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Tuesday, 2 1 August,. 2012

-Ntgerra spenas-r"fTbn daily --on rice importation - Minister a, Abdtltwuiu IIHwI

TH E F<!derL Government is worrlt<l that the sum ofNl bil-

Ilon is spenl daily on the impor· titian uf rice and decided to putnrrwith China EI:im Bank to impurt 100 mtt· gn.ttd ria: miUs through the prl-

val!! sector ~o Improve the qU1lity "hhe loCal product, minister of Agri :ulture and Rural ~"el­

oprD£IIl, Akinwumj Adesina has wIl The minister who disclosed at n prep briel'mg he bc:ld alongside president of Rodddlet FoUndation. Judith Rodin, Slid the Federal Government entered thcpartnershJp 10 make: Nigeria Idf'suffidenlin rice by

providinE the nced~ -industrial


illingCI Padry.~

Showil1g Rodin sample of

igtr'an fice, Adesio. oid, ~[[

you look very dosely, you will Itt that tllis rice Is proudly Nigrrtm.-N lgt!ria spends one billion naira e-,-cryday importing rice, and thai is because they say that the loa II ice is broken, has colOUf it hal slones, it smcJl ~ Well, p/Ocming rice is not bram surgtry. Y, -u just get the right technllillgy:· He ~lltI the bilg of rice is I ploduc: ((one of the 13 Ilew rice mil~ s that enlerg«i afttt President Ciloodlud Jonathan pUi in place I ?"Ucy to Inake Nigeriil self-sum, [mt in nce production, aed ing "Mr_President put [n place I )I:-licy (or us to b«ome self-suffi, [enlln rice And the

coordinating minister o(the economy has bee'n heroic in putting fiscal policy behind that to make sure it happtns to support our rice produce('$.. ~ lnlhelastoneyear.13new

rice mills all by the priVllte.sec. lor have kicked in, producing high qlUllity rice. and this is one of them. Take a look. Yea, this is high qlUllity Nigerian rice, par·

boned rice and it Is better than any rice you can get from Thailand, from India and it is proudly Nigerian. -For w to dri~ back toKlr sufficiency In rice, we need to ha\"C' the Industrial milling opacity. And !halls why the government ....-ent into partnership ....ith the Olina Exim Bank. Wem Importingthrough the priVlltC'S«Ior

once again, its not governmenl, 100 l~e-sa.leintegrated rice mills. Those rice mills will mill 2.1 million metric tons of high qualit)·, long grain parboiled rice~ he said ~ sale rice rumen from Sokoto. Zamran and Kauina .5tiItes Wlder the Sokoto- Rima River Basin Dn>dopment Authority (SRRBDA) ha\·e said thaI with the provision of

standard thrashing and millmachines. Nige'rian rice wi t fa voura bly com~le wilh Impolled parboiled rice. They lamenlM llial despile the several hectares of land u~ in the double-cropping rice farming in the' IhrC'C' slates, there is no standard thrashinR and milling machines 10 process the rice being cuhiVllIM in the area_


Oyo distributes N4.4m agric inputs to farmers From Vem! Bimhtele, lbadan print 10 guide its rice devdopment dfom. OYO State governmenl hasdistribHe said that the distribution of ,,'" .gri<UltunllnpuU rom",..,. • the agricultural inputs was a physirlceseeds,agrochemkals and liquid cal demonstration of the Ajirnobi l'ertUizm worth over N4..4 million administrationS commitment to to rice &.rmen In 8e\"m local ypvimproving the present leI>-a of rice munmtareasofthe:state. production to transform the state Speaking it the occaskm held to a major p1a)'t:rin riceprod,ucat the OYSADEP f-armefS· Multilion in the country in W nearest ~HaO, 0)1), thestaLeCornmis:sioDC'r for Agrirultwe. NaIllr.lI Rcsowasand Run.! [Jc,.~ ment, Mr. Bimbo KoIade. said that • total of 175 rice farmen in .seven Fadama UI partidpating local gm-emments had been pnMded with ri«, __ mom"", on<! fertilizers to boost rlct production inl.hutate. Tht commissioner listed the' benefitting local governments as 0)'0 West, Atisbo, Saki West. Surulere, Ida. Akinyde and ago Oluwa, laying: that his ministry. In collaboration with rdeo.-ant staktholdels, had devdoped the state' rice development strateg y which he5Bld would ~ITellS the blue-

foreseeable futtul.'.. KoIade roterated tbecommilmentofthC'praentadm~

to TqX>5itioning agricuhme and devtIoping rural area. pointing out thiit the Slate govmunent was partic:ipating fuUy in fe<kral gayemmenU Agricultural Transfurmation Agenda in about sa-en out: of the 14 selected rommoditics. In his addra:s, the st.aIe Proj«:t Cooniinator. Fadama ill Project. Me. Nathaniel Obylnka. said the projec!. was designed to 5UppOI1 strategic objC'Ctives of mhancing gro\\1b in the non-oil seeton to .chJC'\·e increased food securit)', 1'Il\ttty alJeviMion and employ. m('nl crcatibn 10 illlprove the living


condition of pc:oplein the ror.d .,.... Heurged the farmen to make

In her ranark. the Pumanent Seaetary In theSlale Ministry of

AgricultUre. Mr. Kunle AdC'dWl-

tan. Wsded the agricultund tRnS-


agenda oIlhe Ajimobi administraUoo, stressing tlW. the efforts had been VC'I'}' successful SpC'aking on behalf of the farmers, Me. Bobjl Mic:had.mmmended the IllIIe' govemmmi for the support il had been gMng 10 farmC'fS, adding thaI farmers had rlC'\whad itsogood in the5ta!C'. adding, '"Nogm"tlTlmml in the' past had assisted (annm Iikt: tht' present administration. We will not disappoint the government and ,..ewill eNure increase in the production or rice: we will use the inpufS for rhe pur~ I.hcyafe meant f·J r,~ he' pledged.


Nigeria spends N1 bn daily on rice importation - Minister

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