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Tuesday April 17, 2012

AGRICULTURE FG set to lease silos for surplus maize! hom Ynn!lLin ill*. IbIdoIn THE Maiu Msociation or N'Jgttia (MAN) has entered Inlo agJft'mctll with the fiedmal pttnntmt lOr 5'loragr ol surplus produad by Ils members in ~­


MAN N:ttional Presidenl , MrOlaW'lji Admob. lold rqxM1rl'l in lbadan thou IheSlrp"''ld ~'I1IO~1

post - hu\'CSI k>ss. Adeno'" ~aj,J the silos of tht ftdenl fm trnmml in many pariS of the country WtlTnot lull} u i1iscd hence the requnt by.'dAN 101M mini5t~ of r gricu1lure fot 1hciJ- use. He said 'hal the assodalion wouIJ 3i11 a tokm amount In Il:r i1"'cmmml and ~ the silos 10 b-ep Ihdr~UJd~t

the wast. th;J.1 might result lbrough l;tdc. of proper- stor-

age: I'xUities.

"So. with this process. we wuuld Ix .blt to h:lw the re5UVl" under the conlTOloffarmers. IlIrfannm would be able I( mm more monty later in the season rather than scU rnaiu when he is in need;md the prices are 100 low for him. ·Weafl'lr-.ringIOrmlOVt

the innurncr of middlrmcn In !he tnaJ'kt.ting of maize which Is 1m-: \'llIurchain ~ are la.Jkjng abeul. Thai is. from product io 1 to markd Ing tIl utiliZal 011. it is linUd together-so that the mkldkman is dlnun.lkd; Admob explained. ThcMAN prcsidcnlsaid 1~lcoIlcctloll faints would abo be Sl"t up a ttnlJU fiat from silos lind M 1ISSOdalien wuuJd go t11eTe 10 assist mtmbn1: in t 'amportlng

their surplus manl!' to the neaRSt tsolios. I Ie aprn~1!'d confxlClKI!' !.hat though lOla! cimina' !Jon o( middltml!'n might M diffKult, but tht worulion would bt able to achkvt il with time. On m~F production I~ In the- calm .I'J'. Acknob said that it u~:d to bt about 12miUion c tonnl!'Sp« rur bul had one down 10 eight million


Nasarawa State to support Olam rice farm Frnm Hif Jowllh, lafil NASARAWA State has pkd~ to support a $90 mUllan invatment projeCted 10 bt Afriru ~ riel!' Cum c:stablishtd by OWn Nigub Umiltd, a Sing;aport'-bastd im~ in agricultllfl!'. Govftnor Tanko Al-Makura, said he wu h3ppy with theinYe5tmCllr. which heaDtd·a

farm like naotha in Nigma~ aplalningt.hat , am told it will bt tbt biggest rice In Africa, and from what J hoMo: Sfflt wbm J took an ania1 Ylrw oClhe farm, on an aircraft, J can saywith confidenct thai it isa (arm Uke no other in Nigeria.· AI -Maklll'1l pkd~ 10 support the huge lnvestml!'ul, saying. "our government is doing all it can. not ooIy 10 gM mornJ supporl, bill good confidence, and irutitutional mpport 10 !hIs investor_

We wiU parlklpale In this enlrrpreneurshlp by providing security, prolection and II$SUr.u:JO::S of confJdenctin the ImutmenL '"'The im-cstoris going to ~an unfettmd conduct cLMness in Na5aJWw.I~ AJ-Makura addtd. He acknowled~ that the in\-es!or had long submlucd iU rtqutSt to star1 opnlllions In the state and used the opportunity 10 call the state's PubliclPrivall!' Partnmhip (PPP) programme 10 hascen up the prncc:ss onllving a Memorandwn of Undmtanding (MoV) with Clam 10 ensure smooth takc-ofT_ The ~~r said his admlnIsltaOOo h;u designtd ~plntes for all investors in !.he stale to key in. to avoid friction between the go'Ytrnmenl and invaton.. Wm has aluady starttda! theOlarn Rice farms

covering 10.000 hect.uu of fully Irrigated commercial farm In Rukubi -Ondorie area of Oorua in Nasan.wa SWe. I lead cL the pro;ect. Mr_Regi GeorgI!' 5iUd ttw work hascommenced on the pro;ect afltr It acquim:!. the rarm from IIlOlher im'eStoc HeSilid theongutng work entails land pmdSion gnding. construction ofi~ ~ ruadsand dninages as wdiasa secondary sdJoollOr the community are also going to JM. upa ria Gcocge said. Rukubi-Ondorlt, a fuming commWlily. has a large apiUlSI!' oC I'adama rwming beside the Bmue Ri-.w in the 50Uthcrn wne of thestate. Daily 'Jh.ut visited the farm recently••00 observtd lhat the agro--bascd finn has gone far with arrangement 10 COfTII1lCIlI:C the fust phase r:l the


farm In June.

Fadama fariners in Sokoto get N173m From hmMI Mudashlr &A.bdulfaGI A. SalamI. Sokoto T H E Sokofo State Fadama III rroject has disbursed over NIH million 10 26 fadama land u~ .associations in the slale, the Commlssjoncr for Agriculture, Dr, Jabi MulwJmlai Kilgorl, has said. Speaking during the preselllation of cheques 10 the bcneHdaries, Kllgori said the geslure ....-u pan of dIorts 10 nIse the productivity and 11lCOmC:5 oflhc &dama land usen with emphasis 00. comprehcnsivt and hoIistk approach to agricultural operations. He said thai the approach was based on the COOi munityDrlvtn Development (COD) modd,

which includes '"\'esting in capacity building. public Infrastructure, Inputs., adaptive research, extension sc:rvices and many more, According to him, the proj«-t supports thl!' government's strategic objective to enOOncl!' growth in seeton other than ou. in oWer to achieve incrnse in food securlly. reduce poverty and cmIl.ecmployment in the rural areas. Kilgori calkd on northern indigenes to work toward the restoration of agriculture ckvt:1op menl, urging them to face thl!' challenge squarel)'_ I-Ie also urged various bcndkiary associations to bt sincere and honot in ulilising the fKiJitil!'S .md other assistance provkled by the proJectThe commissioner SOlid a monitoring com

millec would equall)' be put in place to reward iWOCbtions thai did well and,SOInction those thai p!:1 funned below upectation In his remarks. theZonalCo--ordlnatorofFad,

allia Project in the North Wot, Malam Aminu Molf.ra., commended thl!' dfort of the m:;lllagcOltont ofFatbm.. III project in !.he stale and u~ thl!' \-;uious bencfkiarygroups todTeclh'e!)' utilise' Ihl! gesture.. Abo spcWng. the stale co-ocdinalor, fo,tmm t.!uham~ ibshir Muslapha aid lhe bendiciariII'S should we thegrants judklously in line With the agll!t:'d procedUKof5ub-.projed Illlplcmell\JIhOn IL\ contained!n IheLocaJ Demopment PIan:t (WI'S) in line with the \ Vorld Bank guidelinl!,


rts seek agricultural resilience strategy for African countries WORLDkad.'n mUSl recognisettwagricullural grtM-th ~n _\frica is Rill 100 fragUe and netdslobeatm! more resWmllfthemnlinent Is 10 b.rwanis Impming the lh~­ hoods cL ~s. according 10 a new report. In the rI!'JH.rI. published on Wednesday, the Mootpclliu PanI!I - CQl15l$'1ing o(lead-


Ing~ruin theflcldsofagricultu~. lrack and sustatnia.l!-le de\'copmellt _ ha~ iI!"I out "strateg}' M~ nsillent Arrican agricultIJre

before the forthcoming RJo+20, G8 and GlQ $WllI1l1ts.

pond ""'" tJw """""'"" growili perTh< $I!' is not enough if countries arc unable: 10 faa, withstand and bounce bad from the enormous and continual challenges: fadng African Wmers. indooingcontinuing nuctualioll5ln food prla:s, ~ and planl disease epid~nic:s.. and dll1'1Ollto change.. -A rrlca 11 growing fut and agriculture

is inevitably a hugely importanl put of this growth, but the point Wl!'re making is that

this growth is stUI lncrul1bly fragile and that the importance of making this growth resilient and sustainable: has not been high

enough on thl! dn-dopment agenda,- SOlid Sir Gordon Conway, profeswr of Intema tional l}e1o'elopment al Impenal College. London, and chair of the Montpellier Panel -f<lr enmpJe, ~trade is tmport~t. but

if you don'l have an enabling environment within Africa.such as mong Inter-African food 1r.Kie, access 10 markrts, ttchnology, .md a resilient population ~ it's nOi going \0 work Iong,lerm,One of the main themes of the report is how 10 ckvdop wtw il terms -suslllin;able Inlensific:arion~ ofcrop yidds ;and agricultural products. which Con....-;!), kienlifie!l asoncof fhe~ challenges facmg AfrICa.


FG set to lease silos for surplus maize


FG set to lease silos for surplus maize