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Ex-coundllor I,. wants boreliole refurbi~hed .at Gbalu village B, .Uubakar t d1q Isilh A ro rm ~ r councillor at Gbalu community in Abaji area council of the PCI'. Nyzo Yusuf IIn aml, has appealed to authorities oC the council to Uilise ,..lth the FCf office of the Millennium Development Goals (MOGs) to repair a bro-

ke:n bor:l:ole al Gbalu village. BaUUD \, who represented Ag)"an.fPandagi ward In Abaji a: ea council from 1999 to 2004 , noted that tbe borebole was sank betwun Ma}" 'unt: Iv t year and only served reslden's ohhe community for thue mlnmsand since slopped fun ctioning. He n!lted that when the borehole WlS sank newly, wattt alwnys rushed with high speed

u resH( nls. Fub.o! settlers and SOOIt people from Agyana came to fetch watu al the communily. ~The


tore-hole only func-

fcr three mo nths and Ibt ioned roke dcw n; s ince then ou r


..... omen h,,'e · been goiog to the slrum Ic fetch water with Fulani herdsmen u sing the same It 'e un U loufceofwater for thei ' ( oimals," he laid. He n.."C:lllcd that th ere wu a time he phoned the MDG office to inlin a' e lhem that th e bore· hcle h ad broken down, saying an engilleer who la ter came an d removed a sub mersibles pwnp frul11tl)e bo reho le never came bac.k to rfplace it again. . The Jo .:m er co unel Uo r, who fun he r Hurated how wlndsturm am id h eavy rain fa U dutroyed put of his' ho use In th e community. not~ tha t his familyan.l alended fa mily hid been subjected to strious hardship IS I res ult of th e d isaster. Accorf Ing 10 him, the inciden t ha?I'ened th ree weeks ago in th e rll:ht when members of hb famlly were asleep, add hig thal lhe Windsto rm pulled d ow n p,uts of the building. Fatama therefore appea led to t he ..:ouncil's authorities to come 1:1Jib aid so that he can rebuild tb e collapsed portion of th~ buildi ng. TheJpr eu secret a r y to the counc~ s an, Sallhu Ul"Ooir J:ombo, said a committet has hen set up 10 take a list o f r "the faulty bo reholes across.:he r ura l communities 50 Iba t tl,e co un cil can re furbi ;h th!nI.

80 IYIpape women trained on cosm-etics-pro.duction By Emma EJeoo ABOUT eighty ind igent wo men li,·lng in Mpape village in Bwari Area Cou ncil of Ihe Fer have been presented with certificates havi ng successrully un dergone trai ning on the production of va rious de tergents and cosmella, organized by a corps mefl'lber serving with Federal Roa d Sa£el)' Commission (FRSC). Aniobi Ndubisi. The graduands who were pre·

dominan tl y widows we~ trained free in production oflnsectiddes, perfumes. air freshener, pomade, liqUid washing soap. shampoo. an tiseptic, cake maki ng. among olhel skills. Speaklng du rin g the gradua. t lon ceremony heJd at the LoaJ Educa tion Aut ho rity (LEA) Primary School. Mpape,a tthe weu.· tnd, the Corps Membe r said the ,1e<isiol1 to empowe r the women was borne ou t of their poverly level as the y vi rtu ally de pend on

their husba nds amI relations for Ih-elihood. He said the proje<t, which is part of his Community Development Service was in partnership with tWQ women, who serv~ u resource persons thattni ned the womm. He challenged the women to put to use the knowledge they h ave acqUi red to better their lots. saying thai they no longer have any excuse to stay idle. The representative of I'RSC

Corps ~ lanhal, Ojcme Ewhrudjakpor, commended Ihe corps member for the gian t stride and called o n Ihe women to make judiciOUS use of the trai ning Iccci\·ed.. O ne of th e bcndkiariC$, loy Uwugia~n. witS fuU o r thanks to Ihe corps membe r for the platform created (or her to learn. She promised to go into production Imm~iately in order to raise m oney to furth er her ed uca· tion and as weU assist in training others.

Scheme procures 14,800 tons of fertilizers for farmers B~

Nasir Imlm

THE FCT Growth Enhancement Support Scheme (GfSS) has said it has procured 14,800metrictons of assorled fe rtilizers for pt'uant rarmers, who might wish to purchase the commodity. FCT GESS's chairman, A1h ajl Igh Ade nlOh, who was reactin g to fear by farme rs o f not gelling

.ertili urs, explained that GESS, meant for small scale rarmers, was being su pervisal by Federal Ministryof Agricultu reand Rural DevelopmenL He also disclosed that the FCT .' dmin istration has also conduded arrangements to pu rchase tenlliurs to be sold to large scale fa rmers in the territory. Alha;i Ademoh ad mitted that

the prese nt meth od of d istribut · ing fertilizcrs to farmers il facing some challenges espe<ially in the area of co mm unication. noting that gettin g in touch witl. rllral farmers is difficu lt because of fluctualing netw(lrk se.rvices. He said FCf has 17 ce ntres where rarmers could purchase NPK, Urea o r improved seeds of rice and maiu at governmen t

approved prices, add ing that the new policy Is d esign~ to elimi· nate m iddle men (ro m hijacki ng the busi ness. Someofthe farmers. who spoke to 14$0 O,ronide, commended the FCf authorities but appealed to the Federal Ministry o f Agricul. tUle to increase the sale flOm t ....,o bags to five bag.sper person toenable l:uge scale farmers to henefiL

'Ta:sha community wants health centre from AMAC I

RESIDI :r-'TS of Tasha Commu · nit")' in I .buja Muni.ipal Area Council h avecall~ on th e cou n· cU's authoJilies 10 es tablish a Old· ic21 ce nl.fl: in their communiti es witllout f1 rtherdela),.

Tht Community, according to th em has been in existence wi thou t a medical (entre, thereby forCing them to seek for m~ical attentio n to as fa r as Gwagwa. Asuquo, a husineu man, said th ey depend largelr on patent medicine sto res (or th eir health.

mailers, adding that if not for their se rvices, most o f th e criti· cal cases could have led to death before they get to a nearby hospitaL 1·le also complained of the deplorable condition o£ the road which to a large a ttn t has hin·

dered the development of th e communiI)'. Another resident, Harnu told o ur repo rt er that th ey have been suffering from water scarcity. as there are very (ew boreholes servo ing the enlirt community. . " We depend mostl y on water

ve ndors. who sell as much as N30.00 per 20·1itre gallon.~ he said. On the lssueordemolition. th ey appt"3 led to go\"Crnment not to render th em homeless. but instead co nsider their plight by a1ternat l\'e arrangement for them.


Scheme procures 14,800 tons of fertilizers for farmers