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Monday, May 14,2012


Dangote Sugar posts N4.12bn pr fit in first quarter IIJs..u,WiII .., OLRECTOR i (f( Dansotr Supr Rcfmny PIc DSR) haft rrported a rrofll bdOl'!lu(P8nolN04.J2 billion tn thI finl quutcr ~ndtd March)I.2012. Th~ 2IH2 rust quantt profn b IJ10ff than d)Ubk the N2.05 bLl· lton r«arde.1 U1 the ~ Ins period I I 20 II, I statement (rom thc~ The aWl m~nl said that 1M Supr refj~ I'} POSled a VOss PrOOt of N ;.34 bUJion in th~ Jl""fiod u n& t conskkntion III contrast '0 r"* proiit of NJ.l<l biUion for th . pr«:edln8 year. AccorJ,nj to the results rdeutd on the floor of the

Nigman Stock f.1Chansr It the weckmd, prnfit after tu 10K to NUO btllion from NI.J9J bUUon tqIOfUd in the: conupondInA period of2011 whLle: its m' cnoe sre:w from N2t.54 billion to N26.ll billIOn The: statnne:nt saKI that DSR ~ormana was buooyfd by the: IntrodlKhOn of the compmy's ne:wmul Dangok VitamUl A fortified supr J*b8a In one: kiJo-. gram, SOO grams and l.SO ~ po<b. 1M rnana~me:nl saki the fig un was u a rault of 'IIfiOUI sustamable: powth Itral~ bci~ impkmmkd by the company "J~, theboanllsmlndfu1

of continual ccooomic dWlmges

Sanusi targets gender balance inCBN appointments 1J''fIIIM~

&an! budncssa in rccml tunes. but berTin! any unforaem dr CUln5UnCd, II Is hopdu1 tMt thil lfUd will k swt.ained t'ftI'Iln the rmLI1n1nc qlW'tm of the yur; the ~alcmml said. It would be recalled thlt Dan gote ~pr Rdlnery had unbuUd on JtI'1llCSK Introduction ollbc Danpc Viumin A (OrtJfled rdlned whiCot susu, in I fnOR COflSUma- fnmdtr ~ Into

1M mum The ac«ptance of the thfft new diff~t NUS of one k&. 500 grams and l.SO snms In the mar lrt hu been • IOUJa of cncour agrmml to the and b Ihrrd:wr: positift that it will ~ the targrtJ antidpetcd by


impK.t1D& poI'lIvdy on the Ales ~ aminp and ullirnaldy prolitability. The management Ulurcd illl «K\$UITICT'J thll it was arrIrins all IvallaNt resources and Its stra1&epes df"«ti-tdy 10 ~lUure quahly rrocases and output u wd.I u the ddiwry of pxIs and Atis&ctory ~tocnsuretheach~

olthe st.ttd obfectiws for lhr: rear The board Is alto optimtstic that W1th continued Impkmcnta. tlon of its stnlepc policies Ind Improvm openting ~fTk'mdes. high IUffiO¥ef and Improvul mar· gin are Qp«ttd before the year runs out and aI1lb~ stakehokkn would sec • POS11l~ trmd In its

aubKqumt pnforman«..

CENTRAL Bank ~ Nip-na (CBN) Govttnor, Sanusi Lam· !do Sanusi, aid gender Issues In the: country could only be adciruKd when women are .ppointed into lop potitions. H~ Aid the WSft of the CBN b 10 gradually promoce: and appoUtt womm into kq dinclonle: pOJitiOllJ 10 adtkft Fnde:r balance. Sanusi was spe:aIulll Thurs

day" tbe: Launch of the: 8ritish Coundl2{lJ2 gende:r rtpoft in Nigeria.

The: re:pot1 noted thai SiX million Nigerian rooths ISO Into the bbour rnarUt .nnu ally but only 10, 000 ollhem ~ employed and that only a quat

of thb number (z.soo) are womm The: CBN ~m<K" noted that since: the establbhme:nt of CBN In 1959, only <I womm ~ to the: rank of deputy dir«tor unW he:)cMned the: orpnual1On- Today. the: C8N hat: SIX female: dirKIon out of 27, he Ald_ la


Etisalat Nigeria: Lack of power, sabotages service ETISALAT Nigtrill, an ... mlla!!:'

of the 1'<00. 2 Gulf Anab OJ'ftJo tor. ElISabI. aid lack of rdaablc riKlrKltyand sabotage ~ 10 blame for poor KrVICt' aflcf the rezublOf ftned tdccom firms fOf failma to mm quality taIpU Elisala! Nigeria, Alrlel _ Ni~ria. Globacom and MTN Ni~. unit ofSouthii Arrie's MTN.~fmcd.lot:alofNI 17 billIOn, KaXdmg to kKal media


ElI.Abt Nigeria "ki finu avenged 52 million ~r oprn tor for ~non-<omrlian« Wllh the quality of Krvice targrts $d brthc~btOf-:acconlin!IOan

m\aikd SUlemalL Ibis ynr alone we an inwstina IOOI"E than twr. btIUon doIlan in ~ion of our network capabilities and c:apec:iIY; Chid E:J:C'CUtI~ Skoren E\'ans uJd. 1br; company said ap.dly conllnlinu alone \iIIihen not to blame fOr poor Ie'f'rice. dllna

SAL sets aside N75bn to boost agric production boob' ............",,7Sp"'......

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smaIhoIder fannm..dSO per ant b ~ Wmm ID 01IIb&c f.umen aa- fundi £rom thecom-

dectridty u lndustrym.Dcnp. ·For-anoItamona:tbtM:.the abIm« of tdiabk powtr whlch ncaaitatts that t:'YU"foneofour Oftr 3,000 cdl sites n«d. to be ~ by two ge.ncnton wfuda

mcm;.J bomb..

l.izr:Jnwannc IOIt1 lbc aJCtOn &rmcn and ginnm to up \0 thr chalIengIs and ~ thqI inaaK the. \'OIwne cL poducIion orquMtyaJUOO to mm the need cL

War mainlmanct and proridon of ~ supplies of dJcsd,- It




run 2. hounadayandnctd rq.

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DAILY TRUST, 14 MAY, 2012  

NIRSAL sets aside N75bn to boost agric production

DAILY TRUST, 14 MAY, 2012  

NIRSAL sets aside N75bn to boost agric production