stall al tht GS~I markt l ""hen I no liCN Ihat tht: wholt: issue hilld an tlplo it.a tive setting. I was almost d oing all th e rt:palring a nd at th t: samt

tlm t ge'n.tng the las t rrom IIle busintss proceeds. But thtn. I was able to save up to N400 and that wu the Orst cap!tal) invested In my today's business.. 1 got my tool klts with the am ount and established my nillme in Ihe market. I triN as much as I could to sec thai I ex p;mdN my business via conrorming It' all positive innovalions associated wi th the business. And today, l ha ve no regrets for opting o ut to be on my own ; Bello nar· rated. Bdlo hid though he wa ntN to study medici ne, his dll'a m wu not meanl to be as he ended up stud ring biochemi5try. This made him to concentra te more on hb GSM bwiness, beinG hi5 obse$5ioll, and also u someone whose intuitio n is to repair GSM. According to him, duro ing his hay days as a GSM repilirer he had no prior technic.a.l know ledge or what ~re: the components or ei ther softwa re or hud wall' aod other applica-

Fadama III disburses N250m in Zamfara from Lawan D.njuma Adamu. G,,,,, A to[21 ofN250 nl illion has been disbuned to Fadama Communit}' Associations ill Zamrara Stale by th e Zamrara Slale Fadama Coordination Office undtr th e NatiOilal Fadama Dt:,·elopmelll ProJcct til . the st3te pruject coord lnlltor Alhaji Aliyu Altine ShinkaO h:u ;aid. Sptaking du ri ng tht: ope'lling 5t'SSiOIl or a 2-day World Ban k spon50red lraining workshop on Cooperative. Sa\'ings amJ C redit Scherle ror r~cm l a· tors. Projecl Im plement a, tion Uni t l P' U) and farm, t:u, Alhaji AiI! ne said the

money Ins d islribuled as matching gnnt to ¥OIrio us economic interest groups ,:o mprlslng male. (emalt. you ths ;md vu lnera ble or th e communilies. Hesaid that 107 Fadama Commuflity Associations (FCAs). comprising SJ7 Fadama User groups befle'flued rrom the rllnd. Other projects exc.cut~ by Iht: state o ffice: include rehabilitation o r 2.6km road, construction or rour nmrJuots stalls consisting 70 shades. construction of It) wa ter points to reduce ranne rsJ pasloralists clash . wh ile N6miUion was s.11·ed In various commu nIties Fadama User EquIty Funds.

Earlier, the Zonal Coordinator o r the project. AlhllJi Aminu ManfOl. told paJlicipants at the work· shop that organiiing th e training has bc1:ome neccssary in \'iew or the notabl t achie vements recorded by the Fadama gro ups. Also speaklng, the acting naLiollal coordinator or the -l1lird Fad ama Projcct, through lI,e projecls Scnio r Community De,'dopnlen t Speci3lisl. Dr_ BC Agwu. said the workshop was organil.ed because: II 101 or roou rces ha'·e been utiliu d ror St:tting up the groups, addi ng Ihal It is therdon! aimed li t sl rrnglh elling the groups so lhal thercan runcllon well

lions, but his foclls and de termlnallon made h im excel In his field. To be more: lnst ltut lonallud, ht we nt to Informatics Kuaure.ligawa Stale where he Itud itd computer computIng. And fo r rears he has b~n invol ved in training and teaching olllers the art or the pro(uslon. " I ha\'t so far tr.tined more Ihlln ISO appren tices on eilher individual bases o r :15 coopt:.rate bodies. And some or thcseappren ticn arc no w self reliant, taming a living through it. In my ow n vie w. I can say IIlal the GSM Ind ustry is the most vibranl and mosl lucrativt businrss entity I havt eve r come across. It is tht. on ly ave.nue IIlal the youlhs had ban exploring . nd also the a\'enue th aI look many youths off the 5tntt . 1 still insist that youths or today should endeavour 10 ex plore the GSM business ror the rt: arc a 101 or ret unexpl ored avenun that when ~plored. a lo t will be achieved;- he said.

EXECUTi\o ES of Real Es t ~ te Developers ASSllClation of Nigeria (REDAN) rt a nleeting he ld with Ihe Managing Director or Ihe. FMBN , Gimba Ya' U KUlllo hal'e ag reetltc rO f lll a tec hn ica l COlllmillee that will

look Inlo \'a rlow issues o( inlerest waivers a nd exit poi nl (or Eslale. Develop· ment Loans (EDL) rrom tht Federal Mortgage. Sank of Nigeria (FMBN), Th~ mteting which was originally meant to strve as a forunl where REDAN will receive update on the outcome

o r committ ees setup to addtus dtvelo ptn problems wi t.hin t he Ffl.tBN , e nded wh h a conclusion bet\vtcn th e two urganlutlonsoll ponible modalitits rordelt nnin · ing exit in EDL. It was revealed that the committet: setup to look Inlo issues sur·

'/" '<.

f- • MOHAMMED BeiloMohamm.d

CITN to help FG, states, LGs boost IGR From (hrls Agabl, hglls T HE Charte red Insl l· tute o( Taxallon (CITN) has orftrtd 10 assist the gove rnm ent. rederal sta tes and local gove rn ments boost Iheir Interna ll y Gt ne raled Rel'enue ( ' GR). [lrtsldell t or the Institute, Mr. Fem l Itgedeuid this during his inl·cstiture as t he 10th President of th e institute in Lagos_ lie said Ihe Ins titute would do el'er)' th ing wi lhin its puwus to help th e m ra lst Ihe le"el or IGR.

REDAN, FMBN to form a committee on interest waiver B, MUJtapha Sulfiman


rounding developers I.. bel as bad deb tors ha ve beel) granted waive rs on inttrcst :.pprovc:d on th tlr loan s because It W:lS discovtrtd that some developers "'ere 1101 responsible ror the drcumS lancu result ing inlo such hu ge accrued intertsl.

Ht also assured other Slakt ho ldcrs tha i t he in stitule \vould In addi lio n 10 contri b utin g its quota , produce the 3nnu ill budgets or government , monitu r budget Im plementatiun to ellsure that laxparen lie no l shortchanged b)' pe-ople In govunment. -Du ring my le nure much emphasis would be: placed o n technical o utput o f the institute. The in5litu te will lIot o lll y inten siry its inputs into Federal Gllvernmen t"s annual budget bUI would ensure it monlton III Imple-

menlations particu larl y iI has become obvio us th'" Internally gtneratN re\'enues would be relied on mo re l o nnance it; he said. wWe shall ensure thai wt intensiry re.searches into areas o( laxa lioli I hat a re eith~r yet to be (ull r explored or on ntw areas or ta ntion which gove rnm e nt could explore 10 regulate Ihe economy and increase ils internally gc nerate.d rtvtn ut so that t he thrte t i~l5 o( gove rnm tll t can rely leu on revenu e rro m oil and gas; h e ~Dld . IS

, f!.~:I£.C.!!!! P"f.,wl9ldaiJu

IPana\onic ' fII!IIIA ' 5lto • ..,.", . vr;rmy,IIUoIIII'Al1B!oMJIIIS ' ~ &::Il~l:!'.tfrA~""matttl!l.IIl

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Fadama III disburses N250m in Zamfara