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Kashimbilla dam attains """""""- 40 per cent completion

NESREA begins nationwide sensitisation exercise



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11M: KaJtum'liBaJ Gamo¥o multi purpoKdaman I..ocwNllructwa was awvdcd 10 Me.n Setraco Con5lruCtion Comf-.ny (sec) Nigcru umiLed on lItb ~by 2001 with a revbed contncl pnce olN6O.6lbiJItM for the multipur pGK ctc... eiopinent 01 Hood contralto c:hrck the threaJ 01. ftood rrom the tU\k.tunlJy wn.k ¥OIcan/c Lake Nyc» in Cameroun, water Alpplyol60.DOCIrIl3 perdar for 4OOJIOO peopk. dillion.J hydropower supply of 40 mepwatU irnpdon ol2O()(h rndudina tourism and fiIhery poem tw. which WIll abo ~ to poYffly .......k><L 1M chm wru :h .40 per cent com

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""" """"" """"""" Protecuon Council. olThunlm. lI'icI


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Soil erosion emerging as key green issue - UN report


Don blames food shortage on climate change reduced .vaiIabiltyc;lbufand milk In Niprt.; he Ai..l

DR njudecn AdtmoIa A.b.nIl of the CentR b Paa II\d Conflict StudJer II the UnivnIiry oIlbadan has blamed Ihon-,,: 0( IOod and water in the sub Saharan Africa _ 1M df«u 0( climate chanF tNt nHd to M tadded.. '" Abnji .... thb ,........" while makina . JWumtalion ... two day tQtJooaI Roundtable on Oimate Ou.ncr and Enerxr in ~ orpn&Sed by the IConradAdenaua In panDenhJp with the Center for LaderIhip. StntecY lOCI [)u dopoutut.. SpcUina on 1M topic. SodaI-EcoDOII1.k Eff«u ol Otmatt Clw!te. he aid. failure to make 0JnJCt0us dfon to I'-ft off the impKt ollhe pbmomman lead to lDcraM: tale 01 diseueJ., depledoo of 1M til" OoodiRl and~lS wD .. cnmne


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health,jl;b kIaa Ind prev.1mcr of poverty, he added.. Abo in his ~marb. 1M Eucutm DUecto.- OhM African Caltre Of" leadcnhlp. smtqy and Dcvdopment, Or Ottvc I£buuw aid dimak danfr II one oftht m~ CDnllrainu: 10 ckvdopment ic the woOd today;. chIlJenge tiu.1 mlLl bedeak with-we mUlt Mft dndopmmt_He aid If ltv mllre worid'. peo(DIU b

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Don blames food shortage on climate change