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Wednesday. September 12.2012


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~lS@DUU B0 [) G[)BD lSDuB0 G[)C?DUUBDU~ Abubakar Mohammed Kent ~ a groondnut farmer as well as publish<f offarmer5' [hronide. He believes that rtlOIe has to be dooe in 0IdeI to ma"" the federal !JOI'rolm31t\ agricultural Uilnsfulmation agendd suc<fSSful.ln th~ inlfrV1eW with A'AJ [hronid~1 AbubakarVakubu. he commen5 on the loopholes In the cunent policy and gives StJggl'Ition; on how it can be turned around for the bene< \0 that )OOths, especially those in IUlal communities Gln become farmers. YOU are a fanner u wc-D as the pub. IIIiKa- oi. FumeR' Chronicle n.ew~p1IAbuja., why did you choose' Abuja ,mal moUnted you 10 YClIlure lnto


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to profatmlDfl in Nlse:rla and I ant inlo I production and have oYer JO


h rafCandwberewecult1~le8round. nu ,.nd rmcHI them Into ground"u! oU. So. we difonrucd t~ wu I gap betWftn the~n.publk.govnnmmtand'lw·

hoIikrs ~DlI thaJ. Is wby ~ came out with the ~ flnnui newspaper thai: cuts acrou the feder;W0Il. ~ b:1OOJ' UKUIDCnt of the current ·ApiaaI~.11 al TraruiOmu.UOD Agenda' of

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govrmment. especially as It

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Jd foremost, the minister of _gri • very vibRnt expert with a 101 plam and pollciel 10 transform


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attention lowlrds sedng how ,~ d~can Impacl dlrKtlyon peGrlelon tH: ,;round. Yes 10 lOme cxtt:nt. ~ hu ln~ I;)f1Jl8ing a lot of policies but how _bqul I pl!menlltlon? Thlt Is the major plcJJlem OIlUCsomcofhls follo_rs that a~\:o '1 out such poIidesa~ not re~1y doiJtgan tlingaod Ual is my franbout the


.. Jon agenda.

flow ,u fOU allO u.sea. tpe mobile p~De r. ' Uzu distribution ,ystemf As: Ii II! I am concem~. In term! of asKSS II I think it Is still bdow SO percent .lEe most ohhe: Nigerian farmers ~ l1Ut a -It to KCCSSthe 10 caUed e· waUct


fmillur and I think the minJ.Stc:r has to go Indc: and ~- plan or rc:-stratqfz.c: in order 10 know how It can be: errecnve in the nat fannll18lQ5Of\ because: It was I total failurr lhIssuson ufarul am concaned.. Do rou thlnk pvemment is doi ng enough loboott riceproductJoo loAbaJI Am Coundla.adotJw:rplJ1.softbecountry in ordn to mea the 2015 tkadllne for banning of rice' importaHonf -,ncre is .to much emphasb on paper work and that II why I am SlYIns thai Cannrra neal to _ be: encouraged. For me: It IS


fuh farmers are stili 80 percenl depend"ll on foreign fted$, their pmdtKU become: unc:ompc:tltivc in the intrmatlonal mlrket. By the ~ _ fanner stocb 500 to 1.000 fl5hc:s In his pond and ~ N lOon ~h o f them. you will be Ihocked thai al the end. ~ spenl time 20 of that amount and wlllmd uptd1ingeach fISh al a high priu• which makes fish farmen dose &hop. UntU normal SINdures arc: on ground 10 encoulllge fc:cd millen In order to bring down feed prices., ~ annot compete globally and dc:pc:nd mainly on fuh Importllion. .. Let u, look .1 the lISt OJhLng fatJyaJ a. YaIM in Aba)1 Atu hoe Couodl or the FCT,

regfettably that

2015 is realistic but Ir farmersarestillaboutSOper HowwoWdrouIHCU we poIltiche: the luue, the orp.nJu.tion! I'm $OtTf ror Nigeria cent in Nigeria {laughler} I would not (laughter). . call that one a Rshing fesAlready.tbeprlcaof countlies of the world have tfvalbutlpoUtk:alahOWby food Ikm" Including abandoned method for the: FCT Adml~islTllion. lf rice, bread amongoth. youueorganlunga fishing en have: gone high In that do fann worll festival of that magnitude the: markd bc:aus.eof and Inviting peopk from aU high tariffoflmpor- and affofdable. ovntbeworldand tbeprepat.ltion of such prodIlltion is poor.lhm there II. tKU and wmL If prGJl6 Implementation problem. Then WlllI419 displ.~ by some and monitoring teams are JHlt in pllCe:, II competitors. who threwdead fashes inlo the will boost the prodtKtJOU ofloca1 rice:.. river loatch in order towinand thosehlnFub fannlng is Aid to be a kercom. dlingthe~lWCf"Cconfwedand lbel i~ pon~lto achlning food security lo the: II wu a carnival (or the: FCT agrk departeounlry. HowwouldroulSiCSlJlshfarnl' mentIS h wall Ilotal f.ailure. inlln Nlleria, apcdally Ihe FCJ1 Can YOll l uggat WI,.. to Imprvl"C 011 II I, below cxpc:ctallon and we nc:cd 10 , uch fmlnlln fulut'!:! ~ourage lhe: YOUlhs and other fatrne:rs Yeah. I have been saying this and will 10 go Into frsh (arming. What makes 10051 repc:al Igain Ihat untillhe- private sector Is and livestock hnners abandon Ihelr In'-oI~ In agricdc:vdopmc:nlln thlscounbusiness II due: to inconslstt:nt policies of try. we: wllI sliU be doing paper work and SO''Cmmenl. In. situation where local loyIngwlththecountryslUturc:..lftheFCT

when other


machines are


agrie department II Krlous .bout I1shing festival. II shouldn't be I fewdaysptanning. 111ey should In~ve the private: sectOf". txperts In fashc:ric:s to do proper arrange-ments bd"ore the nw (eJUvaI, If nOl; It will still be: anotM shameful (esttval Mavinllnto Ibe poultry lub·sector of liricultun. whal don It to M a pouItryf.nnerf Ehhhi Yeah! It doesn'l tau much. as il un be as low as any amount of money. The IW«test aspecl of it is that such profecl an begin at the back of your house (I'm actuaUy not e:ncounlging residential Also with 400 square me:tres ofland, one can lid up poultry and It is one or the most profitable aspects of farming In tenru o( Iiveslock venlUres. b doesn' take anyth!nl from you to Sd up lOch farm; 11m and fen: mosi. consuIl your Y'CI doctor and other cxpc:ru and with IS little u N 100,000 fOIl can commence:.. How profitable II poultry f.nnlnl? Poultry farm ing is In two ways. there is the broiln that takes about eight weeks to hlrval as well as the ones kept for ~ We also hive Ihe layers Ihat Ire fed for up to SIX months bc:fore something can be: made from thcm.ln poultryfarmlna. With proper farming. you can make: profit of.bout 30 10 40 per cenl. which is a good venture. • The major challenge in the: bwlnc:ss u Ihat m051 Farmers do not cOlUult expcru before they Itart and Ihose who consult have little problems because the: major challenges are In lhe FCT u well as o ther parts of Ihe: country,the buslnc:u isl good one because up liII now. _annot m«t the demands In this counuy. People are sti1I smuggling chlckc:n.lurkey .mong otheR Into the country and we need to push them oul.


'8S percent of Abaji farmers can't access fertilizer' AI~ajl

/tuhammodu Dongono, • the Sa~in-N'ifa of Aball Area COliOOI, who 'poll tot _bubakar Sodiq I"'h of Aso Outmdelill the ,-wallet fertil"", '1'tem. HOW ~tld you aneu the elKtronic

...n.~."- ",,',mIn Ab_I" o die Introduction ofthc system is

~ ell because It il limed .1 enrurtnCthat ".ldIe men do nol hijack fertil.lz.·



genume farmen again. u it ttisled i9 dIe put. 1be:~hu ralkdalongthe line 1$85 pc:n:ent (d 1ffnefS, especially thole In comD1l1ll det cannot lKCesI lOch fertiliu:J'$ bectU5t' lbo:y an: mltmlle:.. In fact, 80 pttcc:m. orf.hrltt in such places have no handset Of ncr .... d: In lheir communilla. There are 111&1]1 CtoflUTlunitia he~ in Ab.lJI COURen;

dJ that. could not get fc:rti liur because of the: rigid

If you an recall the:re was I time: I raised an alarm when

syslem, whUe those who the~wusomuchpre:s.sureon got the: commodity. only me by farmers c;.ompllinlng Ihal they cannOl acceu ferli · got IWO bap al txOl"bltanl hur in whkh I said no genuine rates. whUe others ....-enttO buy al black marbu. fanner has beocn abk 10 accc::u What the Federal Mlnfertilizer and tr.Kton for oYer Lstry of Agricullure should Ihree ynn In AlMji, which WlllI do. this stage is to have a tNe:.. Somc:tlma when I he:ar lhat the area. council b glvm mcctintwlthsta.kdto&dcn., which compriseJ of Ioca.I SARKI N Nomll, AltMJI outagro-- chmucalsorlpnycn chairmen. (anner', group Muharnmadu Oanga". 10 rumers.IJUSI laugh because leaden and chief of respective farmenlo IS the chief of farmen in Ahajl council. I seck Ihei r opinion on how 10 mm. thesys- know those who arc: reaI1y farmen and It tern work. hu always hem the tnditlon for prev!My suggestion i. (or the m inbtry to oua ch.lrmen 10 consult me whenever the revene 10 Ihe: old system linee thee-wallet ro\IndJ wanU to give: out .ny agric Inpul • . So Ihe allegation by elden/tr.dltlonal SJ$Iern is 001 working. Whal bue: fannnt In Ablljl batdllted title holde:n thlt they can not accus IIllC10 (II" from JOYernme:ntl Ion (or three: wards. na.mdy; lOuth ellt.


cenlral and north -e:ul II true:.. In myown apaaly u lhe chid" offarmen I should be: able to show Ihe area council real farme:n from pudculll" wards or communities thai have (ormed cooper.1llve group and e05We that the tracton are han· died ve:ry wdJ withoul giving room 10 mid· dle- men to hijack them.. BUI the presenl admlnistmion has poIitldud c:vnythlng Ind lumed his back on me and I say Ie! il be:. PTescntiy, the: ddcrWtadltiomi titk holders are demanding thlt the area COlIndl authorities come: out openly to teU w who are the coopc:ntlve group' that the IraetOB were given to. From my assertion, you can ICC" the: altllude: ofgovernment and palJUd.1U lowards .grlcultuntl m.ue: ..... The: government 15 only paying lip sc:rvke to the: .grkultuntl seclor. which ,,;U no doubt havun ad~ effect on the lives or dlizms.


'Ewallet fertilizer system is a failure this farming season'