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Farmers to buy fertilizer at N1,OOO in Kwali

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CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA "l'bat they In may itt Ont"' Joba 17:21

May 16,2011

By Abubakar Sadiq lsah &Abdulkadir Y. Abdullahi


THE Chairman of Kwali Area Council, Mr. Joseph K. Shazin, Friday said a bag of fertilizer will be sold to fanners for N I, 000 in the , council. Shazin, who announced'the subsidy during the flag-off of fertilizer sales for this year's fanning season, said 300 metric tones ofNPK, Urea and SSP fertilizers were purchased from the FCT AgricSecretariat at the cost ofN2. sao per bag. According to him, the council deemed it necessary to subsidize the prices due to the fact that 70 percent of residents of the area are peasant farmers. He said any counter-part fund, whether from agric or any other sector, will be taking up by the council for the benefit ofits residents. The council chairman assured that arrangementS have been P.ut in place to purchase agrochemicals, farming implements and two brand new tractors that would be hired to farmers at subsidize rates in order to boost food production in the area as well as improve the country's economy. He advised farmers to make judicious use of the fertilizers and warned that any person found diverting or selling them to middlemen who are not genuine farmers would be prosecuted Earlier, FCT agric Director, Adamu Wakili Zhinzhe, said the agric secretariat deCided to


RE: 1)


The attention of the President and the Executive Council of Christian Association of Nigeria (CA!.">!) National Headquarters, Ahuja has been drawn to a widely publicized Statement in the print media issued by the Northern CAN (comprising members of the Christian Association of Nigeria in the 19 Northern States and the Federal Capital Territory,. Ahuja) in respect of the above subject.


Tllis is to put Oil record tbat CAl'll National Headquarters was not consulted for its opinion or consent before the said statement was released to the press by Northern eAt'l/,


The issues raised by Northern CAN in the pI'ess Statement, as regards the constitution and composition of the Panel set up by the Federal Government to investigate the cause(s) of the postelection violence, particularly in the northern part of the country that of the Christian A..<sociation Nigeria (CAN) in general,

as constituted


should be allowed to carry out its assignment ac(.'Ording to its


CAN National is of the opinion that the Panel


'_~ . ~.g.iI!:maitt*,df·L






. Written~ by .E AmbaSsador lyorw~ese ;HCigher . I

tlle day to cast doubts on the ability of the Panel to do a thorough


!. . ~-'Ni~eria's .High Commissi6i1erw-Canada , '

. job or pre-empt what its final recommendations will be.




We are mindful of the fact that this Panel is not a Judicial


" 17th MilY, 2011· Venue: Congress Hall, Transcorp H,ilton, Abuja, Time: , 7:00 p.rn . Date:

CommiSSIon of Inquiry that has judicial or quasi-judicial powers, but rather a fact finding Panel which will assist the Federal


, Government forestall future occurrence of such incidents. 6)


, N~~ERtA: A~er ~he Nig~tm~fe j~

terms of reference in the first instance. It is certainly too early in


subsidize fertilizers to the fanners in order to encouraging them during the farming season to achieve bump., harvest Also speaking, Chairman of Kuje Area Council, Danladi Etsu Zhin, yesterday distributed six thousand bags offertilizers to local farmers acrosS the council With a view to boosting agricultural activities in the area Speaking to newsmen at Kuje Store House in Abuja, the council boss stated that his administration procured about 6,000 bags of fertilizers from the FCT administration so that fanners could have enough quantities to use in their fann land He said the council purchased each bag of fertilizer at the rate.of N2, 100 while farmers are expected to buy each at a subsidized rate of NI, 100 per bag, saying that fanners should use the opportunity to cultivate more crops so as to record bumper harvest in the year. According to him, the distribution exercise induded representatives of farmers, conununity leaders as well as elected councillors in the 101 wards across the council. "It is good to reach out to farmers through this means. This is because it will enable them to use the fertilizers judiCiously and produce more food for their families in particular and the society at large. Let me also teU you that the council has put necessary measures in place to tackle the unwholesome activities of middlemen who are always fond of sharp practices~ he added.

th~:;leadership Institute Nigeria ,., . .:-- .-..-. . .] I

represents the personal opinion of Northern CAN only, and not


Tuesday, May 17,2011

CAN National hereby solicit the co-operation of all concerned to have faith in tlle Panel as constituted and give it maximum support where necessary to carry out its assignment. We believe that members of this Panel are people of integrity who mean well for the peace, unity and progress of our beloved country Nigeria, so let us give them our full support and co-operation.


I ·1

Under the disting~ished Chairmanship of . Chief Emeka Anyapku GCVO, CON

Fotnier Commonwealth Secretary-;General , ...





' "

H~E : Dr. Gbodluck:'Ebele, jonath~~ GCFR .· The resident1 1federal ~ep!Jblic' o~ Nigeria "


Mt.'~dej'n Ajuinogobia SAN

Long Live CAN!

Hart.,Minister:of Foreign Affairs Long Live t~e Federal Republico(Nigerial!! ---------li+~~~~~~~::===:=~~]:~_:-----;-

-~ r -- . ~tJ::---,\." _ --v . .. .- d . i l l L.


- ~-- -

Natiolll!l.l&ruAd1li-r.- ----_ __ _ ,- - - - --

Chri~tian Association ofNig~ria (CAN)

DAILY TRUST, 17 MAY, 2011  

Farmers to buy fertilizer at N1,000 in Kwali

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